His breath hung frosty in the air as he exhaled through his mouth. It couldn't be more than 30 degrees in the parking lot behind the bar. The glittering Christmas lights on the houses across the park were the only illumination. They sparkled like diamonds in the icy distance, as I got down on my knees before the big man. He was immense, a large brick of a man, dressed in leather and Levi's. I couldn't help staring at him back at the bar, his thick neck rising out of tight brown curls that spread across his bare chest under the black studded vest. His biceps were the size of my thighs, like big beefy melons, his forearms covered in tattoos under the dense wiry hair that obscured them.

We flirted for a while across the smoky room until he finally approached me, a couple fresh Coronas in his hands. He wore a military crew cut that was waxed into a flattop over his heavy eyebrows. His jaw had a two-day growth of stubble that made him look unkempt and dangerous. I looked into his brown eyes as he offered me the beer. I could see he was hot for me and I thanked the lucky stars that I had, for some reason, decided to drop into the Crow Bar. Not my usual hangout, the leather club was far off the beaten track. I had only been there once before, many years ago, but I remembered it was full of rough and ready musclemen, just what I needed to get my mind off that bitch Joey. How the fuck could he dump me, and on Christmas eve!

My eyes trailed down the man's torso. Ripped, tight abs under waves of profuse fur, his sturdy muscular waist cinched into tight Levi's. His white tee shirt was shoved into his back pocket like a bandanna. The bulge under his fly startled me at first, and I wondered if maybe he was stuffing his basket...but judging by the rest of his physique, I guessed not.

We traded names, and chatted mindlessly about absolutely nothing. His name was Shane, and he came here all the time. He told me that my fresh face had attracted his attention, and my hot ass had drawn him to me...like a moth to a flame. He held my butt in his hand as he swigged the beer, pulling me closer into his side at the crowded bar. I leaned into him, his powerful arm around my waist, his thick fingers roughly squeezing my ass.

Shane made it clear that he was a total top. If I had any other ideas, we might as well forget it right now. His bluntness turned me on. Aggressive men are my weakness, I love to be dominated. He told me to take a walk with him, he needed some fresh air. We left the bar, Shane a pace behind me, his calloused palm on the nape of my neck as he guided me out the door.

We had gotten around the corner to the parking field behind the bar. Slipping between two cars, he pulled me around to face him. Pushing hard on my shoulders, he pressed me down to my knees in the frozen ground. My head buzzed from the Coronas, and from the sheer exhilaration of getting manhandled by this brute. The heat from his crotch warmed my face, as I pushed my nose into the coarse denim. He unbuckled the broad leather belt and opened his button-fly, releasing his hot cock into the frigid night air.

Now, I love big cocks, I guess I'm a classic size-queen...but Shane's dick made my heart skip a beat! Outside of porn websites, I had never seen a slab of pork as thick or as long as the fucking salami he was swinging in my face. Uncut, and only semi-erect, it was at least ten inches and on the increase. It grew out of a thick, shiny mat of dark brown pubic hair, it's length richly veined and growing fatter near the glan as it extended from his crotch. “Suck this, Fag” was tattooed on his belly, just above the lush mound of hair. He sneered at me, and told me to do what it says! I held his dick in my hand, my fingers not quite able to reach around it's girth. I flicked his piss-hole with my tongue and tasted the salty pre-cum that was oozing from him.

He started to press himself against my lips, and moaned. He was impatient, and wanted me to get busy. I took the head into my mouth, gently pulling back on it's velvety hood. His musky aroma hung in the cold air, and I inhaled deeply. The smell of piss and sweat...his pheromones were making me dizzy with lust. I could only get the glan past my teeth, then started to gag as Shane guided his cock deeper into my mouth. I panicked as he pressed insistently against the back of my throat with his meaty rod. I sucked in air through my nose one last time before he forced his shaft down my throat, cutting off my breathing.

He cupped my head in his oversize hands and held me firmly on his dick for several seconds before releasing me. I felt the slippery wet shaft of his cock slide out of my mouth. I choked and gasped for air. I looked up at Shane, his massive chest hiding his face, as he laughed at my struggle. His cock, as thick as a beer can, was slick with my spit. He guided my face back to it's task. He held a small brown bottle in front of my nose as the fat cock slid against the roof of my mouth. I recognized the sweet heady scent of poppers. Giving in to it, I inhaled deeply.

My head swam, as Shane's unbelievably big dick seemed to grow even larger as he crammed it down my throat. I took it all, pressing my nose into his ripe crotch. He kept the bottle close to my face as he pulled out of my head, then thrust back in. I fell into his rhythm, and soon he was fucking my face like a rutting bull. He pulled the amyl bottle up to his nose, as I sensed his cum rushing up the engorged shaft wedged firmly in my throat.

He pulled his obscene beast out at the last second, discharging an enormous surge of semen onto my face. The first shot hit me in the nose. It ran down my upper lip, and I licked at it hungrily. He shot the next round into my eyes, and pulled it down my cheeks with his slimy cock. pushing it back into my mouth, Shane released his final load deep into my throat. I swallowed hard, taking the salty hot fluid into my belly.

Shane wiped his dripping cock in my hair, and stuffed it back into his jeans. My head cleared, and I became aware of how fucking arctic it was out here in the lot! My knees were wet, and my ears burned from the biting cold. I heard voices, and looked over my shoulder. There stood about five men, grinning and hooting at me. Humiliating, yet somehow exciting. I felt my erection growing and a wet spot in my pants. I looked back to see Shane getting into a Jeep. I cursed and spat the last of his bitter cum from my mouth as the big jerk drove away. Not even a thank-you!

The men had followed us out of the bar, and had been watching as Shane stuffed my face with his dick. The show was over, so the group broke up and went back inside, except one. He came over and pulled me off my knees. I shivered as he guided me to a big black Ford Expedition parked on the edge of the field. The alarm chirped and the engine started as he opened the door and eased me into the passenger seat. I felt warm air from the dash as the car's heater took the chill off the leather interior. The man went around to the other side and got in next to me, where I saw him clearly for the first time.

About six-two, he was not as big as Shane, but much more handsome. His black hair fell in rings on his forehead, and he wore thick curly sideburns that grew across his face into a bushy moustache. A set of impossibly white teeth glistened in the blue-green light from the Explorer's instrument panel. His flannel shirt was open to the waist, and I saw silky black hair curling over the edge of the tank that was stretched across his awesome pecs. His jeans were pulled tightly over bulging thighs, and he wore heavy black leather lug-soled boots.

He introduced himself as Ernesto. He had a Latin accent, although I couldn't tell if it was Spanish or points south. He opened the center console and pulled out a small baggie with a couple joints. Lighting one, he drew deeply on the twisted cigarette and passed it to me. grass usually makes me paranoid, but I decided to take a hit and see where this scene leads me. Ernesto went back into the console and pulled out a flask of Southern Comfort. He passed it to me and I drank deeply, the warm sweet liquid washing the taste of Shane's cock from my mouth. We kissed, his breath warm and sweet, smoky and intoxicating.

He ordered me into the back of the SUV, where the rear seats were down and the floor of the cab was covered in a wooly plaid throw. Ernesto put a Christmas CD in the car's stereo and started to strip, so I followed his lead. Soon he joined me, naked, and I fell into his arms. Ernesto hummed “Felice Navidad” as he pulled me into his embrace (Somehow, with the grass and the booze, that didn't seem at all odd). His body was flawless, a deep golden tan, every muscle defined and chiseled as if from a solid block of granite. The inky black hair that spread across his chest was shiny and soft, running in a silky trail down his belly and exploding in a thick mat around his perfect cock. His hands wrapped around my butt, and Ernesto inserted his two index fingers into my asshole. It was clear what he wanted, and he intended to waste no time getting it.

I asked for some lubricant. He snickered and reached over me to the front seat. His balls were large, and fell heavily between his hairy thighs. His eight inches bounced in my face, dark and ominous. I kissed it as he hovered there, looking for the lube. A pearly drop of cum clung to my lip. Ernesto settled back down next to me and began massaging the grease into my asshole. He handed me a condom, and I rolled it down his mighty phallus as he pressed his hot lips against mine. His fingers stretching my rosy pucker felt fantastic! I arched my back, letting him know I was ready to take his manhood into my ass.

The CD ended, the Christmas carols stopped, and the car fell into silence except for the hum of the engine and the steady whir of the dash vents blowing warm air over our sweating bodies. He rolled over on top of me, his chest pressed into mine, his face inches away from my pleading eyes. I felt the weight of his body as he hooked his arms under my knees and flipped my legs over his shoulders, my ass lifted off the floor to meet his amazing cock.

Ernesto cooed softly in my ear, his warm breath on my neck, as he guided himself to my man cunt. he spoke in Spanish, but I understood. He was going to fuck me, and I had better be ready for it. He grabbed my head and looked me fully in the face, as he buried himself in my rectum with one great thrust. I screamed as his cock stretched me open, filling me completely. He watched my anguish, an evil smile on his handsome face as my eyes glazed over and I cried in agony. Soon the intense pain subsided as Ernesto's throbbing cock began massaging my prostate, deep in my gut. He fucked me slowly and deeply, his hips slapping against my ass as his big meaty pole entered and re-entered my pussy, stopping every minute or so to let his balls relax so he wouldn't cum too soon. I prayed for him to cum immediately, to stop the pain, stop this exquisite torture. He was masterful, he knew how to control his orgasm, and I knew he would be able to fuck me for as long as he wanted.

About ten minutes had gone by since he first assaulted my ass, although it felt like hours. Ernesto pulled his rigid staff out of my stretched out asshole and turned me over on my stomach. I steeled myself for a new attack. He mounted me, his big arms like pillars of muscle as he held himself suspended over me, as if he were about to do a set of pushups. His stiff throbbing dick pressed against my pucker, and I felt him slowly re-enter me. The pain was pretty much gone, my ass was stretched and numbed by the brutal fucking. I only felt the incredible feeling of his member massaging my prostate, his thickly veined rod creating unbelievable heat as it rubbed through my asshole. Ernesto held the bottle to my lips, and I took another swallow of the Southern Comfort. I had survived the pain, and I was quickly entering ecstasy.

Ernesto lay on top of me, his sweat running down over us and soaking the blanket around me. It felt good. I was full of this man, I had his enormous cock entirely inside me. (Getting fucked is always good, but getting fucked by a monster cock is like no other feeling in the world! The experience is so completely satisfying...if you can overcome the pain reflex.)

He pulled us over on our sides, his rock hard body pressed into mine, like two spoons. I felt his chest heaving against my shoulder blades, his cock pulsing in my butt with every heartbeat. He reached for my nipples, massaging them gently at first, but soon twisting them hard in his fingers. I grabbed my dick and began to jerk myself to his beat. I was very close, and I told him. Ernesto shouted out, plunging his cock deeper into me than I thought possible. He thrashed wildly, knocking the breath out of me with his pounding thrusts. Finally he came...great heaving volleys of cum, deep inside my slippery ass. He shuddered, gasped, and collapsed next to me on the blanket. I blew my nut across the blanket, splattering drops of creamy white cum on the wheel well.

We lay there for a long time, his cock softening in my hand. I finally pulled the cum-filled sac from his still huge dick and pulled it to my face. His thick mucus oozed out, and I tasted it. Ernesto got turned on watching this, and took the condom from me. Holding it over my face, he fed the last of his creamy Christmas gift to me, and I swallowed.


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