Walt and I had been together a few years when we were invited to spend Xmas holidays with Miguel and Silve. The Garzas would be there. Nina and her husband were coming and Mia was bringing her current boyfriend. Silve purchased a large vacation home in the mountains near Lake Tahoe. This place was bigger than their apartment! And their apartment was big enough for three families!

I went ahead with Nina and the Garzas to get the place ready. Walt had to finish a last minute job but would be up a couple of days later. I haven't slept apart from him in months. I intended to hang mistletoe all over our room! Mama Rosa supervised decorating and put me and Nina to work. It was fun spending time with Nina again. I hadn't seen her as often since she married. Rosa had to go back into town and Felipe would drive her. They would also get Mia and the guys at the airport. Nina and I would finish tidying the place.

Not long after they left, Felipe called and said the snows had closed the road and they would have to stay in town overnight. They would be able to return the next day after the roads were cleared. We had plenty of food and firewood: we'd be okay for several days.

I built a fire and we ate a light supper. We made cocoa and toasted marshmallows, things sisters would do. We talked about Walt and her husband. Soon we were ready for bed.

I said I wanted to sleep by the fire and she asked if she could join me. We snuggled together under the quilt, on the fake bearskin rug. (I would dearly love for Walt to fuck me on this rug!) We were soon fast asleep

Later, I felt Nina's hand on my breast. She caressed me through my thin tee, slowly moving down to stroke my cock. I felt her warm breath on my neck. I turned to look at her. She was naked! She got up and put more wood on the fire. She was beautiful, her tall, slender form lit by the fire.

"I hated to see such a romantic setting go to waste. And I couldn't think of someone better to share this with!" She exclaimed.

I hadn't been with Stephanie for a few weeks. I was ready for a woman, right now. Nina had offered herself to me many times in the past, but I declined, her being like a sister to me. She and Mia had both suggested being sisters with benefits. I didn't see how that would work.

Tonight, however, I was missing Walt and ready for a woman. Walt knew, and accepted, of my affairs with Stephanie and other women. I drew Nina to me and kissed her long and deep. Nina is a couple of inches taller than I. She has fuller breasts and narrower hips! I desired her, even though I tried not to let her know. However, I think she knew all along!

We kissed for an eternity before I moved down to kiss and nibble her breasts. I slowly worked down to lick her navel. I kissed the hollows of her hips and dived into her wet pussy. I licked, sucked, and nibbled her clit. I ran my tongue inside her. I fucked her with my fingers while I sucked her clit. When she came, she bucked and thrashed, holding my head to her dripping pussy. She arched her back then finally collapsed. I slowly kissed my way up to her mouth.

I lay on my back allowing Nina to ride me. I like women to ride me the same way I ride Walt. I love playing with breasts, and Nina has nice breasts.. She reached down and played with mine, slowly rocking on me. She asked me to warn her if I was near coming. She would stop long enough to let the sensation to fade. Then she would start again. She repeated this cycle several times over the next hour before I reached the point where I could no longer hold back. My orgasm was very intense. I felt as if I was pumping gallons of cum onto her!

Nina rolled around and placed her dripping pussy inches away from my mouth. I grabbed her hips and pulled her close, savoring her aroma. I opened my mouth wide to accept my cum into my hungry mouth! She ground her pussy on my face as I eagerly lapped my cum from her. I don't know how long she rode my face before she came. After she came, she sucked me clean while I continued to eat her. All I needed was for Walt to be hammering my ass with his huge cock!

"Mia and I flipped a coin to see who would have you first," Nina told me. "She's not going to be happy: she won, but I got here first!"

Secretly, I wished it had been Mia. I'd already spent a few afternoon's kissing her bottom. She'd sucked me off several times before I met Walt. Mia is short and voluptuous, with a nice round bottom and full breasts. She tried very hard to get me to go further. I wasn't comfortable with the idea of sleeping with my "sisters". Evidently, they felt no such qualms!

While we snuggled, Nina told me they had fantasized about sex with me, talking about the things we might do. Mia finally confessed about our activities. Nina was hurt at first: I had rebuffed her advances, but not Mia's. Mia is more persistent and usually gets what she wants. Nina was curious about how it felt to have her bottom kissed and Mia demonstrated. It wasn't long before they were exploring each other's bodies. They began to finding opportunities to play together, even to meeting at my old apartment!


Even though we went to sleep very late, we woke up early the next morning. Nina stretched then put more logs on the fire. I remembered my time with Silve at another lodge.

" I want you to kiss my bottom," Nina commanded. "If you do a good job, I might let you fuck my ass!" It appeared she'd developed a dominant streak!

She lay down and raised her bottom slightly. I slipped my arms around her thighs and held her legs apart. She asked for it and now she was going to get it! I lavished kisses all over that beautiful bottom. I had her squirming with pleasure. I reached up and pulled her cheeks apart, flicking my tongue across her tight hole. I pushed my tongue in causing her to squeal!

"That feels soooo goooood," she exclaimed. "Is this what you did to Mia? Oh, please! Don't stop!"

I kept probing with my tongue, slowly loosening her. I alternated kissing and nibbling her bottom and licking her asshole. She reached between her legs and fingered herself until she came. She collapsed on the rug.

When she'd rested, Nina reached behind her, spreading her cheeks. "I want to feel you in my ass."

I took some lube and worked it into her ass. I could only get one finger in. I worked her asshole several minutes before she ordered me to fuck her. I guided my cock into her, but it was difficult. She was tighter than Walt had been! Nina kept rotating her hips until I finally slid into her very tight ass. I fucked her slowly, savoring the warmth of her ass. She bucked against me and moaned as I increased the pace. I lasted only a few minutes before I came inside her.

"I didn't expect it to hurt this much!" she exclaimed! "I like it, though."

"You've never had a cock up your ass?" I asked, incredulously!

"Mia and I decided we would save our first anal experience for you! I'm glad I did!"

I didn't know what to say to this gift! I moved down to lick my cum from her hole. She started moaning again. I ate her long enough for her to finger herself to a couple more orgasms.

"I think I'm going to get Barry ( her husband) to do this! I really like this!" She said. "Think you might be interested in a threesome with us?"

I told her I'd think on it, but I haven't let another man fuck me since I began my relationship with Walt. I wouldn't want to unless I knew he'd be okay with it, but I wouldn't be the one to bring it up!

"Mia and I used to watch you and Silve together. There were a lot of places we could hide and watch you play. I used to masturbate while you ate her pussy. I offered to be another lover, but she just laughed and reminded me we were "family". (After what I'd experienced near the end, I'm glad Silve declined. She would have broken Nina.)

Nina sat on the sofa and had me lay across her lap. She then played with my bottom a while and then proceeded to run a finger around the rim of my asshole. I purred with delight and wiggled my hips, inviting her to stick her finger inside. She used some of my lube and coated her fingers. She started with one finger, probing gently, then added a second. I was really enjoying this! Soon I wanted more!

"Nina, I can take more. Your fingers are long, but your hand is small. I can take your entire hand!"

She slowly worked four finger's inside. Not much later she slid her hand inside and stroked my channel wall. It wasn't as good as Walt fucking me, but I was having a really goooood time!

Soon she was caressing the right spot! "Yesssss, there!" I cried. She massaged that spot causing me to shoot a load into her lap and making her flinch. "That was great, but, please, don't stop!"

She slowly massaged me and a few minutes later, I came again! I had her make a fist inside me and fuck me with her fist. She filled my nicely, but it still wasn't Walt's huge cock in me! I still came one last time before I was spent. I was going to need a good rest before I was ready to fuck again!

I had Nina lay in her back. I sucked a nipple while I slowly worked my finger's into her pussy. I kept working until my hand was inside. She gasped and moaned, coming while I fucked her. I gently made a fist while inside and fucked several strokes. Her eyes went wide as she gasped in pain! I quickly unfolded and pulled out until only a couple of fingers were left inside. I massaged her until her pain receded and she had her last orgasm.

"That's what it's like when Walt fucks me," I said rather smugly.

"Wow! I had no idea how big he is! How do you stand the pain?"

"I'm slowly getting able to take him. I like a little pain, but I can take a lot with him. He tries very hard not to hurt me!" I smiled, wishing he were here right now!

I told her that she could probably make Barry come with just one finger in his ass: she just had to massage the same area in him! Nina liked that idea. I have a feeling she may be the one that wears the "pants" in that relationship!

With Nina on her back, I lifted one of her legs over my shoulder and started licking her clit and pussy again. I stuck my thumb in her pussy and a finger in her ass, stroking the wall between. She gasped and writhed and rewarded me with another orgasm. But I didn't stop. I focused on her clit, kissing, licking, and nibbling while I continued to massage her. I worked her into another orgasm. But this time, it was followed by two more, in rapid succession! She finally begged me to stop!

Later, we lay snuggling and kissing. "I hate you," she said with a smile. "I'll be thinking of you when Barry fucks me."

"I love you, too, Sis!"


Later that day, the Garzas returned with Barry and Mia. Mia's boyfriend didn't come: she'd broken up with him right before the flight. She didn't seem too upset, though. She's very rough on relationships. Miguel and Silve were coming the next day. Walt called and said he'd be up a couple of days later. I offered to come home, but he said he was looking forward to being with me in the mountains.

That night, I woke to sounds from the front room. I could tell someone was fucking on the rug in front of the fire. I returned to bed, depressed and lonely, Nina was great, but I really wanted Walt!

The next morning, we came out of our rooms to find Felipe and Rosa asleep on the rug. The noise woke them and Rosa sat up suddenly exposing her breasts. She cried out and ran naked to their room! Felipe got up and sauntered after her, a very smug look on his face. His fully erect and nice sized cock indicated Rosa might not be fixing breakfast that morning. They came to breakfast much later. She looked rumpled, but very well fucked. He had a very pleased-with-himself expression. We applauded, Rosa turned beet red and Felipe bowed.

Since this was supposed to be a holiday, everyone would help out. Rosa needed a break, too! Nina, Mia and I had finished cleaning the kitchen when Miguel and Silve arrived. Hugs and kisses all around! Nina introduced me to Barry. He's cute and very nice, but no Walt. If we ever split, I would have a very difficult time finding another like him! The guys sat on the porch and drank coffee. The girls drank hot cocoa by the fire and visited.

The remainder of the day saw the couples together and Mia and I together. That night, I was envious of the other couples. Mia retired early, leaving me to myself. I'm pretty sure Miguel and Silve spent the night by the fire fucking. The next day was pretty much the same way, the couples going their own ways. Mia and I took care of the minor chores. I decided to retire early. I know Walt has to work, but I really resented his absence!

Later, Mia crawled naked into my bed. "Being alone with these couples really sucks!" She exclaimed. "It's been too long since you last kissed my bottom! Maybe you should kiss it like you did Nina!"

I was ready. She has a very nice round ass! I rolled her on her stomach and placed several light kisses over that luscious bottom. I don't know how long I worshipped that ass before she reached behind her spreading her cheeks and exposing her asshole. I gladly licked and kissed the rim before I stuck my tongue in. She was delicious. I forgot Walt temporarily as I indulged my oral inclinations.

When she had enough, she rolled on top, planting her pussy on my mouth and taking my cock in hers. I'd never eaten her pussy and was pleased with her taste. She was more pungent than Nina. She also liked to suck me long and slow, often delaying my coming. Mia loves being in control when we're together. She hadn't sucked me since I had my balls removed. She lightly stroked the space between my cock and asshole. Her touch was electrifying and I came in her mouth.

"You came to soon!" She complained. "I want more!" She resumed sucking me. I ran my hands down her sides and across her bottom. When she purred, I nearly came again! She is a really good cocksucker. I missed her talented mouth!

Whenever I was close to coming, she would clamp down on the base of my cock. When she was close, she would rise from my tongue. When she finally came, she moaned around me cock and I quickly emptied into her hungry mouth.

"We should have done this years ago!" Mia exclaimed. "Now, I want this!" she said as she rolled on top and ground against my cock

She kissed me and stroked my cock until it stiffened. She mounted me and rode me, grabbing my breasts. I reached up and played with hers. This went on for several minutes and I was near coming when she rolled off and said, "not yet."

She lay on her back and pulled me to her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me while I fucked her. She bucked and twisted beneath me meeting my thrusts with her own! She raked and clawed my back, biting my lip. She was the wildest thing I'd ever fucked. Mia would stop me before I could come and start the process over. I lost count of the times she stopped me. I really wanted to come! She had me roll off. I wanted desperately to fill her pussy with my hot load! She rolled onto her stomach, offering me her fabulous ass!

"Go ahead and fuck me hard!" She commanded.

She didn't flinch as I pushed in. "Wow! That does feel good!" I agreed most wholeheartedly! This was even better than fucking Stephanie' ass! I managed to last about five minutes before I emptied into her, totally spent.

"Now lick me clean! And be very thorough! " Sometime before morning, she returned to her room.


Walt was arriving this morning and I anxiously awaited him. I drove down to the airport to meet him. He looked exhausted, but brightened when he saw me. I ran up to him and threw myself into his arms, kissing him over and over. We kissed awhile before he pushed me back.

"I really need a bath and a shave, " he said. "But, most of all, I really want you! I've really missed you!"

I smiled and said, "then shut up and kiss me!" We stood in the airport holding each other close and kissing passionately. We heard some clapping and whistles around us. I was so happy he was finally here!

He napped on the ride back. He greeted everyone, but I could see how exhausted he looked. I led him into our room. He lay back and he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. I sat by him, watching him, happy to have him here! When he woke, I drew a hot bath for us.

He rubbed his face and said, "I really need a shave. He hadn't shaved in a week. His beard grows fast.

"Let me shave you", I asked. He looked at me questioningly. "I used to shave Miguel. He and Silve taught me." I went to borrow Miguel's razor while Walt undressed.

I sat across from Walt in the tub. I had to hold his face still as I shaved him. He was struggling not to grab my naked body. It was delicious torturing him so! I left him a moustache and just enough beard to frame his mouth and chin.

I showed him a mirror. "I like this on you," I said. "You look like a pirate or a highwayman!"

"Then I want your booty!"

"Oooh! Booty call! I like that idea! But first, you get to shave me!" He looked doubtful. He'd never seen me shave!

I have almost no body hair, but I have some around my crotch. I usually use cream to remove it. I sat on the edge of the tub and spread my legs. He was very gentle. The sensation was nice, but I'll stick to the cream. It took us over an hour to finish our bath. We finished when the water got too cold.

"Let's eat and visit with the others," I suggested. "You can collect all my booty you want tonight."


That night, we all were sitting by the fire, enjoying some wine and catching up. I crawled onto Walt's lap and snuggled close. Soon Nina was in Barry's, Silve on Miguel's, and Rosa on Felipe's. Mia had already retired for the night.

Walt whispered, "I've really missed you!" "Me, too," I responded. "Now take me bed and show me how much you missed me, and it better take all night!"

Walt stood with me in his arms, my arms around his neck, and me smiling brightly.

"If you'll excuse us, Angie wants me to fuck her!" Everyone laughed as I buried my face in his shoulder.


I was snuggled next to Walt after a very thorough fucking. He was stroking my back, feeling the scratches, when he asked, "Who gave you these?" I tensed, but he seemed relaxed and calm.

"Mia," I replied nervously. "Yes, she is rather passionate when she fucks, isn't she!" he laughed.

I sat up suddenly, very angry! I was swinging wildly trying to hit him. He laughed and put up his hands, grabbing my wrists.

"No, I haven't slept with her!" he laughed. I must have really looked confused. I am too damned insecure if I can't handle the idea of Walt fucking someone else! I'm extremely jealous of his ex wife, and she didn't like fucking him!

"I overheard her and Nina talking about seducing you and not having much luck. They didn't try harder because they were afraid of Silve. She made sure to let them know who you belonged with! And neither wanted to make trouble between you and me. But, you know Mia. She usually gets what she wants! I was over there one morning after you left. Mia had on one of Miguel's old shirts and nothing else. She crawled on my lap like she does when she wants something very badly. She took my face in her hands and said, 'Uncle Walt, Nina and I want to have sex with Angie! And we want your permission!' I had a hard time keeping a straight face! Then she said, " you can fuck me if you want!" I pushed her off and swatted her butt telling her to put some clothes on! She prissed away then stuck her tongue out at me, saying, "I WILL fuck her!" Then she stomped off. I guess they didn't have an opportunity until this trip."

"Mama Rosa asked me not to hurt them!"

Walt laughed, "Rosa was protecting you from them! Besides, it was you who was concerned about my feelings and I love you dearly for that. But you can fuck any woman you want, except my secretary. Wren's too valuable to me!"

"I'm not sure, but I think they both fucked ME!" I laughed and snuggled against him.

Later, I said, "I really missed you. Feel like fucking me some more?"

When he smiled, I rolled on my back and raised my legs behind my head. "I'm lubed enough. Please fuck me hard!"

I pulled his face to mine as he entered so he wouldn't see any pain on my face. I was surprised at how little I pain I actually felt! I lowered my legs and wrapped them around his waist thrust against him, trying to match my thrusts to his. Whenever one of us seemed close to coming, I would make us pause. When he would resume, I would moan softly. We fucked until I could see the morning light peaking through the shades. We both came at nearly the same time, then spent collapsed. We didn't wake until lunch.

It was now Xmas Eve. I was 27, and Walt 49.


That afternoon, Walt pulled Rosa and Felipe aside. Barry, the girls, and I played a board game. I noticed Walt and the Garza's looking at me occasionally. When Walt returned, I asked about his conversation. All he said was "later."

That evening, Barry played the piano while we sang carols and drank eggnog. I had a warm feeling. This was the best Xmas I'd had in a long time! Around 9, the others excused themselves and drifted off to their rooms. Nina and Mia came and kissed me goodnight. Rosa had a funny look and tears in her eyes when she said goodnight.

"Angie, what would you like for Xmas?"

I looked at Walt and said, "You, my darling. And what do you want?"

Walt answered by handing me a small box, inside a ring! It had belonged to his grandmother!

"Only you, my love! .........Angela Nikita Kutuzov........., will you marry me?"

"Angela Schumann. I like that! Yes! Yes! Yes, I will marry you!"

Tonight, I didn't want sex. I wanted him to hold me tightly and never let go! Later, I modeled the ring, and only the ring, for him!


Mama Rosa cried when I showed her the ring. Walt had asked the Garza's for my hand, since I had no family and they had accepted me as another daughter. Mia, Nina, and Silve made a big fuss over my ring. The men congratulated Walt. We exchanged small Xmas gifts, but Walt's was the very best present! I couldn't wait to show Stephanie!

The next day, every one else was headed home. Mia and Nina said we would get together and "celebrate" soon! Walt and I were spending one more night.

That night, I lay on the rug facing the fire, Walt behind me. He kissed my neck while gently stroking my side and hips. His fingers lightly brushed my breasts and traveled down to my cock. My skin tingled under his caresses. His warm breath in my ear gave me goosebumps. All he did was stroke my body and I was putty in his hands!

Walt lay back and I straddled him, my mouth at his cock. I held his shaft and licked the head like an ice cream cone. I ran my tongue across the slit and lightly kissed it. While I licked him, he was gently teasing my asshole with his finger. He slowly worked it in and massaged that magical spot! I was fighting coming until I could make him come. He squirmed beneath me while I writhed on him! We played like this for ten or fifteen minutes before he emptied his hot full load into my waiting mouth. I shot my load between us, covering both our stomachs.

I lay on my stomach as Walt started at my neck and shoulders, kissing his way down my back to my bottom then down my thighs. He worked his way back up and lavished kisses on my bottom. He covered every inch of my round bottom with his moist, light kisses. He reached behind me and spread my cheeks. I didn't care if it was his tongue or his cock, as long something penetrated my asshole! I was rewarded with his magic tongue! He held me and licked and nibbled my rim. I arched my ass towards him, wanting more.

It felt as if he licked me for ages before resuming kissing up my back, ending at my neck and shoulders. He worked two fingers in me, loosening my asshole. He slowly worked rest of his fingers inside, kissing and biting my neck and shoulders. He crawled behind me and placed the head of his massive cock against my ass, pushing in. I felt a brief pain as the head slid past the rim, then pleasure as he slid balls deep into me.

I gasped and said, "this feels soooo goooood! Please, don't stop!"

He fucked me with long, slow thrusts. Maybe I was getting finally getting used to his size, or maybe, I was now fully surrendering completely to the man I deeply love! I'd never felt this good getting fucked! Walt took his time, enjoying fucking me as much I was enjoying being filled by him. He emptied into my ass and rolled off spent. We cuddled and fell asleep.

Early the next morning, I felt Walt's mouth on a nipple as he gently woke me! I rolled onto my back and pulled him to me. I didn't wait for him to ask. I spread my legs and guided him in. I was very sore from the previous night. It hurt like hell when he entered, but I was holding him tight as he kissed me, blocking his view of my face. The pain lessened considerably the longer he fucked me. He filled me, his balls slapping where mine used to be. I let him ride me as long as he wanted. He felt so good in my sore ass, I never wanted him to stop, but he was tiring.

"I think I've had enough to last me the trip home. Thank you, my wonderful man!"

He slept the entire flight, and the drive back to our apartment. I helped him into bed and lay next to him till he drifted off to sleep. Tonight, I'm glad he needs to recharge and my sore ass needs a rest. Tomorrow, I might change my mind.


Angie K


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