A female friend from Uni had asked me to join her at a Psy-Trance night at a club in Vauxhall, London. Having never been to an event of this kind before but being assured that it would be 'right up my street' I agreed to join her. Upon arriving I soon realised that it was not really to my tastes. The music was much too hard. Being a bit of a veteran clubber I am wired up to dance to funky house and progressive trance. The majority of the other clubbers there were straight and looked like they would be happier up a tree or lying in front of a bulldozer in protest of a new motorway. I had a pocket full of MDMA , Mephedrone and Ketamine which seemed to help obscure the uncomfortable feelings of not fitting in.

However, after 2 hours I decided to leave the club and go off for a wander on my own. I knew there were several gay clubs near by and felt I needed a little 'normality' to help me get through the night. I found my friend and told her I needed to disappear for a bit and clear my head. As I was leaving one of her friends put something in my mouth and said it would help me get my head round the night. When I asked what it was she said, non-chalanty that it was just a little acid!

As I walked out the club my head was spinning. I was out in the main gay clubbing village of London, very high on drugs and on my own. For some stupid reason I found the bag of MDMA in my pocket and decided to eat some direct from the bag. It tasted awful! I had no water with me and needed to get rid of the acrid taste. It was raining with that fine drizzle that gets you soaked in seconds and I found myself licking rain water off the metal handrail of the vauxhall bridge. God only knows what I must have looked like! As disgusting as this was it did help in getting rid of the foul taste in my mouth. The realisation also briefly brought me round to my situation and helped focus me on what to do next. I walked back towards Vauxhall bus station and weighed up my options.

I had heard of The Hoist from a few friends on the internet and had seen the inside of the place on a couple of Porn films. Though I had been to a couple of dance clubs with 'dark room' areas in the past, coupled with some very naive and vanilla experiences back in the 90's in Europe, that was really the greatest extent of my experience of anything involving sex in a club environment. I'm not sure if it was the drugs or my own curiosity but I decided that I should check out what The Hoist was all about. What was the worst that could happen?

As I approached the entrance to the club there were several guys stood in the entrance having a cigarette. They were all dressed in leather chaps, jockstraps and harnesses. I already felt very much like a fish out of water even though I was wearing Military issue combat pants, boots and a vest. The bouncer eyed me up and down before showing me to the pay in desk. The guy on the desk was completely naked apart from some leather bicep bands. He was also very aroused and gave me a cheeky smile as he saw me eyeing up his massive cock. Knowingly he asked if it was my first time as he handed me a black bin-liner with a raffle ticket attached to it. Sensing my confusion he told me that it was to put my clothes in. Only fetish gear was allowed inside the club. I must have looked terrified, knowing that I did not have anything of the sort with me. So he repeated the statement but added that boots only also constituted as fetish gear. Seen as I was here to see what the place was all about, it seemed I would have to swallow my pride and go in naked. The desk attendant gave me another cheeky smile as I handed him the bag now containing everything but my boots. I had stuffed my remaining drugs and money into my sock and headed down the corridor, through the double doors which entered the main bar area.

The place had a smell about it. A musky, sweaty, deeply masculine stench with undertones of beer and piss. It was also very dark and humid on my flesh. I felt slightly less paranoid about my drug shriveled cock because of the low lighting. It was very busy and I sensed many eyes appraising me as I walked through the door. I headed straight to the bar and ordered a beer. To my left there was a very handsome older man, leaning back on the bar, drinking a pint of beer and being sucked off by younger bearded lad around my age. To my right was another very well built bloke being fucked in turn by a pair of tall well inked skinheads. I suddenly felt very out of my depth. I ordered a can of Red Stripe and as I bent down to get the money from my sock I suddenly felt a familiar warm, wet prickly feeling on my arsehole. Looking round I could see that the lad to my left who had been sucking the older guy off had moved his attentions onto my arse. I could feel my cock growing and my cheeks becoming redder. The barman grinned and chuckled to the guy to my right that it looked as if we had some fresh meat in the bar. Nothing could have prepared me for how full on the place was. I stood up slowly but remaining slightly bent over the bar, paid the barman and spread my legs a little to allow the guy access to my very excited arsehole. It felt amazing: He certainly knew how to work a hole with his tongue! I could feel my eyes slightly rolling in my head and suddenly felt very self conscious again. I reached my hand around and cupped the back of the guys head, pulling his face closer and pushing my arse out at the same time... I could feel his tongue probing deep into my hole! My cock was now fully hard. I think I was getting off a lot on the fact that I was aware that there were several guys stood around watching me get my arse eaten out. The Barman tapped me on the head and grinning, handed me my change. This seemed to temporarily break the spell and I immediately stood up. The guy stood up with me and I felt his semi hard cock rub up the inside of my thighs until it reached my now very wet butt. The thought passed my mind that I could quite happily let him fuck me there and then over the bar. It was a fleeting thought and so I grabbed my can, smiled and thanked him and left the bar to look for the toilet. I seriously needed to compose myself, my mind was racing!

Feeling rushes now from the MDMA and beginning to see strange things in the corners of my peripheral eyesight which could only be the acid kicking in, I wandered, with as much composure as I could muster, to the toilets, having to squeeze my way past a group of very ripped leather clad skinheads. They paid me little attention as they seemed engrossed in some kind of ritualistic act of inflicting pain on each others genitals.

The toilets were dank, smelt deeply masculine and were very industrial looking, all very dimly lit with a couple of secluded red ships lights. There were several guys in there stood in a circle. From what I could see there was a guy on his knees in the middle of the group. One of the guys looked around and spotted me coming through the door. He nudged the guy next to him and nodded over towards my direction. Before I could react they both broke from the circle, grabbed me from my shoulders and brought me back to the centre of the circle where they wrestled me down to my knees to reside next to the guy I had only glimpsed earlier. The floor was soaking wet! The guy next to me looked up and grinned at me, obviously delighted that he had some company in his toilet floor niche. He was wearing just a pair of white Y-fronts, but in the dim light I could see that he was also soaking wet, beads of moisture all over his face and pale smooth torso. The guys stood around us in a circle were all jeering at me and commenting on what a sweet little pig I looked. I had no idea what they were going on about. They all had their cocks out. A couple of them were the biggest cocks I had ever seen up this close in real life, but to be honest the whole scene was exhilarating. I didn't know what I was meant to be doing so I edged forward towards one of the semi hard cocks being waggled in front of my face. As my face drew closer I felt a hot trickle of liquid hit my back. Shocked I turned to see that one of the guys behind me had started to piss on me. It was warm and I could feel it trickling through my shoulder blades and down into my arse crack. It felt so damn fucking horny! I had only ever seen this kind of thing in a film before and had never truly understood the appeal. Until now that was. Just as I was getting used to the feeling on my back the guy in front of me who I had been edging towards let rip and gushed a powerful stream of hot sweet piss over the side of my face. It went up my nose and in my mouth and I could feel it rushing through my beard and down over my chest and nipples. The guy next to me moved very fast and began taking some of the piss stream into his mouth. Something primal stirred inside me. This piss was meant for me and before I could stop myself I was struggling to get some of the stream into my mouth as well. We were effectively having a power struggle over this guys piss! The guys in the circle were grunting and laughing in appreciation of our struggle. Their sounds were making this all the more horny and within a few seconds my companion and I found a sense of equilibrium and were taking it in turns to gulp down the hot torrent. The powerful flow splashing against our faces and was spraying all over the place. We were spitting the piss back to each others mouths, sharing this guys sweet beer tainted bladder load. Just as the flow was starting to abate two of the other guys in the circle slowly started to piss over us. The instinct kicked in again and soon we were reveling in the new flows. The piss all tasted slightly different. One guys was very tangy and a lot more bitter than the first guys. Another's had a slight lemony taste. The sensations of hot fluid coating my slightly goose bumped skin, combined with the drinking frenzy, encouraging sounds, horny male smells and shuddering rushes from the drugs transported me to a level of sensory overload never before experienced. As I gazed around at the group and my fellow piss monkey I couldn't hide the broad grin or deep gasps of pleasure. They were calling me a good pig, almost chanting: Drink it down pig; lap it up you little fucker; dont waste it; Good pig; Good pig; Thats a boy......

Eventually they all stopped pissing but I could see that they were also very hard. Taking turns we gorged on the thick hard cocks encircling us. Sharing a shaft. Sucking down the sides of the same cock so our lips formed a filthy snog. I felt a hand behind my head and a fat cut helmet was rammed to the back of my throat making me gag and choke slightly. In response my own cock, already hard, began to twitch and throb wildly! He fucked my mouth hard and fast and I could feel his helmet filling the back of my throat. I thought I was going to puke. My eyes were beginning to water. But his big hands were cradling the back of my head and stopping me from pulling away. Suddenly I felt him jerk. Heard his part gasp, part scream and felt a big spurt of hot salty thick cum shoot straight down my throat. I could feel it coming back up through my nose and was dripping from my nostrils onto the base of his shaft. It tasted amazing and I could smell his seed inside my own head. By the sounds of it another guy had just dome the same to the guy on his knees. We turned to look at each other, cum dripping from out mouths and noses and shared a deep cummy snog, tasting and swapping each others freshly dumped cumloads between our mouths. Then he was being made to stand up but was still snogging me. Bent over, the piss from his hair dripping onto my face as we continued to snog. I could feel his face being pushed rhythmically into mine. He was being fucked! His gasps breathing cum and piss scented hot air into my mouth. I could feel hands around my waist, pulling me up to the same position. Both of us bent over, facing each other and before I could object I felt a cock slam deep into my arse. My arse was wet with piss, sweat and the spit residues of the earlier guy who had been rimming me. The guy fucked me very hard but his cock didn't feel too big, just the right size to nudge through my second hole. It didn't last long and the guy shot deep up me. I could feel the warmth of his load squirting deep inside me and felt his shudders through my whole body. Within seconds he withdrew only to be replaced by another cock! I was being gang fucked! Gang fucked and bred! The reality of the situation began to kick in. It felt so fucking amazing but really bad at the same time.

My companion in crime was being shifted round the circle too and we continued to share our grinning deep kiss. The second guy fucking me had a bigger cock than the first and I could hear the gurgle and squelch of the first load of cum being fucked deeper up me. I don't know how long I was there being fucked or how many of the circle banged my arse but know that at least three of them shot a load up me. My legs were shaking. I could feel my heart pumping in my head and sensed the room spinning. The walls were slightly undulating and the feeling of being fucked gave me such a feeling of deep connection. I felt really high and made a move to stand up only to find my legs start to give way beneath me. I felt some strong arms wrap around me; a soft beard rub against my ear; a comforting deep voice soothing me and telling me what a good lad I had been; what a good pig I was; to take a second to get my bearings. His sensual and caring remarks made the whole experience complete!

The circle was dispersing and I caught the beaming gaze of the other bottom. He looked as ecstatic as I felt. We held a brief, knowing gaze and he swaggered past me back in the direction of the bar. As I turned to follow him I could feel a small trickle of hot liquid run down the inside of my thigh. My arse was leaking cum. I felt so filthy! Filthy in the best of ways and suddenly understood why I was being called a pig. As I staggered back through to the bar I was feeling waves of euphoria shudder through my spine and up into my chest. The cooler humid air in the bar causing goosebumps to shiver across my damp body. I felt very aware that I had lost all sense of time and had no idea how long I had been in the toilets. Looking to the clock at the back of the bar I could just make out the time and realised I needed to get back to my friend. The Barman looked me up and down and winked at me, remarking that it looked like I had had a good time. I smiled back at him and just nodded slowly, uh huh, oh yeah! Walking back through to the front desk to get my clothes the guy on the desk beamed broadly and, handing me my bin liner jested that I would be back. Again, I just nodded and smiled. I certainly would!

As I dressed I knew something had changed tonight. I had tasted something wild and untamed and primal. I felt that my life had just taken a completely new direction. So I returned to my friend, stinking of piss, sweat and cum and danced the rest of the night out, locked in an internalised world of new possibilities. She asked where I had been but I just laughed, if I told her she would never believe me. We left it at that.



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