I stood shivering in the darkness of a cold Indiana night. It

was about 1:00 o'clock in the morning and I was cold clear

through to my inner being. I looked back at the gas station, now

closed, and tried to wish it open. For a few short hours I had

taken shelter in the gas station to warm myself and drink coffee.

I had watched pleadingly as the gas station attendant closed the

station and wished me luck. He was heading home to a warm house

and bed. I was the only fool in Indiana, I was wet and cold,

trying to hitchhike home on a four day pass to spend some time

with my own family. As usual, I saved my money for the return

trip to the army base to make sure I returned on time. Bus far

wasn't much, but I couldn't afford the price of a round trip

ticket. I should have stayed in North Carolina.

My eyes went to the rain and possibly a little snow, passing

the warm yellow light at the top of the overpass. On a night

like this a hitchhiker would do almost anything for a ride, I

thought to myself, looking both ways down the highway. I wrapped

my hands around myself and stomped in the gravel at the edge of

the road. A truck appeared in the south. I watched it hopefully

as it approach, disappeared for a moment behind the overpass,

then appeared and passed below me. In a moment the whining roar

of tires and the wet mist in the taillights were the only signs

that the truck had passed at all. If I froze and fell dead by

the on-ramp, the truck would still pass, possibly wondering what

the dark lump in the grass was up on the hill, but not stopping

to find out.

Maybe I should move down to the interstate and try there. It

was illegal and the cops would arrest me almost immediately, but

what the hell, it was better than freezing to death by the

perpetually empty on-ramp. I was in the middle of farm country,

nobody would be leaving the on-ramp until morning.

I watched several cars and another truck pass on the opposite

side of the interstate. They didn't even look in my direction.

That's something I had noticed during my many trips home on

weekends, people thought that if they didn't look at me they

didn't have to give me a ride, because I didn't really exist.

It was about a hundred miles to Indianapolis. If I could

have made it there by nightfall, I would have had it made.

Anybody can get a ride north from Indianapolis, especially if

they had a bright green duffle bag and a military haircut.

Everybody wanted to stop and let you know they used to be in the

Army, or their brother, son, uncle...

A car appeared in the south. My desperate eyes went to the

bright, friendly headlights as it came closer. I knew it

wouldn't stop, of course. With the gas station closed there was

no chance of anybody getting off the off-ramp and picking me up

as they returned to the highway. I moaned and jumped slightly

with my hands wrapped tightly around my shoulders. With

shivering gasps and steaming breath, I watched the car grow

nearer, then believed I could hear it slowing as it approached

the overpass. In complete disbelief I watched it as it pulled

off to the shoulder of the road, coasted to a stop, then blew

it's horn. With a yell of joy I grabbed my duffle bag and rushed

down the grassy slope until I reached the idling car. I saw a

middle aged man in the front seat, leaning forward to roll down

the window.

'Where are you going?' he asked with a friendly smile.


'Wow, I'm not going that far.

I felt my hopes dashed to the wind and I felt my only

opportunity to get warm slipping away.

'Wha... what about Indianapolis?' I asked, beating my arms

against my sides.

'That could be arranged. I might ask you a little favor,


'Anything,' I said, rushing to throw my duffle bag into the

back seat.

'Remember that you said that,' he laughed as I jumped into

the luxuriously warm car and sat in the lush, padded seat. I

felt a hand under my ass and jumped.

'My map,' he explained, holding it up.

I put my hands over the defroster, my teeth chattering as I

felt the decadent warmth of the heater washing over me. I had

seen him turn the heat all the way up when I jumped in, and I

appreciated it no end. The windows were starting to fog up from

all the moisture on my body.

'Wow, you're wet,' he said, putting a friendly hand on my


'Iiii... know,' I stuttered, trying to smile at him.

'I see you're in the army,' he said as he opened the LTD up

and sped smoothly down the road.

'Yeah, Fort Bragg,' I shuddered with chattering teeth. Here

it comes, I thought to myself. The only important thing in my

life at the moment was the heat coming out of his dash. For that

I could endure his stories of how he served in World War II, won

the medal of honor, and was decorated by the president


'You guys are in pretty good shape,' he said with a sly


'I guess. We run a lot,' I said, not knowing where his

conversation was leading.

'I've heard that you guys are crowded together with no

privacy, few women, and not much to do on a saturday night.

'That's about it,' I said, still shuddering.

'My daughter is out screwing everyone in site,' he said in a

thoughtful voice.

'Yeah?' I asked nervously.

'Yeah. She's really something, she has the cutest little ass

you've ever seen and a set of knockers you just wouldn't

believe,' he said happily. I wanted to ask him how he knew so

much about his daughter's body, but I didn't. I just enjoyed the

warmth of the car and got ready to grab my duffle bag and jump

out. He carefully pulled a cigar out of his pocket and offered

it to me. I declined and he took his time wetting it, a long

time. Then with a sly smile he looked at me as he lit it and

cracked a window.

'I caught her giving a guy a blowjob once. The guy was

really hung, at least 10 inches long,' he said, holding his hand

above the end of the cigar.

'That's big,' I said lamely, swallowing nervously.

'She put her lips around that cock and sucked him like he'd

never been sucked before. Made me wish I was that guy, I can

tell you that,' he smiled and slapped me on the leg. I didn't

mind the friendly slap, but his hand continued to stay there. I

knew the moment of truth had finally come. How badly did I want

a ride? Very badly, I decided looking down at his friendly hand.

It was beginning to move toward my crotch.

'I watched her give that guy a blowjob and realized

something. You know what?' he asked, pausing for an answer.

'Uh no, what?'

'I give a better blowjob than she does,' he said, sliding his

hand over my rigid cock. There was complete silence while he

massaged my cock gently through the material of my jeans. I

almost fell asleep in the intense heat of the car, hearing the

gentle hum of the engine, and feeling the urgent hand on my

throbbing cock.

'Would you like to see?' he finally asked, breaking the


'Huh?' I asked, momentarily lost.

'Would you like me to give you a blowjob?' he asked


'Uh, sure,' I said nervously.

'Let me find a place to pull off,' he said, still rubbing my

cock. In a moment another overpass showed ahead, one identical

to the one where I had stood just a few minutes before. I was

getting real excited. It had been a long time since I had fucked

a girl, and she had been a prostitute in a Fayetville massage

parlor, who's only strong feelings were for my money, not my


'Has a man ever given you a blowjob?' he asked as the car

sped up the off-ramp and came to a stop at the top, under another

soft yellow streetlight.

'Yeah, once. It was a guy in Fayetville. He got me really

excited with xrated movies, otherwise I couldn't have done it,' I

admitted lamely, trying to make him understand that I wasn't

really gay, but I would do anything when horny.

'Did you blow him?'

'Yeah,' I admitted.

'Did you like it?'

'Yeah, it was nice. I never realized that a dick was so

soft,' I heard myself rambling on nervously.

'I think you are going to earn your ride to Indianapolis and

a whole lot more,' he said in obvious excitement.

I was shaking again, but this time in excitement. There had

been little sex in my life, and seldom with a man. The last

experience had been very exciting, which surprised me since I

never looked at a guy as a sex symbol. Hell we all ran around

naked in the barracks and I never even go a hardon looking at

another guy. But when you're young and horny, you will do

anything for release, and old gay guys seemed to know this and

hit on me. I guess I had 'target' on my forehead.

My prick was straining to make a hole in my pants. It was

screaming for release. I tried not to look at the guy, but I

knew he would want something in return. Since I wasn't gay, I

would have to do him first, while I was really horny, otherwise

nothing on earth could make me do him after I came. Not a gun or

all the money in the world.

I looked around and realized that anybody who drove by could

see us.

'Are we going to stay here, under this light?' I asked


'No, I just wanted you to know exactly what I had in mind

before I drove you off to a dark parking lot,' he said with a

smile. 'I don't want anything to go wrong. You are a very good

looking young man,' he said as the idling car started forward

again. As we rounded a group of trees I saw a gas station on the

left side of the road, and a gas station restaurant on the right

side. The man looked around then pulled into the far corner of

the gas station parking lot on the right. He pulled off the

pavement and into a little grassy area. I looked around to see

that we were hidden by a tree, entirely secluded.

He raised the center arm between us and slid the seat all the

way back. With a flick of his hand he raised the steering wheel

up and out of the way.

'There, now we have a little room,' he said, reaching behind

him for a briefcase. I watched warily, more than able to handle

myself if he pulled a knife or gun, but he pulled out a bottle of

vodka, large plastic cups and a jug of orange juice. With a

smile he handed me the cups and alternately poured vodka and

orange juice until each plastic glass was full.

'Chug the first one, then we can make a second,' he said,

putting the jug of orange juice between his legs. I could see

him well in the lights of the closed restaurant. I didn't

actually look too old, possibly 40 or 43.

I drank down my drink and moaned in pleasure. It felt good

going down. In a moment it began warming my stomach.

'Oh, that's good,' I said with deep appreciation.

'I thought it might come in handy. As you probably guessed,

I'm gay. Been gay all my life,' he said, taking another sip.

'But I'm smart enough to know that a lot of guys like you are not

comfortable in a gay situation, so I use alcohol, and sometimes

dirty movies, to loosen things up. If it wasn't for alcohol I

probably wouldn't have a sex life,' he laughed, downing the last

of his drink. He handed me the glass and I held it as he filled

them once more. He closed the orange juice and vodka, setting

them both on the floor behind his feet, then took his drink from

my hand. His hand lingered on mine, then gave it a squeeze and

took the glass. I drank a small sip, looking at him from the

corner of my eye. When I located his crotch at the corner of my

eye, I noticed an immense hard-on. I had the sudden urge to

reach out and touch it. Following my impulse, I reached out for

his crotch, half expecting him to object. He didn't, of course,

he simply continued taking small sips of his drink as my shaking

fingers suddenly touched the bulge in the left leg of his pants.

It felt so hot under my fingers.

'Here,' he said, sitting the drink on the dash and unzipping

his own pants. In a moment he was unbuckled and he slid his

pants down to his ankles. He was sitting there in boxer shorts,

completely calm and unconcerned. He took up his drink and took

another sip as my shaking hand crept through the opening in the

front of his boxers and grabbed the huge pole that was trying to

tear a hole through his shorts. It took a moment to free his

cock. It stood proudly, throbbing in my hand. I ran my hand

over it in awe, marveling that any part of a man could be so soft

and hot.

'It's so warm and soft,' I whispered in amazement.

'They always are. The toughest man in the world is always

soft down there. It feel good in your lips,' he whispered


'I know,' I said, bending down slowly until my face was an

inch from the warm cock. I could smell the manly smell of his

crotch as I milked his cock and tried to get the nerve to lick

it. I was shaking like mad, so nervous I could hardly stand it.

The only thing in the world at the moment was that soft pillar of

flesh. He was smart enough to wait silently while I made up my

mind and gathered my nerve. With a nervous gasp, I lunged the

final inch and engulfed the hot shaft with my lips. I heard him

give out a shuddering gasp above me, but I paid no attention.

The cock had a mind and life of it's own, I completely closed the

strange man out of my mind and acknowledge only the cock before

me. This was the second time in my life I had done this, I knew

I would regret it later, but now it seemed like the only thing to

do. I gently stroked the base of his huge cock with my right

hand, while I rested on my left elbow and bobbed my mouth up and

down on his shaft of sex. It tasted good, as the previous cock

had before. It was so soft in my lips, like kissing a pealed


He leaned his seat back so I had better access, and ran his

hand over my hair.

'That's so good,' he shuddered, reminding me that the cock

was attached to a man. I tried not to think of that, only the

cock was important and I was alone with it.

I could taste his precum in my mouth, slightly salty and

slightly flavored like tobacco. It wasn't bad, and it was

extremely unique. His balls had now slid out of the opening of

his shorts and I moved my right hand to them, holding the hot

mound of meat in my hand and squeezing gently. He hissed and

warned me to be careful with them. I nodded, still bobbing up

and down on his prick.

The man's legs were beginning to shake and I knew he was

getting ready to cum. I had never tastes cum before. The first

guy had cum in my ass. I had always wanted to taste my own cum,

but by the time I had my orgasm and was no longer horny, I lost

the urge before I had the chance.

Women had given me blowjobs before and I asked them to kiss

me when they were through and put the cum in my mouth, but by the

time the moment would arrive and they drew near, I always pulled

away in revulsion. Now I would know what cum tasted like, from

the loins of this 40 year old man.

'Oh fuck,' he gasped, then seemed to go still. In another

moment he was gasping above me and his cock was filling my mouth

with his sperm. I felt my mouth fill and my eyes grew wide when

I realized that I couldn't take it all into my mouth. Without

thinking I swallowed, then sucked his cock until it stopped

spewing it's thick load. In a moment I sat up, groped for my

drink and drank it down to get rid of his taste in my mouth and

throat. Now I knew how cum tasted. I wasn't sure if I liked it,

or if I could do it again, but I was glad I had tasted it at

least this once.

'Mother fuck, that was good!' he said enthusiastically. 'And

you swallowed my load, I didn't expect that. Just for that you

are getting the best blowjob you have ever had,' he said, pushing

me back on his reclined seat.

I was so damned horny and so wet my hips were swimming in

juice. My cock had been steadily pumping precum into my shorts

for almost half an hour. I was nearly stuck to my shorts.

'My god, you are so wet,' he said, moving around in my crotch

and licking up my juice. 'We had better take these off,' he

said, grabbing my shorts and pulling them down and off my feet.

'I'll keep them for later, I can use them to fantasize about

you,' he whispered, putting my shorts in the glovebox.

'I have more,' I mumbled uncomfortably as his tongue lapped

at my thighs, meaning I had more shorts, but I wasn't sure If he

took it that way. I didn't matter, he was now licking my balls

and the base of my prick. It felt fantastic. There was just one

thing wrong, he needed a shave, I didn't like the feeling of

whiskers against my leg. It didn't feel right.

My cock was huge. I have a normal six inch cock but I'd

swear it was at least seven or eight inches after straining for

so long. I reached down to touch my cock, but he pushed my hand

aside and positioned his lips near the head. He turned his head

sideways and licked the juice leaking down the shaft, then

suddenly took the head in his mouth and sucked. It was hard,

almost brutal, but the harshly sucking mouth was exactly what I

needed at the moment. Before I knew it my legs were shaking and

my balls boiling as if my orgasm was about to hit. It was

impossible, of course, it had only been 30 seconds since he

started. Nope, it wasn't impossible. I suddenly found my cock

spurting into his mouth while he eagerly sucked and drank my cum.

His tongue tickled the tip of my cock and I cried out an

objection. He laughed and continued to suck. To my intense

disappointment it was over in less than a minute.

Feeling slightly disappointed, I waited for him to pull his

mouth off and pull his pants back on. But it didn't happen. He

simply waited with his mouth completely engulfing my cock,

keeping up a hard, steady pressure. I suddenly realized that my

cock was not shrinking like it had every time before. Either I

had not fully cum, or he had some magical way of keeping me hard.

It was several minutes before I began to squirm, wishing that he

would suck my dick again. He did, right on cue. As soon as I

squirmed, he resumed his slow loving routine of sucking and

licking my cock. It was rigid and ready.

'Uh huh,' he said, resuming my blowjob. I leaned back and

closed my eyes, pretending that I was being sucked by an

incredibly beautiful blonde. But when I opened my eyes I again

saw a slightly balding, middle-aged man sucking my dick. At that

point I didn't care. He was a very good cock sucker.

He started off with the usual routine of bobbing up and down,

while he stroked the base of my prick, then he took his hand

away, slid a finger into his mouth and slid it up the crack of my

ass. I rose up involuntarily and his finger found the entrance

to my asshole. It wiggled it's way inside, using my own moisture

to lubricate the finger so it could wiggle farther inside.

His lips changed from bobbing up and down, to going down

nearly to the base of my cock and making a movement with his

mouth like he was swallowing. The swallowing muscles were

milking my prick, giving it an incredible stimulation, while the

finger up my ass was churning up heat in my rectum that soon

joined the heat in my balls. Since I had just cum a few minutes

before, all this stimulation did not make me explode

instantaneously. Instead it built until I was sure I could go

out of my mind.

'Oh fuck me,' I gasped, squirming on the seat. 'Oh fuck,

that's good,' I cried in passion, and a little surprise. I would

be totally grossed out after my orgasm, but right now I wouldn't

change places with anyone. What intense pleasure! How could a

simple blowjob feel so fucking good, especially since I was in a

middle aged man's mouth?

'Shit, I'm going to fill your mouth with cum,' I gasped,

looking down at him. I saw him glance up with a smile and

intensify his attack on my ass. His sucking lips remained in

place, slowly building more and more heat in my balls. Suddenly

I groaned in a voice that wasn't my own and began to squeal as my

orgasm exploded between my legs. I was completely aware of his

sucking lips, and even more aware of the wiggling finger up my

ass. It was like no orgasm I have felt before. I felt a little

like a man, and a little like a woman and my prick spurted cum

into his mouth and my ass clenched around his wiggling finger.

Panting loudly I finally stopped squealing and lay gasping for

breath on the seat. His lips were still, quietly resting on my

prick and sucking gently. I felt the pressure milking my balls

of the last of my cum. His finger was still until he slowly

pulled it out and I almost screamed and it left my ass, still

vibrating from it's stimulation.

With a smile he reached under the seat and pulled out a tray

of babywipes. He pulled out several for himself, and handed the

tray to me.

In a few minutes the LTD pulled out of the grassy area and

headed back for the highway. In the gathering snow on the grass

were several babywipes, the only indication of the momentous

event that had occurred there. As I pulled on a clean pair of

shorts, then my pants, we were heading north on the interstate


'Glad I picked you up?' he asked with a smile as he lit a new


'Oh hell yes,' I said, buckling my pants. 'I'll feel guilty

later, but I wouldn't have changed things for the world. I will

remember this night forever.'

'Good, I'm glad I made you happy. I'm going to drop you at a

truck stop north of Indianapolis where you're sure to get a ride

on home. You should be home by morning.'

'Thanks... uh?'

'No names, let's just go our own ways and leave things as

they are. It was a good night. I don't have many, you


'Why not?'

'My lifestyle is rather dangerous, and heartbreaking at

times. I never found a good place to pick up guys, without

fearing that they would cause a scene and embarrass me. Then one

night I picked up a hitchhiker while I was traveling up from

Florida and 'bang' we hit it off right away. There's something

about traveling that brings out the horniness in a man. Now I

cruise the area south of Indianapolis looking for young men like

yourself. If we get along I give them a ride. If not they get

irate and I kick them out. Either way, it's private. It's

better than getting beat up in a theater or embarrassed in a


I nodded. We continued talking until we pulled up within

site of the truck stop and he let me out. In keeping with his

good nature, and his concern for my welfare, he let me off where

we wouldn't be seen together. I went inside and washed up a

little better in the restroom before I went out into the

restaurant. He gave me the slightest twinkling glance as he ate

his meal by the window, spending most of his time gazing out into

the darkness. Undoubtedly he was already looking for his next


What a life, I thought as I picked up my hamburger and began

eating with a satisfied smile on my face. I was warm, eating a

good meal, and sexually satisfied. What more could a man


I wouldn't recommend being picked up and blown by a old gay

man, and certainly wouldn't recommend hitchhiking in a world now

full of thieves and axe murderers, but I would not forget the

memory of that night for anything. I have forgotten dozens of

nights with dozens of women, but the night I was blown by a gay

middle aged man in a new LTD is one I will NEVER forget.


Michael Shuler

[email protected]


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