My boss called me into his office Monday morning when I arrived at work. I work for a large wholesaler in the south as Sales Manager for the inside sales force. There is also an outside Sales Manager, Tim, Lucas.

I entered Mr. Sims' office and he smiled and said, 'Brad, the branch office is nearly ready to open. I need you to go out there and hire and train your new inside sales crew. You'll be gone about a month.'

'When do you need me to leave?' I asked.

'I'd like you there as soon as possible,' he answered.

'Well, being gone that long I have some things I need to handle before I leave. I could leave early Wednesday morning and be there Thursday.'

'You're going to drive it?'

'I thought I would. I'd like to have a vehicle while there and driving would afford me that and also save on airfare and car rental.'

'That's what I like about you. You're always looking at the bottom line and figuring out ways to save the company money. Just make sure you're there by Thursday afternoon. You can interview in the afternoon and all day Friday.

'I'll make sure I'm there by noon and ready to start the interviews at one that afternoon.'

'Great. Go ahead and take today and tomorrow to get your things done. Anything that comes up here, I'll handle for you.'

'What about Tim? Will he be there also?'

'Yes, but I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet.'

I liked Tim in more ways than one. Being gay, I had the 'hots' for Tim, but I was sure that he was straight. He was twenty-eight, married, and handsome as hell. He had dark blond hair and bright blue eyes and a mile that would knock you over. He worked out regularly and was in great shape.

I left the office and headed back home to get laundry done and begin my packing. I decided that Tuesday I would take care of paying bills that were going to come due and take care of my rent on the house I had.

Tuesday morning I finished packing and when ready to leav to go pay bills, I realized that the only pair of Jeans I had available were a size or two too small, but they would have to do.

When I got into the car and sat down, I was extremely uncomfortable. I unbuttoned and unzipped the jeans which made them bearable to wear. I decided that I'd only hook them back up when I had to get out of the car.

I paid all my local bills and stopped for a burger before driving out of town to see my landlord and pay my rent. As I headed out on the freeway, ahead I saw a guy hitchhiking. He was tall and slim but with a nice build, handsome and in his mid-twenties. He had on jeans and tight tee shirt which revealed his nice muscular chest. He was 'cleaner' than most and I decided to stop and offer him a ride out of town.

He came up to the car and as he did I said, 'Hop in.'

I asked where he was going and he said to Colorado. We looked each other over as he said his name was Logan. I saw him glance over at my open jeans.

'Hey, sorry about the jeans, man, but I'm heading out of town tomorrow and these were the only ones not packed. They're too tight and this is the only way i can stand them while sitting.'

'No problem here. I've had jeans like that before myself. I know exactly what you mean.'

'What you got going in Colorado?' I asked.

'I'm going out there hoping to find a job. I just got tired of the one I had and decided to take off. It had no future for me. If I find something, I'll have my brother ship me the rest of my belongings.'

'What type work was it?'

'Sales. The boss kept bringing in others that I'd have to train to be my supervisor. For some reason he didn't like me.'

'I see.'

'Brad, do you know any place out here that has a laundry mat so I can wash some clothes. I'd like to look more presentable when trying to get a ride.'

'Logan, are you in any hurry to get to Colorado?'

'Not really, why?'

'Well, tomorrow I'll be heading out that way and can give you a ride almost half way if you want to wait a day.'

'Hey man, that would be great. Is there a cheap place for me to stay tonight till we head out tomorrow?'

'You're welcome to stay with me and do your laundry.'

'Man, you're fucking kidding me?'

'No, I'm serious. I'd enjoy the company while driving out.'

'Shit, I don't know what to say. I really appreciate it.'

I noticed that he kept looking over at my open jeans. His jeans were snug also and I could see the outline of his cock down his left leg. I was willing to bet that he had no underwear on.

I drove to my landlord and paid my rent and as we drove back into town, we talked and exchanged glances at each others crotch.

I noticed the outline of his cock in his pants get longer and more pronounced. I knew then that I could have him but had to find a way.

When we reached the house, Logan grabbed his bag and followed me in. 'Nice place,' he said.

'Thanks, it's nothing fancy, but it's cozy and comfortable.'

I offered him a beer and he quickly accepted.

'The laundry is in here,' I said as I pointed out the laundry room.

Logan grabbed his bag and began sorting his clothes to wash. I suggested he remove what he had on and wash them also.

'Fuck, if I do that I'd be running around naked. There is nothing clean left in my bag.'

'Well, it won't bother me in the least. To be honest, I stay naked when I'm home. I'm just more comfortable that way.'

'You serious?' he asked.

'Yea. In fact I was going to ask you if it would bother you if I went nude.'

'Fuck no. Go for it. Besides, it's your house.'

I hoped he would follow my lead and began stripping off what clothes I had on. Within a couple of minutes I walked out of my bedroom totally naked.

I entered the living area and found Logan the same way. He smiled and said, 'As you can see, I'm not bashful either.' I laughed as I headed for the kitched for two more beers.

Logan took my breath away. His chest was covered with a light coating of hair with a thicker treasure trail leading down to his pubes. His pec and abs were super, and his cock was to die for. Soft it was close to seven inches, slim and uncut with lots of foreskin, just the way I liked.

I notice him give me the once over also and slightly smile.

I had him this far. Now how was I going to take it further. Man, I wanted that cock in my mouth so fucking bad. I had to find a way.

The afternoon was spent with him doing his laundry and us talking. He asked what I did and I filled him in on my job and my trip.

I pulled out a couple of pizzas from the freezer and asked if that was okay with him for dinner.

'Yea. You cook, I'll clean,' he said.

'Deal,' I said.

When I returned to the living room I noticed him looking through my movie library.

'Find anything you like?' I asked.

'You got a damn nice selection here, but none in the catagory of my main preference.'

'And what would that be?' I asked.

He turned slightly red and said, 'Porn.'

'They're hidden.' I walked over to the cabinet and opened it and pulled out a locked box. After turning the dials to the right combination, I opened it and turned the dials again.

'Take your pick,' I said. He smiled as he began going through them.

He began going through them and said, 'Fuck man, you got every catagory here. Gay, straight, bi, fetish, lesbian. Damn.'

'Yea, I like them all. You pick what you want and we'll watch it.'

He retrieved two from the box. One was bi and the other was a gay movie. My heart began to pump faster. He put in the bi movie. It was one of my favorites. There was the normal bi action with two men and one woman, but it ended with the two men getting it on while the woman watched.

The movie began and he came and sat with me on the sofa, my plasma HD 60' TV before us. As it began, he laughed and said, 'This is fucking awesome. They are almost life size. It makes me feel like I'm in the room with them watching.'

'Yea, that's one reason I bought one this big.' I said.

As the movie proceded, I noticed Logan began to adjust his sitting position and each time he did he eased closer to me. After a while, both our cocks began to rise to attention.

'Hey Brad, is stroking allowed?'

'Fuck yea. Anything goes,' I answered hoping he'd take the hint.

We both began stroking and after a few minutes he looked at me and asked, 'You ever do this with a buddy or two when you were younger?'

'Fuck yea. Haven't most guys. Did'nt you?'

'You bet. Hell we'd even grab each others and stroke each other off. You ever do that?'

'All the time. It always felt better when someone else was doing it for you.'

'Man you got that shirt right.'

We continued stroking and after a couple more minutes, Logan stopped and reached for my cock and began stroking it. 'You mind?' he asked.

'Fuck no,' I answered as I took his cock in my hand and began stroking him. When I did, I heard him moan softly.

He moved closer and we continued to slowly stroke each other off. At one point, I turned to him and he looked at me and smiled. He began leaning toward me and I was helpless. Our lips met and Logan slowly parted his lips and pressed his tongue against my lips. I immediately responded and within seconds our tongues were exploring each others mouths.

When we parted, he smiled again and slowly eased himself off the sofa and between my legs. He began licking my nut sack, gently sucking each of my balls. He gently raised my legs and I soon felt his warm tongue licking and caressing my anal opening. Damn, did it ever feel good. He worked it with his tongue and gently pulled it open more, driving his tongue deeper. I never dreamed that he waould go this far. I was just hoping to get to suck his beautiful cock off.

He then moved to my cock and after licking up the precum that was pouring out of it, he began swallowing it. Soon, I felt his nose pressing into my rubic hairs.he had swallowed all eight inches of me. He sucked slowly at first and gradually got faster. Before long, I knew that the inevitable was approaching.

'Oh, fuck, Logan, I'm about to cum,' I warned. He continued sucking, now even faster. Then it happened. As my load burst forth into his hot warm wet mouth I let out a scream. 'AAGGGHHHHHH. There it is. Take it baby.'

And take it he did, every last drop.

When he pulled off and looked up at me he said, 'I've wanted to do that ever since I got into the car with you.'

'And I've wanted you. Now it's my turn.'

I returned the favor as he had done it to me. His load was thick, warm and sweet. I cherished every huge drop he fed me.

We settled back on the sofa and finished the movie. Next he put in the gay movie and when the guys started fucking, he looked at me and said, 'I want you to do that to me. Fuck my ass hard and deep.' My cock was already hard and ready. He lay on the floor on his back and raised his legs. 'Fuck my man pussy, Brad. I need it bad.'

I did as he requested, entering him as he moaned with pleasure and buried my cock balls deep. 'Oh, yea, Brad, fuck me.'

I began pumping hard and fast, then slowed. The closer I came to a climax the faster I got until in the end I was pounding his ass like a pile driver. He was begging for more. I came and filled his cavern with my load as he squeeled and said how goot it felt shooting up into him.

We changed positions and as he fucked me, I could feel my own cum running that was running out his ass drip from his balls onto mine. It turned me on even more than I already was. Soon, he filled me with his load. He pulled out and raised my legs higher. As his load began running out, he began licking it up. I had never had this done, and it made my head swim. I was loving it. Not only did he lick it up, he swallowed it.

Soon, we were cuddling on the sofa. He looked at me and said, 'Brad, man am I ever glad you stopped and picked me up.'

'So am I,' I answered.

We soon went to bed and, nestled together as one, we were soon asleep. I awoke the next morning to find Logan sucking my cock. I flipped into a sixty-nine and we did each other. We straightened up the house, secured it and hit the road. As we drove I talked more about my company and asked if he'd be interested in a sales position at our new location.

'I might be if I get to take the boss to bed whenever he comes out.'

'You'd get fried if you didn't,' I joked back.

We drove on and he said that he'd consider it. We stopped for the night and after eating and sharing the jacuzzi that was in our room, we fucked and went to bed. Thursday morning we were up early and on the road. We arrived at the motel two blocks from the warehouse and I checked in. Logan went with me to the warehouse and filled out an application. He said he was going for a walk and that he'd be back later. While he was gone, I checked his references. Everyone gave him a good response except his last boss.

'The guy was a fucking fag, I'm sure. I saw the way he looked at the guys here.'

'Is there any proof of those alligations?' I asked.

'Nah, I never saw him do anything or had anyone say anything. It's just a feeling I had.'

'Well sir, I will tell you this. What you have told me is illegal. It amounts to slnder and if he decides to sue ur ass, I will testify on his behalf. Have a good day.'

I heard him trying to say something as I hung up. When Logan returned I told him that he was hired, and that I needed to talk to him.

'I'd love to let you stay with me but our Outside Sales manager will be arriving sometime tonight and he knows nothing about my lifestyle.'

'I understand,'Logan said, adding, 'I'll get my own room and maybe late at night we can get together.'

'Most definately,' I replied. 'Do you need a loan to get the room?'

'No, Brad. I've got money in the bank and I have my debit card. I'm definately not broke. I just don't carry much cash on me.'

'Smart man. Go get a room and when I get back, you can come get your belongings.'

He smiled and thanked me. I knew I had made a good choice. I had plans for Logan and they did not include sex.

That night after many interviews, I returned to the motel and saw Logan sitting by the pool. He came over and after a quick fucking of each other, he went to his room.

After a minute or so, I heard a knock opn the door that connected my room to the one next to me. I wondered who it was. Opening my side, I saw Logan standing there smiling.

'Guess who's just next door.' he said. I began laughing then said, 'You sneaky bastard. This is perfect.' I pulled him to me and kissed him.

He came in and asked how the interviews went. I told him then told him about what his former boss had said. Logan decided right there to file suit against the man. As we talked my phone rang. It was Tim, inviting me to dinner. I had to accept, since I was supposed to be alone. Logan said he understood.

I told him that whenever I was in and alone I would have my door open for him to come over.

I met Tim for dinner and it was almost all business talk. He did say that his wife was pissed as hell about him being gone so long.

'The way she's been acting lately, I'm kind of glad I won't be home.' He just said that he was bitching about anything and everything, especially his hours.

We did our hiring and began our training. One night Logan told me that he had found a hot adult arcade a few blocks away and that it was a hot cruising spot and that several booths had glory holes. I said I'd have to check it out sometime.

On a couple of evenings I'd walk down to Tim's room to visit, which was several rooms further down from mine. When I'd knock, I'd hear him ask, 'Brad?'

'Yea,' I'd answer.

'Uh, just a minute,' he'd say and I could hear slight paper rustlings. Bot times when he'd answer the door he'd be in his briefs and it was obvious he had an erection that he was trying to hide, having it bent down over his balls. I'd make my visits short, since the sight of him like that would start giving me a boner.

Into the second week, I asked Logan if he'd like to meet me at the arcade.

'I'd love to but I want to study the material you gave us today. I want to be able to answer any question you might ask.'

I smiled and said okay. I knew that with his enthusiasm, I'd be making him the local supervisor. I headed out to the arcade.

I paid the admission and received my tokens for the booths. I went into the back and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. When they had, I noticed a young guy in tank top and tight shorts. He was obviously a bodybuilder. Muscles shown everywhere and all the others were trying to hit up on him.

Above each booth door was a red light. If it was on the booth was occupied. I stopped next to the open door of an empty booth and looked in. I could see the small glory hole in the wall. That booth was occupied.

The young muscled guy tried the knobs of a couple booths that were occupied and found them locked. He tried the one next to where I was standing and found it unlocked. He cracked the door and peeked in. After a second he slipped in and locked the door.

I quickly went into my booth and after locking the door eased over to the hole. Since I didn't drop a token, my booth was pitch dark and I wanted it that way. I knelt down and looked through the hole. I watched and the young man removed his tank top, shorts and jock. He stood their totally naked. I couldn/t see what the other guy looked like but the young man removed his shirt and squatted down and took the cock that extended out of the unzipped pants into his mouth. As he began sucking, he unbuckled the man's pants and let them fall to the floor. He stopped sucking long enough to pull down the briefs.

I watched as this hunk devoured the cock in front of him. It was soon obvious that the man was cumming. They younger man was swallowing and when he pulled off one last volly shot out and onto his upper lip. He scraped it into his mouth then licked the last drop from the man's cock head. As he stood, he said to the man, 'I want to fuck you.'

The guy said softly, 'I don't know whaich I want more, your cock up my ass or in my mouth.'

'I want your ass,' the young man said.

'Then it's all yours.'

The man bent over as the young man got behind him. I saw the man's face. I nearly shit. It was Tim. The young man slid his massive tool slowly up Tim's ass. My own cock was rock hard and I stood and dropped my pants. Wanting to see what would happen, I slipped my cock through the hole. I could hear they young man pounding against Tim's ass cheeks and then I felt a hot warm mouth on my cock. I knew it had to be Tim sucking me. I soon blew my nuts and felt his swallow as my hot thick cum gushed out. As he was finishing me I heard the young man say he was cumming. I pulled back quickly and watched as he trembled while he shot his load up Tim's ass.

I watched as they began to dress. Soon the young man slipped out of the booth. I waited for Tim. When I heard him open his booth I did the same with mine. We stepped put at the same time. When he saw my face he froze. I looked at him and smiled, then said, 'Let's go talk.'

He followed me out and once outside, he asked, 'Was that you in that booth?'

'It sure was. I watched as the kid sucked you off and heard you say you didn't know if you wanted his cock in your mouth or up your ass. And since I could hear him slapping against your ass, I know it was you that sucked me.'

'Oh, shit!' he exclaimed. 'I never dreamed I'd run into you here. I felt my secret would be safe.'

'Well, I never dreamed I'd find you here either. And relax, you secret is safe. I know that on those two times I came by your room you had a boner you were trying to hide. I left because it was giving me one.'

'Yor're not going to say anything?'

'I won't say a word to anyone about you being gay if you don't tell anyone that I am also.'

'Fuck Brad. You're gay?'

'Yea,' I said.

'Man, I thought you just went there to get sucked off.'

Shall we go to your room and I'll show you how gay I am.'

He smiled and we returned to the motel. We entered his room and I turned him around and began kissing him. He readily responded. Soon we were both naked and in his bed in a sixty-nine. Later we enjoyed the pleasure of fucking each other.

As we lay there, Tim looked at me and said, 'Man, do you know how long I'v wanted to do this with you?'

'Probably as long as I've wanted to do it with you,' I replied.

We laughed and said that now that it was in the open, it would definately be more often.

'Say, that young kid you hired named Logan. Man that stud is hot. I'd love to get him in bed.'

'Really?' I asked.

'Fuck yea. He could do what ever he wanted with me.'

'Why don't you tell him. Maybe you'll get lucky.'

'Yea, right. Just walk up and say I want to get him in bed and then have him knock the shit out of me. Get real.'

'Well, it was an idea, ut you might be right. I'm pretty sure he's straight as they come.'

I returned to my room and after undressing opened the connecting door. Logan's side was open and when he saw me open mine he came over. I told him about my evening.

'You're shitting me. He sucked you off in the arcade and then you had sex with him in his room?'

'That's about it.'

'Shit, I guess you're not in the mood any more.'

'Baby, for you I'll always be in the mood. what do you want to do?'

He soon had me in a sixty-nine, and later he fucked me. I was loving it.

I told him what Tim had said about him and what I had told Tim to do. He began laughing and said, 'I bet he'd shit in his pants if I walked up to him and gropped him and asked him to go to bed.'

'He probably would and I'd love to see his reaction.' I began hatching a plan.

The next day, I needed to ship some papers to Mr. Sims and the idea came to me. I talked with Logan about it and he loved it.

That afternoon I suggested that Tim and I have dinner together and asked if he minded if Logan joined us. He said that sounded good to him.

Just before we left the office, I carried the boxes I had to ship to the main office to the car and set them on the front passenger seat. When we left the office, I apologized and told them t climb in back. As planned Logan sat behind me and Tim on the passenger side. After taking the boxes to the airport, one of the could move up front with me.

I adjusted my rearview mirror so I could see Tim's face. It was nearing sundown and as we drove, Logan went into action, first sliding his left hand across the seat until it was touching Tim's leg. I watched Tim's face and loved the reaction I saw.

Logan slowlyeased his hand up onto Tim's thigh and slid it toward Tim's crotch. I could see Tim becoming uneasy. His conversation became broken as Logan rubbed his hard cock. Then I heard the zipper being slowly pulled down. I barely saw LOgan's head go down to Tim's crotch but the look on Tim's face was priceless. I thought his eyes would pop out of his head.

During the conversation, I said, 'Logan, you're awfully quiet back there.'

'Oh, I'm just listening. Can't say much.'

I nearly burst out laughing. I watched Tim's face as Logan sucked him off and could tell when he was cumming.

We arrived at the airport and Logan took the boxes inside. Tim moved up to the front seat but never said a wordabout what happened but I could tell he was nervous. We went to dinner and when we returned to the motel we each went to our rooms.

A few minutes later, with Logan by my side, I called Tim's room and said, 'Hey bud, come on down and let's play. I'm horny as hell.'

'Sounds good to me. I'll be there in a minute.'

'I'll have the door cracked a little. Just come on in.'

'Will do.'

Logan and I turned out all the lights and lay together on the bed naked stroking each others cocks. After a couple minutes, the door opened and I quickly said, 'No lights.'

Tim slipped in and undressed and sat on the bed next to me and we began kissing. Logan eased around and without warning slipped his tongue into Tim's ass crack. Tim yelled and jumped up and turned on the light.

When he saw Logan and I both naked and laughing, he began calling us names.

'Was all that shit in the car a setr up?' he asked.

'Yea, and I loved watching the expressions on your face. It was priceless.'

Logan and I told Tim how we had met and the whole story. When it was over, we had one hell of a hot three way that lasted most of the night.

During the rest of ou=r time there sex was rampant between the three of us. Bus as with all good things, Tim and I had to return to the main office. I had promoted Logan and put him in charge of the Inside sales force at that branch.

Every chance Tim or I got we went to 'check things out' and have sex with Logan. Some time just one of us would go and other times both of us would go.

After about a year, Mr. Sims called me into his office.

'Brad, I'm going to semi-retire. I hope you know how much you mean to me. You're like the son I never had. Therefore, I'm promoting you to Executive Vice President. You will be running things for me. I'll still be President and be in the office a couple times a month to check on things but you'll be in charge.'

'Mr. Sims, I don't know what to say except thank you.'

'Son, you've earned it. My lawyer and banker will be here with papers for you to sign. You'll be signing all checks both to our vendors and for the payroll. You can make any changes in personnel you want.'

I looked at him and knew I had to be totally honest with him. 'Mr. Sims, I think you ought to know, I'm gay.'

'Hell, son, I've know that ever since you started with me. So is Tim and that first kid you hired, Logan. There are a few others on payroll that are also. It's all in their personel files if you want to go through them. I have every employee investigated. And I couldn't care less what your orientation is as long as you do the job. Now drop the subject.'

After the announcement was made, Tim came into my new office and asked, 'Do I still get to have sex with the ne boss?'

'You bet you do,' I said.

'I was hoping so,' he replied.

I asked how thing were at home and he said about the same if he could stay home more. I asked if he'd consider the position as manager of the branch warehouse. He'd have to move but he'd be home every night except when I needed him in the office for reports one night every other week.

He liked it and talked with his wife and accepted the position. Logan was promoted and brought back to the main office and Sales director, over both the inside and outside sales managers.

Of course, he moved in with me and we found a nicer larger house. After two months of being back, we bacame lovers. When Tim comes for the semi-monthly meetings, we have one hell of a sex party.

I found my life partner, hitchhiking down the road. Who would have ever guessed.

The End



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