Woken up mid afternoon by more body contact that E-a handsome twink in his late twenties-is unable to refuse, restrained, more people stumbled upon him bound and blindfolded in the woods. During his hike earlier he was roped to a tree, used, and left there, helpless. Tied bent over, legs spread all day, and dripping cum, E had been molested over and over through out the day by whoever walked by. A dick shoved in his mouth or tongue fucked while getting his dick sucked or jerked and balls fondled, guys also took turns sticking their dicks in him, raping his hole and filling him up. E's moans just made the guys enjoy it and jizz more. Bred again and again and milked until he came, E thinks back how it all started.

It's 9 in the early morning of another crisp spring day. E gets ready for his every other week extreme hike. Pulling his tiny red shorts up over his sky blue jock strap he picks a tank to wear and heads out. Breathing in the new day's air E leaves his yard on foot. Traveling light, in his bag, he brings with him: water, phone, rope, and compass. Exploring the back woods for years now he knows hardly anyone visits them anymore, which is why he's able to be alone with his own thoughts. Almost reaching the trail leading into the woods, he spots a familiar truck he knows only because he's walked past it his last two hiking days. Red like the color of ripe strawberries with a faded hood and worn roof, E thought it abandoned. But, there was someone in the front seat this time.

Getting closer on his way to enter the woods, he sees it's a man about his father's age. Noticing the man's good looks, E can't help but glance a few times and as he walked by. The man calls out to the boy, calling E over. E approaches the truck, keeping distance, as the man whispers something. E gets closer to hear but still can't quite make it out. At the man's window, mid sentence of asking what the man said, E stopped-stuck focusing on what he saw. In the front seat in the man's lap, was a nice eight inch semi hard dick poking out the man's zippper. E finds himself after a minute and backs up realizing the man was fondling E through his shorts. As E tells the man he has to go, the man tells E, with a laugh, that there's no rush and he should stay. E ignored the man as he walked into the woods for his hike.

Deep into the woods thinking he lost the older man and was alone, E empties his bag looking for his snack. Leaning against a tree taking a break, both hands are pulled behind and with his own rope E's hands are tied tight around the tree behind him. The man walks around and stands right up to E. The man's hands run up E's tank feeling his abs as E begs to be let go. The man pulls his tank up past his neck and over E's face exposing his tiny nipples. His nipples wired right to his cock, E can't hold back and moans wildly as his cock grows and grows. The man drops E's shorts and couldn't have been more excited to see that jock hugging that cute little twink ass. The next few mins was the man sucking E's nip while touching E's body and jerking his cock out the side of his jock milking E, making him shoot.

Forced to cum E couldn't deny it didn't arouse him. The man then called out "Hank." The man now walking up to greet them. Hank wasted no time getting under E to rim him. E's first ass eating, and he loved it. Hank went for almost an hour stroking his own dick while the man jerked as he watched E's salad get tossed. They untied E, turned him around, and bent over tied his wrists on the other side. Hank held E in place as he felt a head press against his hole. E pleaded but the man slid his dick in anyway making E squeal and wince. The man raped his ass with the help of another daddy. So tight, the man didn't last long inside E and gave E his first breeding.

Hanks turn he placed his hands on E's hips and, using the first load, sunk his dick deep inside E. E screamed and gripped his rope as the men laughed and continued. As Hank pumped E's ass, the other man got under E, who moaned uncontrollably, to suck his dick which throbbed between his spread legs. The man flicked E's tender nipples knowing he loved that. E moaned, grunted, and shot his load as Hank raped him still. Moments later Hank grunted and pushed deep making E squeal again as he got his ass bred.

The two men left E there tied up. Ass in the air with a cum soaked hole, vulnerable and ready, they made sure the woods, that day, had heavy traffic.


Mr. E


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