This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities to any persons living or dead is pure coincidence.

Rugby clubs are not exactly known for their modest behaviour and the International Rugby Club of Frankfurt was no exception. They never did any harm to anyone or damaged property, but they had a reputation for some pretty wild pranks, mostly involving naked players.

One thing that was something of a tradition with the club was the after season challenge. For this, one club member was elected Challenge Master and it was his job to think up a series of challenges for the players to do. Each challenge would see one or more players eliminated from the contest until one was left as the winner. All entrants put 20€ in the kitty and the winner got the lot.

This particular year I had been chosen, as a non playing member, and knew right away what the final challenge would entail. I was going to steal an idea from a You-tube video which required members to get high fives from the public with a forfeit each time someone refused.

We started out with 20 participants and ideally I wanted to get down to 4 or 5 for the final challenge. The first few were fairly innocuous things like a blindfold three legged race, a cream cracker eating contest which knocked out three in one go. Gradually the challenges got a bit more like you would expect from these guys. Things like "How many ping pong balls can you pick up, carry 2m and drop into a jar in two minutes only using your buttocks to pick them up" and that sort of thing.

At last we were down to 8 and I decided to go for something I thought was new to the group to eliminate two and have 6 for the High Five Challenge. This was a variation on the three legged race where instead of just one leg each tied together, each pair was tightly bound from chest to calves, face to face and naked and each with his hands tied behind his partners back. Then they had to race once round the outside of pitch.

This proved to be highly entertaining for all of us watching, though I suspect it was less so for the participants. Whilst no strangers to naked high jinks, they we not used to the feel of another man's naked body pressed quite so closely to their own, and especially not used to having their cock and balls pushing so tightly into another man's equipment, especially as by the end of the race just about all of them had the other guys hard on thrusting between his legs. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

After drawing names from a hat, the pairs consisted of

Rafael (Spanish) and Nuno (Portugese)

Raul (Spanish) and Marco (Italian)

Mauro (Italian) and Jonathan (American)

Laurent (French) and Matthias (German)

You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to get two naked straight guys to stand face to face with their arms round each other while you bind them. Mind you, the fact that those of us doing the binding were laughing and giggling like school children probably didn't help. And neither did some of the antics of those watching. It's not easy to tie two guys legs together when one of them keeps jumping as someone slaps him on the ass.

Finally they were all bound and on the start line.

"OK" I said, "Last pair back get eliminated from the contest and have to pay a forfeit."

"Hang on" called Jonathan "When did the forfeit enter the frame?"

"Just now as I thought of it." I replied. "On your marks. Get Set. GO!" and off they went.

The only way they could move was by rolling from side to side, one guy going backward the other forwards, and throwing the legs that were off the ground forward because they couldn't bend their knees they way they were tied. They all struggled to move at all for the first few meters but then suddenly Rafael and Nuno seemed to find the rhythm they needed and the took off, leaving the others behind. Next Mauro and Jonathan seemed to get the hang of it and then the others so the race was on. It wasn't about winning of course, it was about not coming last.

It won't go down in club history as one of the fastest laps of the pitch, but it will certainly be remembered. Rafael and Nuno never lost the lead and crossed the line a few seconds ahead of Raul and Marco. The race to avoid the unknown forfeit was between Mauro & Jonathan and Laurent & Matthias. As they approached the line Mauro and Jonathan were just in the lead but then at the last moment they somehow lost the rhythm and tripped, falling just short of the finishing line, which allowed Laurent and Matthias to cross in third place.

"All right." I called out. "We have our six for the final challenge to find this years winner. They can now be untied but don't let them dress yet."

"What about untying us?" asked Jonathan.

"Not yet." I replied. "Your forfeit for finishing last in this race is this. You will not be untied until each of you has shot his load. I know you both have hardons from all the friction. Now you have to put it to use." and with that the whole place erupted in laughter.

"You can't expect us to do that." said Mauro "Not tied together like this."

"Oh but I do." I said. "You've each got a hard on that reaches between the others legs. Use your legs to bring each other off. I suggest you get started or you could still be here like that in the morning."

With much cursing a swearing, mostly at me, they tried to do as instructed. As with the running it didn't go too well at first, but then they found a rhythm and began to stroke each others cock with their legs whist ignoring all the filthy comments being made over their heads. You could see them straining to get some friction on their rampant cocks but they were tied fairly tightly so they didn't have much movement available to help them. Eventually, after about half an hour, Jonathan called out that he was close and shortly after he shot his load all over Mauro's legs. This seemed somehow to spur Mauro on and only a couple of minutes later he returned the compliment.

"A drink for the gallant losers!" I cried. "Time to untie them and let them all have their clothes."

"You are one seriously weird guy to think of that." said Mauro as he tried to wipe Jonathan's cum off his legs.

"Yeh." agreed Jonathan. "Well and truly fucked up in the head."

But they were both laughing as they said it and accepted their drinks from me.

"Never mind. At least you can't get pregnant from it" I said. "and wait till you find out what the final challenge is. And no, I'm not telling." I could see they were about to ask.

"OK." I called out. "Listen up all of you. The six finalists and anyone who intends to watch must meet me at the August-Siebert-Strasse entrance to the Grüneburgpark at 1400 tomorrow. The six finalists must be wearing a jumper and shirt, jeans and underwear and shoes and socks. See you then and we'll find out who takes the title this year and the 400€ kitty. Good night all." And with that I left.

Next day saw just about the whole club turn out for the contest. No one had any idea what it would be though most guessed that some degree of nudity would be involved from my specification of what the six finalists should wear. We waited till 1410 just in case anyone was running a few minutes late and then walked into the park to the area I had selected. It was a reasonably large area of grass, popular with sun bathers, but surrounded by a fairly thick belt of trees.

"Right." I said. "Where are my six victims, I mean contestants."

The six stepped forward and stood in a line in front of me.

"Are you all dresses as specified? Yes? Good. Your challenge today is this. You will take it in turn to ask members of the public for a high five." At this a number of the guys began to laugh. They had obviously see the You-tube video I had seen. "Every time someone refuses you, you remove an item of clothing and for this challenge your shoes and socks count as one item. When you are naked you are out of the game but must remain naked until the game is over. The winner is obviously the last one wearing any clothing. Oh and if you go out of turn, you will be fined one item of clothing in addition to the one you loose if you are refused. Is all that clear?"

"Where the fuck do you get your ideas from man?" asked Rafael

"Well this one came off You-tube, but I do have a very fertile imagination. OK everyone, let's spread out and give them room. You go alphabetically so that's Laurent, Marco, Matthias, Nuno, Rafael & Raul and remember, keep to that order or it will cost you. Off you go Laurent."

The group opened out to allow the six to more easily approach passers by. After a couple of minutes Laurent approached a young woman walking on the path and she refused him.

"Off with your shoes and socks then." I said. "Your turn Marco."

He approached the next person to come near, and middle aged man and received and high five and a laugh. When in answer to his question the guy was told what was going on he went on his way laughing. The rest made their approaches in turn and were all reward with a good high five.

The game continued with most people being happy to high five the guys and after about 20 minutes the clothing so far removed was

Laurent - footwear and jumper

Marco - footwear, jumper and shirt

Matthias - footwear

Nuno - footwear and jumper

Rafael - footwear, jumper and shirt

Raul - footwear, jumper and shirt

The next round saw Laurent loose his shirt, Marco and Matthias get high fives, Nuno loose his shirt, Rafael get a high five and Raul loose his jeans.

"Only one refusal left Raul." I called.

In the next two rounds only Matthias lost any clothing leaving him shirtless but Raul just hanging in there in his boxers.

In the next round both Laurent and Marco quickly lost their jeans, Matthias, Nuno and Rafael got high fives but poor Raul got a refusal.

"Off! Off! Off!" everyone started to chant and Raul had no option but to remove his boxers. He was out of the contest and would have to remain naked until the winner was declared. So now we had Laurent and Marco just one refusal short of embarrassment and the other three with just jeans and boxers to go.

The game preceded and both Laurent and Marco lost their boxers in the next round. And then Nuno went out of turn. He failed to get a high five so had to loose his jeans and as his forfeit for going out of turn he had to loose his boxers and was out.

We now had four guys naked and just two dressed in jeans and underwear but not for long. Both lost their jeans in the next round.

"OK" I said "looks like we are into sudden death territory." but if we were, it didn't turn out to be at all sudden. They both received high fives from everyone they approached for the next fifteen minutes. Then Matthias approached a couple of young women, one of whom held her hand up for him, but at the last moment she pulled it away.

"Off! Off! Off!" started the chant again. Matthias just stood there with his hands over his face and shaking with nervous laughter.

"Some one give him a hand" I called and at that one of the guys came up behind him and pulled his boxers right down to his ankles.

"We have our winner." I declared. "Rafael is this years End Of Season Champion and wins the kitty of 400€" and I walked over to shake him by the hand.

"Photo call" said our resident photographer Jose. "Lets have Rafa and Mark stood shaking hands at the middle with the other five kneeling round them and everyone else gathered behind."

It took a few minutes to get us all right but finally Jose was satisfied.

"OK. One. Two. Cheese!" he called and on the "Cheese" just as he took the photo Rafael's boxers disappeared south, assisted by some of his fellow finalists.

It's interesting to note that the High Five Challenge was so well liked by everyone that it has become the traditional last event of the End Of Season Challenge, and my Bound Buddies race has been used by challenge masters on several occasions, complete with forfeit.



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