It was a hot, lazy day when I walked into the barn. I had gone in search of the young guy who helped me with some of the chores around the farm. I climbed the ladder to the hay loft and there he was. He was laying on his back ,fast asleep. I had been lusting after Stephen since we first met a few months ago. The funny thing is, he's not my type at all. Hes tall with short dark blond hair, green eyes and heavy set. His broad stomach and flabb only turned me on more. I fantasized about making his fat jiggle as I fucked him.

I am 30 with short black hair, brown eyes, a slight fumanchu mustach and a lean, tanned build. I have a little hair on my chest but not alot. After all, this aint the 70's people!! I stood over Stephen. His angelic face looked peaceful as he slept. I noticed he had tossed all the hay down. Only a stand up guy like him would finish his work before taking a siesta. I shook his shoulder and watched as his beautiful green eyes opened. He sat up with a start. "I must have fallen asleep. I'm so sorry." I smiled. "Theres no need to apologize." Stephen smiled. "That's never happened to me before." I nodded. "Come on down and have some supper with me." I helped Stephen to his feet. "Oh, I couldn't do that, I'll just make something at home." I knew that he lived in a trailer a few miles outside of town and rarely had enough food stocked.

I waved off his attempt to be kind. "You're having dinner with me and that's all there is to it." I followed him down the ladder and we walked to the house. "Why dont you wash up out here and I'll go get the hamburgers started." Stephen smiled. "Sounds good." I left him to it while I went into the kitchen. Taking the plate of hamburger patties I had made earlier I looked out the window and watched as Stephen stood at the pump and lifted his shirt over his head and hung it on the pump. My cock grew hard looking at those man tits of his. God, I wanted him badder than I've ever wanted anything else. I pulled myself from the sight of the water sloshing over his hefty frame and went out to the back porch to start the griil.

When Stephen came back in the grill was nice and hot. "Want me to take care of those?" he asked nodding twords the burgers. I shook my head. "It's ok, I got it." He laughed. "Would you like a beer then?" I nodded. "Sure, there in the fridge." He returned with two longnecks. I popped them open and we clinked bottles. "Thanks for the help." Stephen nodded. "Don't mention it". We ate the burgers and drank a few more beers.When the sun began to set I looked over and saw Stephen was feeling no pain. "I think I should be going." I shook my head. "You're not going anywhere tonight." He raised an eyebrow. "Oh no?" I shook my head. "You can sleep on the couch if you like." He nodded. "Thanks. I do feel a bit tipsy." I helped him to the couch and he laid down. I watched as his chest rose and fell. His smooth, angelic face looked so peaceful.

I covered him with a blanket and went upstairs to my own bed. My cock was by now rock hard. I slipped my shorts past my boney hips and began stroking. I imagined Stephen kneeling infront of me, his beautiful, full lips sucking on my cock. I quickly brought myself to a amazing orgasm and erupted all over my chest and abs. The next morning I awoke and smelled coffee. When I went downstairs Stephen stood at the kitchen counter in his t-shirt and boxers. "Morning." he said cheerily. I smiled sleepily. "You made coffee?" He nodded. "It's the least I could do for crapping out on you last night" he exclaimed putting a steaming cup before me. I laughed. "You're just too good to be true, you know that?" he nodded. "Well, I better get going." I watched him pull his jeans on. I couldn't stand it any longer.

I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist. "Dont go." He smiled. "What are you doing?" I turned him around to face me. "Stephen, I've been wanting to tell you I've been in love with you since the first time I saw you." Stephen's bottom lip trembled. "Really?" I nodded. "I want to make love to you so badly." Tears streamed down his face. "I've never had anyone tell me that before." I laughed. "I highly doubt that." He nodded. "It's true. I have tried to find a boyfriend but no one seemed interested." I pulled him close. "Well I am. Very interested." I leaned down as Stephen was a few feet shorter than me and pressed my lips against his. They were soft and moist. When I pulled away he smiled and touched his lips with the tips of his fingers.

"Wow, I've imagined what this would be like many times but... Wow!" I laughed. My heart felt so full of love. I was going to make love to the man I had wanted since we first met. "Come with me upstairs." Stephen hesitated and I saw a worried look on his face. "What if, when I'm naked, you find me disgusting?" I looked into his beautiful green eyes. "That's never going to happen." I took his hand and lead him upstairs before he could start crying again. When we got to the bedroom I lifted his shirt over his head. I began by kissing his neck. He tasted sweet and slightly salty.

Moving lower I cupped his manboobs like they were ordinary womens tits. I licked and gently sucked on both protruding buds causing Stephen to moan softly. I parted from him long enough to remove my clothing. When I stood naked infront of him Stephen whistled. "Damn, I knew you were hot but I had no idea!" My 9 inch cock stood out like a hard iron rod. I unzipped Stephen's pants and slid both them and his cotton boxers to the floor. He wasn't very big. Only 5 inches hard but it was thick and crowned by a bulbus mushroom like head. I climed up onto my bed and patted the spot next to me.

Watching him crawl twords me was so erotic! His fat folds dangling. He lay on his side and we kissed. I reached between us and took my lovers short, chubby cock into my hand and began stroking it. Stephem closed his eyes. "MMM!" he purred. I rolled him onto his stomach and went to work on his cock. First I licked it from base to tip before devouring it completely. "Holy Fuck!" Stephen exclaimed. I massaged his balls as I sucked. Soon he was panting and I knew he was close to cumming. "If you dont stop now, I'm gonna blow in you're mouth!" he warned. I smiled. "Why dont we cum together?" He smiled and nodded.

I positioned myself so that my cock was at his head and took his lovely knob back into my mouth. I moaned around his cock when I felt his hot, wet lips engulf mine. We quickly brought eachother to mind shattering orgasms. I cleaned his cock and then laid beside him. "Wow!" he exclaimed panting softly. I smiled. "I know right?" His green eyes sparkled. "Can I ask you something?" I nodded. "Would u like to fuck me?" I laughed. "Would I!" I reached across him and pulled out a bottle of lube and a pack of condoms. "I've never been fucked before so you'll have to go easy." I kissed his lips. "Dont worry, I will." I lifted his legs so his knees touched his chest and parted his smooth, bubble cheeks.

There in the middle like some rare pearl was his pink hole. I flicked my tongue across it and head him gasp. "You like that?" I asked smiling up at him. He nodded. I buaried my face between his soft, velvety mounds and soon had him gasping and moaning like a prostitute. " Please fuck me!" he begged. I knelt on my haunches and rolled on one of the condoms. I applied a generous amount of lube both to his whole and to my rock hard, pulsing cock. I knelt between his legs and put the head of my cock against his hole. "You ready?" He nodded. I pushed gently. The velvety feel of his insides made me moan out loud. Stephen had apparently spent time with his dildo because he felt no pain.

When I was all the way in I leaned down and kissed him. "You ready for me to fuck you're brains out?" Again he nodded. I moved slowly in and out, thusting my monster cock deep inside and the pulling out. I did this a few more times before really getting into it. Soon both our bodies glistened with sweat. "Oh yeah! Fuck me!" Stephen whispered. I moved faster, my low hanging balls making a slight slapping sound with each thrust. "Come on you stud, fuck me hard!" I laughed. I had never heard Stephen use that kind of language before. It was like a school marm standing up and saying "Shit!" infront of the whole class.

I really let him have it. I jackhammerd my cock in and out of his ass. Watching my long, cock slip in and out of his rippling cheeks put me over the edge. I arched my back, thrusting my cock deep inside as I exploaded filling the condom with my hot, spunk. "UUUHHHH!!" I grunted like an animal. When my cock went soft I pulled out and threw the condom into the trash. "Damn baby!" I exclaimed. Stephen smiled.. "Yep." I propped myself up on one shoulder. "Ok, now it's your turn." I swallowed his cock and sucked for all I was worth until I felt it twitch in my mouth. "FFFUUCCK! I"M CCUUUMMING!" Stephen screamed. He shot a massive load down my throat and I swallowed every drop.

We lay there entangled in eachothers arms as the setting sun cast lines of golden light through the blinds onto our warm skin. "I love you." Stephen smiled. "I love you too." We fell asleep in eachothers arm safe and content in the knowledge that this was just the beginning.....

To Be Contiuned....



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