I screamed at the TV as I saw another commercial of model-worthy men and women partying on a tropical beach, drinking alcohol. I was openly jealous and determined to let every living thing in the house (i.e, myself and my Beagle, Lola) know it. She stared at me as I lay on the couch, sweating, in nothing but my boxer briefs, as if to say, "Really? This again?"

I couldn't help it; the heat was killing me. It was almost a hundred degrees outside, but in May, I really didn't want to turn on my AC yet; it was way too expensive to keep on. Instead, I had an electric fan blowing on me, and every once in a while, I would spray myself in the face with a water bottle. I had a doggie-door that went down to the basement, so that Lola could hang out somewhere bearable, but the basement was dark and isolated, and I didn't want to cut myself off from the world. I sat on my couch, watching TV, considering going ahead and rubbing one out. I hated the heat, but it never failed to get me hot, pun intended; I was already hard in my underwear, involuntarily loving each tiny twitch.

Magic Mike came back on-Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum stripping and dancing for me? I think yes. I carefully pulled my waistband down over my dick. Lola went downstairs; I had her trained to evacuate whenever I was about to get it on.

My dick was red and swollen and sensitive, twitching and wanting to be touched. I smiled down at it; it wasn't horse-sized, but it was long enough, and very thick, and definitely worthy of pride. I gently stroked myself first, the tips of my fingers running up and down, then dancing around the glans. My orgasms were always the strongest when I teased myself. I waited until I couldn't suppress my moans any more, then squeezed my rod and used long, medium-paced strokes. With my other hand, I would alternate between tweaking my hard nipples and fondling my heavy balls. I found myself gasping and moaning, "Channing...Channing..." as my strokes got faster and faster. I imagined that big, erotic lump of sex on the screen was between my spread legs, taking my cock in his warm, wet mouth.

My balls hurt. I was sweating twice as bad as before, and I felt like I might pass out. I was so painfully close to shooting my desperate, long-denied load, when the fucking doorbell rang.

I groaned in desperate frustration, slowing down my strokes before stopping and reluctantly pulling my underwear back up over my hardon. It was bad enough that I was lonely, but now I couldn't even get off? On a cooler day, I would've put on some other clothes, but at that point I could give a damn. 'This better be important, dumbass,' I thought as the doorbell rang again.

I tore open the front door, a murderous glare on my face, then froze, my anger immediately drained from me. I did a double-take, making sure I wasn't hallucinating from heat or lust. This guy was perfect--mind-blowingly perfect--with the face of a male model. He had my stocky, athletic build, but a little bigger, taller. Wavy black hair, toned, tanned muscles, and exotic, shining amber eyes. He was covered in sweat, his white T shirt almost translucent, and his curls stuck to his head. I suddenly had the urge to lick the perspiration off his body, taste his salty skin...

"Um--can I help you?" I stuttered, bringing myself back to reality. The breeze was blistering as it hit me through the door, but it seemed to feel good to him.

He tried to smile politely, but it came out weak. Even then, I almost came at the sight. "Hi, my name's Dustin. I'm really sorry to bother you, but I'm just now moving in next door and I've been unpacking things all day. I was wondering if you had a bottle of water or an extra fan you could spare. It's really hot out here, and I'm just dying."

I realized how out of it this poor guy was. His eyes were glazed over and he was swaying on his feet like he was about to pass out.

"Come on in," I offered, stepping to the side and hoping he didn't notice my wood. "You're going to get heat stroke out there. Just take a break until it cools down a bit."

He nodded gratefully and stumbled inside. He seemed kind of absent and confused, so I led him to the living room and sat him down on the couch. I gave in for his sake and switched on the AC. The cold breeze swept over him, and I swear he almost fainted as I walked into the kitchen. I poured him a giant glass of iced tea and forced my cock to calm down before I went back in, not wanting to start off badly. I came back in to find him staring at the TV, looking particularly confused. Magic Mike was still playing, in the middle of a particularly sexy dance by Channing and his buddies.

"Oh, that," I said nervously, switching the channel to something else, ANYTHING ELSE. "I just, um, fell asleep, and that came on. I don't even know what movie it is." I smiled and handed him the glass, hoping he didn't see me blush. He chugged the tea down greedily, his hands shaking. The way his Adam's Apple bobbed made me think of what else he could swallow. I didn't sit down, in case he needed more.

"Magic Mike," he murmured, after the tea was gone.


"The movie was Magic Mike."

I wondered how he knew that, unless he watched it himself, of course. I cleared my throat, not knowing what to say, inadvertently showing my guilt. "Would you like some more tea?" I asked quietly. As I made my way back into the kitchen, I looked in a decorative mirror, and could see his reflection watching me as I walked away, particularly interested in my ass.

After the second glass of iced tea, Dustin seemed more aware, his beautiful yellow eyes clearing. He smiled at me as I sat on the couch, and I tried not to drool at the sight.

"Thanks, Man. I don't think I was going to last much longer out there. My name's Dustin, by the way."

"Yeah, you told me at the door."

"Oh...whoops. Yeah, I don't think I had my head on straight. The sun was really getting to me."

"Yeah, it does that here. You aren't local, are you?"

He laughed quietly, making my dick jerk a little in my underwear. "Nah. I just moved in from out of state. I've only been here for a couple days, out in a hotel...that way." He pointed west, getting his bearings. "The moving truck just got here today, and I've been working out there since eight." (It was almost three in the afternoon by this point.) "I guess I should have brought some water along." He smiled at me. "Now I'm glad I didn't."

I blinked, daring to wonder if he was flirting with me.

When he saw my confused expression, a certain, almost playful, light in his eyes faded, making him look disappointed and almost sad. "I mean, so that I could get to know one of my neighbors better."

I was silently kicking myself for not acting quick enough, before I realized he didn't know anything about me yet. "My name's Logan," I said, standing up to shake his hand. "Logan Redd."

He reached out to shake my hand, then paused, puzzlement on his handsome face. He was staring right at my crotch. I looked down, and realized that the fabric on the front of my underwear was saturated with my precum.

For a few seconds, I was paralyzed with embarrassment, staring down at my crotch. Then Dustin got up, saying, "It was nice to meet you Logan, and I'm grateful for the tea, but it looks like you want some time to yourself. I'll be back to unpacking now."

He started to make his way towards the door, when I stopped him. "Look, Dustin, this," I pointed down, "can wait. It's way too hot out there for someone to be unloading things from a truck into a hot house for seven hours; you already almost killed yourself once. I'll go put some clothes on or whatever if it makes you more comfortable, but you should stay here, at least until it cools down. Hell, if you want, I'll help you unpack later, but don't go back out there."

He looked down at my underwear again, his eyes lingering a little longer than normal. "I don't want to be any trouble," he said, distracted, trying to rip his gaze away. He looked hungry, and I could feel my cock starting to swell, despite my protests. There was no doubt now, and I wanted him.

"You aren't," I tried to say, my voice coming out kind of choked and hoarse. "Stay, please."

He managed to meet my eyes, staring at me for a second, then leaned in and unhesitatingly took my lips.

The kiss was completely unexpected, and I stood there for a second, stunned, while his lips tried to work mine. Then something inside me snapped, and I returned the kiss, almost aggressively, and my arms went around his neck. My cock had snapped up, and was throbbing against his leg. 'Oh, God,' I remember thinking, 'he tastes so sweet, so lovely. I want him. I want him right now.'

Soon, he had to pull away for air. Both of us were dizzy and panting. I stared at him, feeling nothing but pure lust streaming through my veins. I stared at his yellow eyes, realizing how gorgeous they really were. Actually, they were almost hypnotic as he gazed back, fire blazing in the gold of his irises.

He kissed me again, opening his mouth and probing with his tongue. I let him in, then searched his own mouth, our tongues meeting and wrestling for dominance. His hands gripped my shoulders and I felt myself being pushed back onto the couch. He was on top of me, kissing my face, his arms on either side of me. In a surprise move, I rolled us to where I was on top, and he was where I used to be. He blinked, and I grinned. "I'm a wrestler," I said quietly, leaning in for another kiss.

We made out for several minutes, his arms around my waist. I straddled him and ground my crotch into his, which seemed to be bulging out. My own throbbing dick was about to rip open my fucking underwear. I was moaning into his mouth, humping him for all I was worth. Suddenly, Dustin pulled away and grabbed my hips to stop me. I looked at him, utterly confused, before he smiled and lifted me up into his arms, standing. I was shocked still by his strength; he was way stronger than he looked. He stared at me with those fiery eyes, darkened with lust, and I think I lost my breath for a moment.

"Where's the bedroom?" he asked, his voice thick and husky. I pointed the way, never looking away from those eyes as he walked into the room and laid me down. I had been a Bottom before, but since I wasn't really a small guy, I was normally a Top. Still, as Dustin tore off his shirt and shucked his pants, my ass reminded me that it was desperately empty, needing something inside.

My train of thought was cut off when I saw his naked body. The world spun around me for a minute, and I might have said something like 'holy shit', but I don't remember. His body was thick and muscled from working out, not in the gym, but the kind of muscles you get from being outside. He had tan lines from a Speedo, and no underwear. His cock was as almost as thick as mine and a solid inch longer, and my mouth was watering. His foreskin was tight over the ruby head, dripping precum. The shaft pointed out to me, curving up just a little bit, jerking to get inside me.

Without hesitation, I moved onto my hands and knees, taking his hot, unsuspecting dick all the way down my throat. It was a little difficult, but I didn't gag. I buried my nose in his dark, thick pubes, loving the musky, sweaty smell that filled my airways. Dustin groaned, his hands coming down to grip my curly caramel hair. I massaged the underside of his cock with my tongue, moaning to stimulate his head. He began gently thrusting in and out, using my throat as a cock sheath. Each time he pulled out so the head was just past my lips, I would slide my tongue all up and down his pill-slit, tasting his sweet, salty juices.

I felt content, sucking on his slick meat, pleasuring this beautiful man, bringing him ever closer to the edge. My mouth was stuffed with his rod, and still I was forcing it down, wishing I could have more. His hands traveled down my back, lower and lower, sending delicious shivers through me, until he was gripping the waistband of my underwear. I felt him gently lower them, stopping his hips for a moment to focus. I was happy to do the work while he undressed me, slurping and lapping at his rod, hungry for his cum. I licked the underside of his cock, making him gasp, before I shoved it back down my throat again, my head bobbing up and down on him.

He pulled my underwear off of me, leaving me totally naked like him. He ran his thick fingers over my ass, making me whine like an animal. He moaned and said, "Oh, Logan, suck my cock. Mmm, I want that sweet ass. I want to fuck you until you can't think any more. I want you to forget everything but me, impaling you over and over and over..."

I felt a raw need rush through me; the need to have my ass destroyed, conquered by his big fat cock, to have him deeper inside me than anybody had gone before. "Do it," I growled around his thick meat.

He pulled out of my mouth, a long, sticky string of spit and precum between my lips and his cockhead. Our eyes met, and he smiled wolfishly at the sight of me, something I found made my dick throb achingly.

He walked around and got on the bed behind me, and without a word, spread my cheeks and dove in, sucking and slurping at my hole. His hands squeezed and pulled and pinched, and I could hardly take the pleasure. I moaned and arched my back, and he slapped my ass, making me yelp. God, it felt so good, his tongue probing inside me, reaching just short of my prostate, tormenting it with the false promise of stimulation.

"Please," I pleaded, "stick your fat cock inside me. I want to feel you thrusting in and out of my helpless ass. I want to feel you shoot inside me. I want to feel you making me your slut. Please, Dustin, I want to be your dirty whore."

Wow. Where the hell had THAT come from? I had ever been one to beg, ever, whether it was for sex or anything else. This was a new side of me, something I never even knew I had felt, and I was welcoming it with open arms.

"You sure know how to ask for it," he said, once he took his mouth off my hole. His voice was low, like a deep growl. Beautiful. "Where's your lube?"

I pulled open a drawer by my bed and fished out the little bottle, handing it back to him. He squirted some of the cool liquid down my crack, forcing me to try and stifle a moan (unsuccessfully). I wanted him to put the damn thing in me already, I wanted to feel the power of his hips as he thrust into me, but he wouldn't quit teasing, torturing. He slipped two of his warm, thick fingers inside me, feeling all around inside. I grunted in bliss, feeling something go up to try and satiate my hungry ass, but the fingers wouldn't quite do. He spread them out, even added a third, punching in and out mercilessly until my arms gave out underneath me and my face pressed into the bed, but nothing could substitute for his cock.

"Ravage me, Dustin!" I finally cried out, needing my release. "I have to have you inside me, now!"

He removed his fingers and flipped me over onto my back, pushing my legs up to my chest. There was a primal desire in those deep amber eyes, one that wouldn't be denied any longer. He leaned in and took my mouth, thrusting and moving his tongue like I wished he would do with his gorgeous tool. It was between my legs, pressing up against my balls, the head just barely touching my ass.

He took my wrists in his hands and pushed them over my head. I was ready to let him do whatever he wanted to me, as long as he fucked me. It was the only thought in my brain, an erotic, pounding mantra. 'fuck me, fuck me, fuck me...'

"Fuck me," I whimpered once he broke off the kiss, the sole thought I was capable of bursting from me before I could even try to stop it.

I stared at him, at his gorgeous eyes. There was something so whole and affectionate in his gaze. Was it admiration? I didn't know, I just wanted him, needed him, to take me all the way.

"I stretched you out the best I could, but I'm still really thick. You're ready for this?"

I nodded and made some kind of desperate noise, pushing my hard cock up against him. I was going to die if I didn't get him to pump inside me already!

He popped the head into my ass before I could react. I gaped at him; I was no virgin, but dammit, that thing was huge. It almost felt like he was popping my cherry all over again. I had vastly underestimated the pain, but I could take it. I watched his face as he was engulfed by euphoria. "You're so tight," he whispered, a surprised expression on his face as he looked at me. He looked so innocent, suddenly, wide-eyed and stunned like that.

He slowly pushed in to the hilt, his shaft getting even thicker at the base. He kissed me again when I could feel his balls against my ass, his hands going from mine down to my chest. He stayed there for a minute or two, just kissing and touching me, like he was trying to memorize me by touch and taste alone. I kept one hand above me to stay open to him, the other going to him and stroking his head, his neck, his back, his butt, wherever I could reach, encouraging him as he kissed and fondled me. His hands went to my nipples, rubbing and pinching, before going down to my hips. He kissed my face all over, then went down and softly sucked on my neck, marking me as his. I was rolling in ecstasy, my entire body stimulated. I found I was smiling from the pleasure coursing through me.

Without stopping his kisses or his caresses, he began to slide in and out of me, slowly. He wasn't just fucking me, I realized. He was making love to me, to every part of me. We were creating something good, something sweet and bright and promising, and we both knew it. I ran my tongue along his sculpted jaw, tasting the salt on his skin. He was so perfect, and he was inside my ass.

As Dustin slid his cock in and out, he started to move faster and faster. Soon, he was pumping in and out of me like an animal, grunting each time his balls slapped against me. I was holding myself to him, both arms wrapped around his neck. I kept trying to catch my breath, but it was knocked out of me every time he hit my prostate, sending me spinning into a hot, sensual paradise. The bed was rocking, bumping against the wall with each perfect thrust.

"Logan...Logan, I'm so close..." I heard him whisper. He was sweating hard, his damp face shining in the dim light from between the drapes.

"Cum inside me, Dustin," I whispered back, my own perspiring body sliding against his. I was close to my own inevitable orgasm, my cock rubbing against his slippery navel each time I humped my ass back at him.

His cock swelled and throbbed inside me, then exploded. His eyes went blank, his mouth gaping open. He was buried inside me to the hilt, shooting his hot, delicious load into me. He couldn't move, couldn't make a sound, couldn't even breathe through the euphoria. He clutched me in his strong arms, his lips closed tight and pressed against my shoulder. He held me so tight I was worried he would crush me like some huge, sexy python. I didn't care, caught up in the experience. The sensation of him holding me, sweating on me, cumming in me overwhelmed every fiber in my body. I felt his seed pouring out of me, overflowing, dripping down onto the bed.

Several seconds after he stopped pumping cum, he started to breathe again, heavy, tired pants. His dazed eyes found me and smiled. He looked so happy I couldn't help but smile too, even if I hadn't gotten off. He reached down and scooped some of the cum out of my ass, then fed me his sticky wet fingers. I ate up everything he gave me, then we kissed, sharing the musky, salty taste.

He straddled me, sitting on his knees, reached down, and took my hard, aching cock in his fist, jerking me off. He used rapid, merciless strokes, bringing me to the edge in seconds. I tried to warn him. "Dus...Dustin...I'm..."

He only smiled and pumped me faster. He went down and nibbled lightly on one of my nipples, his other hand behind my back, lifting me towards him. There was a second or two where I paused, and everything seemed to slow down. In that moment, there was nothing but me and Dustin, as I sat on the precipice of orgasm, I wanted nothing more but to fade in the heavenly abyss and make this moment last forever.

And then...

Fuck, did I cum. My cock pumped cum all over the both of us, hitting my face and his chest. I convulsed underneath him, howling in pleasure. He held me while I did, accompanying me as I rode the wave of ecstasy that overcame me. It lasted an eternity; it felt like my whole body was throbbing in time with my cock. I felt my hands as they turned into claws, gripping his back with all my strength. The cum that spurted from my spasming dick hit our stomachs several times, each time my cum landed lower and lower on us. It was the most drawn-out orgasm I had ever experienced; it was so long I started to think there was something wrong.

Then finally, it began to fade. My cock quit spraying, and I started to come back into my head. Dustin was still pumping me, my poor cock too sensitive to take the stimulation. I moaned and reached down to push his hand away. He set me down so I was lying on the bed and crawled up next to me. I couldn't find the energy to speak or move; I just let my gorgeous man do what he wanted with me. I watched him as he pulled me into his arms. Leisurely, he began to lick the cum off my face, kissing me so we could share the taste again. I looked at him, and I didn't so much as see the black around the edges of my vision as much as I felt it. I felt warm and comfortable, and the world around me started to go dim and sink. Then I was gone, relaxing in Dustin's big, strong, comforting arms, totally at peace.




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