After my last head shave my hair had only grown for three day which was a perfect length the be shaved off again. This time I wanted to use the Headblade razor which is a nice little thing looking a bit like a car.

It has got two small wheels at one end and the razor blade at the other. You put it on your middle finger and move it close to the skin of your head against the grain to get a really smooth head.

But for me no head shave without a really good orgasm is a perfect head shave and I thought about doing something new for me. As I really had enjoyed another nice guy's dick fucking me up my ass when shaving my head and no nice guy was around that day to give me that pleasure I had to be inventive.

So I bought a dildo as a replacement for a hot guy's penis and standing naked in front of a big mirror in which I could see myself in full size I took the dildo and pushed it up my ass as deep as possible with both hands. Immediately I got a huge erection and then with one hand I moved the dildo inside me and masturbated my dick with the other.

After a short time I felt that I would have a huge orgasm and I let to dildo go and shot a big load of sperm into my hands. I put it all on my head and soaked the stubbles with my sperm. I took the Headblade razor in one hand and started shaving my head from my forehead to the back. With the other hand I felt the soaked stubbles on my head and I went with the razor across these stubbles to shave them and my sperm off.

Soon the top of my head was shaved perfectly clean and my dick got hard again when I felt the smooth skin with my hands. But I left him alone and changed over to shave the sides of my head the same way. Soon that was done as well and now only the back of my head was left.

I started shaving the back beginning at my neck leading the razor upwards. For that I had to look down in front of me to give that part of my head a good surface to let the razor glide up my head. I saw my penis getting erected again but first my head had to be totally smooth before I wanted to take care of him again.

Finally the shaving work was done and now I continued shaving and masturbating at the same time. I moved the razor across my head in all directions and my other hand moved my penis in two directions. The next shot of sperm did not let me wait very long and this time I used my sperm as an after-shave on my fresh shaved head.

I let it dry on my head and prepared to go to bed with my shaved head and my sperm on top. I had very nice wet dreams that night and in the morning I woke up again with a huge erection which I calmed down before I had my morning shower where I washed off my dried sperm from last night and the fresh wet sperm from the morning which I head shot across my chest and then spread all over my body with both hands.



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