I bought my ground floor apartment about five years ago when property was relatively affordable in London. Close to Victoria Park in the east end of town it's my sanctuary from my busy work schedule which involves an insane amount of travel. Though it might sound glamorous, jetting off to far flung destinations. I rarely get to see little more than soulless hotels and airport lounges. Constantly living out of a suitcase,I probably have enough air miles to get me to the moon.

I decided to take some time off from the gallivanting and to sort the apartment out. There were walls which needed painting, lights re-wiring and the garden was practically a jungle. Now I'm not the most practical of people when it comes to paint brush and screwdriver so I was going to have to enlist the services of a handy man. The question was where to find one?

One evening I was sat in the local having a drink and a chat with the barman about fixing my place up.

"You don't know of anyone who could lend a hand by any chance?" The barman looked up whilst pulling a pint with a knowing smile.

"Yeah I know of someone. There's this kid who's handy with a paint brush. His dad drinks in here all the time. He occasionally does a bit of work around this place"

"Kid?" I quizzed.

"He's about 18 I think?, bit of a wild one according to his dad. At that point the kids dad walked into the bar.

"Evening Harry, usual?" The barman exclaimed.


"This ones got some work he needs doing on his house. What's your Jamie up to?" The dad looked at me and nodded.

"Fuck all, that kid needs to sort his life out! What kind of work do you need doing?"

"Some gardening, bit of painting nothing too taxing." I replied.

"I'll send him round in the morning"

The next day I was in the shower when I heard to door bell go. Fuck sake I thought. I jumped out, quickly wrapped a towel around my waist and headed to the front door dripping wet. I opened the door and there stood the hottest looking guy I've ever seen. Standing a good six feet, dressed in biker leathers, swept back dark hair, trimmed beard and piercing green eyes. I was slightly taken aback. He smiled offering his hand.

"Name's Jamie, fucking hot ain't it?"

"Am not surprised wearing that in this weather" I replied shaking his hand firmly. As I did he slowly unzipped his biker jacket half way revealing his bare smooth chest. His eyes scanned my dripping body, my hardening cock beneath my towel difficult to disguise.

"Um you had better come in, there's coffee in the kitchen. I'll be back down in a minute." I dashed upstairs and threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. When I came down I found Jamie sat flicking through the newspaper casually.

"Nice place" he said looking around.

"Thanks" I showed him around the apartment, pointing out what I needed doing over the next week. He didn't seem to think anything would be a problem. I gave him a hundred quid to buy the paint and anything else he thought he might need. As he was leaving I couldn't help check out his perfectly shaped ass in those tight black leathers. He suddenly turned catching my glaring eyes.

I stood, embarrassed not quite sure what to say.

"Spare keys" blurted from my mouth. I opened the drawer to my right and rummaged around looking for them.

"So you can come and go as you need" I threw them over and he caught them in one quick grasp.

"See you tomorrow" he smiled and walked out. Fuck me I thought. I heard his bike start up and tear off up the street.

The next day I was out and about running errands all across town so didn't get back to my place until late afternoon. The heat was stifling and the city air heavy and oppressive. I walked into the house and into the kitchen. I grabbed a beer from the fridge. As I closed the door I glanced out of the window to the garden. I almost dropped the bottle. There was my new handy man. Stripped to the waist wearing nothing more than a cut off pair of denim shorts and a pair of timberlands. It was like I had stepped into a Diet Coke ad, but without the Coke. His toned, tanned torso glistened with sweat in the sunlight. My eyes were fixated on him for several minutes. It was like everything was in slow motion. As he paused to wipe the sweat from his brow he looked up and clocked me staring at him. Caught off guard I dove back into the fridge. Realising I couldn't spend the rest of the afternoon with my head stuck in my refrigerator I grabbed a second beer, composed myself and headed into the garden.

"How you getting on?" I said as I looked around.

"Pretty good, just need to give everything a bit of a watering and I should be done". The entire garden looked immaculate. Nothing like the overgrown swamp it had been. He had even cleaned up the old hot tub which had never been used in all the years I had lived there. Once again I found my eyes fixated upon him. His smoothed well defined chest, perfect abs and a trail of dark hair from his navel which went down into the tight bulging shorts. The occasional bead of sweat trickling down catching the light.

"Beer?" I gestured holding out a bottle.

"In a second. I just want to sort this hose out". He was faffing with the garden hosepipe attempting to screw the nozzle on. As he turned the tap on I piped up

"Be careful it can be a bit..." But before I could finish my sentence the nozzle exploded.

"temperamental" I finished.

Jamie wrestled with the hose and managed to turn it back off by which point we were both soaked to the skin. He started laughing as he ran his hands through his hair.

"Well that's freshened us up" he giggled glancing at me. My white t-shirt was completely see through and my shorts clung to every contour of my body. He grabbed the beer from my hand and downed it in one go.

"I better be going. Thanks for the drink. I'll see you tomorrow".

"Do you not want a towel to dry off?" I called after him.

"Nah, I've got my bike, I'll dry off on the way home" and on that note he was gone.

The following afternoon I returned to the house to find the lounge covered in white dust sheets. Jamie was up a ladder with a paint brush wearing a pair of white dungaree overalls and nothing underneath. His tanned skin and thick black hair speckled with flicks of white paint. He looked down and gave me a wink and a grin as he painted the ceiling. A few moments passed and I realised I was just staring up at him watching his bicep flex as he slowly moved the brush across the ceiling. I could feel myself getting aroused and only snapped out of my fixation when a wad of paint hit me in the face.

"Fuck, sorry, paint brush got away from me" Jamie smirked knowing too well I was obviously perving over him. I wiped my hand across my face and managed to smear the paint up into my hair.

"Fuck sake" I blurted out in agitation. Partly because I had been busted, but primarily as I needed to go out and I was now caked in paint.

"I'd better go and clean myself up, I'll be in the shower" I muttered.

"Is that an invite?" Jamie laughed. I just laughed nervously.

"Seriously, would you mind if I jumped in after you? I've got a date tonight and this took longer than I was expecting so I don't have time to get home and sort myself out"

"Sure" I replied and headed for the bathroom. I came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel to be met by Jamie waiting eagerly outside.

"All yours" I said.

"Cheers, you're a lifesaver". We shuffled past each other with me avoiding all eye contact.

Once in my bedroom I whipped off the towel. As I opened the mirrored wardrobe door I noticed in the reflection Jamie hadn't shut the bathroom door behind him. I quickly grabbed the towel off the floor and covered myself. I turned around and there with his back towards me he undid the overalls and let them drop to the floor. Before I had a second to admire his bare, tight ass, he kicked the door shut and I heard the water turn on leave me standing there with a rock hard erection behind my towel.

I was in the kitchen when Jamie popped his head around the door.

"Thanks again for letting me use the shower" he said.

"No worries, who's the lucky girl?" I enquired. He looked at me puzzled for a second.

"Girl?" I quizzed.

"The date?" I pursued.

"Oh, haha, no one special" he said slightly smirking and once again he was gone. For the rest of the evening I couldn't get the image of his naked back side out of my head. My head got totally carried away. Had he noticed me staring at him? Did he deliberately not close the bathroom door?Did he know I was watching when he let his overalls drop to the fall? Would we ultimately end up together and adopt a kid from some third world country? Like I said, my imagination went into overdrive as did my libido.

The day after to weather was stifling. I had spent the day again running around taking care of jobs which I never got round to do when I was jetting off here, there and everywhere. I was only wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and even that was almost too much to cope with in that heat. When I got back to the apartment, I noticed Jamie's bike was leant up against the wall. I suddenly had another flash back to the day before. By now I had convinced myself that he was flirting with me and that we would end up living happily ever after with our brood of adopted children from the four corners of the world. I do understand this was completely insane.

I had been to the supermarket and had my hands full of bags. After I had managed to get through the front door juggling my keys and groceries I headed straight through to the kitchen not really taking notice that the kitchen door was closed. Completely flustered I just barged through.

"Woooaaah fuuuckkk!" Complete chaos ensued. Jamie had been up a ladder painting in front of the door. As I barged through he'd gone flying and so did the pot of white paint exploding in a spectacular fashion. The kitchen was covered, the groceries strewn across the floor. I stood covered in paint. I looked down to see Jamie flat on his back wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and his boots. He was bathed in glistening white paint still holding the paint brush.

"Fucking hell, are you alright?" I held my hand out. He seemed slightly dazed but then began to laugh. He reached out and took my hand squelching with white paint. As I pulled him up I began to laugh too despite the fact the kitchen was a complete disaster zone. His face was spattered and white paint trickled down his defined body. The whiteness further enchanting his tan. Our clothes were sodden.

"We better get cleaned up" I said looking round and surveying the mess. I felt icky in my paint sodden t-shirt. I peeled it over my head and went to throw it in the washing machine. As I turned Jamie had dropped his shorts. There he stood, shorts around his ankles, tight black briefs harbouring an impressive bulge in his boots.

"Could you sling these in there too?" He said stepping out of his shorts and kicking them in my direction. My eyes were fixated on him. I could hardly get a word out. I just picked them up and put them in the washer.

"You'd better put them in too or they'll be ruined" he said alluding to my shorts. Without hesitation I undid the buckle of my belt and let them drop to the floor. There was no shying away from it. I was semi hard wearing a snug pair of white briefs. I caught his eyes momentarily glancing at my crotch. A part of me wanted to go over to him, drop to my knees and find out what was going on in those briefs however rational thinking prevailed. I grabbed the mop and began clearing up. It seemed to take forever to get the kitchen back into some sort of order though there were still spats of paint on the ceiling.

It was late.

"I'd better be getting off" Jamie said as he looked around. We were both still in our underwear, the paint had dried to our bodies and I was in desperate need of a shower.

"Do you want a shower before you go?" I offered.

"Nah, I'll sort myself out when I get home but you haven't got something I could borrow to wear home? I don't fancy just riding home in these" he smiled flicking the waistband on his briefs.

"Sure" I dashed upstairs and returned with a pair of grey joggers and a vest. He quickly got dressed.

"Sorry if they're a bit small" I was well aware that they would be. The joggers left nothing to the imagination and the vest came up a little short.

"No worries, I'll catch you tomorrow" and with that he was gone leaving me alone in the kitchen with a fast developing hard on yet again.

It was Thursday afternoon and the heatwave enveloping the city was relentless. I'd spent to morning laid in the park in a vein attempt at getting a bit of colour. As I walked down my street I noticed a guy coming out of my front door. He was wearing a pair 80's style nylon Adidas shorts and a hoody unzipped revealing a smooth toned physique. He was tanned and hair cropped in a somewhat military style. As we crossed paths at the garden gate he didn't say a word. He just grinned like the cat who had just had the cream. Who the hell was he???

As I stepped through the front door I tripped and quite ungracefully fell flat on my face. I pulled myself up and looked for what I had fallen over. It was one of Jamie's work boots. I looked around for any sign of Jamie when I noticed a t-shirt strewn on the stairs. Odd I thought but perhaps I'd dropped it when I was sorting out the laundry? But as I picked it up I realised in wasn't one of mine. It was then I noticed the other boot further up the staircase. I made my way upstairs to find socks, a pair of shorts and then finally just by my bedroom door a tatty white jock strap. I picked it up and examined it closely. One of the straps was coming unstitched. I couldn't resist taking a sniff. The smell was intoxicating. It smelt of man, pungent with sweat and pre-cum. As I was caught up in the heady aroma I head a noise behind the door. I slowly pushed the door ajar. What I saw took me aback.

There was Jamie, sprawled flat on his back on my bed completely naked, legs apart, fast asleep. As my eyes gazed down from his boyish face and down his wide defined body I noticed the huge semi hard cock between his legs which was still sporting a spent condom. Filled to capacity with a thick white load. I stood there fixated. The whole scene was mesmerising. I quietly and slowly approached him to take a closer look. I watched as his chest expanded with each breath. I slowly reached out but as my hand hovered over his cock I paused. I realised the awkwardness of the situation if he were to suddenly wake up to find me standing over him like a psychopath. With my hard cock about to burst out of my shorts I thought I'd better retreat before I spontaneously came and showered him with my own sticky stream. I shuffled back towards the door accidentally walking backwards into the wardrobe. Jamie suddenly began to stir and utter panic engulfed me. I froze not sure how the fuck I was going to say when he opened his eyes and clocked me, hard on and all. Thankfully he just rolled onto his front baring his perfectly shaped ass at me. I breathed a sigh of relief and made a hasty escape. I left the house and went for a long walk but I couldn't get the sight of him out of my mind. I wanted him.

It was Friday night and I had been out with some friends all day. I'd deliberately stayed away from the house knowing that Jamie would have been there finishing off the garden. It couldn't deal with the torture of being around him and not having him. Before I had left the house I had left the money I owed him plus a little extra on the kitchen table with a note thanking him for all his hard work. I thought that he'd be gone by the time I got home.

It was dark when I walked through the front door. As I entered the kitchen I noticed a light coming from the garden. I stepped outside and to my surprise there was Jamie in the old broken hot tub smiling at me holding a beer. I looked around in amazement.The garden was lit by candle light. There was a light summer breeze which rustled the trees.

"You've been busy" I exclaimed turning to look at him at which point he stood up slowly from the steaming, bubbling water. There he stood. Stark bollock naked with a fully erect thick 9 inch penis and a raised eyebrow. I stammered, unable to get my words out as the water trickled down his body. He put his beer down, climbed out of the tub and walked slowly towards me. We stood face to face for a moment. I was temporarily lost in his dark green eyes. Without a conscious thought I kissed him. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close reciprocating my kiss with the addition of his tongue. I put my arms around him and held him tight. My clothes were damp from his perfect wet body and I felt his hard member pressing against my own growing cock. My hands moved down to grasp his firm ass as our kissing began to make my head spin. He pulled away and pulled off my damp t-shirt. He began to kiss my neck and chest, licking my nipples and working his way down to my belly button. Lower and lower he kissed until he reached my shorts. On his knees, he slowly undid the buttons of my shorts and pulled them down. Face to face with my rock hard cock in my black Calvin Klein briefs which were wet with pre cum, nuzzled my groin, kissing and licking whilst stroking his own hard on. My underwear was pulled down releasing my cock. He opened his mouth and took my entire length into his mouth and down his throat. He cupped my balls as he began to pump my dick working my helmet with his tongue. I ran my hands through his thick dark hair and guided his head back and forth.

Jamie pulled back and got to his feet taking my hand in his. He lead me over to the hot tub. Immersed in the steaming bath we made out, exploring each other's bodies. I have never felt such a hard dick as I pulled his foreskin back and forth. He turned and straddled me and my cock pressed up against his tight, hairy hole.

"I've never been fucked before" Jamie whispered in my ear and with that lowered himself down onto my pulsating dick. Wincing slightly he pulled his cheeks further apart and groaned deeply. Fully inside him our hips began to move in sync. The kissing became so intense the world seemed to evaporate in the steam. Deeper and deeper I felt myself penetrating him, faster and faster I slid in and out of his ass. The groans from the both of us were getting louder. If the neighbours heard anything they would be in no doubt that we were fucking each other's brains out. Out of nowhere my body began to tense up. The kissing got more and more frantic and I dug my hand into his back.

"Oh holy fuck" I screamed blowing my load deep inside of him. The most intense orgasm of my life I felt as if I came several times all at once. I could feel my cock pulsating inside of him. My body went limp with exhaustion as Jamie quickly stood up stroking his huge dick. With a deep moan he ejaculated streams of white spunk over my face. I opened my mouth taking in as much as I could. I I wallowed on the sweet, salty cream as it ran down my throat. It was shear ecstasy. Once he had regained his breath his kiss me, taking his own cum into his mouth.

We both lounged back in the warm water and simply stared at each other with an exasperated smile. There was a rumble of thunder in the distance as heavy rain drops began to fall. We climbed out of the tub and embraced each other. The rain was cooling on our skin as we kissed in the rain. He looked utterly beautiful, naked, wet. He reached out and took my hand and said.

"Let's go to bed"


S. Starling


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