Mr. Barrington has a crewcut, well toned body, and a beautiful face and voice.

This starts off with me in high school. I was 18, and had been for awhile. Well, I had had a huge lust for my gym teacher, Mr.Barrington. He was sadly happily married. He was a handsome, well built, athlete who didnt look over thirty five. The last thing i had ever expected to happen, finally happened one day after school.

I had to change after working out in the weight room after school, so i went to change out of my clothes. well i walk in and set my bag down on the floor next to my locker i look around for anybody near by, and when i know the coast is clear, i take off everything and stuff it into my locker. While im getting undressed i started thinking about Mr. Barrington, and immediately got a hard on. I didnt want to go outside with it, because my shorts that i wore to school that day were loose fitting and wouldnt hide anything so i check once more to see if the coast is clear and when i am certain it is i start to jerk my self off.

While im in the middle of jerking off, Mr. Barrington walks in, and notices me. without saying a word, or making a sound, he walks up behind me and grabs my ass and squeezes. i am naturally startled, and so i stop stroking, and look at him with a worried face. I say "Oh... Hi. Sorry i didnt hear you come in... I was just about to leave." He grins at me and says " Its fine. Thats natural. Just be thankful it was me who walked in and not someone else." I say "True" and he gestures for me to follow him to his office. when we get in his office he pulls down the blinds and locks the door. he points his finger at the floor and so i get on my knees, looking up at him. he drops his gym shorts, and his jock strap, and flops a 9 inch cock in my face. i was so surprised and happy at the same time i almost cried and came. 

He nodded at me and i started to lick tentatively at his head and as it got harder, i started moving down the shaft. by the time that it was fully hard, i was half way down the thick shaft. he suddenly grabbed my head gently and thrust the rest of his cock into my mouth. i gagged a little bit but knew that i should take it all. i swallowed a few times then he released my head and i pulled off of his cock for a few seconds to catch my breath. i went back down the shaft very slowly at first then a little bit faster and before i knew it i was bobbing up and down on the thing. i pulled it half way out of my mouth and ran my tongue around the glands on the head and then thrust it into the piss slit. he let out a very low moan.

he pulled out and pulled out a tube of lube. he squirted some in his palm and greased up his cock, and he got on his knees and started rimming me. he thrust his tongue in and out all while licking the outer edges. he lubed up his finger and shoved one into my tight asshole. he got it thoroughly lubed up and then he lined his cock up with my hole and teased me a bit by just lightly touching my hole with the head of his cock.

he finally obliged me and slowly inserted it into my ass at first it felt good, then he hit the sphyncter, and it felt like there was a bonfire in my ass. he waited for that to subside and when it did, he slowly started fucking my ass with his whole cock. i slowly got into the rhythym of it and began throwing my body against his as an attempt to get him deeper inside of me. he started really moving fast now and i started to feel his cock get more rigid and suddenly i felt 11 hot bursts of cum hit the inside of my ass. damn did that feel good. he waited for his dick to go limp and then pulled it out of me leaving a gaping void. 

he motioned for me to come to the shower and i followed him to the showers turned on a shower and washed off together. he said " damn that was the most cum anybodies pumped out of me for a long time." i said " well damn that was the hardest anybodies fucked me before. after we dried off and put our clothes back on, the late bus was on its way and he had to get home to his wife.



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