I had joined the exclusive gay mens gym to get away from all the hairy, middle aged men who always hit on me. At this gym, sex of any kind was grounds for termination of membership. That didn't stop the guys who worked out there from checking eachother out while they worked out or in the showers.

If a guy took an interest in another member they made plans to meet somewhere away from the gym. I know this may sound a little self-centered but I think I am good looking. In my early 20's with short blond hair, green eyes, tanned skin and a lean, muscular build. I'm not too shabby in the cock department either. 7 inches, not too thick. I shave my bush and balls. My past lovers told me I have the biggest sac they had ever seen.

Some of the guys at the gym would give me "the eye" but I wasn't really interested. Most of the guys who worked out there were built like Arnold Swartzinegger. I like guys who are more in the middle. Muscular but not buldging. So when I first saw Donnie, I knew he was the one for me. Tall with spikey black hair, piercing black eyes, tanned skin and a lean, athletic build. He had one of those band tatooes on his right bicep which I find very sexy on a guy.

Most of the guys there tried to mac on him right off but I could tell he wasn't interested. I was on the weight lifts when I saw him saunter over. "Hey, looks like you could use someone to spot you" he said in a deep husky voice. I smiled. "Yeah, that would be great."

I laid back and lifted the barbell. I could see his package as he stood over me. From the looks of it, he was carrying a pretty big sausage in there! He encouraged me when my strength began to flag. When I was done he smiled. "Wanna get out of here?" he asked with a slight smirk. I nodded. I waved to Mitch, the guy who owned the gym. He smiled and waved back.

Donnie drove one of those white SUV's you had to climb up into. We drove to a forest preserve and parked infront of one of the pavilions. "When I saw you I knew we would hook up" he excalimed. I smiled. "What if we get caught?" He laughed. "No one uses this park anymore."

We walked to the pavilion. "Come here" he said. I went to him and he put a hand on either side of my ass and pulled me to him. He pressed his lips against mine and I felt a shock of electricity run through me. While our tongues slitherd into eachothers mouths like a pair of horney eels I felt Donnie grind his cock against mine. "I want to feel those hot lips on my cock!" he exclaimed when we parted.

I knelt infront of him and licked and massaged the cloth around his package. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of Donnie's shorts and pulled them down. His 9 inch cock popped out like a coil. "Damn!" I exclaimed. He laughed. "I know it's big but I know you can handle it."

I licked the length of his shaft and felt him shudder. "You want me to suck you're cock?" I asked looking up at him. He nodded. "Pardon, I didn't quite hear that?" He smiled. "Yes! suck my cock!" I took the bulbus head of his cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. I heard him gasp. "Oh yeah! that's it!" I opened my mouth wider and took more of it into my mouth and down my throat.

Donnie closed his eyes and leaned against the table. "Mmmm!!! That's it baby." I moved my head back and forth, getting his cock all slippery. He put a hand on either side of my head and began to fuck my face, his low hanging balls tapping my chin as he moved.

"Shit! If you don't stop you're gonna make me cum!" he said pulling out. "Get up onto the table." I climed onto the table on my hands and knees. I felt him part my ass cheeks and I moaned when I felt his tongue lick my hole. He went to town. I was gasping and panting. "Oh yeah! Lick that ass!" His strong hands kneeded my cheeks. "I wanna feel you inside me!" I exclaimed looking back at him. He smiled. "Yes sir!"

He pulled a condom and a bottle of lube out of his pants. "You sure do come prepared dont you?" he shrugged. "Never know when I'm gonna get lucky." I watched as he rolled the condom onto his thick cock and then got it slippery with the lube. Grabbing his cock at the base he slid it between the valley of my cheeks making me moan out loud. When I felt his head hit my hole he stopped. "Ready?" I nodded. He thrust his cock into my hole and I felt pain. "FUCK!!" I grunted. "Shhh, just relax!" he cooed.

When he was about halfway in he stopped. "How are you doin"? I smiled. "Good, how about you?" He chuckled. "You have no idea how good your ass feels grabbing my cock baby!" I was touched by his concern for me. He fed more of his monster cock up into me until I felt his balls against my ass. "Ready?" I nodded. He began slowly thrusting his hips.

The sensation of his cock pushing and pulling against my asshole was amazing. "OOOHH! Fuck me!!" I moaned. I felt his balls slap my ass with each thrust. "God! You feel so fucking good!" he exclaimed. Even though we were outside and the air was cool, a sheen of sweat covered our bodies. Soon I felt Donnie's body tense. "Fuck! I'm getting close!" I smiled. "Yeah baby! cum all over me!" he began to pund my ass like a jack hammer. Suddenly he pulled out and tore off the condom.

"Shit I'm gonna cum!!" he began jerking off frantically until he exploaded. I watched as his cock jerked and rope after rope of hot, sticky cum hit my chest and stomach. "UUUUUHHHH!!!" he grunted loudly. When he was done he shook the last drops of cum out onto me and smiled. "Damn baby! I've never cum that hard before!"

He got down onto his knees and began to eat the cum from my ass. I was jerking off frantically, my smooth balls bobbing up and down with each stroke. "MMMM!! I'm gonna cum!!" I moaned. Donnie sucked on the head of my cock like it was a straw. I arched my back as I exploaded. Hot, sticky cum flooded his mouth and down his throat. "FFFFUUUUCCCKKK!!!!" I whimpered. Donnie licked me clean and helped me up.

We dressed and then Donnie kissed me. "I love you!" I smiled. "I love you too!" I looked at the mess we had made. "Should we clean that up?" I asked. Donnie smiled and shrugged. "Nah! leave it for some skater twink to jerk off too."

To Be Continued........



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