The time had come again to get my head shaved and being fucked by some nice guys. But this time I wanted to have something special and so I phoned two guys to help me. One of them had already shaved my head before with a straight razor and the other one had done it taking the clipper and then shaving my head with a normal razor.

Both guys were available the following Sunday and I then prepared everything. I had in mind to have three big buckets of gunge: red, blue and green.

I had a look at a DIY shop and found colour that washes off with water and I bought the three colours after I had made sure that the colours were exactly the ones I had in mind.

The colour was quite thick and I had a bigger buckts to mix them with some water to make them more slimy. I had prepared the first bucket with the blue colour already when the guys arrived and I told them about my plan and they were very excited about it. We all took off our clothes and then I gave the instructions what to do. I was on all four in the bath tub and I told one of them to get behind me and start fucking me. As soon as he did so my own penis got thick and hard and I took it in both hands and started masturbating while I was fucked up my ass.

"Take tzhe bucket now and pour it all over me" I said to the guy outside the bath tub. He took the bucket and I felt the slimy colour on my head and over my back running down all over me. This turned on the guy fucking me and while I was spreading the colour all over my body with my hands I felt his sperm shooting inside me.

Now it was time to change roles. It was my turn now to fuck the guy who did just have his orgasm. The guy ourside the bath in the meantime had prepared the bucket with the red colour and the guy I was fucking now said. "I wanna be fucked and gunged". So it happened and as the gunge was pouring down on him I was fucking and he was masturbating. I spread the red colour all over his head and body and finally I had my orgasm and shot a load inside him.

"Now I want to be fucked and gunged as well" the guy outside the bath said and we invited him to come in but before he came he had prepared the green gunge to be poured all over him. The red guy now was the one again the one to fuck him and pouring the gunge out. I took the guys penis in my moth and it got hard immediatly. I made his penis really big and the fucking guy poured the gunge over our friend.

I had organised that the one whose penis I had in my mouth would be the one to shave my head. "My hair is so dirty now, shave it all off, don't leave any hair on my head" I said and so he took the staright razor and started shaving my hair off while I had his penis in my mouth. The other guy now was fucking me again up my ass and my slimy hair fell down on my body. The tree colours on our body had mixed a bit in the meantime and I had all colours on me now. But that was not enough, I took colour from the bodies of the guys and spread it all over my own body. From time to time the guy who was shaving my head put some more gunge from opur bodies on my head which made the blade of the razor gliding comfortable across my head.

From time to time I asked the guy who shaved my head to stop as I wanted to touch my head and check if all hair had gne. "I still feel some stubbles on my head, go on shaving" I said and finally it was all perfect. Now I wanted the last final touch and asked the guys to stand up and masturbate and I asked them to shoot their sperm on my shaved head. I masturbated as well and we all three shot out our sperm nearly at the same time. The guy's nice fluid landed directly on my head and I caught my own with my haned and then six hands massaged my shaved head with our sperm.

Now it was time to get rid off all the gunge again and I was the first one to be cleaned by my friends. Then I starteted washing one of the guhy and I took a lot of shampoo and shampooed their hair which they enjoyed very much. Finaally we all were clean again and I was proud of my shaved head. We had filmed the whole gunge party with my video camera and lying naked on my bed we watched the whole thing and had fun wtching it and masturbating again.



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