My socks were silent on the carpet as I walked
I passed the room in which my guest and I had talked
But now has come the time of pleasant, dream-filled sleep,
When lights are low and people dream and dreams are sweet.
Some task, some errand had propelled me down the hall;
What it was, I do not know, I can't recall.

It should be dark, it is the middle of the night,
And yet I see a gentle glint of pleasant light.
His door is open just a crack, the source of light,
A gentle island in the calming sea of night.
I tiptoed in my silent socks up to his door
And peered into the crack and saw across the floor.

My handsome guest had sprawled himself across his bed
I stood, my heart aflutter, and my feet were lead
He lies there, shirtless, lost inside some classic book
I'm glad he doesn't hear me and I hope he doesn't look.
He turns another page and then he rolls onto his side
(May nothing ever come to him that could his beauty hide!)

Caress me, hold me, with your hands, I would implore,
For an hour, for a day, a month, a year, and even more.
I yearn to lay my head upon his manly chest,
And listening to his heart, I'll find my perfect rest.
I'd feel his strong embrace and drink in all his breath;
Though all the world around me pass from life to death.

He is my universe, his arms my world, his breath my air!
I hoped he didn't see me standing, trembling, there,
For I had lost myself in fantasy and found
That I was staring, and had overstepped my bound.

He looked up. My heart did race. My face was red.
He saw, he knew, that I had watched him read in bed!
He closed his book and said, "I see you're watching me."
"I wasn't watching, I was only passing by."
I even thought he would believe my blatant lie.
He laughed. "Be honest, or don't tremble so."
"I tremble?"
                     "Yes, I see it though the light is low.
Now speak! What burden do you have upon your heart?"

I thought a thousand answers up, but tore them all apart.
I thought and thought and thought again, but I could only think
In dizzy circles, like a skater on a rink.
I could not breathe, my body shook, my face felt red.
I wish, I wish, that somehow I had stayed in bed.
And then I thought the words I should have said
And said the words I should have thought!
I started to apologize, but then I looked into his eyes:

He gestured, smiled, and said, "Come here."




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