On Saturday's Robert loved to shop for groceries, that's because he

knows that Ron will be working. Ron is the 'do all' boy at the store, he

packs bags, helps people load their cars and more. Every week the flirting between Robert

and Ron gets a little hotter. Last Saturday when Ron was packing bags, he had a noticeable

bulge in his pants. Robert quickly seized the chance to rub against the young manhood. Ron

said 'we will see how brave you are when I help bring your groceries to your

car.' Robert immediately became excited and hard.

Once the check out was complete, Ron carefully pushed the cart out

into the parking lot. On the short walk to Robert's car, the excitement was overwhelming.

Robert, is a man in his mid- forties and Ron is a strapping 20 year old stud. Once they

got to the car Robert was unable to find his keys and Ron asked if he could help search

for them. Ron began to feel the sides of Roberts legs and reached inside his pockets. Ron

grabbed Roberts' hard cock and began stroking it with all his might. He reached down and

unzipped Robert's pants and began sucking and licking. Robert leaned up against his car

and just enjoyed the young powerful lips around his manhood.

Ron pumped the shaft with his mouth very firmly and fast. Robert

grasped the back of Ron's head and pulled with each stroke. Pumping and stroking, stroking

and sliding in and out. Robert pulled so hard he gagged Ron a few times but the young

power sucker just kept on sucking. Robert blew his load into Ron's mouth, it seemed like

buckets of cum. Ron continued sucking and swallowing all the juice that came out. Ron

reached up and handed the keys to Robert without a word. They placed the groceries in the

car and Ron slowly walked back into the store. Robert got into the car, zipped up his

pants and just sat there for 20 minutes. Looking forward to next Saturday gave Robert

plenty to think about.



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