I met Marty when I took my car to be serviced. He was the service department manager and was always very polite when I brought the car in for service. What caused me to notice him was his body. He was about 45 years old, had salt and pepper hair, about 5'8, maybe 160 lbs., and his body was tight. You could tell that he spent time in the gym. In short he was one nice looking guy. Often, I found myself watching him as he moved around the service department. Maybe I even stared.

I didn't know that Marty was looking back until the day he offered to let me use the glass room. I always brought my laptop with me to work while I waited for the car. The glass room was an open office off the service department. No one used it and so seeing me balancing things on my lap, Marty asked me if I would like to use the desk in the glass room.

I said, 'Yes, I would.' And Marty lead me to the door. He held it open as I enter and then followed me in letting the glass door close behind him. We sat and talked for a while over coffee and then he said he needed to get back to work. I thank him again for the kindness and for the coffee and went back to my work.

I watched Marty as he left and followed him into his office. He sat down behind his desk, looked in my direction and smiled. I realized that the desk at which I worked and Marty's desk were opposite each other. I could look into his office and see him working at his desk and he could see me sitting in the glass room and seemed that every time I looked up. Marty was watching me!

I had been working for almost an hour when Marty poked his head into the glass room. 'Sorry, Buddy, he said. It's going to take a little longer. Anything you need?' More coffee?' I said. Mart smiled. Took off and returned with another cup of coffee. 'Here ya go,' he said as he put the cup on the desk. And then he was gone back into his office.

When I looked over into his room, Marty was sitting on the front edge of his desk. His legs were stretched out. His feet were crossed. He looked totally relaxed and very hot. He was rubbing his thighs. I could not take my eyes off of him.

Marty knew he had my attention. He moved his right hand to his crotch and began rubbing there. I followed suit, letting my right hand casually fall into my lap, I began to rub my growing dick. Marty smiled! He slowly lowered his zipper and put his hand inside. He was cupping his package in his hand.

I want to show him that I was interested, even impressed by his boldness, by opening my own pants. I started to lower my fly, but then I remembered that I was sitting in a glass room!

All I could do was watch Marty and rub my cock through my pants. My dick is not all that big, maybe 7 inches when fully hard. But inside my pants it had reached full status. O could feel it bulging and pressing against the material that confined it. It wanted out! I wanted to show Marty everything that I had and let him see exactly how things were responding to him. But as I said, I was sitting in a glass room.

Marty was more fortunate. His office was far more private. As I watched, he brought his dick into full view. He was bigger then me, closer to 9 inches. He was also full hard. I could see the purple head of his dick He pulled his hands away so that I could see it all. He sat there on the edge of his desk with his big hard dick pointing at me. How I wanted to go down on it, suck that big cock into my hot mouth. I wanted to do Marty like Marty had never been done!

To my surprise Marty stood up, dick still hard and hanging out. He went to his phone and made a call. He spoke to someone briefly and then hung up. He looked at me, smiled, and then came back around the desk and sat down again on the front edge. His dick was softer now. I could see that he was uncut as the foreskin was creeping up to cover the head of his cock. He opened the front of his shirt and circled his nipples with his fingers. His chest was lovely, high tight pecks, a light dusting of dark chest hair. From what I could see, his stomach was also tight. Clearly, Marty liked the gym. I was impressed.

I sat back in my chair in the glass room. I put my hands behind my head. I wheeled the chair out from behind the desk. I spread my legs wide open in Marty's direction. There was clearly a budge in my pants and, if I couldn't take my cock out to show Marty my interested, I hoped he would notice the bulge his show was creating.

It was then that I noticed a mechanic come out of the garage. He seemed to be heading for Marty's office. I was alarmed. I didn't want the guy to catch my new friend with his dick exposed. I tried to warn Marty with hand motions, but he did not seem to understand. In fact, as I watched he began to stroke his dick again.

The mechanic was clearly headed for Marty's office. He was moving that way with intention. His body was very well muscled. His pecks pulled at the buttons of his shirt. His arms poked out of the short sleeves rippled with muscles. His ass was pushed into work pants that were supper tight. He clearly liked to show off. He was blonde and very pretty and he was about to get a real view of his boss.

He walked straight into Marty's office and started to push the door closed behind him. But Marty said something and pointed at me. The mechanic looked over at me sitting in the glass room. He pushed Marty's door full open and smiled at me. And then he removed his shirt!

He was lovely. Smooth, no body hair on his chest or rippled stomach. His shoulders were wide. His arms were huge. He ran his hands over his chest and belly in front of me. How I wanted to suck his hard little nipples. He then turned to Marty who was now standing behind him. The two men embraced. They kissed passionately letting their tongues explore each other's mouth. Marty's hands rested on the mechanic's tight butt. The mechanics arms were wrapped around Marty's neck! I could not believe what I was seeing from my glass room! It was lovely, two strong men lost in a passionate embrace.

As I watched them kissing, I saw Marty's hands begin to wander over the mechanics butt and up his muscled back. He pulled the mechanics hips into his groin and began to rub his hard naked cock against the mechanic still clothed groin. Marty pushed his hands into the mechanics pants grabbing his ass.

The two men were beautiful to see. They were lost in their passion for each other. They had forgotten me, I thought, but I could not take my eyes off of them. My cock was ragging hard inside my pants. I rubbed it trough my clothes hoping that no one else would see. I knew that precum flowed. How I wanted too abandoned the glass room and go into Marty's office! But, I was frozen by the lovely sight before my eyes.

Marty broke the kiss. He stepped back from the mechanic. I could see Marty's hard dick when he moved away from the mechanic. It was huge, long and thick. The foreskin was rolled back now and his big purple dick head was exposed. As I watched, Marty said something to the mechanic. The mechanic immediately undid his belt and dropped his pants. I almost shoot my load when I saw his muscled butt. It was beautiful, hard, tight, cover with some blonde hair. His thighs were also very well developed. He had one beautiful body.

Marty removed his shirt and open his own pants letting them slide to the floor. He was not as muscled up as the mechanic, but he also had one lovely body. He stroked his huge dick while he spoke to the mechanic and, as I watched, the mechanic went down on his knees. He put the tip of his tongue on Marty's big dick, licked up what must have been a huge drop of pre, put his lips against Marty's piss slit and sucked. I could almost hear the 'pop' as the head of Marty's dick slipped past the mechanic's lips!

The mechanic was all over Marty's big dick. It was too big for him to suck it all into his mouth at once, but he took it deep anyway. His hands were on Marty's hips. I could see the muscles in his back and in his ass move with his efforts. He was into Marty's dick! Marty was loving the attention, He thrust forward when the mechanic sucked him in, pushing his cock a little farther in then the mechanic intended each time. His hands were on top of the mechanics head so that he could force his dick deeper. Marty clearly controlled the scene, but the mechanic was more then willing. Marty's dick was a mouthful, but the mechanic tried to swallow Marty's cock deeper and deeper.

My own cock was ragging hard. It was still confined, but it wanted to be freed. Without realizing it, I had begun to rub my right nipple through my shirt. I want to be part of the scene unfolding in Marty's office.

Again, Mart said something to the mechanic. The mechanic stood up facing the glass room. I could see him. He was so well developed, hard chest, 8 pack, nice legs. His body was completely smooth. Even his public hair was gone. His dick was about the same length as mine, but thick as a beer can. And it was throbbing hard. He began to stroke his dick for me. The fingers of his hand had trouble reaching around it. Marty, walked up behind him. He had stripped naked. His hard dick swayed. He pulled the mechanic's back against his belly and began to rub his hard dick in the mechanic's ass crack. Marty's hands found the mechanic's hard nipples and began to pull them and twist them. Both of them were looking directly at me. The mechanic laid his head back on Marty's neck and ran his tongue slowly over his lips.

I wanted to take the mechanic's dick in my mouth. I wanted to get out of my clothes. I wanted to feel Marty's big cock between the cheeks of my ass. I wanted their hands and lips on my body. I want to be with them in Marty's office, not sitting in this glass room where everyone could see.

Marty's hands traveled over the mechanic's hard belly. His fingers played at the top of the mechanic's thick shaft. He began to stroke the mechanic's thick dick. The mechanic lifted his hands over his head and reached behind him to rub the back of Marty's head. His body stretched out so beautifully. Every muscled in his chest, belly, and arms was flexed. He leaned his head back and they kissed.

The two naked men were so lovely to see. Their passion was so intense. I was so caught up in what I saw. I wanted to be a part of what they shared. But I sat there in the glass room, still as a mouse, mesmerized. I could feel my bulging dick straining for release from my pants. But all I could do was watch.

As if to intensify my dilemma, Marty stepped from behind the mechanic. He stood beside him for a moment. Both men were looking at me. Their dicks were hard and lovely. Their bodies were beautiful. Marty spoke to the mechanic again. This time the mechanic carefully removed all the stuff from Marty's desk. How lovely it was to watch the muscles in his ass and back ripple as he worked. When the desk was cleared, he laid down on it on his back. His heavy thick dick, still rock hard flopped on his belly. Marty walked over to the desk, open the mechanics legs wide and began to lick the mechanic's smooth balls! Marty slowly ran his tongue up toward the mechanic's dick from the tip of his ass crack, over his ball sac, to the base of the mechanic's dick. Marty's tongue moved so slowly as if he was licking honey from the mechanic's balls. When he reached the base of the mechanic's dick, Marty would pull his tongue into his mouth as if enjoying some sweet forbidden taste and look at me and start again licking the mechanic from the tip of his ass crack up over his balls!

How I wanted to take the mechanic's place. I wanted to be naked on Marty's desk, my legs wide apart. I wanted to feel Marty's hands resting on my thighs as his tongue slid over my smooth balls. I wanted him to enjoy my taste as much as he did that of the mechanic. I wanted to be wet with his spit. I wanted to be naked on Marty's desk.

The feel of Marty's tongue on his balls was driving the mechanic wild. His hips were thrust upward so that his hard ass was entirely lifted off the desk. The muscles in his thighs were rock hard. His head was thrust back and his mouth was open in a continuous silent moan. Marty was destroying the mechanic with his tongue.

Marty lifted the mechanic's legs up toward his chest. Willingly, the mechanic pulled his legs tight against his chest and wrapped his arms around them. He folded himself into a tight little ball of muscle and, in so doing opened his ass crack wide. I could clearly see his cunt. Marty wasted no time. He got down on his knees and began to work the mechanic's asshole with his tongue.

At first Marty just licked around the outside of the mechanic's asshole. But then, Marty began to touch the tip of his tongue to the center of he mechanic's pucker. Marty began to push against the mechanic's pussy lips with his tongue. Slowly, the mechanic's pussy opened to Marty's tongue. Marty pushed deeper and deeper into the mechanic's ass. He seemed to get more and more desperate for what was inside that pretty hole. Although I could not hear anything from Marty's office, I knew that he was slurping as the mechanic's ass crack glistened with Marty's spit. And all the time that Marty was feasting on his buddy's cunt, he was stroking his own big hard dick.

I was going crazy in the glass room. Before me was one of the prettiest sight I had ever seen. Marty and the mechanic were lovely to watch. They were naked and hard and going at it before my eyes. I was so hard that I could hardly stand the pressure in my pants. I want to pull my cock out and stroke it. I wanted to be part of the passionate scene before me. All I had to do was walk into Marty's office. But I was afraid to break the spell. Somehow the glass room was like a prison to me from which I was afraid to get free!

Marty began to finger the mechanic's pussy lips. He used his fingers as he had used his tongue. First he circled the rim of the mechanic's puckered hole. Then Marty began to massage the very center of it. It open to him and Marty's finger went inside. Marty began to use his finger to open the mechanic's cunt. He stretched it to both sides. Marty slipped another finger inside the mechanic's ass. He began to finger fuck the mechanic going harder and deeper with each thrust. In response the mechanic pulled his legs tighter to his chest opening his cunt wider.

Marty stood up and grabbed the upper part of the mechanic's thighs. He pulled the mechanic's ass to the very edge of the desk. He spit in the mechanic's cunt and put the head of his huge dick in the wade of spit that lay in the mechanic's pussy. Marty's ass cheeks clenched as he began to push against the lips of the mechanic's cunt. The head of his dick slipped inside. The mechanic was moaning. I could tell even though I couldn't hear a thing. He wanted to swallow Marty's huge dick with his ass.

I wanted Marty to fuck the mechanic too! It was something to see Marty's huge dick barely inside the mechanic's ass. It looked so big. His ass cheeks clenched and ready to drive into the mechanic was a turn on for and ass-man like me. I want to see his dick disappear into the mechanic. I wanted Marty to fuck that sucker hard and deep. But Marty seemed to change his mind. He pulled his dick out of the mechanic's pussy. He turned towards me. As he rubbed the mechanic's asshole with the fingers of his left hand, he motioned to me to come to him with his right. He ran his tongue over his lips and smiled. He was inviting me to leave the glass room and come to his office!

I got up and walked to Marty's office. 'Come in,' he said. I entered. Marty pushed the door closed behind me. 'Why don't you get more comfortable, ' he suggested. I took my shirt off and dropped my pants. My dick was bulging in my tight udees. Marty rubbed it under the material. 'Let it out,' he said. I pulled my underwear down and my dick flopped down, really hard. Standing naked next to Marty, I felt small. I was taller then he but about the same weight. That made me looked thinner. My dick was about 7 and cut, but compared to his huge monster and the mechanic's thick one, it was rather average. Marty reached over and began to stroke me. At his first touch I almost let go. 'Nice,' he said. And then pointing to the mechanic watching us from the desk, he asked, 'You want him first?' Marty stepped aside. 'He's all primed for you,' he said.

I did indeed 'want' the mechanic's ass. I could not deny my desire. It was standing out in front of me dripping pre.

I walked over to the mechanic. He was smiling at me. 'Take me, Baby,' He said as he pulled his legs up to his chest. I put the head of my throbbing dick against the lips of his pussy still wet with Marty's spit. I pushed. My dick slipped into the mechanic's ass. I moaned with pleasure burying my cock deep in his ass. Marty's hands were on my clenched ass cheeks. 'Nice,' he whispered as he kissed the back of my neck!

I began to work my cock in the mechanic's hot ass. It felt so damned good to be inside him. He moaned encouragement. Marty was playing in my ass. His fingers had found my pucker hole. He was massaging it. I began to pinch my own nipples as I fucked harder. The mechanic wrapped his hands around his dick and started to stroke it.

I felt Marty's hands stretching my ass crack open. I felt his breath on my pussy and then his tongue. He was eating my pussy. Licking my pucker while I fucked his Buddy. His fingers enter me! I almost shoot my load. I felt his dick head against the lips of my pussy and then he was inside me. He moved in rhythm with my thrusts. As I pulled out of the mechanic, Marty drove into me. I nearly died with the pleasurable sensations. Marty's big dick filled me. I was lost in my passion. I moaned and shock as we fucked!

The mechanic was the first to cum. He was moaning loudly. I felt his ass muscles tighten around my dick, grabbing me. He yelled and white ropes began shooting from his thick hard dick. It was something to see. He covered his belly, balls, and the inside of his hard thighs in his cum. He lifted his spent cum with his fingers and feed it to me. I sucked his fingers deep into me lapping up his hot cum.

I drove my cock deep into the mechanic's ass when he came. I was pounding him hard and fast. I felt the heat rising in my thighs. I could feel my shaft thicken in his cunt. I let go filling him with my own blast of cum. I held my dick deep inside him. My balls touching his until every drop had been drained out of me. I feel over on his hard body his hot cum load between us.

Then Marty began to work my pussy. He pounded away at it with his big dick. He showed me no mercy. I moaned out in absolute delight. My cunt tightened as he fucked me. I squeezed his big cock with my ass muscles. Marty let go! His cum load flowed into my ass. He cried out as he came. He buried his cock deep in my pussy. I lay on the mechanic's belly exhausted and spent and filled with cream. His strong arms were folded around me. Marty's cum filled my pussy! My cum was running out of the mechanic's ass and down my leg. It had been one lovely visit to have my car serviced!

I like to take the car in now for service. However, I never get the glass room. I always go directly to Marty's office. He always closes the door and calls for the mechanic and it always take longer to get the car serviced then anyone could imagine!



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