Early 2007, 26 yr. old

Walt gave me many gifts over the years. I liked them all, but treasured only a few. He gave me a beautiful pearl necklace when I graduated college. I wear it more than any other necklace he gave me. I also dearly love his Grandmother’s ring, my wedding ring. But the gift I treasure most is the dog collar.

Walt and I had been together a couple of years. I was 26 at the time, Walt 46. Having a lover 20 years older can be a challenge. Walt will say having a lover 20 years younger can be exhausting! Especially one that wants sex as much as I do!

Walt loves me dearly and fucks me regularly. But he’s nearly fifty. He has a hard time fucking me more than 3 or 4 times a week. And some weekends, I barely let him out of our bed! We finally worked out a routine where he sticks his cock in my ass and I ride him. He can just lay back and enjoy the ride! 

Until I met Walt, I was a sexual plaything, used by anyone who wanted me. I grew tired of being fucked, but not being cherished, or even appreciated! I guess I took it out on Walt, making him my ‘boy toy’. He good-naturedly took this as a compliment to his prowess. As I grew more secure in myself, he became my lover in fact. 

I was often frustrated by my inability to take his thick eleven inch easily. While I don’t feel like I’ve been thoroughly fucked unless my ass is sore, sex with Walt was extremely painful at times. Walt hated hurting me, even just a little! I’d fuss and yell, demanding he fuck me.

One day, he got angry and fucked me so long and hard, I thought he’d have a stroke or heart attack! It scared me and I cried, begging forgiveness.

“You know….sometimes you can be a real bitch!” he growled, exhausted.

“I know……But, I’m YOUR bitch!” I tearfully replied. “I can’t help it I’m always in heat!”

Now he affectionately calls me his ‘Little Bitch’. (And I’m still always in heat!  For him and Stephanie, anyways!)

We were spending a day downtown. Walt noticed a young Goth girl wearing a dog collar and pointed her out to me. I laughed and jokingly suggested he buy one for his little bitch! He laughed, too.

We stopped at the local pet shop and I left wearing a collar with a blank tag. The clerk teasingly asked Walt if I needed a chip. He looked confused, then turned bright red when I explained what a chip was.

“Do you need one?’ he growled. I walked arm in his, proudly displaying my new collar!

A couple of weeks later, I couldn’t find it, and thought I’d lost it.

Walt came in that evening and handed me a small gift-wrapped box. Inside was my collar, but now it was studded with sapphires! The little tag read “Walt’s Little Bitch"!

I squealed with delight and kissed him deeply before running off to try it on. I returned wearing only the collar. (Now, how else would I model this wonderful present?) I stood before him arms behind my back. I gave him my best Sex Kitten pout as I twisted a little for him.

“I hope you realize that I expect you to fuck me long and hard whenever I wear this!” I purred seductively.

The wicked gleam in his eyes told me I’d said the right thing.

I knelt before him, about to take his cock into my mouth, then suddenly looked up with a skeptical expression.

“You’re not going to scratch me behind my ears, are you?” I asked. “You can pet me, stroke me, or rub my tummy. Just don’t scratch behind my ears…….Or tell me to go, fetch!”

Walt laughed, held his cock out to me, and said, “Fetch this!”

A couple of weeks later, Stephanie and I were out shopping. I wore my collar, but Stephanie didn’t approve. In fact, she was furious!

“Do you HAVE to wear that THING??” she screamed. I’d never seen my best friend and lover so incensed!

“You are NOT someone’s pet or slave!”

I reminder her that, as far as I was concerned, Walt owned me heart and soul. He was the only man I would ever submit to again! Willingly, with no reservations!

But, I’d forgotten how Steph had been treated by her family. She was forced into transsexuality and kept as a sex slave and sex toy before she escaped. She wouldn’t even admit that she gave herself as completely to her husband as I did to Walt.

“After today, I’ll never wear it around you again. I promise. I’m just looking for something special to wear with it for Walt.”

I removed it and put it in my purse and promised I’d make it up to her after we got home. She smiled, and off we went. 

We stopped in an adult novelty shop. I was looking for a hair band with cat ears. I found some close to my hair color. I also wanted a butt plug that had a tail, also close to my hair color!

Stephanie looked intrigued, then shook her head.

“Always the Sex Kitten with you, isn’t it!” she chided. “Now you want to look like a cat! Poor Walt! A hungry cat is after him!”

We went back to my place and she helped me with a new look. She took a pair of my cut-offs and cut them shorter. A good lower third of my bottom was now exposed! She found a scarf, wrapped it around my chest and tied it in front. I put on my collar and ears and modeled for Steph.

“Damn, woman, you’re hot! Walt’s going to fuck your ass off!.......I’m ready to, myself!”

I then undressed, and lubed the butt plug tail, letting her work it into my ass. She suggested some black stockings to wear with it.

“I changed my mind….you can wear the collar, and this outfit, in bed with me.”

We heard the apartment door open and Walt call out he was home. Steph kissed me and whispered, “Fuck you, later, Babe!” as she walked out of my room.

She stood on her toes, reached behind his head, and pulled him close, giving him a deep kiss. Walt looked very surprised and confused.

“You’re a lucky man, Walt!” she said as she prissed out the door, whistling.

Walt scratched his head, puzzled by her behavior. Steph is very reserved around men other than her husband. She does like to tease Walt, though. She and I both know he is mildly interested in her. He’d had a taste of one tranny (me, of course) and just might like to sample another. But he won’t while involved with me. He’s very honorable, that way, and I love him dearly for that.

Walt turned around as I strutted into the living room. He whistled his approval and drank me in with his eyes. He looked tired, but I saw his undisguised desire (and lust, of course).

“Here, kitty, kitty,” he called.

Shivers ran down my spine and I swayed seductively towards him. This kitty was definitely on the prowl, ready for a meaty cock in her mouth and ass!

Walt pulled me into his arms and kissed me passionately! He ran his hands down my back and cupped my bottom. My little cock was erect between us. Damn! I wanted him as bad as he wanted me!

I practically tore his clothes off him. Seeing him hot for me increased to a fever pitch my already intense desire for him! I pushed him back onto the sofa and straddled him. I could feel him stiffening under me as I pulled the tail from my ass. 

“I’m already lubed,” I whispered to his inquisitive glance. 

Walt grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto him. His cocked head entered my ass with a pop and slid all the way to the end of my channel.

“Damn! That hurts soooo gooood!” I cried out.

I grabbed his head and held it tight as I ran my tongue into his mouth. I rode him hard, rocking and grinding onto him. Our urgency caused both of us to come within a minute of each other.

“Take me to bed and fuck my ass off!” I begged.

Walt was still very hard and stood with me still impaled on his long cock. I wrapped my legs around his waist and held tightly to him as he carried me to bed and laid me (in more ways than one) down. He thrust into me with long, powerful thrusts. I felt like a baseball bat had been shoved up my butt! I quietly yelped whenever the head rammed the end of my chute.

I raked my nails down his back. I lightly bit his lip and his ears. I arched to meet his thrusts. My little cock was rock hard between us. Walt was biting my neck in return.

He rode me nearly 30 minutes when I purred, “Turn me over and fuck me like the horny bitch I am! Take me hard! Make me yelp! I WANT IT HARD!!” 

Well……..he did as I demanded. He flipped me over so fast, I didn’t have time to blink! He rammed all the way in so fast and hard my eyes flew wide open. I didn’t even have time to catch my breath as he hit the end of my chute. I didn’t have enough breath to scream in agony.

I asked for it: I wasn’t going to back out now! I wasn’t even sure he’d let me!

“This hard enough, my little bitch?”

The pain was fading and I felt fantastic.

“Fuck me harder!” I yelped. “I want to be so sore I can’t walk! Fuck your little bitch!”

Walt bit my shoulder. He pinned my arms above my head and ground his hairy body against mine as he hammered my now tender ass. I felt his hot breath on my neck as he grunted with each powerful thrust. The big, bad wolf had his little bitch pinned to the bed, fucking her now very sore ass off!

I yelped every time his thick, long cock hit the end of my chute. My hard little cock was rubbing against my pillow with each stroke! Damn! I hurt, but it was a wonderful hurt. He was fucking me as hard as I like in my favorite position! I’m a bottom, and he was definitely plowing my bottom. I was HIS bitch, and he was claiming me! (As if he didn’t already own me heart and soul!)

“Oooohhh, Baaabe!!” I moaned. “Your cock feels soooo gooood in my ass!”

Walt pounded my now extremely sore ass for nearly a half hour before he thrust hard and deep one last time, filling my ass. He lay there inside me as his cum leaked out of my asshole around his cock. A couple of minutes later I creamed the pillow!

He wanted to roll off and go to sleep, but I asked him to stay inside me as long as he could. He held me tight, his cock filling my ass, and rolled to his side. He was soon asleep, too tired to eat supper. (That happens a lot when he fucks me this long and hard!)

I gently played with my small cock, savoring the feel of him still inside me. It didn’t take long for me to fill my hand with cream. I licked it all up and fell fast asleep.

Walt’s ‘Little Bitch’ awoke the next morning with a nice, meaty ‘bone’ still up her ass.

Damn, didn’t that feel nice!


Angie K


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