A wonderful night and the following day with Silve was followed by a night of anguish and regrets.  I felt badly for Silve. It appeared that I was being set up to replace her in Miguel’s life. I didn’t mind being the mistress. I just didn’t want to come between the two! Then, it looked like I might be the one to leave. I was very confused, and very hurt.

The next morning, I packed my things and left. Mama Rosa gave me a sad hug and asked me to visit her once in a while. I dropped my bags at my apartment before going to work. I had enough in my savings to be able to finish the semester and resume paying for rent. I planned to ask Jackie if I could return to full-time employment.

I had a heavy heart and dreaded to go in to questions from everyone. Fortunately, there was none of the sexual banter and play going one when I arrived. Michelle was away on a buying trip and Tracy was helping a customer. Jackie noticed I was very quiet, but left me to talk when I was ready.

About mid-afternoon, I told Jackie I didn’t feel well and asked to leave early. I went home and cried myself to sleep. The phone rang a couple of times, but I didn’t answer. 

I didn’t have classes the next day. I stayed in bed much of the day. Around 4:30 I heard a knock at my door. I didn’t answer. It got louder. I still ignored it. Then the knocking became more insistent and continued until I finally answered it. 

Rosa’s daughters, Nina and Mia, stood outside with a couple of pizzas and some soft drinks. The pushed their way past me and set up on the bar.

“Mama is very worried about you! And so are we! What is wrong with you!! Aren’t we your friends?” Nina asked. 

Nina (21) and Mia (17) had accepted me as part of the family ever since I moved in with Miguel. We had become very close, though neither knew I was transsexual.

I told them some of what happened, leaving out the sex, of course. Mia jumped up waving her arms and paced furiously. Her indignant tone showed she was furious with Miguel and Silve over their treatment of me, and was mad at her mother for letting me leave! I couldn’t understand a word of her Spanish, but Nina’s shocked expression told me Mia was not talking nicely!

I laughed and soon Mia and Nina were laughing, too. We ate the pizzas. I told them I probably wouldn’t live there anymore, but still planned on staying close to my little “sisters”. I just needed a little time to myself.

Mia then surprised me and Nina.

“Is what I hear about you true?” she asked, pointedly looking at my crotch.

Nina looked shocked at Mia’s boldness. I nodded yes, not knowing how they would react.

“CanI see it? I want to look!” We’re your sisters, aren’t we? Sisters don’t keep secrets from each other!” 

I shrugged, but noticed Nina seemed curious, too! I opened my rob enough to let them see my cock. Mia sais she wanted to see all of me, so I let my robe drop to the floor. I turned so they could see all of me. I was a little embarrassed.

“Wow! How cool is that!” Mia exclaimed excitedly. "I wouldn't have believed this if you hadn't us! Why didn't you tell us? Does Mama know? Did she tell you not to tell us?"

Nina whispered, “If we weren’t sisters, I’d take you to bed. You are so beautiful.” I dressed and we visited a few more minutes before they left.

They both kissed me as they left and promised to “chase me down” if I didn’t keep in touch. I felt much better.

About half an hour later, Jackie showed up with Chinese takeout and a bottle of wine. She saw the pizza boxes, and Mia’s jacket, and raised an eyebrow questioningly.

I smiled and said Mama Rosa sent her girls to check up on me. Jackie laughed.

“I knew Rosa liked you. She called often to ask about your favorite dishes. If she is concerned about you, maybe I should be, too!”

As we drank wine, I commented. “I noticed how much Michelle, Tracy, and I resembled each other, except for skin and hair color. Why is that? We have much in common looks-wise with Silve.”

Jackie frowned at that. “Haven’t you noticed that over two thirds of our clients closely match your builds? It was good business sense to have you three as models, when necessary. As to Silve, Miguel provide measurements for her. I have never met her and have never seen a picture. I wouldn’t know her if I saw her.”

I told I had, and about our interlude at the apartment. I told her I looked like a much younger version of Silve, and that she was frightened of me at first. Now I was frightened Miguel no longer wanted me.

Jackie was angry at herself for not seeing it herself. She was ready to confront Miguel. She was ready to storm out and confront both of them but I asked her to stay. 

“I will get over them in time, but, would you stay tonight?”

 Jackie hesitated, then undressed. She led me to bed. As we lay there kissing, she gently caressed my body. I rolled over to allow her to lube my ass hole. She spent several minutes kissing my neck as she worked her fingers into me loosening me enough to accept her. She slowly worked her way in and fucked me with long deep strokes. She was gentle. The feel of her hips against my bottom felt wonderful. I had missed her fucking me. She would run a hand over my sides. Her weight on me, pushing me into the bed was comforting.  She fucked me slow and steady for about an hour. When she was close to coming, she grabbed my cock stroking me to orgasm. Shortly after I came, she emptied into me. She kept fucking a few more minutes before she rolled off.

“Thank you,” I said. “I didn’t realize how much I missed this!”

“I’ve missed you, too.”

We kissed and held each other close.

I fell asleep in her arms. Sometime during the night, she slipped out and went home.

I still hurt, but I felt much better.

I went to work the next morning feeling somewhat better. I also felt foolish for thinking I meant more to Miguel than I did.

I spent much of the morning immersed in inventory. Tracy handled customers. Work was keeping my mind off my woes. Tracy would come over once in a while to hug me. Those were nice gestures. Jackie stayed behind while we went to lunch.

When we returned, Jackie asked me into her office. She was frowning. Inside were Miguel and Silve. Both had worried looks, but brightened when they saw me. I saw their pained expressions when I started backing towards the door. Jackie stood behind me to keep me from running away.  

“I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I EXPECT you three to work it out. NOW!” she said, slamming the door on her way out. 

Nobody said a word for a moment. Miguel tried to say something, but couldn’t find the words. He looked imploringly to Silve. She came to me, took my by the hands and led me to the sofa. We sat there, her holding my hands.

“We hurt you very badly. neither of us intended that. We both miss you terribly, and love you deeply.” She held my hands tight in hers. “Please. Hear me out. If you still want us to leave, we will walk away and never bother you again.”

“I could see your pain when he looked at me!” I cried. “And then, he stopped looking at me! I wasn’t there anymore!”

She smiled sadly and began her explanation:

I did feel threatened by you. When he and I were together, he talked about you constantly. He seldom talked about his previous mistresses. The others were full-figured, like Jackie. You were the only one built like me. When I first saw you, my heart sank. You looked much like I did 30 years ago. I wanted to hate you, but the stories he told of you already had me in love with you. It just hurt that we looked so much alike.

When you slipped off to study, Miguel didn’t just fuck me, he made passionate love. I could see in his eyes he still loved and wanted me. I lost all my fear then. I couldn’t see your pain when I went to thank you. I never meant to hurt you. I just wanted you to know I was going to be all right.

We spent the next day getting to know each other again. We were so involved with each other that we didn’t realize you had left.

This morning at breakfast, Miguel commented he hadn’t seen you lately.

Mrs. Garza slammed a cup on the table and angrily chewed us out! We were stunned as she cussed in English, Spanish, and then Portuguese!

“Angela packed her bags and left two days ago! She could barely contain her tears! I don’t know what you did, but it must have been very cruel! YOU FIND MY GIRL AND BRING MY BABY HOME! TODAY” Rosa yelled, stomping off.

She really loves you. She has never talked to us like that before. And we deserved every word!

We love you very much and want you to come home. Please, come home.

 “How can he love me when I’m just a shadow of you?” I cried. “I see his deep love for you in his eyes! I can be a lover: I just can’t be you!”

“I fell in love with you because you made me feel young and virile again. I couldn’t see what Silve saw until she opened my eyes,” Miguel said softly,looking at me. He turned to Silve. “I only wanted to be the young bull you once desired.”

“Foolish old man. I never stopped desiring you. And you can keep having a mistress. I may take one myself, now,” she smiled.

Looking at me, she said, “Of course he loves me, he always has. It was I who forgot this. He has a large heart, with more than enough love for the both of us. And I have enough for the two of you. Can you have enough for two very foolish old people? Won't you come home with us?”

I hugged them both tightly, “Please, I want to come home. Take me home now.”

As we walked out Miguel asked Jackie to call Mrs. Garza and say three will be home for dinner.

“We are looking for a mistress and a lover,” Silve laughed. “Interested?”

I pulled them close. “Very. When can I start?”

Miguel has a flight out after supper, but I can stay another week….. or two.”


Angie K


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