Another loss pushed him into despair, Steven stood there in shock as his final shot bounced off the cushion hitting the black and finally sinking it. The thought that the double or nothing match against his long time rival had paid off and he had cleared the £400 debt he had racked up in one night... until the white ball followed suite falling into the top pocket. Feeling a knot in his stomach he lifted himself into a standing position.

"Hard luck Steve" the words almost drowned out by the white noise that he heard all around him; wondering how he was going to pay his bills. At no point did he think it would get this bad, he felt a firm slap against his back. It was the rival Barry, a older man in his late 40's with a friendly face, full head of black hair; belly hanging out of a tight fitting T-Shirt which would have been better suited in a bad 1980's movie set in Hawaii.

'How could I have let this happen, I was winning' Steven thought as the pain shot through his shoulder down his body in a panic he turned "One more game, an even £1000 if I lose, if I win we call it quits". Barry could see the fear building in Stevens eyes and felt sorry for him for the first time since they met 5 years prior in a friendly pub game of pool.

"Look Steve" he said in a kind way "I will give you a chance but not today, go home. Rest. Relax if you still want to play we can, you know where I am". With that Steve was lead to the door both angry and depressed, being neighbours it didn't take Steven long to reach his front door. With a mighty swing he hit his door and yelped. Barry was right, he needed to clear his head before any attempt to reclaim his money. Walking into his house he threw his keys onto the kitchen counter and pulled a cold beer out of the fridge; first resting it on his throbbing hand then knocking it back without a moments thought. Minutes turned to hours and Stevens thoughts hadn't changed and he was fast running out of beer. Staggering to the fridge he pulled out the last beer.

'Damn, 24 cans down. What am I doing..' Looking around his kitchen, all that he saw was mess, empty beer cans, unpaid bills and an unlucky streak that had been going for some time now. Steven Grabbed the nearest bill:

"Electric owed £340"

Letting out a sigh he polished off the final beer and went to the cupboards to find something stronger but found nothing. In a fit of rage he pulled the contents of the closest cupboard out quickly; contents smashing over the floor. Dropping to his knees he slowly sobbed; "How will I pay this all off" he said to himself. The doorbell sounded piercing the cold loneliness. Picking himself up; Steven staggered to the door. Barry stood there with a 6 pack in one hand and an envelope in another.

"Come to gloat? Or collect your money" Steven said with venom shooting out with every word.

"Oh no, Ive come to have a chat"

Steven stood aside to let the older man in, eyes on him at all time he couldn't help but notice the letter hanging down, seemed very thick to be a bill that was delivered to the wrong address. Barry walked into the living room and sat down, opening a can of beer and offering another to Steven.

"What do you want Barry?" Snapping once more.

"Look, its gone too far Steve, you have been slowly losing more and more cash every week.. I... I wanted to teach you a lesson, the last few months I have been collecting the money you lost to me" with that Barry chucked the letter to Steven, upon opening it he saw over three thousand pounds.

"You have a gambling problem Steve, you need help and this is your wakeup call"

Steven broke down in front of this grown man, sobbing like a child admitting to all his wrongs, his problems and how grateful he was. "Consider this a down payment for your future" he looked on at Steven, a grown man sobbing into his own hands, he decided to move over to Steven and put his arm over his shoulder to comfort him in this moment of need.

"I don't know how to ever repay you Barry" he said with a soggy smile.

"I think you do Steve... I think you do".


"Barry, what the hell are you doing" Steven shouted as Barry pulled the younger mans hand towards his crutch. "Its ok Steven, its how friends thank each other when they help turn their lives around" at this point Steven could feel the older mans cock noting only the fact that instead of feeling revolted by what was happening all he could think was that it was so much bigger compared to his own. In complete silence the older of the two slowly guided the others hand up and down his cock. Barrys hand lifted away and moved to unzip. A hushed and shy voice spoke once more "...Barry... I don't want this".

Steven hadn't noticed that he was now rubbing not only Barry's cock but his own now "I'm not gay" he protested subconsciously pushing Barry's cock out from under his jeans to the opening the zip had made. A moment later it had emerged from the jeans, semi erect the cock stared at Steven as he stared back. Lips moving slightly "I'm not.."

. His hand wrapped around this cock he started to slowly pump, eyes locked dead on. His motion getting faster and faster; Barrys breathing getting heavy under his moans as the young hand gripped and pumped more and more.

At this point Steven had stopped crying, eyes locked on this big thick cock, mouth watering. "Go on Steven, you can suck it. I promise I wont tell a soul". With that Stevens cock erupted in his jeans; starting off as a small wet patch it quickly grew and it wasn't going by unnoticed. Barry looked at the young man's crotch and laughed as the stroking quickened, Barrys body started to arch as his cock began to twitch and swell. Both men knew what was coming.

"You better do something about this Steve before I explode myself, you don't want this all over your carpet do you?" taunted Barry and without a moments hesitation Steven lowered himself in front of the older man and placed his lips just over the head and with the slightest kiss, Barry erupted; shooting a torrent of cum in and around Stevens mouth and without thought Steven swallowed the first part and placed his mouth completely around the thick hard cock. Barry arched once more forcing the full length of his shaft deep into the young mans mouth and again unleashed another torrent of cum, feeling the young man struggle he held his head firmly and listened to him choke and moan.

Coughing and gagging for breath Steven could feel the only air holes between his lips and this throbbing cock being filled with cum, in a state of panic and confusion he attempted to swallow more and more, with this he could feel himself losing more control his thoughts racing a mile a minute

'No, this is wrong' he thought 'As soon as this is done never talk to him about this again' his mind trying to reason with the reality of the situation 'Finish this load and stand up....'. Barrys hand lifted off the back of his head and he pulled up to breath, gasping but still looking at Berry's chest; Steven carried on pleasuring the older man.

'Ok, load swallowed, this is embarrassing. One more load' his tongue running up and down the shaft of his rival and now Steven was undoing his own jeans feeling past the wet patch for minutes before. 'Maybe two more loads if he has it in him, keep him happy never to ask again' Steven thought on as he pulled out his own cock 'Its so big' stroking both his and Barrys 'I wonder if..' with that Steven stopped and pulled his mouth away stood up and put his jeans back on.

"We are even now" He had not looked up at Barry once since he started and standing with his back to him he prayed he would just leave his home and never talk about it again whilst at the same time at the back of his head drunk thoughts of what just happened swirling around keeping his dick hard.

"For now, turn around for a second" Barry giggled at the young man. Steven turned to him expecting a torrent of abuse but was greeted with a smile and a phone being pointed directly at him. 'Shit' the thought 'How long has he been recording'

"Steven, want to come over tomorrow and gamble some more?"


Tim Bagging

[email protected]


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