We snuck off to make out like crazy at the end of the day. I didn't think it was cause any harm. Business was slow, and we were all sort of standing around staring at each other. Except for me. I was staring at Sean, the little shit, who did everything he could to make my cock hard. He was in rare form. Usually he's not too flirty in public. That day, though, he did everything up to and including mouthing 'fuck my ass' at me as he walked by. Fucking Sean's ass had occupied all my dreams and most of my waking thoughts since the day we met. The ass in question was tight and firm, and had a tendency to wiggle whenever he knew I was looking.

About 10 minutes before closing time, I grabbed him and hauled him into one of the old storerooms. I put him up against the wall and kissed him, hard, my tongue going deep in his mouth. He sucked it and put my hand on his hard cock and rubbed it up and down. It was so hot I wanted to take him right there, but I also wanted to have a job to come to the next day, so I kept both our pants on. I grabbed his wrists and pinned them over his head and held him against the wall. He loved that, and started to squirm, making sure his hard cock bumped against mine, and making little 'protesting virgin' noises. I kissed him again, feasting on his mouth and pinching his nipples through his shirt. We horsed around in there for quite awhile, completely loosing track of everything. When we finally got our shit together and came out, we discovered the store empty, the alarms on, and ourselves locked in. Shit, we both said together.

We looked at each other, feeling both stupid and guilty, and exchanged the usual 'what the fuck do we do now?' noises. We didn't come up with anything. If we were discovered here after hours, we'd get fired. If they found out we were making out with each other, we'd get fired. We didn't want to get fired. Mantoria's Furniture is a good store, lots of service to customers; good pay, great benefits and working conditions for employees. We'd gotten pretty far up the seniority ladder in a place that didn't care that we were gay as long as we were gay at home. And my search for some tongue could screw the whole deal. We decided we'd just spend the night there, in the store, change into spare shirts we both had, and pretend to just show up after it was open. It was a good plan, and it worked. Between formation of plan, and culmination, however, there were a few other things....

Sean got a little giddy realizing we were looked in the store and were teetering on the edge of unemployment. Not hysterical really. While I was searching the employees lounge for food and drink, he somehow decided it might be fun to take off all his clothes and run naked through the store. I heard him, feet slapping on the tile, voice raised in what might have been a song. I came out and watched, my cock springing up. Sean was gorgeous. The lithe, supple body of a dancer; the face of an archangel; the sex drive of a Marine Corps division. We'd been teasing and flirting with each other for a while, progressed to kisses and gropes, then actual dates. We'd made each other cum in our pants a few times in awkward circumstances.

This was the first time I'd seen him completely naked, and it was worth the wait. He stood, staring at me with the 'beg for it!' look on his face that I loved so much, stroking his cock as it got hard. He grinned at me suddenly, and said 'if you can catch me, you can have me!' and took off like a rocket. I went after him, stripping clothes off as I ran. I was naked and still chasing the little shit 15 minutes later. I was laughing helplessly, giving myself a stitch in the side and calling him a cunt when I finally caught up with him. He had laid down in the middle of a big, brass bed, hands behind his head, cock at attention, grinning at me. I jumped and landed on the bed beside him, flipped him and wailed his little ass good. He howled with aroused laughter, so I leaned forward and bit him. That dropped his voice into a purr.

He's stronger than he looks. He flipped me onto my back and fastened his mouth on my cock. I had to dig my nails in my palms to prevent myself from spurting cum into him right then. He sucked and licked my cock and used his hands on my balls. I watched his beautiful face bob up and down on my rod, his eyes closed, his mouth fastened into a tight ring. He was beautiful and hot and horny, and fastened to my shaft with incredible suction. He opened his eyes suddenly, looked at me, and winked. I gasped and shot pulse after pulse of cum into his hot, wet mouth. Sean swallowed every drop, then licked me clean like a cat.

He waited until I had gotten my shit reasonably together, then he grabbed me by the hand and let me down the aisle. He stopped at the small sample living room with the overstuffed blue couch. He flopped on his back and gestured at me. 'I love this thing,' he said grinning. 'Can't afford it, even with the discount, but I sure as hell want my cock sucked while I lay on it.' I knelt beside the couch and went down on him, licking his swollen head first to get it nice and wet, then sucking him deep. He loved it, and was very vocal about it. VERY vocal. It drove me wild, and I sucked him harder. As it turned out, there were no less than a dozen pieces of furniture in the showroom that Sean had featured in his fantasies, and I sucked his cock hard as he lay on every one of them. By the time he spread out on the mahogany dining room table, I had no idea how he was keeping his cum in. His cock was almost purple, huge and twitching. I slapped both palms on the table and growled at him. 'My feast,' I said, and started to suck. That was it. He exploded, and the force was incredible. I swallowed and kept swallowing, because he kept pumping. Finally, the spasms wore off and he lay still. 'Wow,' he said finally.

We found some things to eat, and a radio, which we turned on softly. We slow danced, and I ran my hands down his back and over his silky ass. Sean had the most incredible ass, high, round and firm. I think I'd fucked his ass a dozen times in my mind before I ever got up the nerve to say hello to him. And at least a dozen times in my mind every day since. Now his gorgeous ass was under my palms, and I could barely stand it. My cock was hard and throbbing. He nuzzled my neck, sucking and biting on me. He loved marking me, and I indulged him. I would have let him do anything. He pulled his head back slowly, looked me straight in the eye, and said 'fuck me.' Part invitation, part demand, part challenge.

One of the sample rooms is one we call 'The Virgin's Nightmare.' It's a sample bedroom that is way over the fucking legal limit in white lace. I picked Sean up, carried him to the confection of a bed and dumped him on it. He rolled around on the white satin and growled deep in his throat. I tapped a tube of lubricant against my hand and grinned at him. 'Mine,' I said. 'You are fucking mine.' His smile didn't reach his eyes, and I stopped. 'What?' I asked, my heart sinking. His lips trembled as it forced another smile. 'I kind of lead you to believe something,' he said, 'and it wasn't true, and now I'm nervous.' My heart fell out and rolled under the stupid white bed. I sat next to him. 'It's OK, whatever it is,' I said, my voice sounding strong , at least. He met my eyes. 'I've never done this before,' he said, his voice an echo of the strength in mine. 'I've sucked my share of cock, but never had my ass fucked before.' I looked down at my swollen purple rod oozing precum, then back at him. He looked at my cock, grinned, and said 'Now...THAT is a Virgin's Nightmare.' I jumped him.

I licked and sucked every square inch of his skin before putting him on his hands and knees, that incredible ass in the air. I feasted on it, licking, biting, nibbling, sucking on his soft cheeks, before gently spreading them and teasing his little pink hole with my tongue. He made a happily startled sound as my tongue thrust into him. He wiggled back and me to take it deeper. I tongue fucked him until I was exhausted and he was incoherent. I spanked him a little, called him a juicy little piece, and he begged me to fuck him. I teased him with a slippery finger until he was howling, thrusting his back at me to try and take it. Finally, I gently pushed it in, wiggled it around and felt the incredibly tight hole relax. 'Damn,' we both said at the same time. I fingerfucked him gently, then harder, then added another finger. He took two fingers easily. I held them still and let him buck back against me, taking them as deep as he wanted. He wanted them very, very deep.

I removed the fingers and rubbed my slippery cockhead against his hole. He gasped and froze for a second, then started to move back against it. I held it and let him push back and take it in himself. Sean deflowered that perfect ass with a hard, even thrust. I looked down, watching my pole disappear into him. It was an incredible sight. He had been forced open so wide, and it just slid in deep, his tight ring sliding up to the base. I put my hands on his ass and held him, not moving. I wanted this to last, and if I had moved at that point I would have just shot him full of cum.

His breathing was harsh and rough. He began a few experimental moves, pulling forward and sliding back. I stayed still and let him set the pace...for as long as I could. I couldn't keep my eyes off my cock entering him. It drove me wild. My hips wouldn't stay still. I started gently, but that didn't last long. Rapidly, I was pounding the hell out of him, howling like an animal. I had a tight grip on his hips and my pelvis slammed up against his ass, my balls hitting his. Making it last was not an option. I started to pump cum into him, pulse after hot, strong pulse, in ecstasy. When I realized he was cumming , too, the feeling became so intense I nearly passed out. We fused together, sharing the same convulsions, until we collapsed.

By the time we did our magic 'appearance' at work the next morning, Sean's ass was on quite intimate terms with my cock. There wasn't a piece of furniture in the store we hadn't christened.


Morgan Grayson

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