It was on one of my sex-seeking adventures that I found the Tungsten Leather Shop. Having accepted my sexuality for what it was, I was pretty much constantly on the prowl for sex, with the goal of indulging myself at every opportunity. And when those opportunities didn't come along often enough, I went searching for them. I'm a Marine, stationed in San Diego and you would think there would be a lot of opportunities with all those hunky studs training and living together, but although there is a lot of sex talk and some horsing around, that's about it. The risk is too great.

The place was located in an old business district that had deteriorated into warehouses and off-beat shops and seedy bars. It was downstairs in the basement of a large brick and sandstone building that was in need of restoration but then that would've destroyed the charm of the place. I followed the smell of leather down the stairs till I found myself in a dimly lit dungeon. It looked like an old wine cellar, with low vaulted ceilings supported by massive arches and pillars. There was leather of every description everywhere; straps, chains, contraptions, clothing, slings, boots....there was hardly any wall space left.

'If you see anything you would like to try on, let me know,' someone said.

I turned to see a muscular man with his shaved head and a neatly trimmed moustache, wearing a leather harness and tight leather shorts. He definitely had the body for it.

'Thanks,' I said, eyeing him as he turned to walk away. There was no back to his shorts; his tight, round, smooth butt was sticking out deliciously. Yeah, he had the ass for those shorts, too. I was immediately engrossed in thoughts of how I could get my hands on him. But I resisted and went on to browse his shop. There were a dozen things that I would've liked to buy but there was no place to keep it in the barracks. I checked out a fine leather jockstrap with gleaming silver studs, with a pouch that unsnapped. Damn, I wish I had a place keep it. Towards the back of the shop was a doorway with a stairs leading up, different from the one I'd come down. A crudely lettered sign read 'Machine Shop.' I peered up the stairs but saw nothing but blackness at the top of the stairs.

'What's the Machine Shop?' I asked the man.

He controlled a tight smile and his eyes sparkled. 'That would be only if you're very interested in leather and all its connotations,' he said, sounding very mysterious.

I smiled, not a controlled smile. 'That doesn't tell me much,' I said. 'Is it something I should check out?'

He looked me up and down, his smile loosening up a little.

'You're military, right?' he said.


'I could tell.' Then with a nod toward the door, he said, 'Go on up, I think you could handle it. Tell Brandon to show you around.'

I made my way up the dark stairs, more feeling my way than seeing, till I reached the top where a tiny flickering light illuminated the entrance. The door at the top of the stairs looked like it belonged on a castle, or had been removed from one. I lifted the heavy knocker and dropped it twice. A moment later a man in his early thirties appeared at the door. He was handsome in a youngish, rugged manner, dressed in worn jeans, scuffed work boots and a plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up around his impressive biceps and open part way down the front, exposing some very impressive pecs and abs. Somehow I expected him to be in leather. He had tightly cropped hair that resembled a heavy five o'clock shadow which made him look all the more macho.

'Come in,' he greeted me warmly, holding the door open for me. 'I'm Brandon.'

'Hunter,' I said. 'The guy downstairs said you would show me around.'

'Happy to,' he said. 'Can I get you something to drink - coffee, tea, beer, wine, whiskey, you name it. Some say a good drink helps relax them their first trip.'

'Whiskey, then,' I said, wondering what he meant by first trip, and what it might entail.

He took me into an elegantly furnished anteroom that also looked like something from a castle and brought my drink over ice in a glass that must have cost as much as the premium whiskey.

'Would you like to hear about what we have to offer?' he asked.

'Yeah, I'm curious,' I said.

He began explaining his services.

'We have two levels of experience that we offer. The first is what I call the experimental level, which I recommend for your first visit. I can't recommend the second level till you've experienced the first, or unless you're into S&M.'

I blinked over my glass as I began to realize what I'd walked into; or at least had some idea. I was suddenly intrigued.

'I guess if I was going to try it, I would take your recommendation of the first level,' I said.

'Good. As soon as you finish your drink, I'll show you the machine shop and maybe we'll get you started. No hurry, of course. You can come back another time if you like.'

I drank the whiskey.

'I didn't mean to rush you,' he said.

'You didn't. I have a feeling I might need it,' I said.

'Well, then, come with me.' He showed me to a clinic-type room where he told me I could strip down for a flush. Again, I was taken aback that he wasn't showing me around the place; he was expecting that I was there to use his services, but maybe I'd led him to believe that. I was also a little surprised at his boldness about the flush, but I wasn't a stranger to it, so I didn't let that bother me. I'm experienced enough to know what he meant by a flush, although I didn't expect him to hang around. Not only did he hang around, he flushed me out himself. It was done with gentle professionalism that caused me no embarrassment. He gave me a towel to put around my waist but I put it over my shoulder instead and followed him to a stairway leading back down. He looked back at me with a smile on his face. Half way down the stairs I could see we were entering another dungeon similar to the leather shop. The dungeon was dimly lit, with the only lighting from sconces on the walls with flickering artificial candles. It was a warm effect. A large, confusing looking machine sat in the middle of the room, partially covered with a sheet. In front of it was another contraption, a thickly padded flexible, canvas sling version of a doctor's examining table, complete with stirrups and cuffs. It looked eerily comfortable.

'You can try out the sling if you like, get comfortable with it,' Brandon said, patting the thick canvas.

'First, I'd like to know exactly what your place and your services are all about,' I said. 'So far, you've been rather mysterious. I mean, I got flushed out, but I'm still not certain......' I waved toward the covered machine.

He laughed, making his washboard abs ripple. 'We do internal massage therapy,' he said. I must've had a totally blank look on my face. 'You get fucked by a dildo attached to a machine,' he explained.

'Oh,' I said, probably with a dumbfounded expression.

'Still interested?' he asked.

'I....I'm curious,' I said.

'Curious is as good as interested,' he said, and motioned to the sling.

I did as he said and with his assistance, climbed on the sling. My towel fell off and Brandon took it. My body conformed nicely to the form of the sling, my arms resting comfortably where Brandon placed them in armrests up over my head. He placed my legs in the leg rests and my feet in the stirrups and secured the straps around my ankles.

'You don't have a fear of being confined, do you?' he asked as he started to cuff my wrists.

'No, I don't think so,' I said.

'Wonderful.' And he cuffed my wrists. 'Now we have two levels of operation. One is manual, where you are in control. If you choose the manual, this yellow remote controls the penetration cycle. The green is the GO panel; it controls the massage cycle and the red controls the de-penetration cycle. It's all very simple. Then there is the automatic cycle, where I program the machine and you just lie back and let the machine take you through it. I recommended it. Here to your right is the STOP button. It has a cover over it so you can't hit it accidentally. If at any time you wish to sop the process, simply lift the cover and touch the button.'

'My wrists are cuffed,' I reminded him.

They cuffs are more for effect,' he said as he took my arm and pulled up on it, breaking the cuff. 'You're not seriously confined, you see.'

'Okay, but I think I'll let the machine do it,' I said.

'Great. You won't be sorry,' he said. 'There is also an aromatic feature where we provide an aroma of your choice to permeate the room and enhance your experience. You have a choice of floral, fruit, fresh rain, summer breeze, waterfall, winter forest, of if you're a down and dirty sort of guy we have the smell of a garage, a horse stable, or the smell of the locker room, complete with chlorine, sweat and musky jockstraps and other male aromas.'

'I live in a barracks, I'm used to male aromas,' I said.

'I love that one myself,' he said.

'I certainly wasn't expecting all of this,' I told him.

'Oh, I intend to take you beyond your expectations,' he assured me. He flipped a button and in a moment I could sense the smell of a locker room in the air. It was a good smell.

'Do you smell that?' he asked.

'Yes, it reminds of me of high school, and the barracks,' I said.

I lay and watched him push buttons, turn knobs and flip switches on a control panel on the wall. When he had it programmed he ripped open a packet of gel lube to apply to my ass. He lubed my butt and worked some up inside me.

'Mmmm, nice and snug. Not too tight. Muscular,' he said as he probed his finger around deep inside my ass. It felt good. Then he uncovered the end of the machine that was pointed toward me in the canvas sling, revealing a long shaft with an above average size dildo attached to the end. It wasn't at all menacing to me after some of the cocks I'd had; somehow I had expected the machine to be sporting something larger. He squirted a different kind of lube on the dildo and smeared it around.

'The dildo is very lifelike. It is equipped to dispense tiny amounts of lube throughout, so you will never be in need of lubricant,' he said.

'Sort of like precome,' I said.

'Exactly. And you will very definitely experience its orgasm at the end,' he said. He brought the shaft of the machine forward till the dildo touched my butt then made some adjustments, I supposed to tighten it in place.

'Are you ready?' he asked with a smile. I nodded. 'You are ready. Let's do it,' he said, stepping over to the control panel. He pushed a button, winked at me then turned the lights down and said, 'Enjoy' and left the room, pulling the heavy leather curtain closed behind him.

I waited but nothing happened. Then I heard a soft whirring sound and felt the dildo begin to move, every so lightly, against my butt. I tried to contain my excitement, even suppress it, for I wanted to let it build up. It rubbed against my skin in tiny circular motions, already creating a warm sensation. All the while, it continued to move forward, separating the crack of my butt, and gently prying my buns apart. It bore like a gentle tongue, drilling at me, reaching out for the portal it was destined and programmed to penetrate. I was getting anxious for it to find it's target; anxious for the second cycle to kick in, but I suspected it would be a long process and I tried to relax for the wait. I sighed when I finally felt it pushing against my hole. Sensing that it was on target, it shifted into another cycle and began to gently punch against my hole in tiny circular motions. I was still relaxed as it pursued its goal, beginning to stretch the spongy muscle surrounding my asshole. It stopped punching then pushed, so gently that I was barely aware of it till I began to feel the resistance of my asshole. I wanted it to hurry up; I wanted to push back against it but being restrained in the sling, I was unable to do so. It was the master and would have me in its own time. Finally, it reached the point of no return and no resistance. I was about to get punctured.

I couldn't believe the easy penetration. I was really relaxed, and ready. I barely winced as it began to shove through my hole, despite the size of the thing. It would be a long process, boring through the thick sphincter, too long for a wince. I simply lay there and let it happen, cringing as I bridled my excitement. Finally, my sphincter gave way completely and the firm, bulbous head was inside me. The machine shifted again, expanding its circular motions like a wand, at the same time thrusting in longer stokes as it went deeper, and I could imagine its bulbous head bobbing around as if it were searching for something in the warm blackness of my guts.

After a few probes it came in firm and deep, all the way in, as if on target; the balls smashing against my spread butt. It startled me a little. It settled deep inside me and throbbed and I let the vibrations surge all through me. I was a good bottom but this thing was really turning me on. Then it began to move again, back and forth, in and out through just my asshole at first, but in increasingly longer thrusts, fuckin me now. Suddenly I felt a new sensation of being filled tighter, stuffed, and realized that the cock was expanding! It was growing! Inside me! I lay with my mouth open, my eyes wide in amazement as it bore deeper and swelled to stretch my asshole even more. I wasn't expecting this and in a fleeting moment I wondered how big it would get; what if the machine malfunctioned. I almost broke the cuff on my right wrist so I could reach down to curl my fingers around the cover over the STOP button for reassurance. But I restrained myself. I would see first. The cock grew bigger and bigger, thicker and longer. I was no stranger to big cocks, but the dildo looked to be a good nine inches long sticking out from the shaft, and it was getting bigger!

'Whew!' I breathed quietly, wondering if I should stop it. I braved it out another minute, no more, as my ass was stretched almost beyond endurance and my insides begging for mercy, it was going so deep. Again, I thought about reaching for the STOP button. But if I did, the machine would shut down and the cycle would be over. I didn't.

Seconds later, the machine hummed softer and the expansion stopped. I couldn't judge how big it had gotten. I only knew it felt huge and it seemed to swell even bigger when it actually throbbed!! Then it began to move again. Out and in at first, using tiny strokes, then moving with ever longer strokes, slowly, till it was almost pulled out. It paused and tugged back, the thick, flanged rim of the head pulling at my asshole muscle till it popped free then it pushed back and fucked through my hole in short jabs. Another shift and it shoved back inside me all the way up to the balls, then it quivered and throbbed when they smashed against my butt. It waved around inside me like a thick wand, then pulled back and began to fuck me hard, and harder, like a pile driver, jarring me in the sling. I was.

Then I got another surprise. Suddenly I felt the contraption I was lying on begin to move, the stirrups begin to spread out, pulling my legs apart. It stopped before real fear set in. Soon my legs were spread nearly straight out to the side. Then the thing lunged and hammered and rammed into me, slamming like a punishment with every thrust. It bored itself deep and shuddered and hummed and then I felt it twisting around and moving back and forth in half-circle motions.

I moaned. I felt foolish, lying there by myself, moaning at a machine but it was so damned alive and human. It fucked me for a half hour or so, moving from one motion to the other, going through the complete long cycle at least a half dozen times. I was settled in to enjoy a steady fuck with no more surprises. Then I heard the machine make a noise and felt the cock pulling back out of me and moving to angle downward. I raised my head to see the shaft bending, like an elbow. It pulled the dildo back till only the head was in me and the elbow was bent, then it shoved back in at a sharp downward angle.

'Aawwhhh!' I gasped, then, 'Ohhhhhhh!' as it began fucking me.

It fucked me for twenty minutes or so then the arm was straightening till it was pumping straight into me. Then slowly, the arm began to bend downward, slowly, reversing the angle till it was thrusting upward. I no longer settled for a normal fuck that wasn't going to happen. This was going to be a roller coaster ride. I lay in full anticipation of the next response. But then it shifted into the fuck mode, and did it's magic, moving steadily through a series of machinations that I quickly became accustomed to. It was as if I were truly being fucked for the first time in my life.

Again, I was barely aware of it at first, but I realized that the table/sling was now rearranging my body again, the lower part lifting to bring my legs up in the air and spreading them out almost to the breaking point, at the same time, raising my knees up toward my chest. It didn't stop till it had brought my legs straight up over my upper body, till I was almost bent in half with my cock tilted toward my face, and all the while, the machine never missing a turn of its rotation cycle. It was driving me crazy, partly because I couldn't touch my cock with my wrists strapped in and I wanted to jack off so bad. Several times I strained against the cuffs to break the bond that held me but refrained. I didn't want to break the cycle. I would remain the machine's slave.

It was a struggle between me and the machine. I had no control over it; no way to slow it down or pause it so I could recoup and hold off. It was like I was fighting it, willing my climax down with each thrust. It won, of course. It was spreading my legs apart again, shoving them out to the sides as it fucked me. The elbow crooked downward, aiming the big cock at an upward angle, rubbing over my prostate.

'No....ohh, Godd,' I gasped. 'Ohhh...fuck me....Ohhh, fuck me FUCK ME, I'm gonna come!' Yeah, I was talking to the machine again. I swear, the thing understood. As the elbow slowly straightened, the cock moved in and out and each time it went in it rotated like a wand, hitting my prostate with each circular stroke. Fuck, it was gutting my guts! I wanted to put my hand over my mouth to stifle my outcry but I didn't break the bond. Suddenly the machine kicked into another gear with a loud, mechanical groan and began pounding my ass unmercifully. It fucked me harder and harder and I thought I felt the cock swell even bigger inside me. Then I felt the liquid heat of something shooting up inside me. The dam thing was coming!!!!

'Awwwhhh!' I moaned loudly. 'Ohhhh, fuck.....Awwww, yeah, fuck me!' I cried. The thing kept spurting its seed inside me; it felt like a steady stream being pumped in me with each thrust. Soon I felt it gushing out of my ass.

Then suddenly my cock exploded. The stuff shot out in long, thick ropes, all over me. It was an excruciating come, more so because I was unable to touch my cock. It and the machine were in total control. I opened my mouth to try to catch some of my own semen. I was successful in receiving three powerful blasts in my mouth; the rest of it splattered all over my face and chest and neck and shoulders. By the time I was drained and the machine had stopped gushing inside me, I was seeing stars.

I'd never had such wonderful sex in all my life. I lay exhausted, drained and even after I was drained the machine kept going places inside me as my body continued to convulse till I thought I would go out of my mind. It was almost like I was having a second, more excruciating orgasm. Only after it was sure, it seemed, that it had sucked every bit of pleasure out of me did it begin to wind down. Toward the end it paused, throbbed gently several times, and the dildo began to deflate. It remained embedded inside me for several minutes before it slowly pulled out of my ass, like a gentle lover. I lay a bit longer, gasping for breath, while I watched the damnedest thing......the big dildo kept throbbing, bobbing up and down, like it was doing a victory dance. I nearly dozed when Brandon came in.

'Well, how did you like it?' he asked as he began to un-strap me.

'You're gonna have to carry me out of here,' I said weakly. 'I've never so exhausted. I've never been so fucked.'

He laughed.

'I made a horrific mess,' I said.

'You were supposed to make a mess,' he said. 'We cover the machine and power-wash the place after every use. I could've put a condom on you. Some guys request it. But I think its better to go commando. You can go in the next room and shower if you like, then lie down for awhile and recuperate.'

I liked. I needed to recuperate. When I was showered, I stretched out on the cot and Brandon came in with another drink of something I couldn't identify. He said it would help get my juices flowing again so I could walk out under my own power and he wouldn't have to call 911.

Needless to say, I went back to The Machine Shop again the first chance I got. I checked in for a little rougher action that Brandon explained to me. I was bent forward and doubled over with my hands and knees strapped to a leather padded bench, helpless but to be brutalized by the male machine pounding my ass. It made loud, lonely noises with each thrust, the smell of sweat and semen was powerful. It was a pure and simple brutal fucking. The machine turned me into a blithering, begging, cum-spurting idiot.

The next trip, my third, Brandon strapped me onto the sling and brought down a suction cup to put on my cock. He attached a strap around my balls and the machine pulled on my balls in opposite directions while the cup sucked my cock. Two more suction cups alternately sucked and tugged on my tits. He lubed me up and manually used a dildo with raised bumps that nearly brutalized my prostate. He watched my ever reaction for any sign of distress. He pushed me to the limits of my endurance that even I did not know. I screamed when I shot off, while Brandon smiled with satisfaction.

I went back yet again, and this time I was greeted by a young attendant instead of Brandon. He was eighteen or nineteen, handsome to a fault, with a flawlessly muscled body that he showed off in pair of plain gray athletic shorts and nothing else. It turned out that he was Brandon's younger brother. I left it up to him which service I would receive. He put me in the sling then disengaged the shaft from the main frame, attached it to what looked like a giant power drill, and used the dildo on me like giant hand drill. He should've been in the oil fields; he was an expert at drilling. For the last part he reconnected it to the machine and tuned his attention to sucking my cock while the machine took over. I had my hands free to feel his smooth muscles and explore his shorts. I found a hardening, long hunk or meat.

'Why am I lying here being fucked with a dildo with this in the room?' I asked, squeezing his cock

'Would you rather have the real thing?' he asked.

'I think I would.'

'It may not be an exciting or pleasurable as the machine,' he said.

I ran my hand over his chest and stomach and felt his cock again. 'I think it will,' I said.

He pulled his shorts off and stepped between my legs. I gasped when he shoved his cock into me; not because it hurt, but because it was the real thing and it was attached to his incredible body. He fucked me while the machines sucked my cock and my tits and pulled on my balls. After a half hour or so, he pulled out, disconnected me.

'Let's do this like civilized men,' he said.

He took me to another room with a bed and practically made love to me for over two hours and I gave back in kind when he would let me, but he was mostly in charge. Despite the marvels of modern science and technology, there is nothing that can match the human machine.



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