I had to travel for business to train some customers to handle a new software that will be installed in their companies.

I met a very nice looking young man with long black hair from the EDP-Department who was very helpful with setting up the computers and organizing the training. As he was doing his job I couldn't take my eyes of him and he did realize that and smiled at me.

After I had finished my training he was still in his office and came to the training room to help with putting everything back into place. During the day I had already phoned my hotel and asked if I could stay for another night which was fine for them. I did that having in mind to invite this nice guy for an evening meal and then to find out if we could do more nice things together.

So, I asked him if I could invite him for a meal and he agreed. We then fixed our meeting for 6 pm at my hotel. He came and we found a nice restaurant and had a good meal. We talked about many different things during the meal and now it was obvious to me that he was at least as gay as I am. We soon came to these more private things and I told him frankly that I am gay and that I liked him very much.

'I'm gay as well but I haven't got a boyfriend at the moment and I do miss having sex with another guy. Of course I have some fun with myself but that is nothing in comparison to real sex.'

'What about having sex with me?' I asked. - 'I would love to have to.'

Before we left the restaurant I went to the toilet and got a package of condoms from the machine hanging there. We went back to my hotel and up into my room.

'Did you ever have sex in combination with shaving the other guy's or your own head?' I asked.

'No, that would be new for me.'

- 'I have the best fun if either I shave my head when I'm on my own or if the guy I have sex with shaves my head. If you like, you could shave my head and fuck me at the same time.'

- 'I'm not sure if I would like to have my head shaved.' - 'We don't have to do that, shave my head and see what happens and then you can decide how to continue.'

So we took off our clothes and I took two condoms and we put them over our penises which had got stiff and hard already. We went to the bathroom and under the shower. I started to rinse his hair with warm water and started shampooing his hair. He obviously enjoyed that and that was the right time to stand behind him and my penis went into his ass and I started with slow fucking movements continuing shampooing his hair. After a while we changed roles and now he was standing behind me shampooing my hair and I felt his penis getting inside me.

I felt his sperm coming and shooting into the condom he was wearing and I took of my condom after I had masturbated my penis and my sperm shot into both my hands and I added it to the shampoo in my hair.

We then rinsed our hair clean under the shower and I dried my hair a bit with a towel.

'I think now the time has come that you shave my head.' I said. I went to fetch the clipppe and when I came back I saw my friend in front of the mirror shampooing his hair again and as it was shampood all over he started to masturbate again.

'I like the shampoo in my hair and I would like to keep it shampood while I shave you head.' he said.

'Do as you like' I bowed my head over the sink and offered my ass to his penis. He had taken a new condom in the meantime and I felt him gliding inside me. I felt his penis getting harder and bigger inside me and then he took the clipper and started shaving my head carefully, too carefully in my opinion.

'You do realise that I want to be shaved completely bald?' I asked while I started to masturbate my penis under the sink. - 'Not really, it's quite unusual and strange to do that to a guy I like. You have got such nice hair and it would be a pity to shave it all off.' - 'Don't care about it, I really want to get rid of my hair.'

Now after I had insisted so much I felt the blade of the clipper on my skin and he screamed: 'I have shaved a line on the back of your head and I can see the skin.' - 'That's fine, go on with it.' I feld and saw my heair falling into the sink and my penis got harder and harder in my hands. The movements of his penis got faster as well and now he shaved my had with the clipper in one hand and shampooing his own head with his other hand.

It was a nice feeling having all these movements simultaneously: He fucking me up my ass, shaving my head and shampooing his hair and me masturbating my penis with both my hands.

After a few minutes he had got perfect in shaving my head clean all over my head with the clipper and as that was done he fucked me even harder and I caught my sperm for a second time and applied it on my shaved head and rubbed it into the skin of my head. He watched that with his mouth wide open and as I was shampooing my stubbles with my sperm he had his orgasm as well massaging my head with his hands.

'That was an extraordinary experience for me and now I can well imagine to have that done to me as well.' my new friend said. 'You can have it if you want; I'm ready to shave your head as well.' I answered. 'But I suggest that I give you a buzz cut first and then you van decide if you want to get rid of all your hair.'

'That's a good idea, let's start with it then.' he said. First thing I did then that I rinsed his hair with warm water over the sink and dried his hair with a towel as well. Then I massaged his head with its full hair for a last time and our penises got big and hard again. I put on the next condom and I made him stand in front of the mirror.

'I want you to see the change of your look you are going through. I will start at the back and sides of your head and you can tell me any time if you want me to stop. You then would only get a new haircut and not getting your head shaved.' I said. He agreed and so I adjusted the clipper down to 5 mm and started shaving the back of his head. I saw that his penis grew bigger in his hands and he said: 'I do like it, go on with it.'

I then shaved the back of his head down to 5mm and then made him look at himself from all sides. 'I still do like it, go on with it.' I then moved the clipper up to the middle of his head and gave him a Mohawk. His penis grew bigger again and he moved his hands faster. 'I still like it, go on with it.' Now I shaved off his Mohawk and soon the hair on his head had the same short length all over. I made him touch his short hair now with his hands and asked him: 'How do you like it? Do you want it shorter or shall we stop here?' - 'I do like it but it's not short enough yet, go on with it.'

I adjusted the clipper down to 3 mm and shaved his head all over again down to that length: My friend now was masturbating his penis heavily and mine was getting hard again and I slowly pushed it into his ass. When I had finished the 3 mm buzz cut I left my penis inside him and caressed his short hair with both hands. He let his own penis go and felt the short hair on his head. 'It's not short enough yet, go on with it and shave it down to the skin he said.

I took the adjustment off from the clipper and he his penis into his hands again. I started to shave his head now from the forehead backwards that he could see the skin appearing in the middle of his head now. His hands moved faster when he saw the skin on his head and my hand moved the clipper faster across his head as well until he was shaved down to the skin all over. I then fucked him very hard up his ass while he was masturbating. Before my orgasm came I pulled my penis out of his ass and took off the condom. My sperm ended in my hands and then on his head and his own sperm shooting out then as well landed on the same place and I massaged his skinny head with our sperm.

'Now we have to make our heads looking perfect.' I said and took him to the bathroom. There the shaving cream and the Headblade razor was waiting for us. I made my new friend kneeling down in front of me in the shower and said: 'Now take my penis in your mouth and your own one in your hands. Make them both grow big and hard.' He did very well and as my penis grew in his mouth I started covering his head with loads of shaving cream. Then I took the razor and the wheels of this wonderful razor went up the back of his head and shaved it clean. He was masturbating his penis and obviously enjoyed getting his head shaved clean, sucking my penis and having his own one in such a good condition.

Now the finish of shaving his head came closer. I now was shaving the top of his head against the grain until all stubbles had gone. I was close to the next orgasm and I took the clipper again and started shaving my body while my penis was still in his mouth. My body hair was falling down on his shaved head and when I shaved my hair off from my dick and balls I pulled my penis out of his mouth and my sperm landed on his shaved head and my body hair that covered his head. Some of my sperm ran down his face and he opened his mouth to get some of it.

Now it was my turn to get my head shaved clean. My new friend was very good in moving the Headblade razor all across my head while now his penis was in my mouth. I chewed on it and enjoyed the taste of the pre-cum very much. While my head was getting shaved and sucking his penis I started to shave my body with the razor. My penis got hard in my hands again when I shaved it clean and in the end my friend had his shot on my clean shaved head. All his sperm was running down my face and I opened my mouth wide to get as much as possible from it.

After that we were under the shower for a while and quite exhausted from all our orgasms we fell into bed and slept very well holding each other in our arms and caressing our shaved heads. In the morning we then started the new day with fucking each other up the ass while touching our shaved heads and enjoying that nice feeling.



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