Dante, was without a doubt one of the most sensual guys I ever encountered. He wasn’t the best looking man I had ever met, but he had a fragile quality that simply drove men crazy. He stood five-foot-six-inches tall and despite being nineteen-years-old, had the body of a sixteen-year-old. I would often observe him being ogled by guys in clubs or bars, with their eyes swimming with lust. He was well aware of this power and frequently played to it. He was like an alluring siren from Greek mythology and had an aura that was totally captivating.

After an accident as a child, he has lost his left eye but had an extremely well-made prosthetic replacement. The false eye was extremely realistic and not off-putting at all. If anything, it accentuated his waiflike vulnerability.

I knew I wasn’t his scene and to be honest, we liked the same kind of men. He, however, was a total bottom whereas I could be versatile, as and when the need arose. We got on very well and were often in each other’s company in the gay places that we frequented.

On a slow night at a bar one evening, I found myself in Danté’s company. When I decided to head home early, he asked if he could accompany me because the place he rented was close to my apartment.

Upon arriving in front of my home, he asked if he could pop in for some coffee. His former lover had just been transferred abroad and given these circumstances, they had mutually decided that a long distance relationship simply wouldn’t work.

After an hour-long visit, he surprised me by asking if he could stay the night. I agreed before we headed toward my bedroom. I was about to embark upon the most sensual experience of my entire life.

This boy was lethal. He mewed and whimpered like a damsel who had just become the prized possession of some conquering hero, and made me feel like the stud of the century.

When I finally entered his portal it felt like a pulsating sleeve as his fine turned arse muscles massaged my cock in a stimulating embrace. I had never felt, nor ever thought that a guy could use his backside in such an erotic manner. As I kissed him his warm mouth received mine with more passion than I had ever experienced before. His fervent teeth nibbled on my trembling lips with encouragement as I thrust my cock into his tantalizing body.

There was no end to his appetite and he unceasingly pleaded with me to satisfy his endless hunger. I fucked him with a determination, which I had never realized I was capable of, and my libido was tested to a higher level than ever before. I was like a man on the most potent sex drug. After two hours of mind-bending sex, I finally slumped onto him after having the best fuck of my life. With spine-tingling fervency, I kissed him before we finally fell asleep.

The following morning when he left, I supposed that this would only ever be a one-off incident. Some boys were born for absolute sexual gratification and he was the king of this club. One night with him was all that any average Joe like me was ever going to deserve.

I did encounter Danté over the next months after he had moved onto his next devotee. Our club and bar acquaintanceship did endure after our encounter and we always continued our friendly chats, when bumping into one another.

During this period, there was also a bit of a scene at a club that we all frequented when his current flame and an ex-lover almost came to blows. I am not sure what the final result of this episode was, because the two combatants were summarily evicted from the club.


A year or so later, I attended the same party as Danté one Saturday evening at the home of a friend named Kiki. Kiki was of Armenian extraction and his real name was Krikor. He was a really flamboyant queen and lived with his partner named James.

The home that Kiki and James lived in was a rambling architectural nightmare. It was huge and made up of a conglomeration of weird styles. James, however, loved the place and coming from a former poor neighbourhood he had grown up in, simply loved the sprawling mass of their home.

Danté’s closeted boyfriend was spending the evening with his parents and therefore, Danté attended the party on his own.

At the party, there was a really rough and extremely butch looking man, named Trigger. Trigger worked in a weapons store as a salesman and had a total obsession with guns. Trigger was a life-long friend of James and they had grown up in a very tough neighbourhood as best friends. When it came to ink, Trigger was literally festooned with tattoos. Around his neck, he had tattoos of an array of bullets, and on his forearms tattoos of various pistols and revolvers were on display.

Trigger was soon drawn to Danté and during the evening, they were seldom apart.

When I needed to have a piss later, the guest toilet was occupied. Kiki observed me waiting outside the guest loo and told me to move further along the passage and use one of many other guest bathrooms. I walked down the long passage and decided to use the bathroom at the far end.

As I entered, Danté was bent over with his arms anchoring his body on the toilet bowl and Trigger was solidly fucking him. I simply couldn’t help myself from staring at the spectacle before me. When I began to apologize, Trigger laughed and told me to lock the door and join them.

“What if someone else needs to use the bathroom?” I sheepishly asked.

“Then they must fuckin’ wait,” Trigger replied, matter-of-factly.

As I undressed I had a good look at Trigger and observed the rest of his arsenal of weaponry. What particularly fascinated me were the two rifles that he had tattooed on either side of his body. Both stretched from under his armpits down to slightly below his knees. All his tattoos were of incredible quality and had obviously been done by a master of his craft.

Trigger was also extremely verbal and continuously barked his commands. In contrast, Danté mewed like a contented kitten throughout the session that was to unfold.

“This arse of his should be declared a national treasure,” Trigger announced as he vigorously fucked Danté’s backside. “Have you ever fucked him before?”

“Yes… one lucky night a year ago,” I replied.

After nodding his head in full agreement, Trigger responded. “Get behind me and rim my fuckin’ arse.”

After bending his torso down over Danté’s body Trigger held still, awaiting my oral attention. As I commenced licking and prodding my tongue into his tight arse, Trigger sighed before gripping hold of Danté’s hair and growling, “Work your fuckin’ arse… milk my knob, bitch.”

As my oral action started escalating, which now also included Trigger’s balls, I felt his body slightly lifting. Entranced, I watched as his body moved upward and saw his long uncut dick evacuate Danté’s backside. My mouth instantly commenced lapping the underside of Trigger’s knob and Danté’s closing portal.

A short while later, Trigger again issued a new instruction when I was ordered to reinsert his cock into Danté twitching hole. I watched in awe as the long snake once more burrowed back into Danté’s orifice. Unperturbed, my ball and pucker licking exercise once more continued. The moans from Danté and growls from Trigger were mind-blowing.

After twice more repeating this procedure, Trigger lifted his torso and told me to stand up behind him. “Place your cock in my crack but don’t even think of fucking me,” he said, before continuing, “Now work my fuckin’ nipples hard,” he concluded as his torso lifted.

As I did so Trigger began to hammer Danté’s butt with gusto. “Milk my fuckin’ cock,” Trigger now began intoning in a lustful growl. As his body began to shudder and I manhandled his nipples and I knew that he was seeding Danté’s backside. Quickly moving aside afterward, Trigger instructed me to fuck Danté as hard as possible.

After a few minutes of my ballistic onslaught, Trigger gave me a hefty slap on my arse and told me to stop.

Next, moving in behind me and telling me to hold still, Trigger commenced pushing his dick into my backside. The sensation was incredible. With my knob locked in Danté’s pulsating portal, the added pleasure of having my own backside filled with nine-inches of uncut heaven was breath-taking. I was overstimulated at this point that I have to sadly admit that my cock began shooting a load into Danté’s hot arse within minutes.

As we all became unattached thereafter, and I started getting dressed, it was clear that Trigger was not yet done with Danté. It was also clear that I had served my purpose.

As I was about to depart, Danté was on his back and being solidly fucked by Trigger.

I did see them later that evening before I left for home.

During the following week, I phone Kiki to thank him for the wonderful evening I had spent at their home. I always like to wait a few days to give gravitas to my appreciation. As was my custom, therefore, I only called Kiki on Wednesday.

“Have you heard the gossip?” Kiki excited asked after my thank you.

“No,” I replied.

“Well… late on Sunday, Danté finally returned to his apartment after ignoring calls from his lover, and told Freddie, his lover, that he was moving out. After collecting his stuff he moved in with Trigger,” Kiki declared in a shrill gossipy manner.

“Wow,” I replied.

With this news, my brain went into overdrive. I had become totally fixated about my bathroom experience with Danté and Trigger and instantly wondered if I could possibly be lucky enough to enjoy another session with them.

Lying to Kiki, I decided to go for broke. I then mentioned that I was also phoning to get Danté’s phone number from him, making some lame excuse about some or other bit of information that I needed to get from Danté because of a conversation we had Kiki’s party.

Fortunately, Kiki did not take the conversation any further and I was relieved when he agreed to send Danté’s number to me. Minutes later, his communication arrived.

I was nervous as I looked at the phone number. The events at Kiki’s house had not been orchestrated by Danté and I was worried about the rejection that may follow. Bravely, I decided to take the bull by the horns and phone him.

“Hi, Danté, it’s Terry. I don’t know if you remember…” before I could finish my sentence he interrupted me.

“Sure I do. How are you, Terry?” he cordially replied, before impishly continuing, “Have you heard the news?”

“What news?” I inquiringly asked, playing along.

“I’ve moved in with Trigger,” he exulted in a camp cry of delight.

“What…? Are you serious?” I gasped, continuing the charade.

Danté now went into raptures about his Trigger, telling me in no uncertain terms that he had finally found the ‘love of his life.’

“God, I have never fucked more often or with such passion before,” Danté revelled, before resuming, “Christ, Terry, I totally worn out because he’s a complete animal,” he concluded with a girlish giggle.

“Well, he certainly is a very hot guy,” I chipped in encouragingly.

After calming down and with an air of surprise, Danté asked, “What can I do for you?”

“Well… we’ve known each other for quite a while,” I replied in the coolest voice I could muster, before resuming, “And I am rather embarrassed that I never invited you for dinner.”

“Dinner?” he answered, in a surprised tone.

“Sure. Apparently, I am a very good cook,” I replied with an awkward giggle.

“Wow, that sounds great,” he answered, before resuming. “When will that be?”

“Friday would be good for me,” I tamely suggested.

“Um, let me check with Trigger and get back to you. Goodness knows what his plans are this Friday,” he retorted in a prudent fashion.

“No problem,” I countered nonchalantly. “You’ve got my number and also know where I live.”

After the call ended I wondered if my invitation would amount to anything. Sure, I had joined in their fun at Kiki’s party, but maybe that had just been an opportunistic encounter.

Amazingly, five minutes later my phone rang. To my great relief the verdict was; “Sure, Trigger and I would love to come to dinner.”

That Wednesday and Thursday evening I planned the dinner meticulously. I wanted it to be spectacular.

If I may digress at this point; allow me to tell you about my mother who was quite simply the best cook I had ever met. In short, if anyone gave her their best recipe, well… she would improve on it. In my lifetime I would never need to buy a single cookbook. I had often helped my mom in the kitchen when I was growing up and when I moved out my parents’ home she presented me with a handwritten cookbook of culinary perfection. What made her gastronomic ‘masterpiece’ extra special, were the annotations that accompanied each recipe. Unlike normal recipe books, if a sauce or flavour was not up to standard, there were hints to guide you. The downside of my mother’s catering brilliance was that I was seldom impressed when eating out.

Having pulled out all the stops when my guests arrived at seven on Friday evening, they were blown away. Not only did the table look spectacular, but the meal was exceptional. Both Danté and Trigger could not stop raving.

After dinner as Danté and I cleared the table, Trigger moved through to the lounge. My heart leaped for joy as I observed him disrobing and sitting naked on the sofa.

Upon joining him he was casually toying with his dick. “Jesus… Terry, this was one of the best meals I have ever eaten.”

With a salacious look on his face and as if using his dick as a bribe, he then asked, “Can we visit you regularly for dinner?”

With a smile, I replied, “Sure, whenever you like.”

“Why don’t we start our own special club?” Trigger then said earnestly.

“What club do you have in mind?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“Why don’t we call it the; ‘The Friday Night Supper Club?’” he replied with a snigger, before resuming, “Naturally, we’ll happily contribute to the food and drink as long as you do all the cooking.”

Looking at his naked body I was about to scream that no contribution would be necessary at all, instead, however, I nodded and told him that I would gladly participate in this arrangement. To my further delight, Danté also enthusiastically concurred.

With a horny grin, Trigger then resumed, “I’m even prepared to be the master of ceremonies for the after-dinner entertainment.” We all had a good laugh at his suggestion.

“Why aren’t you boys naked yet?” Trigger then announced, with a faux stern look on his face. In a flash, Danté and I had disposed of our clothing.

Next, Danté threw his arms around my neck and began passionately kissing me. All I had thought about for the past week was sticking my dick into Danté’s incredible arse again. As I tightly held his body, my fingers moved into his crack before I commenced stroking his butt-hole.

“Ooh… looks like our boy, Terry, wants to fuck your magic arse, Danté,” Trigger exclaimed.

Our ‘MC’ now took control of the action. After lying sideways on the sofa, Danté was instructed to kneel down next to Trigger and suck his knob. I was also given my orders to kneel behind Danté and fuck his arse.

Trigger soon had control of Danté’s head and commenced skull-fucking him meaningfully. It looked somewhat aggressive to me, but as I would later learn, Danté absolutely loved it.

Danté wasn’t into the ‘whips and chains’ thing, but he liked his men on the rough side. Having his arse and face slapped was acceptable, as long as it didn’t become too frenetic.

As I watched the face-fucking unfold before me, my cock was again being treated to one of the anal highlights of a lifetime. To add to my pleasure, the grunts and groans emanating from my two abettors elevated my ecstasy to a higher plain and I couldn’t believe what a fantastic Friday night I was having. The ‘Friday Night Supper Club’ was certainly meeting with my full approval.

Normally, I would have been stressed by Danté’s snorts, but I got a distinct impression that he loved his ‘torment.’ He had obviously been well trained in the preceding week by Trigger. As Danté’s head was continually raised up and down and slapped as Trigger gripped him by the hair, I fully understood that they were totally in sync. The slaps were not extreme but meaningful. Besides my observations, the pulsating treatment my dick was enjoying as a result totally negated all my concern.

Danté’s ability to deal with the continued lack of air as his face was fucked sturdily was mesmerizing. Not only did he have a magic arse, but he also dealt unbelievably well with oxygen deprivation. In short, he was the ultimate bitch for an uber-male.

Trigger shortly got off the sofa and moved in behind me. “Hold still,” he then commanded me.

After he had entered my backside he said, “Just relax and let me supply the momentum.”

Once more, the double stimulation blew my mind. As Trigger got a steady rhythm going the pleasure I was experiencing just seemed to escalate and I would happily have remained in that position for the rest of the evening. Regrettably, however, Danté’s twitching manhole got the upper hand.

When I began to grunt feverishly, Trigger really hammered my backside and my release was incredible!

In an instant, my body was pulled off Danté, before Trigger swiftly entered Danté’s arse.

“Get behind me and rim my fuckin’ hole, Terry.”

I did as I was told and hungrily attacked Trigger’s manhole. Once more Trigger’s groans and Danté’s whimpers treated my ears to a symphony of lust. As had happened the week before, Trigger again kept sliding his cock in and out of Danté’s hole and instructing me to lap on the underside of his dick, before once more ordering me to reinsert into Danté’s hot arse. Magically, this scene played itself out over and over again, for the twenty minutes.

After Trigger had finally cum, I was told to feast on Danté’s hole. As I did so I re-enacted the same rimming procedure that I had performed on Trigger and before long, Danté and I got into a sixty-nine position on the floor, with me on top of Danté.

When Danté finally came, we stood up and joined Trigger who was sipping on a beer.

Upon arriving in my bedroom an hour later, Trigger lay at the edge of the bed and told Danté to climb on and face him. As Danté commenced riding Trigger’s dick, Tigger pulled Danté’s torso downward and clamped his body.

“Now, let’s find out what this magic arse can do with two dicks, Terry?” Trigger barked.

Danté began to whimper his dissent, but it was clear that his protestations were hollow and lacked any real meaning. Danté’s repertoire fully encompassed the ‘damsel in distress’ approach and he loved the effect that this had on dominant men. He, however, knew that it heightened alpha men to higher levels of excitement.

As my cock burrowed in next to Trigger’s dick, I felt an exhilaration that I had never before experienced. I had never double-fucked anyone before and the sensation was just fuckin’ awesome.

The next ten minutes were beyond mindboggling as Trigger and my knobs compacted together in Danté’s enchanted portal. The groans from Danté egged us on like Argonauts in pursuit on the Golden Fleece. Miraculously, both our cocks exploded in unison as we gushed in celebration.

As the three of us finally lay next to one another thereafter, with Danté between us, Trigger shortly fell sound asleep. He had mentioned that he had worked very hard that day and was exhausted after a day of heavy toil.

Joyfully, after he had drifted off, Danté soon turned his back towards me and commenced wriggling his bewitching arse against my knob.

For the following thirty minutes, I languidly fucked Danté before we both also succumbed to dreamland.

The following morning I got up early and began preparing our breakfast. The night before, they had mentioned that they needed to be on their way reasonably early.

After a hearty breakfast, we all had a final hug and fondle at my front door. As I watched the two of them leave, I knew that the next six days we’re going to be the longest of my life.

“See you on Friday,” Danté impishly said as he waved goodbye.


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