This is a true story, names have been changed to protect privacy

My name is Jason and this story dates back about 2 years. I was a junior at a small liberal arts university in the American Midwest. I had just transferred to this school from a larger state university that had a terrible program for my field of study. As a transfer student with limited means, I was assigned to the freshman dormitory. The university felt this appropriate since I was new to the school and the freshman were new to college in general, but I digress.

My roommate's name was Brandon and he was recruited on a basketball scholarship. Now I'm not a bad looking guy (a tad on the short side maybe). I'm 21, 5'8", 155 lbs, lean, toned but not defined, smooth, green eyes with blond hair. Perhaps slightly more important I'm 7" long, cut, and of average girth. This guy completely blew me out of the water. He's 18, 6'6", 210 lbs, lean, muscularly defined beyond belief, smooth, blue eyes with blond hair. His most impressive asset was between his legs. 7" cut soft. In my impartial ;) opinion the concept of Adonis had nothing on him.

Prior to my arrival, I contacted the Residency office to get permission to move in early. They said it wasn't a problem as my roommate had already moved in. I then went through the tedious process of moving my things up four floors of stairs (no elevator) and have everything piled outside my room. Up to this point I haven't heard a sound from inside so I figured that Brandon is out and about. I turn the key and walk in to get settled. The first thing I lay eyes on is Brandon's naked form fast asleep in the arms of some girl. Obviously they had been having sex only a short while ago, because his dick was still in her.

After a moment or so of gaping, I went over to his bed and pulled a blanket over him and her. Then I tapped him on the shoulder a few times till he woke up. The girl also wakes up to see me, and literally squeaks in embarrassment. She tosses on her underwear, grabs her clothes and flees the room. "Umm, Hi, I'm Jason your roommate. Res Life said they would let you know that I was moving in early. Sorry about walking in on you like that, I didn't think you were here." He tosses off the blanket and sits up on his bed apparently completely at ease with the fact that he is naked in front of someone he met not 5 minutes ago.

Now I considered myself to be bisexual at that point and was doing my level best to drink in the sight of him without being too obvious about it. Watching his chiseled form move was starting to make me get hard (Thank God I was holding a box at waist level). "No big dude, we're both guys and its nothing we haven't seen before. My name's Brandon by the way, nice to meet you" "Likewise I'm sure" I responded while mentally screaming at myself to calm down. "Let me help you with those boxes," he offered. He got up still naked with his dick swinging as he walked to the hall and grabbed some of my stuff.

"Thanks dude, this building is a beast without an elevator." "Don't I know it, but its the oldest building on campus so they give it to us freshman." "Oh, not a freshman here, I just transferred in as a junior. They have better teachers and curriculum here." "Ah, got it, got it," he says as he bend over and I get perfect view of his tight ass. Man, I wanted him so bad but he was obviously straight and I wasn't out in any sense about hooking up with guys occasionally.

Fast forward two weeks, and we had become fast friends. We settled down into a routine between classes, activities and athletic events. He wasn't the sharpest when it came to his school work, but I think nearly every girl on campus wanted him. He'd bring back a different one every night without fail. He asked if I cared, but I told him I was a deep sleeper (A little white lie...) so it didn't matter as long as I wasn't awake when he got back with her. Once they got into it, I'd crack my eyes open and watch them fuck. He had amazing stamina and his dick was the biggest I'd ever seen!

The girls would moan so loudly at times that he'd cover their faces with pillows. I found out quickly that he didn't care for condoms since he was too big for most that you find at the market and didn't like spending the money for something more suited to him. I was perfectly alright with it, because watching a girl dismount from his dick would get me a raging hard on that I would have to jerk off. I'd watch his massive pulsing shaft standing straight in the air, glistening with her juices and his.

This continued for a solid two months till about mid-terms. I was walking in from the quad when I overheard a group of girls gossiping about just how big he was. The one he had fucked the night before said that she had measured him at 13 inches and that she was so tight around him that she'd cum with nearly every thrust of his. I was rocked to my core and I'm pretty sure my mouth was watering as I pictured him in my mind. I rushed up to my room hoping to jerk-off while he was in class. As I ran in, I barely registered the fact that his computer screen was on.

I locked the room and got under my blankets. I'm getting closer and closer to my climax, and then I hear the door click. My awareness gets shocked back into the present and I know that I have an obvious tent under the sheet. He walks in with a towel around him and his bath caddy. I'm becoming more and more red with every second. "Dude, I know what you were doing, I'd just jacked off a few minutes ago cuz that last girl couldn't get me off. That's why I needed a shower just now." My embarrassment subsided somewhat and I asked, "What was wrong with her?" "Every time I'd go into her, she'd go wild and start kicking, screaming, and slapping.

Normally I don't mind but she was too much. But now that I think about it, I could probably use another jacking, mind if I join you?" I couldn't believe my ears, "What?!" "Its no big, we all need to give ourselves some attention now and again. I'll go pop some porn in." He picked out some video with girls squirting (I could barely think straight out of shock). He took off his towel and pull his chair over next to me. He was already semi hard "Brandon, I hope you don't mind my asking, but how big are you, bro? That is the biggest dick I've ever seen including porn stars!" "Haha, its cool, I've got 13 inches here, all natural too." The movie got going and we both focused on the porn.

I kept sneaking peeks at his incredible dick and his rock hard abs as they kept flexing with his breathing. I kept going till I shot my load all over my chest and I even got a shot up to my mouth. "Haha, nice aim Jason. You like the taste of jizz? JK, JK!" I laughed off the comment. "Now its your turn, bastard! Let see you do me better!" I really didn't care but it was an excuse for me to watch him openly without being called a homo or something. His breathing became deeper and I gazed longingly as his cock tensed up. Within seconds he was firing off massive streams of white gold from his raging cock.

Each shot landed on his abs/pecs and 10 shots later he was fairly coated in his warm cum. "Holy Fuck! No wonder all the girls chase after you!" He just smiled sheepishly and reached for his towel. You have absolutely no idea how badly I wanted to lick the cum off his chest and to suck him dry... but through nearly super human feat of self control I held myself back.

Following mid-terms, we became very decidedly open with each other. We'd bounce our experiences and exploits off of each other. One particular night, I was avidly watching him fuck his latest conquest through slitted eyes and jerking off. As I was watching I felt a peculiar sensation like I was being watched. I tried to turn my head subtly towards the source of the sensation and then I heard "OMFG! I think your fucking roommate's watching us!" The girl jumped off him and ran out of the room. I barely noticed this as I thought that my entire world was coming to a rapid end. I'd been exposed and worse would be spoken of all across our campus as a total creep. I kept trying to plan futile excuses in my mind, when I heard the lock click shut.

Brandon walked over to me, his fully erect cock mere inches from my mouth as I continued to feign sleep. In mind's eye, I could see it throbbing so close to me and I could smell the manly scent wafting from him. "Jason, I know you're awake, I've known for a while now." My eyes snapped open to see him staring at me with an intensity in his eyes that I had never seen there before. "I've seen the way you look at me you know," he said with his voice low, " You try to hide it but when we are in here with each other, I can see the wheels spinning in your head that you hide from everyone else. Is this what you want?" He waved his dick in my face.

This was the moment, my mind said, "You've lost everything else at this school but at least you can get this much before you go." With that thought resonating between my ears, I let all my inhibitions go and reached out for his shaft. I felt him boring holes into me with his eyes as I grabbed him, squeezed tight, and pulled him closer. I opened my mouth wide and swallowed his entire head. I heard his sudden intake of breath but I was not going to lose this. I immediately started running my tongue all over his enormous mushroom shaped head paying particular attention just underneath his head and his slit. My hand, though awkwardly positioned started jerking him hard and fast.

He groaned slightly as I pumped him and I chanced looking back up at him. He had an encouraging smile on his face and he started to rub his hands gently through my hair. "I never knew a guy could do this for me better than a girl. Your mouth is amazing." I continued to lavish his cock with attention and used my free hand to gesticulate in such a way that he understood that I wanted him to climb on to my bed. My cock was beyond hard at this point without me touching it, I had the cock of my beautiful roommate in my mouth and I was giving him the pleasure he wanted. He reached behind him to grab my cock and start vigorously stroking me.

This would've made me moan with pleasure but my mouth was completely filled with Brandon's pulsing meat, so in lieu of moaning I swallowed as much of his cock as I could manage. I ate 7 inches of his delicious meat and felt an additional thrill as he started face fucking me to get more of himself down my warm and inviting throat. The combo of him making me deep throat him while simultaneously jerking me was too much. My back arched as I fired off my most spectacular load of jizz with such force that I coated most of his back in my warm seed. As my lips locked around him even more tightly, I felt the tension shoot up his dick and within seconds he was blasting shot after shot of cum into my receptive mouth.

This boy could produce, I swallowed 3 times and still he kept pouring himself into my mouth in what seemed an endless stream of salty goodness. Finally he seemed to subside and I let go of his dick after relieving him of every drop I could coax out. He had a broad grin on his face as he leaned down and kissed me. We swapped his cum back and forth as we tongue wrestled.

"That was the best blowjob I've ever gotten." He said to me when we finally uncoupled our tongues. "And you've got the best cock, I've ever sucked." I said as I reached down to gently stroke his still firm dick. I felt him get harder under my hand and I kissed him on his nipples alternating every few seconds to keep him at his peak. " Fuck me," I whispered to him, "Please, I've waited too long for you." I once again swallowed him just to lube him up a bit. After a moment he pulled out and used his dickhead to play with my asshole. He took position above me like he was going to do push ups and I used my hand to guide his now rock hard prong to my warm man-pussy. He pushed his head into me and I thought I would faint from pain. In our eagerness, he hadn't stretched me out and he was the most massive guy I'd ever been with.

But he didn't seem to realize that he was hurting me, absorbed as he was in the sensation of my ass closing around his dick. As he started to move a couple more inches in I told him to slow down and hold after every 2 inches because he was too big for me to handle otherwise. He was in his element and didn't want to slow down the pleasure that he was getting but he nodded his acceptance of my request. Eventually he had buried more than a foot of cock into my ass and I could feel my muscles working to squeeze the life out of him. My every twitch made his dick feel something exceedingly intense in terms of pressure being applied to him.

"I can handle it now just fuck the living daylights out of me!" I demanded while in the grips of intense pleasure. He started out slowly and as he built speed, I felt him gliding over my G-spot. His every thrust into me brought me to the verge of cumming. I begged for more and he shoved a pillow into my face. I must have been louder than I thought. He increased pace and it felt like a jack hammer was being unleashed in my ass. Without warning and in the throes of exquisite ecstasy, I came hard enough to hit his chin and my mouth. I was nearly delirious with please as I saw him tighten up and felt his dick grow even larger inside me.

My ass closed around him like a vice. "I'm fucking cumming!" he said as his first shot hit my anal walls like a gunshot. Shot after shot of his ivory juices poured out into me with such rampant force and succession that my ass began to overflow. He quietly laughed to himself and bent down to kiss my mouth clean of my own cum. He began to pull out but I couldn't deal with the thought of feeling hollowed out by his absence. I clutched his ass and pushed him back inside me. "Its OK, I won't go anywhere if this is where you want me, Jason. Thank you for giving me the best night of my life." We quickly subsided to sleep. The following morning we woke up entwined with each other on my bed. I kissed him awake and he fucked me again. "Morning wood" he said with a wink. He left me to go shower.

This is when reality caught up to me again. I had just had the most incredible sexual experience of my life and here I was going to lose it because I had to move. I couldn't deal with the thought of facing my floor mates and just quickly began packing with no goal other than a hasty departure from the school. I was nearly finished when Brandon came back in. His eyes widened at the sight of my boxes everywhere. "Where do you think you're going?!" "Bro, last night was the most amazing of my life and while I'll never ever forget it, people here will make my life hell!" "What cuz of Tina (the girl from last night)?! Nobody'll believe her, I'll see to that right now." "Brandon don't do something stupid, I don't want you to ruin yourself over my account."

"Drop the boxes or I'll kick your ass up and down the hall! Come to the Cafeteria in 2 hours and you'll see just what I mean." I decided to humor him while I arranged for some movers to come help me. Imagine my surprise when I went to the cafeteria, only to be nearly knocked over by Tina, who was running out with tears streaming down her eyes. "What did he do?" I thought to myself. I walked in, no one said a word or so much as gave me a sideways glance. It seemed business as usual. I went to sit with a couple of my friends, when Brandon waved me over to the table with his jock friends.

I pulled a seat over and joined them. "Did you see what just happened?" asked Brayden, a mutual friend of ours. "Not at all," I said. "Brandon just exposed her as the worst lay he had ever had and called her out for being a total slut, which we said too since we've all had her at one point or another. She went flying out of here like a bat out of hell!" I glared at Brandon and he simply smiled idyllically.

When we got back to the room after lunch, I turned on him. "How could you do that to her?!" "Calm down, its 100% true and this way no one is talking about you and me AND no one will ever believe anything she has to say. Now you have no excuse to leave here and me!" I laughed out loud and said, "You had that much fun did you?" "Jason, I felt things last night that I never thought existed and I'm not going to lose that, no matter the cost. Its going to be you and me from now on" "Awwww come here you horny romantic fuck."

We shared the remainder of the semester fucking every chance we could get. At the end of term, I opted to get an off campus apartment and Brandon decided to join me. Its been 2 years and the sex is still incredible. Brandon fulfills my every need and I do my best for him. I even ended up going to grad school here just so I could stay with him.

No End In Sight

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