We first met them for dinner at a restaurant near the coast, after the exchange of a few emails on an adult site. My wife and I were nervous, which one of us more so I couldn't be sure. We had talked about doing this on several occasions after I confessed my bisexuality two years ago.

It had been a difficult two years as she gradually came to terms with the bombshell I exploded, but our feelings for each other are strong and our love survived. We had decided, if I am to act on the urges inside my body, that she should be part of it. I think she has become intrigued with intimacy with another couple. She's still as lovely at age forty-two as the day I met her, and I workout three times a week to keep up.

We got to the restaurant early. I spotted them the instant they walked in. About the same age and physical description, we had exchanged pictures on the Internet. My heartbeat sped up at that moment.

John followed his wife, Linda, to where we were waiting. She seemed to be the more out-going of the two. After we introduced ourselves, we were escorted to our table.

'First time for you guys, huh?' I say after we order our meal.

John nods and Linda smiles.

'I've fantasized about being with a woman since college,' she says, staring provocatively at my wife, who blushes and starts toying with her napkin.

'You've never been with a man?' I ask John.

He shakes his head, seems to need more time to settle into what we are talking about doing, though I detect a certain eagerness in his breathing.

'Just once for me,' I say, 'before Jean and I got married. Thought it was just a phase I'd forget about as I got older.'

'I think about every time I work out in the gym,' he says, then glances at his wife.

As we talk, the apprehension slowly begins to fade. None of us have done this before, which elevates the unease along with the excitement of doing something taboo. I feel tingles on my skin. Eventually my wife joins the conversation. We all begin to feel more comfortable with each other, like we have something very unique in common. We're there three hours before we realize how much time has passed. I'm utterly turned-on by John and it seems my wife is looking at Jean differently, like she's intrigued by our reason for being there, or maybe trying to imagine what it would be like to touch her. Before we part ways, we agree to meet at their house Friday night.

Nothing much is said about it around our house for the rest of the week. Come Friday night, I find Jean in the bedroom trying to decide what to wear. I notice she has shaved and trimmed her pubic hair. It's her underwear she's most concerned about. I watch her fasten a lacy bra and pull on a pair of matching panties, then look at herself in the mirror. She looks good. The shear panties provide a tantalizing outline of her pussy. She seems satisfied and gets dressed. We're walking up the steps to a strange front porch thirty minutes later, nervous all over again, wondering how a night like this would unfold.

After a couple of drinks, we're comfortable again, though still a bit anxious. Linda suggests we go to the bedroom, and Jean and I follow them in. The room is large and lit with candles. Soft music is coming from the CD player. I feel awkward, as does everyone else but Linda. She takes the initiative and approaches my wife. While Jean stands frozen, John and I watch Linda undress her. We're both breathing faster when we see her standing there nude.

Perhaps I didn't really think about what I should expect. Her eyes were closed. Her breasts were rising heavily on each breath. Linda's hands were exploring her body, caressing her nipples, finding their way down between her legs. My wife gasped.

I see John getting undressed, smell the masculine fragrance wafting from his underarms. Within seconds he's naked, erect, looking at me. He approaches, places his hand on my shoulder, reaches for the buttons of my shirt and begins taking my clothes off. I feel my pants and underwear slide down my legs. He's on his knees pulling the clothes from my feet. I feel him looking at me, his eyes fixed on my cock. I feel him fondling and squeezing my balls, cupping them, and then he stands and is looking into my eyes. Next comes the kiss.

Tentative at first, then wetter by degrees. My mind leaves the rest of the world behind. His mouth is devouring mine, and mine his, tongues clashing and pushing into the other's mouth, a kiss like I've never known. He places his hands on my arm and guides me to the bed, the kiss lingering with unending hunger. I'm on my back and he straddles me and I feel my cock in the heat of his crack. The kiss breaks and his lips trail over the side of my face, down my neck, over my chest and linger on my nipples. My armpits are damp, my cock is hot and throbbing. I look at my wife, amaze to see Linda on her knees, nuzzling and licking my wife's pussy, her hands on the side of Linda's head, puller her closer.

'They look good together,' whispers John, a hot breath on my ear.

'Yes,' I say, returning my gaze to his dark, hungry eyes.

'So do we,' he whispers, kissing me again.

The two women are suddenly on the bed next to us. My wife is on her knees straddling Linda's head, facing her feet, pressing her ass on Linda's face, drawing her fingers up through the glistening lips between Linda's legs. Everything is making my heart race faster. I hear moaning and detect the smell of female scent, suddenly aware of John's warm wet lips engulfing my cock. His finger finds its way into my crack. I draw up my knees and feel it stroke my anus. John's body shifts and his knee comes over my head, his balls dangling just over my nose. The smell of his loins engulfs me, stiffens me, delivers messages to every part of my body. I grab his hips and pull him lower and lap at his anus, lost in the heat on my face and the taste of another man. I get my hand between his legs and take hold of him, squeezing the firm member, relishing the warm diameter in my hand. I run my thumb over the tiny hole and a drop of semen makes it slippery. I caress the glans, meaty and swollen, and feel the groan rumble within John's throat.

My wife's fingers are working in and out of Linda's shaved pussy. Linda screams and her body spasms and my wife leans forward and buries her face between her legs. John is on his knees, lifting my legs up on his shoulders and I'm aching for what he wants to do. He reaches for the lube on the table beside the bed. It feels cool on my anus, then I feel his finger go in, slowly at first, then deeper and deeper. He finds my prostate, strokes it gently, sends maddening waves of pleasure throughout my body. I feel my anus gripping hard on his finger as it works in and out, not wanting to let it go, feeling it go deeper. Then two fingers and I feel the stretching. The pain evolve into a blissful ecstasy. He pushes them in and pulls them out until my anus is gaping.

Then the nudge, the head of his cock working its way in, forcing my anus to open even wider. God, it feels good, this connection, this intimacy with another man. It pushes through and I gasp, the pain unexpected. Sweat forms on my forehead and neck. My body tenses, then relaxes, I feel John's cock pushing further in. The pain dissolves and my body melts with pleasure. I belong to him. Now I know how a woman feels to have a man's cock in her ass, warm, filling, the most satisfying sensation I ever felt. As it moves slowly in and out, I reach down and take my cock and jack it off. I feel my balls slapping against John's pubic hair. He begins pushing in faster and soon he's pounding me with abandon. I can't believe how good it feels, the heat of his body against the back of my legs, his pubic hair crushing against my balls.

I feel his arms wrap hard around my legs. His body tenses as I jerk my cock harder and faster. He's pushing against me, pushing his cock in as far as he can, and I feel him explode inside me. I feel the throbbing, the semen coming in endless spurts, and those waves of pleasure well up throughout my lower body. My cock throbs in my hand. Warm spurts of semen land on my chest and belly, then run in rivulets down over my ribs. My cock goes soft in my hand and John collapses on top of me.

Nothing has ever felt like this. How long the need lay aching inside of me. I think about my wife, who is now laying quietly in her new friend's arms, seemingly a peace with what we have done. The smell of sex lays heavy in the air, the smell of sweaty bodies, both masculine and feminine, at peace on the damp sheet. I feel close to this pair of new friends, like they have become an important part of my life, of our lives. I feel close to my wife, closer than I ever have, in that she has willingly shared this with me, in that we have shared it together. A long while passes before I realize John is sitting up next to me, staring at Jean. His cock is hard again.

'Are you willing to share your wife?' he asks me.

I look at her, instantly turned on by the thought of seeing another man fuck her. She sits up and looks at me and I see a slightly reserved willingness on her face.

'It's up to her,' I say and watch her eyes shift to John, then drop to his stiff prick.

He gets off the bed and the three of us watch him walk into the bathroom. He comes back out with a damp cloth, wiping the remnants of sex off his shaft. After he positions my wife on her hands and knees, he gets on the bed behind her with the tube of lubricant. I realize he plans to fuck her in the ass.

Gooseflesh races across my skin when I see his finger disappear inside her anus. I'm seeing what he, just moments before, had done to me. In and out as my wife's hips moved back and forth and set up an enticing rhythm. Up on his knees, his cock in hand, he takes aim at the swollen hole. She reaches back between her legs and massages her pussy. As skeptical as she was when we first talked about doing this, I'm surprised to see her so receptive, so eager.

She's moaning now as John's cock pushes through. She drops down on her elbows, the top of her head resting on the bed. I can hardly believe what I'm seeing, her ass up in the air and inviting, her breath coming hard. I watch the cock sink in deeper and feel my own increasing its weight. Jean's hand displaces my wife's on her pussy, rubbing it, pulling at the clit, pushing her fingers inside. My wife is writhing and moaning. I join in on her nipples, pinching them, they are hard shriveled peaks. Maneuvering my head under her, our lips meet and we begin to devour each other's mouth, all the while Linda's fingers doing their magic and John pumping in and out of her ass.

My wife arches her back and throws her head back. Her eyes close and she lets out a squeal. I watch her body go tense and then shudder. Then she sinks down on her belly, whimpering, me stroking her hair. I have not seen her climax like this before. I love her more than I ever have, love the two in bed with us who participated in it. In the course of one evening, they have become part of us, part of our lives.

Leaning back against the headboard, reflecting on what has taken place, my eyes explore the three bodies beside me as I jack-off absentmindedly. John has stretched out on the bed with my wife in his arms. I stare at the two mounds of his ass, fleshy and firm, divided so provocatively by the rift darkened by black hair. Linda moves closer and straddles my hips, then lowers herself on my cock. I feel it sink in, feel the wetness and engulfing warm. She reaches back at takes hold of my balls, crushes them against her ass and begins rocking back and forth. We've become four people with like-minds, hidden away from judgment behind the privacy of these bedroom walls. Linda's pussy muscles flex on my cock as she climaxes again, moving faster now and bringing me back to the point of no return. What little I have left spurts out inside her.

Later, in the den, still naked, sitting on the sofa and side-chairs, John brings in a bottle of wine. For a while we're quiet, reflective, contemplating the connection that's formed between us. Eventually a discussion begins.

'This feels good,' say Linda. 'I like being with you guys, even like this, just being together in the aftermath.'

'It was better than I anticipated,' I say.

My wife is more reflective. She listens quietly. I have the impression this experience was a surprising revelation for her.

We go on with our conversation, vow to remain monogamous, just the four of us, so that we can enjoy each other with abandon. We talk about how we feel, about the way it affected us, and plan for a night together once a week. We planned a long weekend at the beach. After two bottles of wine, our new friends are saying good-bye to us at the front door.

'Did it bother you seeing me get fucked by another man?' I ask my wife on the way home.

She looks at me for a moment and sighs. 'No. I thought it was beautiful. It looked like part of who you are. It turned me on.' A few moments later she added: 'I'm just glad I shared it with you.'


Martin Brant

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