This is a true story that happened in May of my senior year of high school. Hope you enjoy!

It was a Friday night and I was sitting in my kitchen, and I was playing supervisor to my sister’s party. It was now 12 am and I was waiting for a few stragglers to leave. My sister was also leaving to spend the night at a friend’s house, which means I was able to sleep in peace without her blasting rap music throughout the house. Or so I thought.

As the last people left, I said goodbye to my sister as she got into an Uber and drove away. I was at peace. I was finally alone. And I also realised that I was probably the only 18 year old who wasn't utilising their weekend partying. Instead of focusing on that, I decided to clean up.

I collected the red cups and other things around the house and threw them away, but decided I would do the rest tomorrow before my parents come home from New Jersey.

As I passed my front door to go upstairs, I noticed that there was still a car in my driveway; a black SUV. I thought that someone must have just left it and would get it overnight.

I ascended my stairs and traveled to my room. As I approached my door I realized that it was open. Wait I closed this… I thought, as I cautiously opened the door and peered in. No one was here. I quickly checked to see if all of my personal belongings still remained. My money, my computer, and my TV all remained. I sighed, but then suddenly heard the sink turn on in my bathroom. I turned quickly to see that the light was on.

“Hello?” I said, scared.

“What?” a voice called out. I thought I recognized it.

“Who the fuck are you?” I called out, my fear replaced by anger.

The sink turned off and all of a sudden David Rogers appeared in my doorway. He was a football player and was incredibly tall, and a huge mass of a person. He had tons of muscle. He had black short cut hair and brown eyes. He was also, at the same time, the physical embodiment of douche bag, but also someone I secretly lusted for.

“Sorry, it’s me,” David said, his face covered with water. I stood in shock.

“Uh… hi? David? What are you doing in my house? In my room?”

“I was at your sister’s party,” he said, nonchalantly, “And I got too drunk to drive, so your sister said I could stay here.”

Classic Candace, just giving up my room without asking me.

“Well, are you too drunk to drive now?” I asked, not so politely.

“Dude, chill out,” David said in such a douchebag way, “I’m not gonna do anything. I just wanna sleep.”

“Sorry… it’s been a long night,” I said, relaxing and finally exhaling after what had seemed like forever.

“I know what you mean. I’m like physically pissed off,” he said, “I was supposed to hook up with people tonight and just before we were supposed to do it, she said no.”

I wondered who he was talking about.

“You probably don’t want to hear pussies I was trying to destroy, though,” he said, awkwardly. I looked down for a microsecond to look at his orange sports shorts with the football team logo, which showed off what I could assume was a massive dick.

“Eh… it’s more interesting than my night so far. Babysitting Sophomores pretending to be high. It’s so boring.”

“Wait why the fuck didn’t you just leave then? You have friends,” he said.

“Yeah, I would love to, but my Candace’s friends are kleptos,” I said, laughing.

“Haha, I feel that,” David said, leaving the door frame he was leaning on. He spun around my room for a second and took a look at my belongings. I took a moment to notice his amazing ass, which was full and bulging out of the backup him. It looked really soft and squeezable.

“Nice room, man,” he said. “It’s clean. Mine is just a bunch of sports posters, laundry, and condom wrappers.”

“Oh,” I responded. I haven’t really ever talked to David, even though he had been in my grade for my entire life. I was surprised that he was so sexual.

“Yeah, thank god my parents don’t come in there, or they’d be freaked.”

“Wait,” I said, confused, “Your parents don’t go into your room?”

“No, not really,” he said, “I mostly spend my time in the living room or something. I only go up there to sleep or to sink my dick into something…” He looked up, awkwardly. “You know how it is, gotta empty those ball sacs.

I laughed. “Yeah, I guess I do.” I could feel myself getting harder. I quickly yawned.

“Hey, I’m really tired, do you mind if we go to bed. My guest room doesn’t have any furniture in it right now since we’re redoing it, so do you mind sleeping in my bed?” I asked awkwardly.

“Yeah, it’s fine, man,” said David, “I’ll try to fuck you but that’s just because I haven’t gotten pussy today,” he said, laughing. I laughed too, but in an uncomfortable way. I wouldn’t have been laughing if I knew what was coming.

“I’m gonna get changed,” I said, turning around and walked towards my big walk-in closet. Yes, I had a walk-in closet. It’s Connecticut, what do you expect?

I went in and closed the door, and quickly changed into my underwear. I chose some weird camo Hanes trunks that I only used for sleeping since they were ugly. My dick had finally returned to its soft state, and I walked out of the door to my closet and crossed the room towards my bed.

David was already inside, on the left side of the bed. He was shirtless and I noticed that he was totally ripped. I tried to avoid getting a boner until I got into my bed.

“Nice underwear,” David said, looking directly at my crotch as I walked toward him.

“Thanks, I just wear them for sleeping,” I said. I climbed in.

“I’m wearing my party pants! You know, the ones that you put on when you know someone is gonna open their legs for you. At least I thought so. Today was a bust. Anyway, they’re really tight to show everything off, you know? Look.”

David flipped back the covers to reveal his underwear, American Eagle boxer briefs with a snakeskin pattern on them. I looked at his package. It was HUGE. He was thick and ridiculously long. He definitely didn’t look very soft. His dick sat on top of what I could only assume were huge balls, but it was difficult to tell because of the way he was sitting.

“Woah!” I said.

“Yeah, I know right? Stylish,” he said, smirking at me.

“No not that! Your cock! It’s huge!” I almost yelled.

“Oh yeah! It’s pretty fat. This here,” he said, grabbing his bulge, “Is eight inches of prime David snake, a delicacy to all who let it slither between their legs,” he looked up at me, smirking, “You get why I picked snake skin?” I got it.

“Wait is it 8 inches right now?” I asked. It was an honest, and acceptable question since it looked like it was. I don’t know how it could get any bigger?

“Almost! It’s almost there, maybe about half an inch more to go. I’m hard ‘cuz I didn’t get off, and all this sex talk makes me really horny. If I don’t bust a nut soon, I’m gonna explode,” he said, still smirking and looking at me.

How could this be happening? How could I be having this conversation with David fucking Rogers? The football star? I was in total disbelief.

“If I was home, right about now, I would be slipping my thick man meat into this fake vagina I got on eBay. It’s amazing!” He then grunted and rubbed his crotch area.

“Okay, I gotta take these underpants off, they’re hurting my balls. Do you mind? Or are you interested to see what a cock this big looks like?” he said. He didn’t even wait for my response, before lifting himself up a bit and removing his boxer briefs, allowing his huge cock to smack against his chest. It stood straight up in the air, with no deviations of any kind. He was shaven, all the way down to his giant balls.

“Oh! That’s better!” he said, rubbing his shaft slowly, and letting his cock touch the air of my room. He saw me looking at his cock hungrily.

“Go ahead,” he said, grabbing my hand, “Touch it! I don’t care! So many people want to touch it, I’m used to it.” I didn’t resist. He moved my hand to the bottom of the shaft, and I wrapped my fingers around the base. Barely. He moved my hand up all the way to the top. It felt like a thousand mile trip to his giant mushroom head which was leaking some precum. But right before I could reach it, he turned me around and took me back down to his crotch. He let go of my hand and I kept going, moving up and down the length of his shaft slowly. He moaned.

“Oh my god, that feels great. It feels better than a dainty girl hand. It’s rougher, and feels amazing!” He closed his eyes and leaned back. I took my other hand and started playing with his balls, which felt ridiculously heavy in my hand. He quietly moaned and groaned as I jerked him.

Suddenly, I knew what I wanted to do. I had a feeling that he wouldn’t mind. I slowly moved my head closer to his dick, and he opened his eyes. He saw me about to suck down on his cock.

“Wait!” he said. I backed away. What the fuck? He doesn’t want me to give him head?

“Oh sorry, I thought…” I asked.

“I would let you, but, dude you will never be able to fit it in your mouth,” he said. “I’ve got a better idea,” he said, moving his hand and grabbing my hard 6.5-inch cock. I moaned as he rubbed the outside of my underwear.

All of a sudden, he flipped me around to my butt and pulled down the back of my trunks.

“Do you have lube?” he asked, and then said in a deep voice, “I’m gonna fuck you silly.”

“Um… yes! Yes!” I said, almost ripping the drawer of my bedside table off its hinges, grabbing a condom and some lube. He grabbed both, and then suddenly I felt a meaty, lube up finger enter my asshole. I moaned. It was like a dick was inside me, not a finger. Thank god I used my dildo earlier in the day, otherwise, I don’t think I could have taken the second or third finger he slipped inside of me after that one. He moved them in and out slowly and I moaned loudly every time he pulled them out.

I then heard the rip of a condom and the squirting of more lube. He placed some more lube on my asshole. I felt him reposition himself so that he was right behind me, and I felt his giant mushroom head press up against my readied asshole.

“Ready for my fat cock?” he asked. Without waiting for a response, he plunged his head into my hole, and I groaned in pain. It was huge. He slowly moved, inch by inch inside of me. I grabbed behind me for leverage and grabbed his big ass, which was soft and felt incredible. He continued pushed himself inside and I was groaning. It felt awful, but also amazing at the same time. My underpants were still barely off me, and I couldn’t get access to my dick. I didn’t want to, I thought I would cum if I touched it.

“Holy shit, your asshole feels amazing!” he said, as he grunted and pushed more inside me. Finally, after what seemed like forever, I felt his thighs connect with my ass. As I was getting used to the feeling of such a large thing inside me, he suddenly grabbed my chest and dragged me over so that I was on top of him, facing the ceiling. He started pushing in and out of me and I moaned.

“Oh my god!” I yelled loudly. David let me raise up when he pushed inside me, but then pushed my thighs down when he retreated.

“Oh yeah! Fuckin take my cock!” he yelled, as I moved in and out of my faster. I groaned as he thrust himself up inside me.

He then got me up and somehow managed to flip me onto my hands and knees. He fucked me viciously in doggy style, and I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. They made the most amazing sound.

“Oh yeah, you like that don’t you?” he yelled.

“Yes! Oh my god! Fuck my ass!” I yelled back.

“Oh yeeeeeaaaaah!” he grunted, as he fucked me even harder. He pushed as much of himself up inside me as possible. I was screaming. He smacked my ass, and fell backward onto his hamstrings, with me partially sitting on his cock. He humped up into my quickly, forcing me, bouncing me up and down onto his giant cock.

“Oh god, fuckin take my fat cock!” he said. He suddenly lifted me off his cock and turned me around. He sat me back down, and I yelped as he slid back inside me. He pushed my back down to the bed and starting fucking me missionary. I reached back and grabbed his ass as he thrust his cock inside, slapping against my thighs. He grunted with every push.

He suddenly grabbed me, then grabbed my legs, picked me up, and carried me over to the wall. He pushed my back against the wall and started viciously fucking me, pushing my shoulders down and I stood suspended in mid-air. I couldn’t control myself. He was somehow able to grab my cock and all of a sudden I was sent over the edge. I screamed “FUCK!” and blew my load right then and there into my underwear, bucking my legs. David didn’t notice. He kept on fucking me, and I was barely able to hang on.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum in a sec!” he yelled. He took me back to the bed and went back to missionary style. As he humped into me as hard as he could, then all of a sudden screamed “OH FUCK!” he said.

He quickly pulled out of my hole, and grabbed himself in his hand, quickly positioning himself in front of my face!

“TAKE IT BITCH!” he said, as a white string of cum splattered out of his cock and hit me in the cheek. He screamed and grunted as he dumped hundreds of pounds of cum onto my face. It was so hot it stung.

He stopped for a second, and collapsed on top of me, his dick pressing against my stomach. I thought he was done, but he was still going, convulsing onto my stomach, and pumping out white cum all over me.

He finally stopped, and slowed down, panting and dripping sweat all over me. I couldn’t move.

“Oh! My! Fucking! God” I said, barely able to bring myself to a normal speaking voice.

“Yeah…” he wheezed. I reached over and grabbed his ass, squeezing it.

We laid in my bed, unable to move, forever. We both fell asleep, with him collapsed on my chest, and me with his cum all over my face. It was the best sex I’ve ever had.

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