After running many laps and drills, football practice ended. Michael was absolutely exhausted. The whole team was panting hard on the way back into the locker rooms.

"Whew [gasp] that was quite a [gasp] practice!" Samuel exclaimed while slapping Michael's ass. He always thought that was just classic, and never let a teammate go without a slap.

Michael couldn't help but giggle, "Man, you just don't [gasp] quit with that!"

"Why should I?" Sam replied while getting someone else in the ass, "Its tradition. It's like my dad says - never break [gasp] tradition because it's all we have."

"Funny how you listen to your dad only when it suits you." Mikey joked.

"He's not good for much else." Sam smiled back, "speaking of people who are only good for one thing, I got you that date with Lea."

"Oh, did you now?" Michael wasn't too thrilled, but put on a phony grin for appearances.

"Yeah. She was actually pretty excited - it seems she's had a big crush on you since that pool party at Jim's. Remember that, last summer?" Sam was gushing.

"Yes, I do, it was totally embarrassing. I still don't believe Jim. Who would have an extra pair of Speedos, but not swim trunks?" Mikey grouched.

"Hey man, it's your own fault for forgetting your trunks. And now everyone knows what a small package you have!" Sam teased, raising his voice to make sure everyone heard it. A roar of laughter caused Michael to blush, but he just let it go. This kinda thing was common when a bunch of guys got together. Soon they were all undressed and into the showers. Michael couldn't have been happier. He had an odd amount of control when it came to erections, so that wasn't an issue.

"So Mikey," Sam began while soaping up his chest "like I was sayin', turns out that those Speedos were your ticket right into cleavage!"

"Oh, so she liked my hot bod?" Mikey replied, without eye contact. It wasn't because of embarrassment, but because he'd rather keep his eyes intent on the whole sight. This was a group of naked, wet guys. All at once, too.

"You'd think a tasty chick like Lea would have higher standards, but yeah." Sam wasn't big on admitting the idea of a guy being attractive, in any context.

"You're just jealous." Mikey was rinsing off, so sounded a bit gargled.

Though his mocking tone was still apparent.

"Yeah right!" Sam replied, also just finishing, "I got plenty of pussy just dying for me. Don't forget that I'm the quarterback, unlike some who are just receivers."

Michael shut off his water, and started heading out, but not before getting one more good eyeful of all the guys. After getting dressed, Michael headed for his Current Events class. He didn't feel like it, but he couldn't just quit. He had to see it through to get the credit.

Levi's experience with the bullies left him very confused - who was that man who helped him? How did the man heal Levi's wounds? Why did he claim to be Levi's "protector"? It was very strange. Though he felt oddly powerful after the whole thing, like he had a 'back up' now. That man said he'd be around for a while. In a sense, that also made Levi worried - why would he need some special protector? Something serious must be going on for such a.... being, to give Levi attention. He wasn't anyone amazing, right?

Eh, this is just too much to deal with in one day. He needed to relax.

Levi's home was just around the corner, he made it just in time. If he had been any later, his mom would have asked about it. Levi walked up the pathway, approached the door and attempted to turn the handle.

"What the heck?" Levi thought to himself, "the door is never locked."

Levi got a bit upset - he didn't carry a key. Rather than sit and fumble with the knob, he headed around back to the fenced in area containing the pool and hot tub. Levi would have to jump the fence, but it was his house and no one's business, anyway. He tossed his bag over first, barely getting it above the 6.5 foot wooden fence. The climb itself wouldn't be tough, thanks to some supporting boards that spanned the whole length. Levi got a secure foothold on the lowest one, and hoisted himself up. He could just barely reach the top one, but managed to get a grip. He was now high enough to swing his legs over.

"Whoa!" Levi exclaimed. He hadn't lifted his leg and now his foot was caught on the fence.

"Oh crap!" Levi lost his grip, and fell to the ground with a loud

'SPLASH'. He had fallen into the pool! Levi started to panic, flailing his limbs.

"Stop wiggling." A voice came from above, as hands with a similar origin reached in and easily pulled Levi from the water.

"Oh thank you!" Levi exclaimed, gripping to the hands. His eyes were covered in water and burned when he tried to open them up. Suddenly he realized that there was no reason a stranger should be in his home, and started fighting the previously helpful hands.

"Put me down!" Levi was struggling just as he had in the water.

"As you wish." The voice said, gently putting Levi on the ground, but allowing him to balance before releasing.

By now Levi was able to get an eye open. "Oh its you!"

"Yes, a bit sooner than I hoped." The stranger said with that same smile.

"That's twice now. Are you like following me?" Levi inquired, ringing out his clothes.

"Yes, I am." His smile was totally disarming Levi.

"So, well, thanks. I should get some dry clothes." Levi trusted him, though still felt weird.

"No. Shower first." The man said.

That made Levi a bit curious. "Uh, why?"

"Just do it. I have something I need to attend to." The man reached into his coat, "Here's a key to your home."

Levi took the keys from the man, examining them - they certainly looked right.

"How do you have keys to my home?" Levi asked, looking up from the keys. The man had disappeared, just as before. Levi would have tried to investigate, but was starting to really freeze. He went to the sliding doors and used the keys. They did work. He slipped into the kitchen and started removing his clothes. A trail of water wouldn't exactly please his mother.

Levi got down to his underwear, gathered up the clothes, and headed toward his room, however a note on the fridge caught his eye. It read -


I have some errands to do. I'll bring dinner home late. Your brother is seeing Lauren tonight. Be good, and no parties. :)

Love, Mom

"Wow, it's pretty rare that I get the house to myself." Levi thought.

He suddenly had a naughty idea - reaching down he slipped off his underwear and boldly went upstairs to his room, naked. Leaving the clothes in his hamper, he went back downstairs and took a quick shower. He only wanted to get the chlorine off. Getting a towel from the cabinet, Levi proceeded to dry himself while walking to the living room. Throwing the towel across the room, he did a bit of a leap onto the couch - still naked.

"Well let's see what's on." Levi said to no one in particular. Using the remote, he flipped through various channels, settling on an Aaron Carter concert on Disney. He wasn't big on the music, but had a thing for Aaron.

They were even the same age. Soon Levi felt some throbbing between his legs - Aaron always had that effect on him.

Ding dong!

Levi tore his eyes from the screen, looking toward the sound. "Who would be ringing the doorbell now?" Levi was panicking for the fourth time today.

Ding dong!

"Oh geez!" Levi thought, "Where's that towel?"

Levi quickly located it on the recliner, slipped it around his waist, and went to the door.

Ding dong!

"I'm coming!" Levi yelled. Using the key that was hanging on the wall, he unlocked the door. Then, turning the knob, he swung it open.

After seeing who it was, Levi could only say one thing "What are you doing here?"

"Hey Michael!" a voice came from down the hall. He had been waiting outside his clubs' meeting room for 5 minutes by now.

"Yeah?" he replied, realizing it was Stephen, another member.

"Didn't you hear?" Stephen began, "club is cancelled today."

"What?" Michael was confused.

"Our sponsor, Ms. Dale, had to leave right after school." Stephen continued.

"Oh, is she ok?" Michael actually liked Ms. Dale.

"I dunno, I just know that she had to take off." Stephen appeared impatient.

"Alright, Stephen. Thanks for telling me." Michael flashed a smile, it seemed to lighten Stephen's mood.

"Its no prob. I usually stick around and watch football practice. You did really well out there, you should be quarterback." Stephen had a naughty grin now.

"Don't tease me." Michael blushed a bit, "well, I should take off then."

"Oh, so soon? I thought that maybe we could hang out or something."

Stephen's smile had turned into a frown.

"Uh, no. I got a lot of homework, and this will give me a head start.

Some other time, k?" He lied - Stephen was a nice guy, but Michael wasn't in the mood.

"Ok, yeah. Some other time. Well, bye." Stephen hurried off. He was obviously disappointed. Michael watched him as he sped away - Stephen was actually pretty cute. Michael had never realized. He only related 'attractive' to 'fully naked' as he saw in the locker rooms. Michael made a promise to himself that he would be more observant.

"Well, what do I do now?" Michael thought out loud.

"Go to Sam's."

"Huh?" Michael was a bit surprised. He had thought that, but it didn't feel like him.

"Just do it."

Michael felt strangely compelled to just go along. The more he thought about it, the more that made sense. It was a great idea. He might be able to catch Sam before he went out for the night. Without Current Events, he wouldn't be too late. He took off for the exits, nearly knocking down a girl carrying what had to be a science project. Michael always wondered how many model Solar Systems had been through this school....

Soon he was out the door, across the parking lot and headed for Sam's.

He was jogging rather quickly - the compulsion had been building the whole way. He needed to go. Had to. Within about half an hour, Michael's destination came into view. He slowed down to help gain his breath, though he was still panting hard when he arrived at the door. After calming for a moment, he rang the bell.

He waited a bit, but got no reply. "Come on! You couldn't have left already" Michael complained, ringing again.

Still, no answer, Michael turned to leave.

"Once more."

"What? I must be dizzy from all this heavy breathing." Michael thought to himself. "What could it hurt?" He rang a third time. This time he heard some movement, then a voice:

"I'm coming!"

Michael patiently waited. Soon he could hear the door being unlocked, and then it swung open. He had been panting very hard from all the running, but the vision before Michael made him hold his breath. It was Levi, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. A short one, too. It was like a skirt.

But that wasn't all - there was an obvious bump protruding. Levi was a small guy, and Michael knew that. So for a bump to be showing, Levi had to have a...

"What are you doing here?" Levi said, interrupting Michael's series of deductive reasoning. Michael was trying to reply but his lack of breath along with seeing Levi half naked was fogging his mind.

"You ok, Mikey?" Levi continued, giving him an odd look.

"He called me Mikey!" Michael thought, breaking out in a grin.

"Hello? You in there?" Levi actually looked worried now.

"Oh [gasp] yeah." Michael finally managed to say.

"You should invite him in." The Man's now-familiar voice suddenly rang in Levi's ears.

"Did you hear that?" Levi asked.

"What?" Now Michael was giving the odd look.

"Uh, nothing. Forget it. Would you like a drink or something?" He felt awkward but Levi trusted The Man.

Michael's head was spinning, Levi was so gorgeous - he could only nod.

Levi stepped aside, allowing Michael to pass. Then he closed and locked the door again. After tightening the towel, Levi followed Michael into the kitchen.

"What would you like?" Levi inquired.

"Anything. It doesn't matter." Michael was breathing better now.

"Dr. Pepper alright?" Levi pulled out a can to emphasize.

"Yeah, that'd be great. Its my fave." Michael took the can from Levi, and proceeded to take a big swig of it.

"Oh, me too." Levi got another can for himself. They sat in silence, just drinking, for the moment.

Levi finally broke the silence. "If you're looking for Sam, he's not here. He met with Lauren early today."

"Did he? I guess I shouldn't be surprised. They don't call her "hoover"

for nothin'" Michael joked.

"What do you mean?" Levi replied.

"You know." Michael then curled his fingers in an 'open fist' - like the symbol 'ok' but the last three fingers lined up with the index, then bobbed his hand in front of his mouth.

Levi was startlingly lost, and his face showed it. Michael couldn't help but laugh, causing Levi to blush.

"Don't worry about it. I'm sure you'll figure it out soon enough."

Michael teased.

"How do you know?" Levi responded with a grin. Without Sam around, Michael was really nice. If he didn't know better, Levi might think he was flirting.

"Well, you already know what a boner is." Michael said, pointing towards the smaller boy's towel.

Levi flushed a crimson color, he had totally forgotten about that! At least the embarrassment would help him go down.

"Damn Aaron!" Levi thought.

"It's alright. I've had my share." Michael winked.

"I should go get dressed. Why don't you wait in the living room?" Levi, though comforted by Michael's words, still felt too exposed.

"Oh you don't hav...." Michael cut himself off.

"What?" Levi had a silly grin.

"Never mind. I'll go to the living room." Michael felt like Stephen from earlier in the day. Levi headed to the stairs, going to his room. In the interests of time, he just threw on a t-shirt and some shorts. Upon entering the living room he was greeted by Michael's grin:

"So......... you uh, like Aaron Carter?"

"Oh, uh, I was flipping channels when you got here. Then I had to scramble to find the towel before...." Levi turned red, again.

"You were lounging naked? I didn't know you were so kinky." Though Michael appeared to be mocking Levi, he was actually just letting his feelings out the only way he could. He felt so strongly for Levi, and now he was getting all these images of Levi's sexual practices. It was so much to deal with that laughter seemed the only release.

Levi suddenly felt a pair of hands on his shoulders. Somehow he knew it was The Man again. It sent a charge throughout his body. Levi felt bold, and powerful. Sexy, even.

"At least I have the guts to do it." Levi's whole demeanor had changed,

"you're probably too chicken."

Michael was, to say the least, surprised. Here was Levi - small, shy Levi, challenging him. "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. Wussy." Levi looked him right in the eyes, not even blinking.

Michael didn't know what to say. Honestly, this was turning him on.

"Who is he to say that to you?" Michael's thoughts were renegade. Then it hit him - "Why did I refer to myself within the third person?" Michael thought.

"Are you just gonna sit there?" Levi said in a demanding tone. The situation was just starting to settle in. Levi couldn't help but wonder -

"What am I doing?"

Strangely, Michael started to agree with the earlier thought. Levi was tiny, relative to him. He had to stand up for himself. Michael stood up, and stood before Levi. Towering, to a degree, over Levi. However Levi never let his gaze fall.

"I'm willing to do anything you are." Michael wasn't sure what was happening, but had to keep up his image.

"Prove it." Levi then took off his shirt and shorts. He felt attractive, and powerful, despite being exposed. However a secondary set of emotions were coming through - his usual shyness along with utter shock over what he had just done. Though, he kinda liked the change.

Michael hesitated, but not because of shyness, he was staring at Levi's naked body.

"Touch him. Here is your chance." Michael's mind appeared to have a mind of its own, however he didn't want to argue. Michael gently placed his hand on Levi's chest. He could feel Levi's heartbeat. It was fast.

Right then, the hands left Levi's shoulders. All his newfound confidence disappeared. He felt embarrassed, but intrigued by Michael's touch. "W-What are you doing, Mikey?" Levi stuttered.

"I don't know, you're just so...." Michael began.

"So what?" Levi placed his hand over Michael's.

"So sexy and nice and sweet and cute." Michael finished his thought.

"I am?" Levi was on the verge of tears - no one had ever complimented him so much.

"Yes, you are. May I hold you?" Michael's voice had dropped to a whisper - this felt naughty, however fun.

In response, Levi embraced Michael. It wasn't sexual, it was happiness.

Mutual happiness. Michael's head was exploding. This was his dream for so long. Something about Levi was just so.... Wonderful. Now here he was, holding Levi. And it wasn't so Sam could tease him. Not this time. Not ever again.

Levi felt so loved. His father never held him like this. Nor his mother, certainly not his brother. This was Mikey, Sam's best friend, and he liked him. It was like out of a story or fantasy book. It lasted for about 20 minutes, though to the both of them, it was eternity.

"Michael, kiss him." Michael, again, didn't argue with the renegade thoughts. He slowly leaned towards Levi and left a small kiss on his sweet lips.

Levi broke out into a grin. "Let me try." This time Levi leaned up, placing a fuller kiss on Mikey's lips.

"This is fun." Levi stated.

"Yes, it is." Michael agreed.

"Do we have to have sex now?" Levi's naïve nature was rather apparent.

Michael laughed. "No, no. We don't have to do anything you don't want to do."

"Well, I do. I mean, kinda. I'm confused." Levi appeared in deep thought.

"It's alright. We have time." Michael grinned.

"What does that mean? Are you my uh... boy... friend, then?" Levi was sheepish. It felt weird referring to two guys, even if that is what he dreamt of.

Michael's heart skipped a beat. "If you want, I'd love to be with you."

"Alright. Though uh, doesn't this mean we are uh... you know.... Fags?"

Levi became a bit frightened.

"Well, yeah, but that's ok." Michael had a feeling this would come up.

He had never had a particular problem with it, despite the local culture.

"But dad says that's evil and wicked." Levi was looking at his feet, realizing that he was still naked.

"Do you think it is? What's wrong with two people having fun together?"

Michael hoped his arguments would win.

"I don't know. It doesn't sound wrong, I guess." He was having trouble getting past it.

"How about this, we'll just take it really slowly. Let it develop.

We're both good people. If it's wrong, we won't just 'fall in.'" Michael was a bit desperate. This was his chance

"Yeah, ok." Levi wasn't entirely convinced, but had to admit that this did feel right.

"Good. So, uh, can I kiss you again?" Michael almost begged.

Levi thought for a minute. "Yeah, but you shouldn't ask. Just go with the flow." He finished with a grin, and then posed in the classic 'kiss position' with his lips ready to smooch....


Third Chapter - Finished

Well, three chapters have come out. Adds up to about 60K of storytelling. I don't feel as if I've written that much, though. Must be

'cause I spaced it out. Anywho, since a good amount of my writing is out now, I'd like everyone who has been following to write in. Even if you already have. Please send ideas, thoughts, comments, (constructive)

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