"I feel so excited!" Michael exclaimed, entering the mall with Levi in tow. "This is the first time we're able to be rowdy together."

Levi smiled; Mikey's enthusiasm was contagious. "Plus we're skipping, so it feels.... Naughty."

Michael put on a wicked grin. "We could be even naughtier, later."

"Oh, well, I uh..." Levi blushed.

"Don't worry about it, Levi. Just go with the flow." Michael said, putting his arm around Levi to give him a comforting squeeze. The pair stood in the middle of the large building, watching all the people go about their business. It felt right, to be together.

"So, any place in particular?" Michael queried.

"No, not really. You?" Levi replied, scanning the nearby map.

"Well, we could model various swim suits." Michael laughed. "I'd love to see you in a pair of speedos."

Levi grinned. "I already know how you look."

"And how's that?" Michael was curious.

"Remember that party last summer?" Levi was trying to discreetly readjust his crotch while talking about this.

"Yeah. You need a hand, babe?" Michael wasn't fooled.

Levi's face turned red. "No, I can handle it."

"Where is the fun in that?" Michael complained.

"Anyway," Levi continued, "Sam has a bunch of pictures from the party.

I happened to find them one day when I was looking for a CD he borrowed and never gave back."

"Wait, Sam does? He didn't bring a camera." Michael said, confused.

"Well, he does." Levi replied.

"Are you sure?" Michael continued.

"Yes, Mikey. I'm very sure. It's not like I dreamed them up." Levi said, sharply.

"Well you don't have to get your panties in a bunch. I just thought it was weird. He must have gotten copies from Lea. She was taking pictures of everyone. It's not like him." Michael was deep in thought.

"Yeah, I suppose it is weird, for Sam." Levi smiled. "But I can't blame him. I'd want a close up of your, uh, butt too."

"What?!" Michael felt startled.

"Quite a few were of you." Levi didn't see the significance.

"Oh, ok. Well that explains how Sam knew that she had a crush on me, but why would he want'em?" Michael was trying to piece this together.

"Lea has a crush on you? Do you like her back?" Levi was suddenly self-conscious.

"Of course not. She is a girl." Michael knew that sounded badly the moment he said it.

Levi gave him a pained expression. "Are you gay?"

Michael wasn't sure how to respond. Of course he was. He'd known that for some time. However he was trying to avoid labels, for Levis' sake.

"Does that matter?" Michael was going for the 'rhetorical approach.'

"Well, I don't know. I mean, it's hard to tell how I feel. It's confusing." Levi rambled.

"Slow down, Levi. You don't have to put yourself into any category.

Especially not now." Michael hated to see Levi in pain.

"But what if I'm not gay, and you are? I remember dad saying that it can spread." Levi sounded almost accusatory.

Michael gave the younger boy a sad expression. Speaking in a soft voice, he replied "Is that what you think?"

Levi stared at his feet for a moment, thinking. Finally he looked up, meeting Michael's eyes. "I don't want to be a bad person, Mikey. My dad seems so sure of himself; it's hard to think he could be wrong. Besides, he's my dad. Why would he steer me wrong?"

Michael hid a smile within his serious exterior - this argument was easy. "Have you ever heard of the Salem Witch Trials?"

"Uh, maybe." Levi replied, unsure of where this was going.

"Well, you know how now a lot of people take vitamins?" Michael wanted to explain this as well as he could.

"Sure." Levi said.

"Before plants could be condensed and processed, they were used in their natural form - as herbs. The people who knew about this would often use herbs to help heal people. However, these people would often be outcasts, or even killed, because the surrounding townspeople thought that they were casting spells." Michael began.

"Yeah." Levi was trying to piece this together.

"Now, most of these townspeople considered the herbalists to be bad because of certain passages in the Bible. Most were perfectly kind folk, but did these horrible things out of fear and misunderstanding. But look at now - herbs are used for a lot of things, in a lot of forms, and are totally accepted. What you must realize is that people take a while to get accustomed to what they don't understand - gayness is a great example."

Michael finished.

"They just need to understand us." Levi's voice was a little distant - he was still taking it all in.

"Yeah, exactly." Michael was happy that Levi could follow. "But, again, you don't need to put yourself into a category. Not ever, really. Just do what feels right."

Levi embraced Mikey in a tight hug. "This feels right."

"I agree." Michael replied, returning the gesture. "So, how about those swim suits?"

Levi backed away, still smiling. "You really want to?"

"Oh yeah!" Michael exclaimed. "Ever since yesterday, I've been dying to see your body again. You're so cute!"

"You don't think I'm too skinny?" Levi asked, feeling self-conscious again, but with a new reason.

"I think you're perfect, but I suppose you could start working out with me, if you want." Michael was hoping Levi wouldn't take that the wrong way.

"That would be nice." Levi was delighted at the invitation. 'Working out' was something that only older boys took part in.

Michael smiled, ear to ear. "We could start today, even. My parents are never around, so we wouldn't appear suspicious."

"It's a date." Levi giggled.

"So, onto the swimsuits?" Michael didn't wait for an answer; he simply pulled Levi in the correct direction.

Samuel sat in 'lunch', nit picking his food. He never ate much, considering that he had the earliest lunchtime - too early, in fact. But there was more to it, he had Mikey on the brain. That morning, when he made a sexual reference to Mikey, it didn't disgust him. Thinking of any other guy, made him feel sick, but Mikey was just so - Mikey. He wasn't just some average guy. He was special. Samuel knew, for a fact, that he liked women.

He had since he was 12. So, being gay was out of the question. Even bi was a bit far-fetched, considering every guy other than Mikey caused stomach problems.

"Is it possible to be straight, but like a guy? Just one?" He thought to himself. That is something else that surprised Samuel, he was thinking about liking a guy and being gay in such a casual way. It had never occurred to him before, but he really never thought about gay people. It just wasn't a concern. Sure, he had said things like "Shut up, fag!" before, but never really meant, "Shut up, gay person!" His dad, he knew, hated them with a passion. In a sense, Sam liked gay people. Just more women for him, right?

Why get uptight about that? He never understood his dad, anyway. Though, they did get along pretty well. Of course, if he didn't live up to his roles, that could change easily.

"I just need to get a new girlfriend." Sam thought. "Lauren is probably just getting boring, so my eyes are wandering."

He didn't entirely believe that, but wanted his head on 'straight'

before lunch was over. The last thing he needed was to go to Health class and act weird in front of Mikey. Sam surveyed the crowds, looking for possibilities.

"What's up, Sam? You look spaced out." Mark, one of his teammates, spoke up.

"Just checkin' out all the girls." Samuel grinned, quickly hiding his other thoughts.

"What? Did you and Lauren break up?" Mark asked, taking a bite of his home-packed sandwich.

"No, we didn't." Sam laughed. "I just think its time to find some new meat."

"I hear ya." Mark agreed.

"Know anyone interested?" Sam inquired.

"Well, lemme see," Mark looked off into nowhere while thinking "Shannon just broke up with Jesse. She's the one that told you to call her when you were single, right?"

"Yeah, she was, but Jesse probably wouldn't be too happy." Sam said, showing his normally hidden compassion.

"So what?" Mark laughed. "If it makes you feel better, I bet that Lauren wouldn't mind whacking his jimmy. It'd be like a swap!"

"Yeah, I wonder. Do me a favor, and see if Shannon still wants to go with me. I don't wanna screw up my sex-life without a guaranteed back-up."

Sam said, reasonably.

"Sure, sure buddy. What are friends for?" Mark said, laying his hand on Sam's shoulder.

Sam smiled. "Thanks."

"I'll ask around about Jesse, see what's up with him too." Mark continued.

"Alrighty, perfect." Sam replied just as the bell was ringing.

Mark sat up, tossing his garbage into a nearby receptacle. "Well, gotta run, man. I'll call you tonight, let you know what I've found out."

"Leave no stone unturned." Sam laughed.

With a large grin, Sam headed for Health class. Mark was always great, even though they weren't too close. Sam was glad for Mark's attention, since it cleared his mind of all this Mikey-nonsense. Now he was looking forward to the day. Stepping into the classroom, Sam took his normal seat. Since Health class was more of an interactive environment, all the desks were put in a large circle around the room. This allowed him to survey the crowd - in this case, for Mikey.

With the bell's ring, Mr. Johnson closed the door and began taking attendance. Sam furrowed his brow.

"Where is Mikey?" he thought to himself. "He came with us this morning." Sam leaned over to the earlier-mentioned member of his team, Jesse.

"You know where Mikey is?" He whispered, hoping Mr. Johnson wouldn't hear him.

"I have Math with him first period, and he wasn't there. I figure he stayed home sick." Jesse answered, nonchalantly.

"He gets a ride with my dad and I, so I know that's not true." Sam replied, confusion covering his face.

"I dunno what ta tell ya, man. Maybe you should ask the nurse." Jesse appeared annoyed, probably on edge over his breakup with Shannon.

"Yeah, alright." Sam just dropped it. He was suddenly concerned about how he acted toward Mikey - the last thing that Sam wanted was for anyone to get any ideas.

Mr. Johnson started with today's drone. They were starting a new topic - proper nutrition. This interested Sam, since it would help him to be more fit. Plus, it would help to avoid injuries.

The day went on, Sam still wondering about Mikey's whereabouts until the end of day. His last class, Social Studies, had just ended and Ms. Dale asked him to stay for a few moments.

"Did I do something wrong?" Sam asked, somewhat worried. Detentions suck.

"Maybe, Sam." Ms. Dale began, "I got a note from the office. They want you to stop in before you leave today."

Sam's face went from worried to what could only be described as

"doomed." "Alright, thank you for telling me."

Ms. Dale laughed. "That is the least genuine expression of gratitude that I've ever seen. Hurry up, you don't want to miss the bus."

"I get a ride, but I appreciate the concern." Sam replied on his way out.

"Make that the second least genuine." Ms. Dale laughed again.

Sam walked briskly to the main office, dreading what was to come. As he stepped in, the bells above the door chimed - alerting the staff to his presence.

"May I help you, young man?" Said a cheerful older woman from behind the counter.

"Uh, yeah, my name is Samuel Batista. My last teacher, Ms. Dale, told me I was to come down here before leaving." He replied, nervously.

"Oh, yes, of course. One moment." The woman left to a room outside of his view, returning with a bundle of papers.

"Your brother is Levi Batista, correct?" She asked.

"Yes, he is." Sam was puzzled.

"Here is his homework for the day. One of his teachers realized that he wasn't here, and took the initiative to get his assignments. We did not receive notice of his absence, so please tell your parents they need to send a note with him when he gets back or give us a call." She stated, handing him the bundle.

"Wait a minute. Levi wasn't at his classes?" Sam queried.

"No, wasn't he supposed to be gone?" The woman's cheerful exterior was deteriorating. Years of delinquents must make you bitter.

"I don't think so. I mean, he walks to school, so had left early this morning, before I got up." Sam's worry was coming back - what if Levi was hurt?

"Well, perhaps I should call your parents." The woman said sharply.

"Uh, no, don't worry. My mom picks me up, I'll tell her when I get outside." Sam replied.

The woman eyed him suspiciously. "I suppose, but I want one of your parents to call and leave a message stating that they know."

"Sure, no problem. I should get going, my mom doesn't like to wait."

Sam stated, leaving the office with Levi's work. Quickly exiting the building, Sam got to his mom's car. Slamming the door shut, he immediately spoke up:

"Was Levi sick today?"

Karen gave him a puzzled look. "No. Why do you ask?"

"He wasn't at school. They called me into the office to get his work."

Sam showed the bundle, as proof.

"Oh my..." Karen's face turned white, "You don't think...."

"Don't be ridiculous. The little brat probably skipped." Sam had to put on his 'big brother' suit, now.

"Do not talk about your brother that way. You know, I probably shouldn't say anything, but he seems upset with you and how you treat him."

Karen replied, obviously concerned about Levi's whereabouts.

"Oh please. He just needs to be more of a man." Sam replied, casually.

Karen silently cursed her husband, if she had known better 23 years ago.... "We should call your father. Maybe Levi called him."

Sam, now out of a conversational setting, reverted to 'normal guy mode'

and thought more clearly.

"First Mikey, now Levi. Weird." He said to himself.

Mikey and Levi were both giggling hysterically as the former climbed into the latter's dressing room. They had been busy checking out CDs, munching at the food court, looking at various guys, and playing at the arcade all day. At this point, they were, just as they discussed, trying on clothes.

"I thought I could give you a hand. That suit is very.... " Mikey paused, accentuating his lips for the final word, "tight."

Levi's blush came on full strength. "I think I can manage."

"I had to search around for 20 minutes before we found these things - I deserve a reward." Mikey stated, putting on an unconvincing pout.

"Well, I dunno. Can you do this?" Levi reached to Mikey's jeans - undoing the top button.

"I'm not sure, lemme try." Mikey lifted up Levi's shirt, exposing the three buttons on Levi's jean shorts. "Is this how?" he said, teasingly, while fondling Levi's package.

"Oooh..." Levi let out a soft moan. "No, you [gasp] have to be up a bit higher."

Mikey moved his hands further up, pushing them against Levi the whole time. Finally, manipulating the northernmost button - he opened Levi's pants, however slightly.

"Now you're getting the hang of it." Levi giggled, seeing the innuendo in that statement "Let me show you again, just to be sure." Softly, Levi undid the second button.

With that, Mikey's pants were on the verge of sliding off. Mikey was feeling anxious, and lustful. Using one hand, he reached into the small opening in Levi's shorts, giving his cloth-covered prize a squeeze.

Levi spoke up. "Just take'em off." His voice was a breathy whisper.

Mikey gently moved Levi onto the small seat within the cubicle. Thanks to Levi's small frame, Mikey easily slid the shorts totally off.

Both of the boys were very hard by now, but only Levi's erection was apparent. Of course, Mikey would know anyway, since his hand was slowly moving his hand up and down, separated only by an 8th inch of sewn cotton.

The two began kissing. Soft pecks at first, turning into deep, passionate lip-locks. Grinding tongues as hard and fast as they could - all the time, Mikey still rubbing Levi. Backing away Mikey looked into Levi's eyes.

"I want to taste you, Levi." His voice sounded demanding; yet caring.

Levi thought for a moment, considering the odds of getting caught. But seeing Mikey's pleading eyes, and being full of lust himself - he just nodded.

"Thank you." Mikey sounded relieved, leaning in for several more French-kisses.

Levi took his shirt off, revealing his smooth, lean torso. Mikey moved his head down, taking Levi's right nipple into his mouth; manipulating it with his tongue.

"Mikey ohh, please..." Levi moaned, surprised at his lover's actions.

He had never heard of this before.

Switching sides, Mikey nibbled on Levi's left nipple, while using a hand tweak the other, still-moist nipple. Now that both were hard, Mikey came back for more of Levi's sweet mouth. By this time, Levi was already on edge, and literally dived his tongue into Mikey's mouth; searching out areas in his mouth that even Mikey didn't know about.

Running out of breath, Mikey pulled away, returning to Levi's lower regions. Settling between Levi's smooth legs, Mikey gently lapped at Levi's thighs; stopping whenever he got to cloth.

Levi was too young to pre-cum, but his dick was throbbing so hard, his jockey's couldn't hold it still. Mikey grinned, seeing Levi's natural cardiograph.

"Please, Mikey, please." Levi begged, his lust getting the better of him.

With one more kiss, Mikey was ready for the main course. Mikey, with some help, slipped the jockey shorts off of Levi's small body. The younger boy's cut 4 inches sprung up, pointing at a 45-degree angle from his body.

Mikey stared at the organ. It was so perfect - just the right shape and proportions.

Levi looked very nervous, afraid that Mikey wouldn't like it. Seeing that, Mikey leaned in for another kiss. With their faces inches apart, eyes locked, he gently said, "It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Levi's face lit up, a large smile forming. Kissing Levi again, Mikey moved into position. The older boy was nervous - this was his first time, after all. Forming his lips into an "O", Mikey slowly moved towards Levi's most precious possession.

Levi watched intently, as his lover got closer and closer to taking his dick into his mouth. Just an inch away, Levi held his breath, wondering what it'll be like.

Here it was, Mikey was there. With one quick thrust, he took Levi's whole cock into his mouth. Mike wasn't sure what to expect, but wasn't surprised to find that Levi's whole body tasted sweet. Like he was lightly glazed with sugar.

Levi's breath quickly escaped his mouth. "It feels so good!" He exclaimed as much as can be done with a whisper. Combine that with the gentle tickling his nipples got from the moisture left by Mikey, and Levi was in Heaven.

Now used to the feeling, and delighting in the young boy's sweet taste - Mikey gently moved his lips up. Thinking back to what he's read and seen online, Mikey used his tongue to swirl around the head.

"Oh oh oh oh." Escaped Levi's soft lips.

Mikey began bobbing up and down rather swiftly, sucking on the up strokes. Remembering Levi's age, he stopped after 10 sets, not wanting the boy to cum too early.

Levi looked down in disappointment. "Don't stop now!" He whined.

"Check this out." Mikey had a naughty grin. He started by licking around the base of Levi's dick, and then dragging his lips up the shaft, he tongue-kissed the head. Keeping his tongue out, Mikey slid down the underside continuing right over the tight sack - eliciting a coo from Levi.

Opening his mouth wide, Mikey slid the whole sack into his hot, moist orifice.

Levi let out a long groan. "Ooooooooohhh." The younger boy could feel the elder's tongue rolling his youthful balls; making his sack all wet.

Levi's mouth was watering. He was so horny. He just wanted to cum. He had to.

"Mikey [gasp]" Levi was trying to control the surges that were going through his body so that he could speak clearly, "please, get me [gasp] off.


Mikey reluctantly released the boy's testicles, missing the sweet taste of his lover's flesh already. Using his right hand, he gripped Levi's ever-throbbing dick. He moved up and down, gently. Getting right into Levi's face, he said "How'm I doing?"

Levi pulled the elder boy's head closer, aggressively pressing their lips together. Pulling back, Levi replied with great lust, "This is the most amazing I've ever felt."

Even Mikey was surprised at the seriousness and desire in the young boy's voice. Nodding his head, Mikey moved back to his earlier position.

Slipping Levi's hard, sweet dick back into his mouth, Mikey didn't waste any time. Bobbing rapidly, sucking hard, and swirling his tongue - all at once.

Levi's body convulsed. Mikey's actions were causing spasms to occur in every part of Levi's small body. Every time Mikey's tongue went across the slit, Levi jumped off the seat.

Seeing Levi's reactions to his oral ministering, Mikey stepped it up a notch. Using his hands, he kneaded his lover's sack and twisted his nipples.

He bobbed even faster, sucked harder.

Levi was getting close. This was all too much. Before, he'd only known what his two hands could do. That was all. But now, whole new horizons were opening before his rather inexperienced mind. New pathways to sexual ecstasy were abounding, smashing the old walls, which moments ago confined his pleasures.

Stifling a loud moan, Levi's short life experienced an orgasm he'd remember for decades to come. It rocked through his body, from the crown of his dick, through the shaft, down his legs, up his spine, in his fingertips, right to the top of his head. All the muscles in Levi's body, contracted with each pulse of his powerful orgasm. Eyes clenched, hands on the back of Mikey's head, Levi pushed him all the way down onto his dick, preventing the older boy's tight lips and gyrating tongue from touching his more sensitive parts.

Mikey, like a good boy, sat still as Levi recovered. Just as he expected, the little bit of cum that came from Levi's barely-developed genitals tasted like a sweet cream. Like icing on a cake. Mikey was pleased with himself; he had just given Levi a very special gift. One that very few would ever deliver. Plus, he had been the first.

After a few minutes, Levi gently pushed Mikey's head out of his lap.

Both boys had large smiles. Keeping his grasp on his lover, Mikey pulled their lips together. While massaging tongues, Levi could taste himself, mixed with Mikey. It was very satisfying.

Separating, Mikey suddenly appeared serious. "That was great, Levi."

"Yeah, it was." The boy replied, still a bit hazy.

"We should get going. If anyone heard us, there could be trouble." He continued, disappointed. Next time, Mikey promised himself, they'd do it in a private place.

Levi nodded. "What about that speedo? I never tried it on."

Mikey got a wicked grin. Picking up Levi's crumpled underwear, he gently wiped off his young lover's genitals. Tossing them aside, he said

"Leave'em. You can wear the speedos out."

Levi grinned. "Sure, yeah. That'll be neat!" He quickly grabbed the tight, dark blue swimming garment, and tugged it on. It was the perfect fit - showing his ass off very well.

"It looks great, babe." Mikey flashed the thumbs up sign.

Suddenly Levi looked concerned, looking towards Mikey's middle section.

Mikey looked down, noticing his pants had fallen the rest of the way during the ordeal, and the large wet spoke on his boxers. Thinking Levi didn't understand, he gently replied "Its pre-cum, Levi. Sucking you turned me on so much, that I started 'leaking.'"

"I know, Mikey." Levi seemed a little dejected that Mikey thought so little of his knowledge, "its just that now you're gonna be horny all day. I really should return the favor."

"You can, later. Right now, we gotta go." Mikey hurriedly helped Levi into his clothes, leaving the stained pair of jockey shorts behind for a lucky visitor.

Pulling a watch face that was missing its straps from his pocket, Michael exclaimed. "Oh man! Its almost 2! We need to get on a bus and get home!" Rushing to the parking lot, the duo managed to catch a bus that was just about to leave. No funny business this time, Levi was busy deciding what he'd say if they got caught. Not much came to mind. He skipped, hopped a bus, and went to the mall. He'd have to accept his punishment. It couldn't be that bad, right? He'd never done anything like this before.

Parting ways at the bus stop, with promises of meeting soon, the duo went to their respective homes. Levi arrived home at the same time he normally did. However, he walked into an ambush. Both his parents and his brother were waiting for him in the hall.

"Where have you been young man?!" Adam exclaimed.

Karen, on the other hand, took a different approach. She ran up to Levi, embracing him and covering his face in kisses. "I'm so glad you're alright! Don't ever scare me like that again!"

Sam just sat back, with an evil grin on his face. Though, behind that veil, he was relieved to know that nothing bad had happened.

"Get off of him, Karen." Adam stepped forward, aggressively pulling his wife from his son. "He needs discipline, not lovey-dovey shit."

Karen looked angry, but held her tongue and stayed back. Most would condemn her for what she allowed her husband to do, but she was a victim, just like her children.

"Why did you skip school?" Adam asked, putting his finger into Levi's face.

"I... I, I, uh, well, I" The boy just sputtered. He didn't have an answer, plus he was feeling very intimidated.

"No answer? You stealin' things too? Don't we provide you with everything you need? Huh? Isn't our life good enough for you? All you got to do is go to school, and you fucked that up!" Adam's voice boomed in the small hallway.

Levi felt overwhelmed; he didn't know how to handle this, so he started to cry. Sam snickered in the background, but only to hide the guilt he kept deep down, for allowing this to happen, so very many times.

Karen teared up, moving to embrace her darling little boy again.

However, Adam's cold stare stopped her in her tracks. She, beat down, moved away. Adam looked right into Levi's wet eyes, a look of contempt and disgust on his face.

"I don't know what to do with your fairy son, Karen." He began. "He's got faggot buried so deep, I can't even beat it out of him."

Levi's crying increased; tears were now rolling down his smooth cheeks.

Karen was also sobbing, but was powerless to help anyone. At this point, Sam went to his room.

"Now look what you've done, you wussy. Your brother was so ashamed; he couldn't even stand to look at you."

Suddenly, a new voice rang into Levi's ear. "Run, Levi, run! You can't stay here, it's not safe!" It was The Man.

Levi hesitated, unsure if that was the best thing to do.

"You only have one true friend Levi, and that's me. You know that. Now, go. Get out of here!" The Man spoke again.

Turning, Levi threw open the door and ran to the only place he could think of - Michael's. As he ran, he could hear his dad yelling various cuss words. There was no turning back, Levi knew. Everything would be different, now.


Fifth Chapter - finito.

My first sex scene! Was it worth the wait? Write in and tell me! This chapter was a little late, I know. You have my deepest apologies. I gotta be honest, I was feeling kinda burnt out. But then a dear reader sent a darling letter. Like mana from Heaven, I was back on the wagon. Thanks Josh! Well, the next chapter shall be posted in a few weeks. Please keep your letters coming in - you never know when I'll need a charge again. heheh ;-) My address is "[email protected]" without the quotes, as always. Thanks for reading, buh bye!


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