"It is all going well, sire." The Man said, feeling very pleased.

"Yes. My plan is working even better than expected. Of course, I am God." The Boy replied.

The Man hesitated, before saying. "Yes, and a grand one at that."

"Don't lie to me, you stupid fuck! I know your thoughts." The Boy's rage caused the eternal white of their perfect environment to shake, and dim to gray.

"I am sorry master. Please control yourself, you know this world doesn't have the staying power it once had." The Man cringed, in the old days he could have gotten away with saying that, but now....

"SHUT UP!" The Boy roared. His voice had changed from its innocent, prepubescent charm to a malevolent growl. "Yes, things have changed! Do you have a problem with that?"

"No, no, sire, please.... Your voice is too much...." The Man fell to the ground, clutching his chest and stomach.

"Of course it is! You are but an Angel. Don't ever question me again, not even in thought! Or so help me...." The Boy was obviously trying to keep himself under control. He needed all his strength for what was to come.

"Yes, sire. Yes, I will never be insolent again. You are my superior for a reason, and I shouldn't..." The Man was babbling.

"Quiet." The Boy hissed. "Your flattery is just taking up more time.

Ah, finally, one of your brothers has arrived."

"I am here, sire." The newly arrived Angel kneeled to The Boy.

"I wanted to thank you for letting me join your ranks, master." He spoke up.

"Who are you?" The Boy asked, uncharacteristically curious.

Looking to The Man with a puzzled expression, then back to The Boy, he inquired. "Uh, I'm Bobby. Don't you know? Shouldn't you know?"

The Boy's icy blue eyes slowly lost their color, becoming pure white.

"What's happening?" Bobby asked.

"You are witnessing the power of God." The Man spoke softly, as not to interrupt The Boy.

"Alright... but what is he doing?" Bobby was very puzzled.

"He is learning everything there is to know about you." The Man almost whispered.

"Oh. But, uh... isn't God supposed to know everything?" Bobby's face showed a lot of confusion.

"Well, yes, but before you is not exactly..." Began The Man, but shut up, realizing that The Boy's eyes had filled in again.

"Yes, of course, Bobby. You are just the type that we look for around here. Do as you're told, do it well, and you will fit right in." The Boy replied, trying to be friendly in order to gain Bobby's trust.

"I will, sire. You can count on me." Bobby sucked-up.

"We should be off, master." The Man cut in.

The Boy nodded, and was gone.

"What is going on here? That was God wasn't it?" Bobby asked, rather sharply.

The Man had a worried look. "Bobby, don't worry, alright? You will understand in a moment, I just need to gather my thoughts."

"Fine. What is this job?" Bobby was annoyed, but went along.

"It is one of utmost importance. Normally we wouldn't use someone new, but you share many qualities with the person who is to be possessed, so will have little trouble taking over." The Man had a look of disgust.

"What is wrong?" Asked Bobby.

"Oh, I just hate inhabiting humans. They are so... restrictive. Feels like you are choking." The Man explained.

"Is it hard?" Bobby was nervous.

"Sometimes, yes, but not in your case. It will be a great first time.

Now, I am ready. Stand still." The Man placed his hands on Bobby's head.

"Brace yourself."

Bobby felt a surge of memories rush through his body. Centuries of history and culture swept by almost too fast to understand. He not only knew about his assignment, but how this all came about. But the memories weren't from a third person; they came from countless different people from every age - even other angels! In fact, one in particular came through very strongly. He was no Angel - he was something more. Through this being's eyes, he could see God, the true God, but not literally. God was more of a beautiful, perfect presence. Bobby could tell that God felt a special love for the creature whose memories he was seeing. This was a love for fa....

Bobby's thoughts were interrupted as The Man removed his hands.

"Now you know." The Man was breathing hard, obviously drained.

"I can't believe...." Bobby was a little weak himself; it was a lot to take in.

"Well, believe it. We don't have time to discuss it right now. You now know how to use your abilities, and what is expected. Let's go." The Man blinked his eyes, and the two men were gone.

Levi sat silently as his mom drove them home. He was feeling nervous, but safe, considering his mother's approval.

"Levi, can you hear me?" A voice, barely a whisper, registered in Levi's mind.

He was unsure of what to do, since he couldn't talk out loud, so didn't reply.

"We are all still very weak, so cannot be sure if you are getting this, but will have to try. Turn, look at your mother." The voice requested.

Levi didn't see any harm, so gave her a subtle peek. However, he didn't see her. He saw what looked like... a man! He couldn't help but gasp, slightly.

Karen... well, what was supposed to be Karen turned to look at Levi, giving a gentle smile. "Is something wrong honey?"

Levi noticed that it was her normal voice, just not her normal appearance. Not knowing of anything better to do, he just shook his head and looked away.

The voice, which was now a little louder, returned. "Ah, now I remember, I'm Luke! I should have mentioned that before."

Levi decided to try and answer, internally. "Yeah, I know you. What is going on?"

"Your mother is being inhabited." Luke replied, sounding like a full-fledged voice now.

"What, like possessed?" Despite the use of his internal dialogue, he still sounded very alarmed.

"No. One of Them is within her, but has not taken control. Yet." Luke explained.

"So how do I get Them out?" Levi queried.

Luke hesitated before answering. "You can't."

"What!" Levi exclaimed, mentally.

"I'm sorry, but none of us have the power to get him out." Luke sounded sad.

Levi was getting really fed up with Luke. He never brought any good news and was just a bother. "I have too much shit going on right now! Too much! I don't even believe you! Unless you can do something to help, leave me alone!"

Luke suddenly sounded very faint. "I.... Am... sorry.... But... he took our.... Power... and left us....here."

"Who did?" Levi demanded.

"I can't... remember. All that... comes forth is... sog... I think...."

Luke was hardly audible.

"Sog? What is that? Who is that?" Levi barked.

Luke was still talking, but had faded too much. His voice was like a gentle hum, until finally it vanished.

Levi looked to his mother, to see if she still didn't look right, but was glad to see she was back to normal. Of course, that didn't mean that that... thing was gone. Assuming that Luke hadn't been doing something to trick Levi, of course.

Needless to say, Levi's nervousness had now tripled.

The Man opened his eyes to see that they had both arrived in the correct home.

"Now, Adam will be here within moments. Possess him before he even gets out of his truck. This has to go perfectly! I will go upstairs and take the teenager, Samuel." The Man ordered.

Bobby nodded, and waited outside. As The Man said, Adam pulled up immediately. The Man was also right about the possession - it was very easy.

Bobby and Adam were like a perfect match. Now within Adam's body, Bobby returned to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, The Man was having a terrible time getting a hold of Samuel.

A 4000-year-old Angel and a 15-year-old boy are, obviously, quite different.

However, The Man was still able to crush the boy's spirit, causing him to scream as The Man permeated his soul.

The Man, in his virile new suit, joined Bobby downstairs. "Now remember the plan. Don't deviate in the slightest."

Bobby nodded. "I won't. I just want to get this over with. I didn't know the human body felt this... icky."

"Yes, like I said. You'll need this." The Man pulled a small blue pamphlet from nowhere.

"Right. Lets just hope that Levi doesn't try to run off again. Master will not like a delay." Replied Bobby.

The Man crossed his fingers, imitating what Samuel would do.

Within a few minutes, Karen's car pulled up. Both her and Levi quickly rushed inside, seeing that Adam's truck had already arrived.

"Adam, now you listen to me..." Karen began, but the moment they locked eyes, she froze.

Levi just watched, unsure of what to do. He was worried that Luke had told the truth and that thing inside her was doing something, but didn't know of any way to help - Or even if it was true.

"This is Bobby, connect with the boy." Bobby sent to the Angel inside Karen.

Karen then turned to look at Samuel.

"Did she handle Levi and Michael appropriately, Marcel?" The Man, telepathically, asked Marcel.

"Yes, very well, in fact. I didn't have to do a thing. This will go perfectly. I will now take complete control." Marcel replied, along the same mental connection.

After a moment, Levi noticed Karen gently nod at Sam, then turn back to him. But now she had a large bruise over her left eye.

"What happened to your face, mom!" Levi exclaimed.

"Uh, what?" Karen looked as if she was totally confused.

"You have black eye!" Levi pointed to emphasize.

Karen touched the corresponding eye, making her yelp.

"Where'd it come from?" Levi asked, sounding very alarmed.

"Oh, well, uh..." Karen dragged off. After looking towards her feet for a moment, she met Sam's eyes again.

"What should I say? I forgot that my presence in her body would heal her eye. Now that I've moved to her soul, the body reverted!" Marcel yelled over the connection to The Man.

"I'll handle it. Just go along." The Man replied, then breaking eye contact.

"Dad did that." Sam spoke up.

Levi looked up at him, appearing confused. "Just now?"

"No, before I left. It must have just started to show. I was terribly upset, and hit her. I will never do it again. I will never hit any of you again." Adam replied.

Levi furrowed his brow trying to understand why his father was being so nice, and wondering if bruises actually worked that way.

Seeing that, Adam continued. "I know I'm acting differently, but that's because I had a change of heart. Sam called me at work, and told me what he had seen. At first, I was ready to kill someone. But then something touched me. Something Divine. It told me that you simply needed help, and still deserved all of our love."

Levi backed away, expecting some terrible punch line or a surprise attack at any moment.

"Honey, your father is right." Karen chimed in.

"But, mom... you just said that... that it was ok." Levi sputtered.

"I know, I guess I was just in shock. I still love you. We all do. But God has personally told your father what should be done. You wouldn't want to argue with Him, would you?" Karen tried to sound comforting, but it wasn't working.

"But... mom...." Levi started crying.

Sam walked up to his brother, hands outstretched. "Come on, bro. It's all right. We're going to help you through this." With a gentle hug, Sam backed away, so both Adam and Karen could do the same.

"Come on, let's go into the living room." Karen prompted, then leading the way.

Levi was so confused and bewildered, that he went along without protest. Once everyone was sitting, Adam spoke up.

"There is something I want you to see." He said, handing Levi the blue pamphlet.

"The New Morning Church." Levi read the header out loud. "What's that?"

"It's more than a church, son." Adam said, sounding very proud. "It helps confused boys like yourself."

"Helps me what?" Levi asked, drying his tears with his sleeves.

"Levi, this world is so upside down that it is easy to get weird ideas of how life is supposed to be. From Madonna to Will & Grace, everyone has their view off center." Karen spoke, appearing saddened by the thought.

"Yeah, it's hard to know what's right anymore, Levi. Even I had some.... Interesting thoughts about boys, when I was your age. I outgrew it, but some of us need a little help." Sam chimed in.

"Really, you too? I had no idea." Levi never expected his brother to admit something like that.

"That's right, Levi." Adam said, "It can happen to the best of us.

Luckily, New Morning is pretty close to here. We'll be able to visit very often."

"Who are we visiting?" Levi was nervous, as he had an idea where this was going.

Sam looked to Karen, giving her a sad look.

"This is going perfectly! We've caught him so off guard that he'll accept anything we say!" Marcel cheered, to The Man.

"Yes, let's wrap it up. This child's spirit is becoming hard to handle." The Man replied.

"Darling, you'll need to stay there for a while. No one can help until we first get you away from bad influences. Then the healing will begin."

Karen said, placing a hand over Levi's knee.

"I don't want to leave, mom. I don't wanna!" Levi's tears burst again.

"It will be hard for all of us, but it's the only way." Adam said, actually showing some tears of his own.

When Levi saw his father crying, he knew this had to be very serious, and important. "How long will this take?"

"I don't know, but we'll see you as much as we can. The time will go by quickly. You'll be doing fun things and be with other boys, just like you."

Karen offered.

"When do I have to leave?" Levi was trying his hardest to be good, and cooperative.

"Actually, right now. Their program has yet to start, but it will soon.

So we have to get you there immediately, otherwise you'll have to come in late. A car should be here to pick you up soon." Adam replied.

"You aren't going to take me? Don't I need to pack?" Levi was now breathing hard, and looking frantic. This was all happening so quickly.

"Calm down, Levi. It's going to be alright." Sam had a pained look.

"You won't need clothes, because everything is provided at the Church.

The idea is to get away from your old life, and start anew. Part of that old life is also your relationship with us. There are going to be a lot of changes, Levi. Good changes. You're going to feel great once this is all over. Please, trust us." Karen half-pleaded.

Right on time, the sound of a honking horn caught everyone's ears.

"That must be them. You need to go." Adam stood, beckoning everyone to follow him.

Once outside, everyone gave Levi another hug, and said their goodbyes.

The driver of the car got out and opened the door for Levi, who then dutifully went in.

"I love all of you." Levi got out between sobs, waving as the car pulled away.

"We love you, Levi. Have fun, get better!" Adam replied, waving back.

Soon the car was out of sight.

Adam, Karen, and Sam all exchanged glances followed by huge grins and bursts of laughter.

"We did it!" Adam exclaimed.

"Yeah, it was great. I feel so exhilarated. Master is going to be so happy!" Karen agreed.

"Yes, you both did very well, especially for your first times. Just a few things to do, and we can go." Sam said.

"Yeah, so uh, what are we supposed to do with these bodies? Won't they wonder where Levi went, when we exit?" Karen asked.

"I'm going to block their memories. Eventually authorities will wonder where Levi has gone, but to these three, they'll have no idea he even existed. They will probably get in trouble, but by the time anyone tries to hunt Levi down - he'll be ours." Sam replied.

With that said, the three nonchalantly headed back to the house.

Michael flipped channels rather nervously. He didn't care about what anyone thought, but was worried about Levi. They had become so close in just two days. He had never believed in 'love at first sight' but this seemed awfully similar. Of course, he had always enjoyed Levi, but not in this way.

Michael had even stumbled on a Backstreet Boy interview, and Nick suddenly didn't turn him on. Well, not as much. Levi was all he could think about, and couldn't imagine anything better.

Michael found himself constantly eyeing the phone, hoping for a call, and even contemplating a call of his own. If he called, unless Levi or Karen answered, it wouldn't work. Adam wouldn't know what is happening, but Michael couldn't ask for Levi without making him suspicious. Going through Sam wasn't an option, since he was certainly mad, and probably freaked out.

It made Michael feel angry. Why was this a big deal? He could understand their reasoning, just not their inability to leave everyone else alone. Honestly, he felt that most were just pretentious and full of themselves. But it'd be unfair to think that none of them were caring. I mean, if you truly felt that someone was going to Hell, wouldn't you be zealous in helping him or her? The world is such a complicated place. It often annoyed Michael how there was never a real reason to hate anyone, since you never know the exact reasoning behind his or her actions. Of course some, perhaps even most, people are just assholes, but there is no way to know which is which, so its unfair to judge.


Michael jumped the moment he heard the phone, dashing to the kitchen and picking it up.

"Hello!" He burst.

"Michael?" Karen asked.

"Yes, yes its me! How'd it go? Is Levi all right? When can I see him?

Can I talk to him now?" Michael rambled.

"No, I'm afraid not." Karen sounded almost... cheery, saying that.

"What? Why not? Oh God, did Adam do something?" Michael was ready to cry right then.

"Adam is fine, but you still cannot see Levi. The fact is that you are... well, a faggot. Live however you want, I don't give a shit, but you will NOT bring your sickness into this family. Levi has left. In case you get any weird ideas, don't ever try to find him. If you do, Adam will kill you. I don't mean that in a figurative way. He is cleaning his shotgun as we speak, to insure it works perfectly. Just in case. Do not ever come here again, and do not speak with Sam. In our eyes, you are a non-person. Dead.

Nothing." Karen stated rather calmly.

Michael was stunned, and didn't say a word.

"I'll just assume you understand. If not, you'll poke around and get shot. I'm fine with either solution. Good bye, Michael." Karen finished, and then hung up the phone.

Gently putting the phone back on the receiver, Michael slowly sat up and went into the den. Pulling open the cupboard, he pulled out whatever alcoholic beverage happened to be in front and prepared to drink until he never woke up. Taking out the glass 'cork', Michael took a big swig. His throat suddenly felt on fire, causing him to cough and gasp.

"Oh, I didn't know this would be so... hot!" Michael said out loud, after catching his breath.

"That is why the glasses are small." Said a voice from behind, causing Michael to drop the bottle in surprise.

Turning to look, Michael saw what looked like a big dog with wings, standing upright. Michael eyed the emptying container on the floor, muttering to himself. "I don't feel drunk..."

"That's because you are not. I want to thank you for helping me to be here. My name is Luke." The creature replied.

"Uh, huh." Michael idly replied, feeling his forehead for a temperature.

"You are perfectly healthy, except for the vomiting which will occur in a moment." Luke continued.

"Vomiting? From what? Ohhh..." Michael held his stomach from the sudden queasiness, followed by proof that Luke was right.

"Though that is a good lesson, it is not what we need to accomplish."

Luke said, holding his paws over his large nose.

"Uh, I got to clean this up. If it dries, my parents will know."

Michael wandered away, soon returning with a towel, a wet rag, and some deodorizers.

"It is good that you are so self sufficient. We need to leave and I cannot help you in any physical way." Luke spoke a bit louder, wondering if Michael was ignoring him.

"Yeah yeah. Mr. Shock-induced, alcohol enhanced, delusion. Whatever you say." Michael was just finishing the carpet, and putting the bottle back in the cabinet. Hopefully his parents wouldn't notice.

"How could you be affected by alcohol that stayed in your stomach for a couple minutes?" Luke was hoping that Michael wouldn't be close-minded about this.

"Oh, well, there is still shock. Obviously its still in effect, since I'm casually talking to a dog-thing and not killing myself." Michael replied, unsure of what do next.

"I can assure you that I am real." Luke stated.

"Prove it." Michael said, crossing his arms.

"Well, what would satisfy you?" Luke queried.

"Uh... can you read my mind? No, wait, if you were just my imagination, then you would know what I'm thinking. I know. Pick up something." Michael said, crossing his arms.

"I can't do that. I'm ethereal. Light, with no substance." Luke shook his head.

"Oh, and what are you, then?" Michael asked.

"I'm a.... hmm... I'm not sure. I don't really remember anything before the Falling." Luke stared in no particular direction, cajoling his brain for more information.

"Falling? What's that?" Michael's barrier of shock had crumbled by now, but denial had taken over rather quickly due to the extreme emotions he felt for Levi.

"It was... years ago. Decades. Centuries. No... millennia. Perhaps more. I can barely recall. We rebelled and were cast out." Luke sounded very solemn.

"Cast out? From where?" Michael inquired.

"From... our home. I can't recall the name. It was a perfect place. We were all happy and kept busy doing whatever we wanted. Anything that we desired was instantly available. Concepts such as eating, bathing, dying...

didn't exist. It was all white, but could look however you wanted. From beautiful forests to grand mansions..." Luke trailed off, feeling depressed.

"Sounds like Heaven." Michael thought out loud.

"Heaven! Yes, that was its name!" Luke's eyes filled with water, "I can barely hold onto it anymore. It has been so long...."

"You were cast out of Heaven? Hmm... wait a minute! Luke is short for Lucifer! I've conjured up the devil." Michael giggled to himself.

"Please don't call me that." Luke was struggling to wipe his eyes, but claws just weren't made to do that.

"What are you going to do about it? Take my soul? Ha!" Michael teased.

"Of course not. It's just so unfair... I never did anything wrong! I tried to help. My memory may be failing, but I know where I stood with the Father!" Luke exclaimed.

"Whoa, calm down! I'd never be this moody." Michael was still trying to keep the focus off Levi, even if it meant indulging a fantasy.

"Well I'm not you. I'm sorry, but I am not capable of shock or denial anymore." Luke sounded hoarse, from the crying.

"Yeah, whatever." Michael shrugged him off.

"Is there no way to make you listen? It may take all my energy, but we have no time for you to naturally acknowledge reality!" Luke stomped up to Michael, and gently touched his head.

Michael gasped as the reality of the situation dawned on him. Levi had been taken from him. He might as well have died for all intents and purposes. They had sent Levi away, and there was no way for Michael to find out where.

"That's not true - I know!" Luke burst, before fading from the lack of power.

"What?" Michael felt in the spot where Luke had been, but couldn't find anything. "No, come back!"

Seeing that even his own imagination had abandoned him, Michael fell to the floor, weeping. Curled up in the fetal position, he could only think about what was to become of him. He had found love, and didn't know how to live now that it had been taken away. Not just that, but who knows what happened to Levi? They could have sent him to one of those awful rehabilitation centers Michael had read about, where he'll be tortured until he breaks down and just goes along.

The only thing that Michael knew with certainty was that he would never be the same. In fact - Everything would be different, now.


Eighth Chapter - gotowy.

Well, there it is. The plot is really movin' now. As my english and sex-ed teacher (that's a wierd combo :-) ) would say - "The climax is on the horizon." I hope everyone likes it after following my story for quite a while. I gotta admit, I think its going to be a good surprise. But, I wanna see. Therefore, I'm requesting that all my readers send me an email detailing how they think "The First and the Last" is gonna end. My address is "[email protected]" without the quotes, as always. Thank you all soooooo much for sticking by me and sending such great letters. Your support is very much appreciated. Take care!


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