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The Heaven and Hell in this story are totally fictional and hence bear no resemblance to the actual Heaven and/or Hell, living or dead. However, if they do, then we're all screwed. Well, unless you're an asshole. Oops, giving away plot, better just get to the story....

The First and the Last - Chapter 1

by jacyn

"I can't believe he's really dead. We're free, momma! We're free!"

exclaimed a very happy little girl.

"Yes honey, we are free. He can't hurt us anymore." Replied the middle-aged woman next to her, "money will be tight, but we'll be ok. Now."

She was sore from all the sitting. They had been waiting in the Lobby for hours now. Waiting to see what would happen. She had prayed, truly prayed that Bobby wouldn't survive. She knew that if he came back, they would both be dead. It had been an accident, but he wouldn't care. The bruises all over her and her daughter's bodies from other 'accidents' proved that fact beyond a doubt. Of course, Bobby's abuse wasn't merely physical... but this didn't matter anymore. He was gone. Dead. Deceased. She wasn't a religious person, but she did revel in thoughts of Bobby, being tortured down in Hell...

"What am I doing here?!?" he hollered, "Where am I?!" He reached behind his head but, strangely, felt nothing wrong. Bobby was in a large room.

Well, more of a large space. It was all white. Nothing to define any sense of direction could be seen. Simply white. But he wasn't alone for long.

Soon, from above, a pair of truly beautiful creatures descended to stand before him. They were wearing all white, with matching blond hair. They had an aura, a glow of strength.

"Oh... my, God." Bobby was taken aback. He knew what was coming. This was it. He was bad, and he knew it. This was his judgment. He was done for.

They'd never accept him. Bobby began to weep, falling to his knees before these stunning creatures. For a moment, he almost felt regretful, but then the two entities looked him right in the eye - and began to laugh. Loud, booming laughter. Stunning laughter. It rocked through his soul, his very being and suddenly he felt very good. He laughed with them. They laughed and laughed, till they couldn't stand it anymore. Finally he calmed down, and was able to speak again.

"Please, tell me what's happening." He said, still with a chuckle in his voice.

The two creatures looked at each other with a knowing smile, then one turned to him.

"You are in Heaven, and shall remain with us in perfect bliss for the rest of eternity," it stated matter-of-factly.

"Me? Me??" Bobby couldn't believe it, "but I've sinned in every way imaginable. I drink, I'm violent, I'm dishonest..." he would have continued but the creatures appeared so amused that he felt stupid.

"Bobby, Bobby, Bobby," the creature continued, "You have been misinformed." The two creatures went to either side of Bobby, putting their arms over his shoulders. This time, the other spoke up.

"Can you keep a secret, Bobby?" it whispered into his ear.

"I guess." He mumbled in reply. The creatures then gave him a truly wicked grin.

"Our side won long ago."

"Can we go, mommy?" The little girl had pulled her out of her daydream of Bobby and molten brimstone. Deep down, she felt a little guilty. It had only been an accident, but an accident caused by her. She was supposed to clean the house but that day she was offered a chance to work late. She figured the overtime was worth it. So Bobby comes stumbling home, drunk as always. He trips on one of his own liquor bottles, smacks his head on the edge of a counter, and the rest is history. If she had gone home and picked everything up, it wouldn't have happened. I guess it was Fate. Justice was finally served. If she only knew.

Levi hated Church more than anything. Being bullied by his elder brother, being lectured by his parents, Monday mornings at school, Gym class - none of it was worse. You'd think it was boredom that made him dislike Church so much, like most of the other 13 year-olds, but you'd be wrong.

Levi had matured past hyperactivity long ago. He didn't like it because he always felt guilty; as if he didn't deserve to be there.

"This is God's House." He'd think. God's House. That is major, when you're 13. He was always told, "God is watching you, God is always there, and God will see all your sins." So then, every Sunday, he would walk into God's House. He knew that God must be furious with him. Not only did he sin, but also Levi brought them into his House. This dirty, perverted boy would have the gull to bring his filth to God himself. To say that Levi was paranoid would be an understatement.

"Everyone ready?" Levi's mother, Karen, asked sweetly.

His father, on the other hand, wasn't so nice. "Hurry up! God does not accept tardiness." Adam said sternly, "And nor do I."

"Yeah. Get your butt down here, Levi!" Samuel, Levi's older brother, couldn't resist getting in the act.

"Watch your mouth!" Neither could his mother.

"I'm blushing my teef!" Levi garbled in reply. Adam was visibly upset.

God requests one hour a week. One simple hour. Was that so much to ask?

Sometimes he would wonder if he should even bother. The world was already going straight to Hell anyway. Levi soon came bounding down the stairs. Adam was always surprised at how feminine Levi appeared. Samuel, on the other hand, was very manly; he played football, and though a mere 15, already had had several girlfriends. Hopefully Levi would fill out a bit more, in time.

"Lets get going." Adam was getting impatient. They all packed in the car and drove the few blocks to their local church. Like always, Levi felt very nervous walking inside. As if all eyes were on him, piercing his most secret thoughts. He repressed it as much as he could, but he was certain that they would figure him out sooner or later.

Today's sermon was about the 'evils of sex'. Levi couldn't help but sink into his seat. Oh geez, did the minister just look right at him? He must know. Levi never had a good poker face. He can't be the only one though, right? Other people must have these thoughts. And they were only thoughts. He never acted on them. Not that he'd have anyone to act with anyway. Levi suddenly had a little daydream - a lush, green field. He was naked, and literally prancing. Just enjoying his privacy, and this great place. Ah, but what's this? Levi was not alone. Another boy strolled into the scene. He was about Levi's age but seemed strangely older. Wiser. But that wasn't all - he was gorgeous. Levi had never seen such a creature, not even in his dreams! The other boy strolled right up to Levi, grabbed him in his arms, and planted a truly lustful kiss on his lips. He even used his tongue, Levi had never even heard of that before.

"We can do so much more, if you want." The boy said, with a naughty grin.

"Oh, I dunno." Levi stuttered, "I don't even know you."

"Well I certainly know you, Levi."

"What? How?" Levi was a little surprised. Suddenly he realized that this wasn't even real. It was a fantasy. He was sitting in church. What was going on? The other boy suddenly looked very disappointed. Angry even. But it quickly faded, and he got that naughty grin again.

"I guess it will have to be some other time, Levi. I have such high hopes." With that, the other boy and the whole field melted away leaving Levi back in church. He couldn't help but sigh. It was such a lovely scenario. What was his problem anyway? Turning down someone so beautiful, and in a dream no less! It must be this place. He always felt restricted here.

".... Thank you all for coming. I will see you next Sunday." The minister was just ending his sermon. Thank God. Hmm... was that an irony?

Eh, who cared? Levi just wanted to leave. Slowly everyone filed outside to his or her cars.

"I wonder if anyone else is so eager to leave?" Levi thought. He surveyed the crowd. It was mostly adults and the elderly. Few children lived in his area. That or they got out of church on a regular basis. If only he could be so lucky.

"So what did you two learn today?" Levi's dad asked this every week to make sure his sons were paying attention. Samuel spoke up right away so he got away with the easy answer:

"I should wait until I'm married before having sex. God says so for good reason - it insures that I will get no diseases and only bring kids into a good environment." Levi was always surprised at how articulate his brother could be when the need arose.

"How about you, Levi?"

"Oh, umm," Levi had to think. That daydream of his kinda commandeered his head the whole time. He could only think of one thing and it killed him to say it.

"Addiction to sex can lead to immoral things like homosexuality."

Adam had never been more pleased. Deep down, he had always worried that since Levi appeared so feminine, he could be a fag. It couldn't hurt to encourage him, though. He would have to get Levi some dates. Just to be sure.

"Very good, both of you. I think that we should stop at Dairy Queen as a reward. Remember that, boys. Good behavior always leads to good things, just as bad behavior is punished." Adam continued, strictly.

By the time they got home, his father's words had really sunk in. Levi quickly went to his room. He planned to stay there the rest of the day.

"Why me? Why me? Why?" is all Levi could think.

Slowly, from behind, a pair of arms encircled Levi in a hug. He felt safe. Calm. Then a light peck on the cheek sent ripples through his body. He had to see who it was, but when he turned, there was no one there. He couldn't help but notice how much fantasy seemed to rule his life. It was too bad. He'd make a great boyfriend. Levi wasn't macho, but that seemed to be a good thing. Every show he had ever seen had said that women like sensitive guys. Of course, women weren't exactly his main concern, but every bit helped. Soon Levi drifted off, back to that wonderful field where he could be himself. The beautiful boy even showed up again.

"So Levi, have you changed your mind?" he inquired sweetly.

"Oh I, I - uh. Well..." Seeing Levi's indecisiveness, the boy quickly enveloped him into his arms and gave him another lusty kiss. The effect was rather obvious. Levi started to grind into the boy. Considering their nudity, both were getting very turned on. Another and another followed the first kiss. Finally Levi wanted more of the boy. He gently placed his hand on the boy's chest, and slid it down. He wanted this to be very seductive so he went slowly. But just before he got to his prize, the boy exclaimed:

"No!" It was so loud that it echoed throughout the field. However Levi couldn't stay to see what followed - he was shaken from his slumber by a rather incessant hand.

"Get up, doofus!" Samuel always had the cleverest insults.

"What do you want?" Levi angrily replied.

"My CD player is busted, so I wanted to know where yours is."

"I'm not gonna tell you, Sam. Last time I loaned you something, the only way I got it back was to go in your room and take it."

"You went in my room without permission?" that made Samuel mad.

"I only took what was mine. Besides, you're in here now and you didn't ask first."

"I'm older and can do whatever I want. What're you gonna do about it?

You're small even for a thirteen year old. You're just a little pussy."

Samuel proved his point by lunging at Levi and holding him down.

"Let me up! Let go!" Levi struggled to break free.

"Tell me where the CD player is and I will." Samuel was never above


"No, its mine!" The younger boy exclaimed, hoping his parents would hear. Samuel was getting frustrated and upped the pressure. Levi could only take little breaths now.

"Where is it Levi?" Samuel pushed even harder.

"Its [gasp] in the [gasp] dresser." With that, Samuel let go of Levi and dived into the dresser doors. After successfully throwing everything out and making a mess of the room, he found the CD player and took off.

"Thanks, dorkhead." Samuel teased on his way out. Levi was pissed, but couldn't really do anything about it. His brother was just too big. He always had been. Levi did, in a way, look up to his brother, but he would never be such an asshole if he were in Sam's position.

"Its sad that your own brother would use your disadvantages in such a way."

Levi expected to see his dad when he turned around but instead saw something very different. It looked like a gargoyle, but was colored black with a red tint. Its legs were very stout and strong, with claws on its feet. The arms were like smaller versions of the legs, but with much bigger claws. A pair of wings protruded from its back and folded neatly around its body. Topping off the creature was a very grotesque face with a dog-like snout and startlingly long fangs. Levi could only think of one thing to do:



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