Michael had just gotten home, feeling happier than he had in his whole life. Considering his generally good life, that really meant something. As usual, his parents weren't home. Throwing off his clothes as he went along, Michael headed for the shower. After his experience - first sexual experience ever - with Levi, he was erect to the point of pain. His whole crotch was tingling, almost glowing, with urgency. Not to mention, precum and sweat had left him a bit sticky.

Setting the water at an appropriate temperature, Michael slid his tan, youthful body into the stream. Michael sighed, the warm water felt good.

Using a washcloth, he gently went over his body. Michael was proud of how he had developed. He often laughed to himself, thinking: "Hey, I'd fuck me!"

Moving slowly, he scrubbed his small chest and nipples, his subtle six back, his taut yet smooth arms. Reaching behind, Michael went over his tight ass, continuing to his lightly haired, defined legs. Dropping the washcloth, Michael used both hands to caress his thighs, causing his already-hard dick to fill with even more blood. It throbbed, demanding attention.

"Oooh" Michael let out a small groan, pinching his left nipple. With his other hand, Michael gave his cock some aggressive yanks - up, down, up, down, up. Moving lower, he rolled his balls around, while utilizing his other hand to continue manipulation of his nipples. Michael's body, by now, was convulsing. Little shocks were turning his spine into a highway of sensual feelings. Precum flowed freely, covering the hand that was now swirling it's fingertips around the crown.

Michael let out some involuntary grunts; the sensitive head of his dick had taken control of his brain. With all his patience and willpower drained, Michael tightly grabbed his engorged appendage. Pulling and pushing frantically, he could feel his so-desired release was coming soon.

"Levi, please..." Michael's other hand, meanwhile, was around the other side of his youthful body, gently pushing at his lower region's sweet spot.

He was never brave enough to actually go inside, but knew the simple pleasure of his fingertips' touch. Though thoughts of Levi were certainly encouraging.

With stimulation coming at Michael in large waves, from so many locations, he could not hold on any longer. His orgasm swept over his nerves like a hurricane with no rest-bringing eye midway through. It came on strong, and stayed strong. He couldn't move, forcing his hand to simply squeeze as several ejaculatory bursts forced their way out, only to be striped from the wall by running water.

The last bit dribbled out, over Michael's hand. He brought his hand to his face, hoping for a taste, but found nothing left, thanks to his location. Though he desired some more boy-juice after his actions with Levi, he would not be able to orgasm again after such a literally nerve-wracking masturbatory session. Slightly disappointed, Michael made sure he was totally rinsed off, turned off the stream, and stepped out of the stall.

Grabbing a nearby towel, Michael dried himself off.

Ring! Ring!

"Who could that be?" he said to no one in particular. Wrapping the towel around his waist, Michael moved into the kitchen to grab the phone.

"Hello?" Michael asked, wiping water from his brow before it got to his eyes.

"Where the hell were you, man?" Sam asked in a not-so-subtle manner.

Michael suddenly felt nervous, what if Sam found out? "Oh, I just didn't feel like school today. I'm sorry if I broke your sweet little heart."

"Fuck you, man." Sam went on the defensive; his thoughts from earlier that day were still wreaking havoc in his confused mind.

"Don't flip out, Sam. Geez." Michael was surprised with his friend's strong reaction.

"So what did you do all day?" Sam was hoping to get the spotlight back onto Michael.

"I hung around at the mall." Michael didn't see any reason to hide that part.

Sam's curiosity was buzzing. "You spent all day at the mall, by yourself?"

"Uuuhhh... yeah. Something wrong with that?" Now Michael was on the defensive.

"Well, no. It just seems weird. You obviously don't have enough money to buy that much stuff, so you must have just sat around." Sam was trying to put this together.

"I did see some people that I knew." Michael was digging himself into a metaphorical hole.

"Oh.... Who?" Sam wasn't planning on letting this go.

"Uhhh... well... uhh.... What difference does it make? God damn, you're acting like some jealous boyfriend." Michael felt like slapping himself.

That statement had too many slip ups to go over.

"What?!? Screw yo...." Sam caught himself before adding yet another innuendo to their chat. "Just lay off, Mikey."

Michael was having trouble deciding what to say. What could he say?

This hidden truth between them was causing a lot of friction. He felt tempted to just spill everything, despite the bad reaction he knew would come.

"Sam, you're my best friend, right?" Michael couldn't help but pray as he said this.

"Don't get all queer on me, Mikey." Sam's shields were still up.

Michael felt a surge of anger. "Damn it Sam, are we best friends?"

"Uh... yeah." Sam mumbled, uncomfortable and nervous with where this was going.

"Good, 'cause I need to tell you something. Its important." Michael's throat felt totally devoid of moisture.

"What?" Sam was starting to worry - Mikey never acted like this.

"Well, I... I mean, I've been..." he trailed off. Michael felt stupid, as if something like this could ever be a good idea.

"Come on, man! What?" Sam almost demanded.

"Nothing, nothing. Just forget it." Michael said, feeling defeated.

"Fine. Whatever." Sam's tone was harsh, but inside he felt relieved. He had never actually done anything.... Well, friendly, with Mikey before. They were close, but it never was shown in any direct actions.

Just then, Levi came to a halt on Michael's front porch. Pounding on the door, he exclaimed between panting breaths. "Michael! Mikey! Jesus. I need your help!"

Michael's face went white, what could have happened?

Sam's face twisted into confusion, if he didn't know better, he'd think he heard Levi's voice in the background.

Michael, remembering who was on the phone, quickly sputtered, "Uh, I gotta go. Bye." And hung up the phone.

Sam was surprised by the suddenness, but shrugged it off. After Sam finished the homework assignment he started before calling Mikey, he began to feel hungry. His dad was probably back at work by now, so would be out of the way. Heading downstairs, Sam expected to see Levi eating some cookies with Karen in the kitchen. That's how she had always tried to comfort her sons.

However, Sam found a very different sight as he entered the afore-mentioned room. His mom was heavily leaning on the kitchen counter, sobbing.

"Mom, what's going on?" Sam asked, concerned.

Karen stood up straight, and wiped her eyes as she turned to look at her eldest son. Sam gasped - on his mother's pure, white face was a deep purple and black bruise over her left eye.

Seeing her son's reaction, Karen quickly put her hand over the mark.

"Its no big deal. I was trying to stop your father from yelling at your brother. He turned, and well, I had gotten on his last nerve. It was all my fault."

Sam just shook his head, and embraced his mother. Karen was surprised that her son seemed so endearing, but gladly accepted as her tears began to fall again. Within a few minutes, Karen composed herself enough to sit down in the nearby dining room. Sam followed, sitting beside her.

"Did Adam go back to work?" Sam inquired, speaking in a low voice, in case his father was still nearby.

"Yes, he did. When Levi ran off, he was so angry. After hitting me, he got in his car and sped off. I'm surprised you didn't hear the tires squeal." Karen answered, sounding weak.

"What? What happened?" Sam was startled, to say the least.

"Oh, you went upstairs before he left." Karen had a look of understanding, and pain.

"After you left, your father said some... harsh things. Levi was crying, which only brought on more words. I guess he was just overwhelmed, because he burst through the door and whipped down the street."

Sam was blown away - it had never gotten this severe before. "Well, now what?"

"I'm not going to call the police, if that's what you mean. Your father would never want anyone to know about this - too embarrassing."

Sam felt caught between a rock and a hard place. Either he pressed for more action, or kept up his 'no care' attitude toward Levi. "Uh, well, what if he gets hurt?" He tried to sound nonchalant.

"I know, I know. But your father.... He... no." Karen was terribly pained.

"Screw Adam!" Sam exclaimed, suddenly mad at the dumb shit he, and everyone else, had to put up with from his dad.

"Samuel!" Karen scolded. "You shouldn't say things like that about your father. He's a good, decent, hard working man."

Sam's anger was starting to bubble over his ability to restrain himself. He's had this outburst in him for years. Of course he got along with his dad, but it was only because he acted exactly as Adam wanted. Sam even acted like him, despite how much it hurt others at times. This was too much. Adam was an asshole. A selfish, petty, son of a bitch, and Sam was done with it.

"Adam can burn in hell for all I care! He's lead all of us around for as long as I can remember, and I'm sick of it! How can you put that piece of shit above your own kids! Levi never did anything wrong!"

Karen sat in silence; her mouth was literally hanging open. Sam had never shown the slightest concern for Levi. In fact, he acted just as his father did. Yet now, he was like a totally different person. Sam's actual words took a moment to sink in. At first, Karen felt angry that he would say something like that, but Sam was right. She knew it. Deep down, she knew it was true. Karen hadn't even married Adam by her decision. It was practically arranged, by her parents. He seemed like a fine man, at the time, so she went along. "Sam, could you go to your room?" Karen needed time to think.

"Alright." Sam felt better, after getting that out. Back in his room, he returned to his homework, but couldn't concentrate. So much had happened.

"I can't believe Levi actually just ran way like that. It's not like him." Sam thought. "Plus Mikey was acting weird. What was he trying to tell me?"

After recounting the recent past, it hit him. "I heard Levi when I was talking to Mikey!" Sam exclaimed. "Why would he go to there? Could they be friends? Maybe that's what he was trying to tell me. But why would that be a big deal? Unless..." With that revelation, Sam jumped out of his chair, charged down the stairs, and was out the door in seconds.

"Hey, where are you going?" Karen's voice barely got to his ears in time, though he didn't slow down.

Michael hung up the phone after a rather rude 'farewell' and dashed to the door. Quickly unlocking the deadbolt, the elder took the junior into his arms. Michael didn't know what happened, but felt that his darling boy needed some comforting first.

Levi cried very hard, in Michael's embrace. His thoughts were a jumble and life seemed to have gone out the window. Most of all, Levi felt angry - angry that his father was so cruel.

"What gave him the right?" Levi thought, over and over. "And why didn't momma help?"

But he didn't say a word; the tears were much better messengers.

Michael held Levi for some time, finally deciding to help him inside and into the living room, where they could talk comfortably.

"Are you ready to tell me what happened?" The senior of the duo asked, softly.

Wiping his eyes, Levi responded in broken segments. "He... I mean.. my dad..

he... he he.... He called me... all sorts of ...names. He was ...mad 'cause I skipped... school... then when I.... Started crying, he.... Called me

'faggot' and said I wasn't..... his son. My mom tried to.... Help, but he just threw her away. And Sam just left.... To his room."

Michael's eyebrows were nearly at his hairline - he was shocked.

Michael always knew that Sam and Levi's dad was a real hard-ass, but not like this. It made him wonder if Sam was just trying to please Adam with some of his behaviors.

"That's.... that's horrible, Levi." Michael quietly exclaimed. "But I'll be here for you. Completely. You can stay here, I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind. They probably wouldn't even know..."

"Michael caused this whole thing, you know." The Man's voice rang in Levi's ears.

"Shut up!" Levi suddenly burst from the love seat they shared, pointing an accusing finger in Michael's direction - The Man's words really hit home.

"This is all your fault! I didn't want to go to the stupid mall today! But you made me, and now my life is ruined! I wish you had never showed up yesterday!"

Out of pure instinct, Michael stood up and attempted to grab Levi, but the younger boy dodged his loving arms.

"Don't touch me, Michael!" Levi yelled, walking towards the still-open door.

"Where are you going? Michael was starting to tear up, but fought to hold it back.

"Away from you." Levi didn't even stop to look at his former lover.

"You can't just wander the streets! It's dangerous!" Michael pleaded, tailgating Levi on his way out.

"I have nowhere else to go, thanks to you!" Levi turned, pushing Michael away.

"No, no! I even just read about three boys who were killed yesterday! I won't let you go!" The older boy tackled the younger as gently as he could, which wasn't much.

"Let me go, Michael!" Levi struggled.

"No, Levi. I love you so much. I'm not going to lose you, not this soon!" Michael said, pouring his heart out. "Please, Levi. I didn't mean for any of this. I just want to make you happy."

"He cares for you deeply, Levi." A new voice showed up in Levi's head.

At first, Levi didn't recognize it, but soon realized it was the demon - Luke. "They put you and Michael together in the first place. If anyone is to blame, its them!"

Levi stopped squirming, understanding that Luke was right. The tears began falling again, and Levi just let himself be held by Michael for the second time.

The younger boy's throat felt very dry, and sore from the crying, but he had to get something out. "Michael... Mikey, I love you too."

Michael couldn't hold back the tears anymore, he was just so happy right at that moment. He stood up, and then helped Levi do the same. They returned to the love seat, but never let go of each other.

"Hey Mikey, what is it you said about three dead guys?" Levi asked, his brain's left side regaining some control.

"I read it in the paper this morning, before school. Near some alley, they were found electrocuted. Parts of them had even exploded!" Michael exclaimed.

"What, like, our age? Do you know what street?" Levi was having flashbacks of his first encounter with The Man.

"Uh, 16 or 17, I think. I don't recall its name, but I know it's the same one you use for school." Michael was very nonchalant, due to his lack of knowledge.

Levi felt nervous. "Could The Man have done it? Those three weren't nice, but did they deserve that?" He pondered.

Suddenly, Levi felt The Man's hands on his shoulders, as he had done the day before. He could feel memories leaving him. The young boy tried to hold on, but The Man was too strong.

"Levi, you ok babe? You look spaced out." Michael said with a caring tone.

"Oh, uh, what were talking about?" Levi felt very confused.

The Man's voice rang in his mind. "The lockets Levi. Give him the locket that I bestowed on you."

Shaking off the confusion, Levi did as he was told. "I have something for you, Mikey." He said, with a knowing grin. Presenting his hand, he showed the two lockets that were given to him by The Man.

Michael's eyes lit up, taking them into his hands. "They are so....

Perfect, Levi."

"Open them." Levi's smile broadened.

With a little fumbling, Michael managed to discover the pictures inside. He laughed. "These are great. You must have spent a fortune on them."

"Oh, uh, well, no. I had them as a present. You seemed worthy of them."

Smooth, Levi.

"Wow, thanks." Michael gave his former, former lover a quick hug. "Hey, where'd you get a picture of me?"

Levi was stumped on that one, however something that his mother once said came to mind. "A girl must have her secrets."

Michael developed a terribly silly expression, and just burst out laughing. Levi joined in.

"Touche, babe!" Michael got out, between laughs.

After calming down, Levi turned serious, looking at the older boy, who was still wearing just a, now loose, towel. "Mikey, I never realized how amazing you look, up close."

"Is that so, babe?" His face was now showing a lusty grin, but Michael's eyes conveyed desire much better.

"Yes." Levi moved on all fours, forcing Michael to lie down as he was crawled on top.

"You're invading my space bubble." Michael grinned.

"Am I?" Levi leaned back, placing his head right over Michael's crotch.

Looking up, Levi gave Michael a terribly sinful look. Then, sticking out his tongue, Levi slowly dragged the wet muscle over his lover's groin. He could smell soap, and a gentle musk that went straight to his own set of genitals.

Despite Michael's earlier masturbation, he was tenting the towel very quickly.

"Looks like I'm not the only one who wants your attention." Michael whispered.

"Looks like you're not the only one who is going to get my attention."

Levi gave the towel a slight tug, easily making it fall away.

Michael felt exposed, and nervous. "So.. uh.. what do you think?" He stuttered.

But Levi didn't hear him. He was off in his own world, staring at the hard dick that was so close to his face. He had never seen another guy's cock, and was taken aback. It was so... neat. So simple, yet beautiful. Out of instinct he took it into his hand. Levi touched Michael, fondled Michael.

He gently played with all that Michael had to offer. Levi felt like 'a kid in a candy store.'

"Oohh." Escaped Michael's mouth, as that desire for cum started to invade his mind, however he didn't want to interrupt Levi.

Hearing him make noise, Levi looked up. Michael's eyes were closed, his mouth slightly open, and he was in pleasure. Levi suddenly remembered that this was for more than his enjoyment, Michael was involved too, and he deserved more than a pair of hands....

Michael's crown was suddenly very warm. Opening his eyes, Michael saw the most erotic sight of his young life. Levi, with his soft, pink lips around a hard dick. Not just any dick, but Michael's own.

Levi was delighted as he sucked up and down on the flesh-covered steel rod. It wasn't salty, it wasn't sugary, and it wasn't bitter. It was simply... Mikey. But Levi's taste buds were in for another treat. With the next step in stimulation, precum began to flow rather swiftly. Realizing his mouth was being filled with more than boy-dick, Levi moved up until just the head was in. Lapping gently, Levi hoped to get a good taste of Michael's essence. It was good - sweet, but contained a mist of salt, which accented it perfectly.

Michael groaned, he was feeling so horny. "Levi, I can't wait any longer.... Can't... wait..."

Levi needed no more encouragement. He started diving. Swiftly bobbing up and down. Sucking on the up strokes, licking on the down strokes. An outside party would call him a 'natural', to say the least. It just felt right to have a dick in his mouth.

Michael started babbling as all the sensations went to his head. "Oh yeah. Yeah, Levi. Suck on it. Yeah. God, yes. It feels so good... yeah...."

Hearing such positive feedback caused Levi to triple his efforts. He himself felt very turned on, his young dick straining against his shorts.

Suddenly, amidst all the sucking, bobbing, licking, and swirling, Michael's young, healthy dick expanded ever so slightly as his balls pulled into his body.

Levi's mouth was filled within moments with the masculine cum of his elder lover. The thick fluid hit his tongue, drowning it with it's youthful, testosterone-rich taste. His ears were filled with the sweet sounds of Michael groaning and moaning, and his nose was filled with the delicious scents of a teen's pheromones. With so many senses taking in sensual information, Levi's hard dick began to spasm as his first auto-orgasm swept through his body, forcing his mouth to become even tighter around Michael's still-shooting cock.

It took the last of Levi's strength to force himself to swallow, his body felt like it had short-circuited, but knowing that was a part of Mikey kept him licking in hopes of getting more, and giving even more pleasure.

Meanwhile, Michael was beginning to understand why sex was running so rampant amongst society - it felt like this! He would chuckle, but considering his current position, he had other things on his mind, and a hot boy on his dick. He was shooting more than he had ever before, despite his earlier orgasm.

Noticing that Michael's well had gone dry, Levi let the softening cock pop from his mouth. He almost hated to do it, knowing this was the last of it, but couldn't resist using his tongue to lick up the remnants of Mikey's cum from various areas of his mouth, savoring them, and finally swallowing.

Michael slowly opened his eyes, releasing the breath he'd been holding since his dick began spitting. He was presented with a great vision - darling, innocent Levi, licking cum from his lips. The young boy's smile said more than words ever could.

Samuel didn't know what he was expecting, or not expecting, for that matter. However his curiosity was piqued and nothing was going to stop him.

What was going on between Levi and Mikey? It made no sense, and Samuel was determined to find the truth. He ran at full speed, within 16 minutes, Samuel's bestest of friends' quasi-large house came into view. Going around back, since no one went in through the front door, Sam found something rather unnerving - the door was wide open, and what sounded like... well, not quite screams were coming from the entrance.

Suddenly worried about his friend, Sam ran in the door, and followed the sounds into the living room.

"Oh my god..." Sam said silently, to himself. Before Sam was something he'd never seen before, two guys having sex. Not just two guys, his brother and best friend. Levi was hovering over a naked Michael, bobbing on his dick with a lot of fervor. Sam quickly dove around the corner, hoping they hadn't seen him. Softly peeking, Sam was relieved to see that Michael's eyes were closed, naturally, and Levi was facing away. Standing there, watching two whom he'd call family, had a strange effect. Sam felt jealous. He didn't expect that, but he was. More of Levi, than Michael. He didn't really think about experimenting or anything, but if he were going to - Michael would be his man. "His man." That had an interesting ring to it.

"I know what my dad would say," Sam thought, "don't let those dirty fags get you too."

Suddenly, with that notion, Sam began to feel bitter. Very, very bitter. He could almost feel his heart shriveling, turning black. His dad was right - they do recruit. Levi was a homo, and took advantage of Michael's lack of girlfriends. That had to be it, since Michael would never betray him otherwise. And he had just defended Levi to his mother! Sam was going to get Levi for this, and Michael for stabbing him in the back. Sam wasn't going to put up with such disrespect. Everything would be different, now.


Sixth Chapter - acabado.

I know, I know, this chapter was a bit late. But hey, writing doesn't pay the bills. That's my parents' job. hahaha So, whatcha think of the sex scenes? I think I'm really getting into my 'zone.' Do you agree? Email and tell me! My address is "[email protected]" without the quotes. Btw, in case you're wondering, "acabado" is spanish for 'complete.' I've run out of english words with that meaning, so had to move on. :-) If you see this, Stephen, get a hold of me, geez! Thanks for reading, hasta luego!


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