"You're right to feel that way, Samuel." Said The Man, interrupting Sam's peeping tom session.

Though startled, Sam's mood didn't allow for fear. He just felt angry, and hateful. Turning, he said, "Who the fuck are you?"

The Man smiled, a gentle, loving smile. "I'm here to ensure you do the right thing and act accordingly."

"What the hell are you talking about? You involved with those two?" Sam snapped, motioning towards the suddenly quiet couple in the living room.

"Probably some gross homo who gets off on little boys?"

"Quite the opposite. Homosexuality is a sin, and against the Word." The Man began walking toward the living room.

"What are you doin'? They're going to know we're both here." Sam burst, unsure if he should try to stop the strange man who made him feel so....

Safe. Though, he decided to dash for the door instead. However, when he got there, he found it was now closed, and wouldn't budge.

"Come in here." The Man said rather calmly, though it had the volume of a shout.

Sam didn't reply, he was still just trying to pull the door open. He didn't want the couple to know he knew.

"Please come here." The Man's voice echoed in Sam's ears, beckoning him.

"Alright." Sam released the door handle and did as he was told. Walking into the living room, he saw the second big shocker for that day. Levi was still blowing Mikey, except they weren't moving. They looked like very realistic statues.

"No, they're not statues. I have frozen them, so you could see up close." The Man replied to the boy's thoughts.

"Why would I wanna see this? I'm no faggot!" Sam exclaimed, but did eye the lovers a bit.

"You feel the urges, as well." The Man stated matter-of-factly.

"What?!? No I don't!" Sam shrieked, beginning to back away.

"You misunderstand. I'm not trying to insult you." The Man's aura of love seemed to increase, pulling Samuel back to stand before the couch. "I wish to show you how evil can infect another so quickly. Levi met up with Michael yesterday, and already has him hooked. You are also feeling the effects, from your brother and friend."

"Oh....." Sam looked down in shame, though his rage was still building.

The Man gently placed a hand on Sam's shoulder. "It is alright, my boy.

Such desires work on your developing mind at an incredible pace. If it wasn't for your dear, caring father, you'd have already been taken in."

"What did you say about my father?" Sam was surprised to hear those words used in reference to Adam.

"He is a great man, Samuel. He knows what he is doing, and understands the ways of life. He understands God's wishes, and tries to help others to do so. It is sad that society today make people like him into the bad guy."

The Man's expression didn't change, but a single tear fell to the floor.

Sam could feel a change in him. Somehow, all the ways he thought of his father, were changing. All the repression and anger disappeared. He felt....

In awe, of Adam. Sam respected the man, and felt sad that he had said bad things about him. Especially now that he knew the truth about Levi and Mikey. With Sam's thoughts returning to them, his rage came back to life. He felt like attacking them both, while they couldn't even defend themselves.

"You cannot hurt them. Time is frozen, and any physical contact would cause you to freeze as well." The Man said, again reading the boy's mind.

"Then undo it! I'm going to kick both of their asses!" Sam exclaimed, narrowing his eyes.

"No. Homosexuality is a sickness, and young people are very susceptible. Hurting will not fix anything." The Man said, shaking his head.

"This is your brother, and your best friend. They need your help."

"What? I'm not helping those sick fucks! I don't have to listen to you!" Sam yelled, furious that someone would actually try to assist blasphemers.

"You were given free will, however God has asked for your assistance, and no one turns down Him." The Man was still calm, never appearing angered.

"Oh, so now you're God?" Sam replied, sharply.

"I am an angel." That said, The Man started to exhibit a subtle glow.

"You don't look like an angel." Sam was being an asshole, despite what he had seen already.

"Very well." The Man smiled. A huge, bright, white grin. The glow was starting to become not so subtle. Streaks of white were appearing in his brownish-tan trench coat. Slowly, the belt holding the coat closed began to fade, and the front was melding together. By now, the whole figure was a shiny white, with the coat now more of a robe, leading all the way to the floor. The Man's hair appeared longer, flowing.

Samuel watched the sight unfold before him. His temper seemed to be absorbed by all the brilliant, white energy surrounding this beautiful creature. He felt totally at peace, and relaxed. The Man resembled a star, so white that he looked somewhat blue. His features were no longer obvious.

More like an irradiant shadow.

"I.... I... uh... I" Sam just trailed off. He felt so carefree that it seemed unnecessary to speak.

"Listen, Samuel," The Man's voice was different. It echoed, as if in a cave, yet also sounded like many voices. A choir appeared to represent his voice. "Do not hurt your brother, or your friend. I want you to quietly go home, and tell your mother what you've seen. Let her know that they just need help, and everything will be all right. Then stay out of the way! Your father is going to be furious, but do not worry, we will take care of the rest. Everything will work out. I promise."

"I will." Was all Sam could get out.

"Very well, then I must be on my way. After you are safely away, time will resume as normal." The glowing orb that was once The Man, circled Sam, giving him one more taste of bliss, then softly fizzled out.

"An angel from God just spoke to me..." Sam said to himself, looking at the unmoving sex act to reaffirm that what had just happened was real. Of course, without the unending love from an angel permeating his body, Sam's feelings towards Levi and Mikey quickly returned. Stomping to the door, which was sitting ajar as it was when he arrived, Sam ran toward his house, wearing an evil grin.

"They are so gonna get it!" he laughed to himself.

Sam dashed. He sprinted. He moved as fast as he possibly could, and got home within 15 minutes.

"Mom! Mom! You would not believe what's going on!" Sam yelled, bursting into through the door.

"Remember, we're not punishing, we're trying to help." The Angels'

voice reminded him. It was calm, yet firm.

Sam narrowed his eyes - he was hoping to just blow the whole thing wide open, but he still had a trick up his sleeves.

"What is it? Did something happen? Is it Levi? Is he alright?" Karen ran up to Sam, babbling.

Sam tried to force some tears, and started to act really upset. "Yes, its Levi, mom...."

"What??? Tell me!" Karen was beginning to panic.

"He's, he's ok, physically..." Sam said, wiping his eyes of false-tears. "but, oh, it's so awful!"

"Oh, it doesn't matter! I need to be with him. Where is he?" Karen's voice was becoming a shrill shriek.

"That's the point, mom. I found him at Mikey's... they were... they..."

Sam was really milking it. He'd cut his voice in and out, as if he was hyperventilating.

"What! What? Did Michael do something to Levi? I need to get over there." Karen was forming tears, and digging through her pockets in an attempt to get her car keys.

"No! No you can't go there!" Sam exclaimed, grabbing on to her as if he were desperate.

"What? Why not, Samuel?" Karen was feeling sick to her stomach.

"Because... because... mom, they were fucking!" Sam wasn't sure if he should swear, but decided that it would make this whole thing more dramatic, and get everyone stirred up.

Karen stood totally still, looking at her eldest son with a very confused look. "What?"

Sam just nodded his head over and over, acting even more upset, by now.

"Are you sure?" Shock took over Karen's responses, so she was thinking a bit more logically than with her emotions.

Sam kept his eyes glued to his feet, wanting to appear embarrassed.

"Yes, I'm sure."

"How are you sure?" Karen replied, now feeling some disbelief.

"Are you gonna make me say it?" Sam suddenly yelled, as to appear very much upset with this whole thing.

"Well, yeah, this is important!" Karen wiped a few tears; her wall of shock was starting to crumble.

"Fine!" Sam shouted, running to the stairs. Once he got about halfway up, he turned back. "I saw them in Mikey's living room. Mikey was naked, and Levi was sucking his dick! You happy now!"

Karen's wall totally fell as she heard that, and then watched her crushed son skulk into his room. A damn burst within her eyes, and tears fell wildly. What could she do? What would Adam do? Honestly, she was worried about her sons' safety. Adam was very violent when it came to stuff like this. Once, soon after they got married, a neighbor of Adam's said

"Boy, if you hadn't gotten married, I'd have thought you were a fag." And, well, he ended up in the hospital. Levi was so frail; he could never take anything like that. But how could she hide it? Sam wouldn't be able to keep it a secret. And what of Michael? How'd he fit into this? So many questions, with so few answers. She needed to know what's going on, and there was only one place that contained the answer's - Michael's house. While attempting to compose herself, she stepped into her car, and took off.

"That was great, babe." Mikey said, glowing from a slight coat of sweat.

"Yeah, it was neat. I never expected it to be so fun!" Levi said in a very boyish way.

"And to think - we can do it whenever we want!" Mikey felt excited by the prospect of it as well.

"Hey yeah! We can! In fact..." Levi leaned down again take Michael back in.

"Whoa, wait, hon." Mikey quickly covered himself with his hands.

"What? Why not? Wasn't I good?" Levi appeared insecure.

"Yes, yes. You were great, but now it's too sensitive." Explained Dr.


"Sensitive?" Levi had no idea what he was talking about - he could go again and again.

Mikey grinned. "Levi, you're really young right now. As you get older, it gets harder and harder for you orgasm more than once."

"You're only 2 years older." Levi pouted.

"Well, yeah, but puberty set in for me back when I was 12. You've just begun, and at an older age." Mikey was a little worried that Levi would take that badly.

"Oh, well I guess that makes sense. That's stupid though. I mean, you don't really get chances to have sex until you're older." Levi was very insightful.

"But you do last longer before having an orgasm, so sex lasts longer."

Mikey was actually feeling a bit more inflated, from all the sex talk.

"Who cares? The orgasm is the best part!" Levi was insightful, for his age.

"Not with other forms of sex...." Mikey hinted.

"Other forms?" Levi queried.

"We'll talk about it some other time." Mikey winked.

Levi furrowed his brow, but just nodded. "So what now?"

"I dunno. Would you like some head?" Mikey was still craving that cum...

"Some what?" Levi's brow became a bit more furrowed.

"Oh," Mikey giggled, "That's a nick name for getting blown."

"Getting what?" Levi's brow was at its furrowedest.

Mikey burst out laughing. "Come on Levi! Getting blown means having your dick sucked."

"Oohhh." Levi turned a bright red from his lack of such obvious knowledge.

"Don't worry, it's an age thing. Of course, the stories explained too."

Mikey said, partly to himself.

"Stories? Other boys are doing this too?" Levi was shocked. He'd always heard that gay sex was almost entirely done by 'sick, old, perverts.'

"Yeah. Sex is actually pretty common, from what I understand. I've heard some interesting stories from around school. Though those were mostly about girls and boys." Mikey's face expressed an obvious disgust.

"Why the face?" Levi was just so innocent.

"Babe, have you ever seen a vagina?" Michael wanted to get this out of the way before Levi got that weird idea that most gay guys get about wanting to 'experiment.' Total waste of time.

"Well, no." Levi wasn't sure if he should feel embarrassed.

"Follow me." Mikey stood, put his towel back on, and lead Levi to his bedroom.

"Face away from the screen, and turn when I tell you." Mikey wanted this to have as much impact as possible. Taking his computer off "Standby", he easily found a close-up of a vagina being held partially open. After a little zooming and re-orientating, he turned away and said

"Alright, Levi, take a look."

"Oh gross!" Levi exclaimed, quickly facing away.

"May this be a lesson, babe," Mikey removed the terribly offensive image, and brought up a collage of guys he'd put together for late-night jacking. "That dicks are much better. Look at this."

Levi turned again. "They're all naked!" He exclaimed, his jaw nearer to the ground than to his face.

"They certainly are..." Mikey replied, making sure his towel was secure. "Go ahead, take a closer look."

Levi didn't hesitate, and quickly took a seat before the computer.

Using the mouse, he scrolled around the extremely large set of pictures.

They were all so smooth. You could see their muscles, just barely. Some were hard, some were still hanging, but all were rather large. Levi didn't even know that penises came this big, or that his thought was a pun. Some were having sex with others, and in ways Levi didn't understand. It was as if some of these men had vaginas. But what really caught his eye was that they were all so young. Just a bit older than Mikey, in fact.

"Nice, huh?" Mikey reached down to give Levi's crotch a gentle rubbing.

He could see that it was tenting a bit.

Levi let out a gentle sigh. "Yeah, they're so... gosh, I dunno, just great. I had no idea there were so many gay people."

"You kiddin'?" Mikey reached over Levi to type in a few sites that covered nothing but gay issues. He was pleasantly surprised to feel that Levi was returning the favor, and reaching under the towel to give him a few quick yanks.

"Oooh, that's nice..." Mikey felt a bit dazed.

"Wow! Would you look at this." Levi scrolled through the pages while still casually jerking Mikey.

"I'd rather look at you." Mikey leaned so he was level with Levi.

The younger boy smiled, staring into the eyes of his lover.

Mikey closed his eyes, and leaned in for some kisses. It had been hours since he'd had some of Levi's sweet mouth.

Levi opened up to allow Mikey's tongue some access.

Hearing a noise, Mikey pulled away in case one of his parents were home.

"What're you doing?" Before he could get away, Levi grabbed him, giving him a very deep kiss. "I love you more than anything, Mikey. No creaking house is gonna get in my way."

Mikey smiled, laying several small kisses throughout his youthful lover's smiling face.

Karen pulled into the half-circle driveway of Michael's grand home. She had calmed down, but was very apprehensive about what was to come, or could come. Seeing that the back door was sitting open, she decided to just go in.

Though she didn't see anyone, Karen could hear what she thought were voices.

Following the sound, Karen came to an open door that contained her son and Mikey. They were staring intently at the computer while Levi had his hand under a towel that was Michael's only article of clothing. Karen was about to say something when she heard her son speak up.

"Wow, would you look at this."

Now Karen was even more upset - what could they be looking at? She never thought that Michael was a bad influence...

"I'd rather look at you." Michael's voice interrupted her thoughts.

Karen stayed silent, wanting to see why Michael had now placed his head barely 2 inches from her son's. The two boys locked lips, and even appeared to French kiss! She was stunned and again began to speak up. "Hey..." She said, somewhat quietly out of nervousness, but didn't finish since Michael appeared to react. However, before he could see her, Levi grabbed him and said.

"What're you doing?" Then, after another long kiss, "I love you more than anything, Mikey. No creaking house is gonna get in my way."

Karen was amazed at the expression on Levi's face as Michael began kissing him again - Levi was smiling. Not just smiling, he was glowing. Not literally, but with happiness. You could see it written on his face. Karen never knew that Levi could even smile, and certainly not glow! She suddenly had an epiphany - though homosexuality wasn't exactly one of her favorite things, if it was made Levi happy, she couldn't take it away. In fact, she had to fight for it. The thought that she may never see that smile again was far worse than any other possible repercussion.

Gathering her wits, Karen spoke up. "Uh, may I come in?"

Both boys turned their heads fast enough get whiplash. Seeing who it was Michael ran through a door that seemed to lead to a bathroom, while Levi just looked like a dear in headlights.

"No, no! Don't run. Its ok." Karen said, holding out her hands to emphasize.

Right after that, Michael showed up again, now in some jeans and a t-shirt. "If you're here to take Levi back, you can't have him. He's not safe there. If I have to call the police, I will." Despite his brave exterior, he was VERY frightened.

Levi turned to look at Michael with a most endearing expression. The love between them was obvious. Karen's heart melted further. It was very touching.

"I don't know what we're going to do about that, but right now I just wanna know what exactly is going on." Karen was very ok with the whole thing, and just wanted to figure this all out.

The two boys looked at each other, unsure of how to handle this.

"How do we know you're not trying to trick us?" Michael spoke up.

"I swear. I'm really ok with this. I don't know about your father.... I can't help this work out unless I know the whole story." Karen pleaded.

Levi very softly said. "Do you still love me?"

Karen's heart melted completely, at that moment. "Of course I do honey!

More than ever!"

Levi jumped out of his seat, and ran to his mother. They embraced, both crying. Neither of them had ever felt so close.

Mikey held back a few tears of his own. Levi's mom knew, and was cool.


"Let's all go into the living room." Karen said, still holding Levi's hand, and reaching for Michael's - he was glad to comply.

Karen led them towards the love seat, but for a reason unknown to her, they pressed for the couch.

"Go ahead. I won't interrupt, unless I have a question." Karen encouraged.

Mikey started. "Well, it happened yesterday."

Karen was already interrupting. "You fell in love within a day?"

"That's what you and dad did. You always told us that you were married very quickly." Levi debated.

Karen didn't want to tell the boys that they did that because it was mostly arranged, so just let it go. "Alright. Keep going."

"I was leaving school and just had the urge to see Sam. When I got there, Levi answered the door in a towel." Mikey continued.

Karen could see that Levi was blushing. "What do you do while I'm gone?"

Mikey didn't want Levi to get upset, so just kept talking. "We exchanged some idle chat, then went into the kitchen, where Levi informed me that Sam had been out with Lauren."

Levi was relieved that he hadn't spoke of his... uh, protruding towel, but was worried that he'd bring up other things, so decided to take over.

"So then I went to go get dressed while Mikey went into the living room. When I got back, we chatted a bit, then The Man made... uh, I mean.

Then I, well.. uh.." Levi trailed off, unsure of how to say what happened.

Mikey jumped in again. "It was obvious from our chats that we both liked each other, so Levi showed how brave he could be by... well...

seducing me."

Karen developed the giggles and grinned in a very cute way, as Levi turned blue from embarrassment.

"I guess it worked." Karen asked. "So then when Adam yelled at you, you decided here would be safe?"

"No. Well, yes. But we also spent the day together." Levi replied.

"Oooh, of course." Karen nodded with understanding.

"Yes, I met him before he got to school, and convinced him to come to the mall with me. We took the bus." Michael offered.

"Well, I don't approve of skipping school, boys." Karen wanted to make sure she was still instilling good values, even while listening to her son talk about his gay relationship with his brother's best friend.

"We know. It just seemed like a good place to get to know other and if we did it after school, Levi would have needed an excuse to not be home and everyone would have seen us at the mall, anyway." Mikey hoped that Karen would understand.

"I see, well, I don't approve, but I do agree." Karen was very fair.

"Well, that's the broad explanation. After going over it, it does seem kinda short. Though it feels like much more." Mikey smiled, placing his hand over Levi's.

Karen grinned. "That reminds me, when I came in, you two were....


"Oh, well, yeah. Its not like one of us is going to get pregnant from any of the stuff we do." Mikey was feeling very at ease, though perhaps was going a bit far.

"You do other things?" Karen sounded very stern.

Both boys just tightened their grip on each other, not saying anything.

Seeing them supporting each other so much lightened Karen's reaction.

"Well, you're both virgins, right?"

"We were, yes." Mikey didn't look up to say that.

"Were? You've already had... uh... anal uh... intercourse?" Karen never thought she'd say that...

"No, not that. Other things." Mikey replied

Levi didn't understand at first, but then made the connection. "So that's what they were doing in the pictures!"

Mikey used his other hand to smack his forehead and run his fingers through his hair, letting out a sigh.

Surprisingly, Karen laughed. "I never realized you had grown up so quickly. Never judge a book by its cover..."

Levi spoke up. "So now what?"

Karen thought for a moment. "Well, I'm not sure. First we have to get you home. Then I need to make sure that Sam stays quiet. I don't know how I'll pull that off."

"Sam knows?" Both boys exclaimed.

"Yeah, he's the one who told me. He came here for some reason and saw Levi... uh... Pleasuring you. He seemed very upset. After everything that Adam said, he is probably worried about your future, and whether God will save you."

"Doesn't sound like Sam to me..." Levi said rather bitterly.

"You'd be surprised. We've never been through a crisis, so you have no way of knowing how he'd act towards you." Karen felt sad that her sons seemed so far apart.

"What if dad finds out?" Levi sounded very nervous, and scared.

"Then I want you to run here again. If and when he finds out, I want him to be somewhat prepared. I'll start to... I dunno, I'll work on him.

We'll manage, really. Anyway, we have to get home. I need to talk to Sam before your father gets home." Karen had a somewhat worried expression.

All three stood up and hugged each other. Of course, Levi and Mikey had to have their own hug.

Mikey gave Karen a pleading look. Thinking for a moment, she realized what he meant, and nodded. Mikey broke into a big smile and gave Levi a somewhat-deep kiss. Levi blushed, since his mother was there, but was certainly into it.

"I still have a few questions, but we can deal with them another time."

Karen stated, after the boys separated. "Let's go, Levi."

They both went into the car, with Mikey standing outside Levi's side, saying good-bye and even leaning in for another kiss.

"Oh, and Michael, would you close that door? It's caused enough epiphanies." With that said, Karen pulled out of the driveway, and headed home. She was scared, for her son, and worried about the future. She only knew one thing for sure - Everything would be different, now.


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