hi..i'm jae, cute, handsome and well built, i was 18 at that day when this tall and handsome guy named mike, my best friend, stood next to me when we are in a single line to have play a game. it was really close that i could even feel the heat of his body. upon feeling that heat, my body start to have some feedbacks over mike. i start to have my boner for him. but i didn't let him notice something that is happening on me. after that everybody went on their own seats for the next event.

upon having the start of the second part of the program. mike went near me, grab my hand and pulled me going inside our house going upstairs. he asked me 'where is your room?', i couldn't say any word but to point only where my room is. after i pointed my room he gradually pulled me again inside.

while we are inside and the party is still going on, i asked him,'dude, what's the problem and you pulled me here huh?'.

'happy birthday' he said.

'well thank you, mike'i said.'but is that all you want to say?'

'no actually i wanted to give you a gift, a gift that will last between both of us.'he then said.

'but what is it then?' i said.

'jae, do you want me?' he said, 'coz yah know huh i want you.'

my eyes widely opened and i couldn't even help myself to answer him.

'uh..uhm...of course mike, i really want you since the first time we met and made friends.'

'great'he said.

then after sometime talking about how we loved each other. he said'are you ready for my gift?'

i responded quickly and said 'yes, am always ready buddy.'

then he smiled with some grin. he then pulled his shirt up, pulled his jeans down to his knees, and removed his undies. there sprung a huge cock.'man your hung.'i said coz i didn't see his full body yet.

'yah..i know. u ready?'

'yes. i am'

he came closer to me and said.'now take that cock up boy and accept your gift.'

he stood before me and let me go on my knees. he grabbed his cock and let me smell it first then he said'open your mouth buddy'. i opened and he stuck his 9 inch hard and throbbing cock into my hot and watery mouth. he face fucked me. i chocked often because of the thickness and length of his.i still can't believe that i am having great time with the guy of my dreams. he is enjoying and absolutely, i also enjoyed it, especially the taste of his flesh. its so great. wonderful. after sometime i heard him groan. and i felt that he is on his climax. his breathing became heavier and heavier until POOF!!burst a heavy load of hot man cream. he loaded my mouth fully and let me swallow it. his cream taste good. and i loved it. after he hot all of his load, he let me lick the remaining cum in his cock. its an awesome experience.

after the party, he slept with me and said'baby, let me return the favor to you' and he did, he grabbed my cock and sucked it. it felt so good. it was great. he seemed to be a professional. he is very exceptional. he said are u ready for you first fucking experience?


then he told me to lean sidewards so that he could manage to slide his cock into my ass. 'easy baby, it hurts' i said'

'yeah i know, but you'll love it.'

then he came easily and the head popped in and he pushed for more inches to come. i started to feel numbness but then i could manage it. it went softly and easily. he then started to move faster. in and out. until again he reached his climax.'i'm gonna cum'he said

'go on baby'

then he let out a loud groan and 'aaaaaahhhh' he shooot his load in me...its hot but yummy..

after that he again sucked my 8 inch cock and whn i reached my climax, i blew my load in his mouth, he swallowed it also and said i'm pretty delicious. after that we slept nude like newly born babies.

thanks to my birthday party that i recieved my greatest gift. mike and i beacme lovers and until now we still manage to have sex better than before.



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