When I was in my early to mid teens, I had crushes on girls, I went out with girls and eventually I had sex with girls too. I was considered pretty good looking at school, I didn't think it at the time, but looking back, I guess I was; 6ft tall, blonde hair, blue eyed, chiselled jaw, fresh faced with a toned body. By the time I was older and starting Sixth Form, I was truly in my comfort zone; had a great social life, a steady girlfriend, a weekend job that paid well for my age and as much sex as I wanted. Life was good.

Two weeks into the new term, a new guy started. His name was Danny; he was tall, muscular with jet black hair, icy blue eyes and pale skin. From the first time I laid eyes on him, I got a feeling that I had never had for a guy before; it was clear that I had a man crush and I was really confused. I had heard that guys could 'fancy' another guy without being gay or bisexual, but I found myself thinking about him when I was fucking my girlfriend and this rang alarm bells.

I managed to suppress my feelings and get on with my normal, uncomplicated life - I was truly in denial about what was quite obviously a big issue. I became friendly with Danny, like I did with most people and saw him quite often out of school. We would talk about sports, girls and computer games, like normal heterosexual guys, but when our eyes met, I still felt this electricity and I was convinced he must have felt it too.

One night, after a party at a friend's house, we'd both had a few to drink and Danny had no money to get home. He lived about an hour's walk away and I lived ten minutes down the road, so I offered him my couch. I'm an only child and live with my Mum, who was away up north visiting a friend and my girlfriend wasn't feeling well so was tucked up in bed at home. I was quite excited at the prospect of being alone with this stud for the night. But there was a voice in the back of my head telling me that I was straight and so was Danny, so nothing was going to happen. To cut a long story short - that voice was wrong.

When we got to my place, we carried on drinking and chatting about anything and everything, and the conversation turned to porn. Danny asked me who my favourite porn star was and as requested by him, I ran upstairs to get my 'Jenna' collection. I put the DVD on the plasma screen downstairs and we sat side by side on the leather couch, drinking beer and watching her and Rocco fucking like animals.

As I sat there, transfixed by the on screen action and the fact that I was sitting next to the only guy in the world that turned me on, I felt my cock begin to swell in my pants while my heart thudded severely in my chest. I began to rub myself through my jeans and I glanced at Danny who was watching my cock and rubbing his meat too. I didn't know what to do; I wanted to lunge at him but was waiting for him to make the first move, if any move. I looked at Danny's face and he was staring back at me with his gorgeous blue eyes, there was a mutual understanding between us and Danny reached across and unzipped my fly. He began to rub my cock, slowly and gently, back and forth until I was ready to tear out of my jeans completely. I slid my jeans and boxers down to my knees and my throbbing cock was exposed and pointing to the ceiling in eager anticipation of what Danny had in store. My shaven balls were hanging loose and the well-groomed mound of pubes were showing off my 9inch shaft to its full glory. Danny looked down at my package and said 'wow'; he grasped it tightly with his right hand and stroked it gently up and down. It swelled even more under his touch and precum began to ooze from my bell end and flow down the side of his hand. I told him to taste it and Danny licked it up slowly, looked at me and said 'tastes good, can't wait for the rest'.

We were both quite awkward with each other and the encounter reminded me of my first time with a girl. This time, however, I didn't have the worry of premature ejaculation and not knowing quite where to put it, my girlfriend loved anal sex and I had tried it loads of times. Danny leant forward and licked the tip of my cock, and then he kissed and licked around the rim of my bell end. I felt my cock tingle and twitch under the gentle warmth of Danny's tongue and then it shuddered when he took my first few inches into his mouth. After a few moments of sucking my tip, he opened his jaw and lunged further in taking my entire shaft down his throat. His tongue flicked the underside of my cock and he sucked hard as he slowly withdrew his nose from my pubes. I let out a gasp of pleasure and grabbed Danny's face, leant towards him and for the first time, I kissed a man. Our tongues met and I could taste myself from him, words can't describe that gorgeous taste of testosterone, sex and salty precum, but it was good. It really turned me on and I was desperate to see that body I had been staring at in admiration for months in its full, naked and aroused glory.

Danny stood up and removed his shirt. His body was so toned with well defined pecs and rock hard abs. There was a thin line of black hairs leading from his belly button towards his dick and I couldn't wait to trace this treasure trail with my tongue. I licked it slowly downwards as I un-buttoned his fly and then slowly pulled down his jeans and boxers. I moved backwards as I revealed his cock - a huge, thick monster with a smooth, plump, bell end. Like mine, it was standing to attention and pointing to the ceiling. His balls were big and were hanging there, waiting for me to play with them. I grabbed his arse and pulled him towards me, his massive concrete meat was pushed against my nose and forehead as I playfully tongued his smoothly shaven balls. Then I took another man's cock into my mouth for the first time (if you've read my other stories, you'll know I've sucked my own). This was quite different and one of the most memorable moments of my life!

The smell of Danny's package was such a turn on; he smelt of sweat and raw sex. I was nervous about what to do, so I just did to him what he did to me and kissed the tip of his juicy cock. I flicked it with my tongue and sucked the bell end for a while, then withdrew and spat on his shaft. Once it was nice and lubricated, I took as much of his cock as possible into my mouth, which felt and tasted so good. Danny filled my mouth and I loved the feeling of every swollen vein glide past my lips and tongue as I moved my head back and forth sucking hard on his sexy prick. Danny shuddered and said 'Oh yeah, that's so good! Take it deeper'. With that, he grabbed my head and pulled it towards his groin. His juicy dick glided with ease deeper into my mouth and then, slowly, further to the back of my throat so that my nose was buried in his curly, black, moist pubes. I sucked hard and sniffed his groin and Danny shouted 'Ahh'. As I struggled for breath, I reluctantly withdrew and the thick and tasty cock slipped out drenched in spit; I quickly sucked this off and to my delight discovered that my spit had mixed with a ton of sticky precum. It tasted amazing and as I wanked him off, I savoured the taste of the appetizer for Danny's creamy load. I was well and truly ready to fuck this guy and I could tell he was ready for it too.

I told Danny to lie back on the floor and I hovered over him and began to kiss him. I said 'are you ready for this?' and he nervously replied, 'yeah, but be gentle'. I opened Danny's legs and holding him at the knees, pushed them backwards so they were above his head. I told him to hold them there and I moved downwards. I sucked his cock once more and began to rub his tight, virgin, arsehole. Danny moaned with pleasure and I withdrew to lick his hole; I spat our juices to drench him and prepare him for my swollen prick and all the while he shuddered with delight. I then spat on my cock and moved in so that my bell end was pushed gently against his hole. 'Here it comes' I said and slowly penetrated his ring. 'Ahh!' Danny shouted in a mixture of pleasure and pain, 'ahh, slowly Al!'; I glided slowly in and felt his sphincter tighten around my cock - I was so incredibly turned on that I had to hold back from cumming as I gradually built up momentum. There was no sign of pain in Danny's face now, just pure delight as I leant forward and kissed him as my cock was gliding in and out of his tight arse hole.

Danny was moaning in ecstasy as I pumped him ferociously and we held each other's gaze as I began to reach a climax - 'where do you want it?' I said as I began to feel myself come to the brink. 'Cum in my mouth!' Danny replied, so I quickly yanked my cock from his tight arse and thrust it into his mouth and down his throat. He grabbed my balls and fingered my ring as I fucked his face and continued to build up to a climax, I said 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming' as my thighs began to tingle and my spine shuddered; with that, the first of a wave of orgasmic eruptions filled Danny's mouth. I screamed in ecstasy and the eruptions of volcanic jism kept bursting and bursting. I pulled my cock from Danny's mouth which was overflowing with my hot cum and I immediately shoved my tongue down his throat. I licked up every drop of what the horny stud hadn't swallowed and savoured the taste of my massive, creamy, load. Danny groaned with contentment and said 'that tasted so good, you're amazing! But now it's your turn to try mine!'

He pushed me onto my back and sat his wet hole over my mouth; I rimmed him as he began to violently pound his throbbing meat while his balls slapped the top of my nose. He wriggled and wriggled as he began to reach a climax and slid backwards, plunging his cock into my open mouth. I sucked hard on every last centimetre of his juicy, fat, dick and then as Danny squirmed and wailed with pleasure, five powerful bursts of warm, salty, sticky, creamy cum coated the inside of mouth and throat. I lay there, dazed as I savoured my first taste of another man's jizz. It was so horny and I didn't want to swallow it, I wanted to taste it forever. After I swallowed it, Danny lay on top of me sweaty body to sweaty body, sticky cock to sticky cock and kissed me. We gazed into each other's eyes and I never wanted to be apart from him. My first sexual encounter with a man was the most erotic and electrifying experience of my life.

Danny and I kept our little secret between us and whenever we had a chance, spent the night together and tried all kinds of weird and wonderful sexual antics. Although we've both grown up a lot now, we stay in contact and have the occasional night of R-rated passion.


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