At age 22 Drew had done pretty well for himself, he had a nice car, nice house, and a job he loved. Drew was the director of retail systems for a chain of independent supermarkets across the state. The company's latest purchase was to take him across the state to a small town that no one had heard of in his area. This small store was at least 4 hours away from the nearest store owned by the company.

Drew and his boss, Michael, had scheduled a trip to go out to the new store. Michael was the highest ranking member of the company that actually went out and worked on the site; He reported to the partnership of owners, so Drew was slightly nervous about the 4 hour trip with Michael across the state and the time that they would be spending outside work.

Drew was an average guy, he did not stand out in a crowd and preferred not to, he is about 6'1" with light brown wavy hair and green eyes. He had a slim body build with a flat chest and stomach but no definition, on the other hand, Michael was 27 and had played college football he had blondish hair, blue eyes, and a chiseled jaw line and had a great running backs build.

Michael met Drew at the store closest to the new one early on Sunday morning, Drew loaded his luggage and laptop case into Michaels Ford F-150 and climbed in, Michael was late as usual so he apologized for making Drew wait. The trip across the state took seemed like it took no time, while Michael drove, Drew scrutinized Michael's perfect features. Michael and Drew made some small talk and discussed the profit and loss statements of one of the struggling stores, but other than that there was uncomfortable silence, at least for Drew.

When they arrived in the small town, they found the only decent looking motel in town and registered for a room. Michael asked "Would mind sharing a room, that way we can keep expenses down?" and of course Drew didn't mind at all. They went to their room, thankfully the front desk clerk allowed them to check in very early, and put their bags in. The room was small; it had two twin beds, a small table with two chairs in the corner and a 19" television. It was clean and decent and that was all that really mattered. Michael said, "Wait here a minute, I've gotta shit" and went into the small bathroom and closed the door. Drew looked around the room and then out the window at the never-ending field of corn that began just beyond the motel.

When Michael finished, they left the motel and headed to the store and, well, they worked.

At around 8:00pm that night Michael came and asked if Drew if he was ready to go back to the motel, and Drew was, it had been a long day. Before they went back to the motel they ate at a fast food restaurant and then went to their room. When back to the room, Drew went straight away and changed into a pair of comfortable pants and t-shirt and Michael had changed into a pair of shorts and a tank top while Drew was in the bathroom.

Michael said, "Well, what do you want to do now?"

Drew said, "I don't care."

Michael said, "If you don't have any objections, let's fix these beds, I can't stand to sleep on that little twin. I'll feel like I'm going to roll out all night."

Drew asked, "What do you mean fix the beds? Put them together?"

"Yeah if you don't care to sleep with me," And laughed.

Drew laughed and added "I don't care to sleep with you if you promise not to spoon me tonight." The both laughed again.

Michael remarked "Well, if I do start to spoon you, you can grab me by the balls and roll me over."

This bantering had made Drew's heart race and he could feel his cock stirring beneath his clothes so he excused himself to the bathroom. When he came back into the room, Michael had pushed the beds together and had moved the bed stand that was between the two into a corner. Drew hoped into his side of the bed and Michael got in his. Drew flipped Michael the remote saying that he didn't know what was on because he never watched TV much.

Michael flicked through the channels as Drew stole looks as Michael's muscular legs and his beautiful looking chest and stomach that was hugged by the tight fitting tank top.

Michael startled Drew when he asked "What?"

Drew stuttered a second, before he said "You are in great shape. How do you have the time to get to the gym to keep your physique?"

"I have some weights at home, and my wife bought a bowflex about a year ago and I use it or I would never be able to exercise."

Drew turned back to the TV hoping that Michael too would put his attention back on the TV. As Michael channeled on through Drew breathed calmly trying to steady his heart rate, this trip was going to cause him to have a heart attack or stroke if his blood pressure didn't quit changing so quickly.

As Michael settled into the program he had selected Drew let his mind wonder, he wondered what Michael's chest and abs would look like bear, he could tell that Michael was not very hairy from the exposed portions of his chest and back in the tank top. Then he wondered if Michael had a treasure trail of hair from his navel to his cock, then he wondered if Michael was circumcised or not, if Michael was thick when he was hard and how long his cock would be.

Michael pulled Drew out of his thoughts when he asked "What are you thinking so hard about?"

Drew said "Ah, nothing, just daydreaming I guess."

Michael retorted, "Must be a good one about your girlfriend then, look at your hard on."

Drew was mortified, his face turned red then a tinge of purple from the embarrassment. Drew put his hand over his crotch and pushed his cock down between his legs to hide it.

Michael said, "Don't be embarrassed we all have those moments, we're both guys here, remember I played college football I've seen my share of dicks, and some of those were hard." He laughed.

Drew laughed and relaxed a little and said, "Well I didn't want to make you uncomfortable since we are in the same bed together, and that is what you would have to contend with if I spoon you." And they both laughed.

Michael said, "Well in that case maybe you should jerk off before we go to sleep, I don't feel like being raped tonight."

Drew laughed and pointed, "Well you had better wank too in that case, cause I see a tent forming in your shorts too, and I don't want that raping me."

"I told you to grab me by the balls and turn me over if I poke you didn't I?" asked Michael

Michael turned to his side and pressed his hard on into Drew's hip, Drew reached down and grabbed Michael by the balls, but instead of turning him over, worked his hand up and down Michael's cock. Drew paused as Michael's eyes met his and Michael launched himself at Drew, their lips smacked together and Drew's arms wrapped up around Michaels head pulling him as close as possible. Michael's hand went down to Drew's tent and began rubbing. Drew released Michaels head and began pulling at the bottom of Michael's tank top. Michael moved so that Drew could remove the shirt and Michael whipped Drew's shirt off of him. Drew pushed Michael over onto his back and began kissing Michael's neck, up behind his ears, and back down across his collarbone and began nibbling at Michael's tit.

Michael moaned as Drew's teeth nipped at the hard nipple, and Michael reached out and started rubbing Drew's cock and balls through the pants. Drew kissed his way back of to Michaels Adam's Apple and up his chin and licked Michael's bottom lip, Michael opened his lips and let Drew push his tongue inside. After a few minutes to tongue action, Drew kissed each of Michael's nipples, and the licked around the edge of Michael's belly button before sliding down to bite at Michael's cock through the fabric of the shorts and underwear. After some nibbling the cock and massaging the balls through the shorts Michael lifted his hips and Drew pulled down Michael's shorts and underwear. Michael's cut cock flipped up in a backward curve against his stomach. Drew gently licked around on Michael's balls as he reached up and enveloped Michael's beautiful cock in his hand and began stroking. Michael began taking deep breaths and whispering "Oh, yeah".

Drew licked up Michaels balls, then up the cock shaft to the tip. He flicked his tongue against the ridge under the cock head and the tickled the piss-slit. Michael then grabbed Drew by the upper arms and pulled him up on top of him so that their hips would grind together and Michael kissed Drew's neck and jaw line. He worked his way up to Drew ear and whispered, "I want you to feel it too" and pushed Drew over onto his back. Michael was more direct. He went straight for the nipples biting them and tugging at them, Drew was in ecstasy. Michael then grabbed the waistband of Drew's pants and pulled them off in one quick motion. Drew's cock flipped out of his pants, his cock was straighter then Michaels with a slight upward curve to it but it mostly just stuck out into the air. Michael grabbed Drew's cock with one hand and began stroking.

Michael bend down and put his lips to the foreskin at the tip of Drew's cock and pushed the head of the cock into his mouth, he flicked his tongue around the mushroom cap hidden beneath, Drew jumped as his made his whole body spasm with an electric shock, Drew let out a rough moan and panted, "Oh, fuck keep going." And Michael pushed more of the cock into his mouth. Michael clamped his lips round the cock and began a hard suck as he pulled by up the shaft, the plunged back down onto it. As Michael sucked on Drew's cock he began massaging Drew's balls gently between his fingers. Drew just let his head fall back and continued his rough breathing. As Drew felt himself nearing the edge he pulled Michael up off of him and flipped him onto the bed again.

Drew kissed Michael and then bent down to take Michael's cockhead into his mouth again. Drew pressed his tongue against the head and rolled it around, Michael's cock came back to its full rigidity and Drew pressed the cock on into his mouth sucking the whole way. Michael put his hands in Drew's hair and began clawing at his scalp. This encouraged Drew, being that he loved it when a man did this and pushed Michaels cock even deeper into his mouth, when he felt the head reach his gag reflex he swallowed hard and Michaels cock slipped right into his throat. Michael moan loudly as the cock slid in. He roughly said "Damn, you are great." The encouraged Drew even more he pressed the cock in until his nose was buried in Michael's pubes and then came all the way off then back in to the hilt. Michael was really getting into his he began bucking his hips and pressing Drew's head down onto the cock. Drew just relaxed his jaw and throat and let Michael have at it. Drew couldn't wait for the sweet taste of Michael's cream.

Michael's breaths increased and he began to moan with each thrust and then Michaels cock exploded inside Drew's mouth. Drew pulled up slightly on the cock just so that the cum would run onto his whole tongue. Drew nursed Michael's cock until every drop was out. Michael lay back on the bed panting, both guys were all sweaty. They looked at each other and smiled.

Michael said, "Fuck man you give one awesome blowjob. I haven't had a decent one since I got married."

Drew replied, "I've had some practice."

Michael asked, "Do you do this a lot?"

Drew answered, "Not as much as I'd like too," And laughed.

Michael chuckled, "Well I'm intimidated now, after you gave me such an awesome blowjob, I can't return the favor."

Drew said, "Blowjobs is one of my favorite things to do, I love to see and feel the pleasures of the guy I'm blowing, it almost makes me blow my load just thinking about it."

Michael got up on his knees over Drew and took Drew's cock into his hands and began stroking it. He then pulled the foreskin all the way to the top and inserted his tongue beneath the hood and run it around. Drew said "Damn that feels good." and Michael plunged Drew's cock into his mouth. Michael sucked hard and rocked his head in fast successions and Drew's muscles tightened and then he blew his load into Michael's sucking mouth. Michael drank all of the major loads and then sucked the remaining cum from the cock and came up with his tongue out to Drew and Drew opened his mouth and they began kissing............



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