My first time was after my eighteenth birthday party. My crush that I had always had was Zach. I had met him at the local Wal-Mart in a checkout line (which I was doing just not with groceries) and we just started talking. He was a sexy, redheaded, punky, 20 year old who I had always checked out but never dared to ask if he was gay. There were others at the party but he was the first, and my favorite.

You see, I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere Missouri. All there is her is gay haters. I thought I was the only gay person within a 100 mile radius. I hadn't even known what being gay was about 8th grade. When I finally found out I realized why I like guys so much, it was my dirty little secret and I couldn't wait to move out of the place when I turned 18, and find myself a man.

There were several guys I had eyed, but never thought anything would happen. Every now and then one of them would act slightly gay, but I always thought it was just them playing around.

On my 18th birthday I thought I would make it special and invite all of my 'friends' (the guys I had the hots for) over. I never intended it to go anywhere with any of them I just thought it would be a great way to celebrate an 18th birthday (with a bunch of eye candy around me).

It was just supposed to be fun and games until Zach showed up with the booze. Then things got a little wild and crazy. At first people were acting gay just for fun. Then I noticed the wild and wanting look in Zach's eyes after he smacked my ass. I thought I was going crazy, or just that the cheap beer was getting to me. Then Zach leaned in for a kiss. Oh my god, I about fainted and came at the same time. After all the guys saw what Zach had done, it was like knocking over the first domino. One after the other started sucking each others faces off.

This was the material of my dreams! It was a good thing we were at Andrew's house since his parents were gone. If anybody ever found out about this we would all probably be outcast from just about everyone in our lives, but it was worth it. Zach then pulled out a couple of boxes of condoms. Obviously he had intended this to be a birthday party I would never forget.

He set the condoms out in the middle of the table, and surprisingly enough they were all gone by the end of the night. Zach was the first ever up my ass, and oooh was it great! He had a thick, long, banana cock, the kind that curve up at the end and drive your prostate crazy. At first we all just started by making out, but some of the more adventurous guys started sucking nipples, necks, and ears. It was kind of like playing a game of follow the leader, because whatever Zach and I did the others followed.

After Zach and I got tired of making out (which took a while, because it was so damn good) I went down on him and that's when the others started to too. I got his cock all nice and spitted up and that's when he manhandled me onto my back (I just love being controlled by bigger sexier men) and started to fuck me.

I came about a minute before Zach did because I was so aroused. Then Andrew, the guy in my grade I had always adored and the one whose house we were at, started licking up my cum and sucked my cock back to full mast. When Zach came I just sat there in the afterglow and waited for the next guy to fill me back up, which didn't take very long. It's amazing how horny a bunch of drunk guys can get.

I lost count of how many guys fucked me at 13 and just started enjoying myself. After everyone was spent (this was an amazing feat that took about 45 minutes) we started cleaning up. All the sudden out of nowhere Zach grabs me into his arms and hopped up onto the table in the center of the room and yelled, 'Quiet everyone. I want to thank you for cumming, yes I meant cumming, and making this the most memorable birthday that our friend Wilson will ever have, and let's not wait too long to do this again!'

Then everyone started filing, some slightly bowlegged, out the door. As I was walking out, Zach grabbed me and spun me around and kissed me more deeply than I ever have been kissed. Then he whispered pleadingly, 'Call me please, and soon.' That is why I think that my first time was the best.



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