The weather can either make your day or break it. My day of course is in the breaking process. Not to say that weather here in Miami is bad... well not today.

However, I just got off the phone with my boyfriend. Apparently his flight out of New York has been delayed until further notice due to a huge snow storm.

Emilio went to New York for a two day seminar. He's the Founder and CEO of

Havana Rica, a small Cuban Restaurant chain throughout southern Florida.

Anyway, today is our three year anniversary and I've been anticipating the gift Emilio has in store for me. Before he left to New York he told me, "Luis, when I get back, tu culo es mio". And I've been waiting for him to come home ever since. But this delay from the weather makes me even more horny for him. "Don't touch yourself, save it for tu papi" I say to myself. And he is so worth the wait.

I met Emilio at the Miami Gay Pride parade. He was with a few of his friends and I was with my best friend since 3rd grade, Christin. She was the only person who supported me when I came out. I was about 13 years old when I knew for sure that I was gay but I kept it a secret until I was 17. My family did not approve and kicked me out when I told them. Christin and her family were more than happy to take me in, being that Christin's older sister is a lesbian. I felt so loved and supported by her family. So back to me meeting Emilio...... I was watching the parade floats go by and Christin was dancing to the music and screaming in my ear.

As one of the floats passes by I can see directly across the street in the parade, a man with shiny jet black hair and bright green eyes looking straight at me. Unsure if it was me he was looking at I pointed to myself and he winks at me. My heart stopped for a moment and I felt weak in the knees. He gestures to me that he's gonna run a cross the street. My mind is scrambling like crazy. "What do I say? Ok Luis take a deep breath and just go with the flow. I take a few steps back to get out of the crowd of people and he leaps from the curb to where I'm standing and says "What's such an adorable boy like you doing here all alone"? "What makes you think I'm alone?" I ask. He says "I've been watching you for about 40 minutes and not once did I see you with another man." I just watch his lips as he speaks to me and accidently drown out what he asked. "Wh, wwhhaaat. Whew,.... excuse me I'm sorry what did you ask me"? He asks me his question again. I tell him that I don't have a man, but that I am here with my girlfriend. "Oh, I am so sorry, please forgive me. I didn't mean to offend you." I'm just fucking with you, this here is my best friend Christin" I told him.

Once I said that, his face lit up like a pumpkin on Halloween. He laughs and says wow, uh hi, nice to meet you. My name is Emilio and shakes her hand. Christin introduces herself and says "this is my good friend Luis, Luis Barajas".

As I smile at him "mucho gusto papito Barajas" he says to me. "Well Luis" Christin says. "I'm going to head to Hialeah to pick up some stuff for my mom. Would you like me to give you a ride home on my way?" and before I get to answer Emilio says "Christin if Luis is okay with it, I can give him a ride home"! I look at Christin, then at Emilio and those bright green eyes. Then back at Christin and she gives me a look that says "go ahead"...... Ok, that's fine with me. "Great" says Christin. "Then just give me a call later".

Emilio and I walked down to a coffee shop about a block from the parade. As we walk he begins to tell me that he felt something he's never felt before with any other guy. Something deep inside. "I saw something special in you when I first laid my eyes on you. I felt that if I didn't go and talk to you, I would never know."

In the past, the guys that I met would only want me for one thing. To get to know me for a few minutes then tell me how fuckable I am. Or take me to their place and make out then fuck me like there was no tomorrow and leave without a trace. I have to admit, when I first saw Emilio I wanted to act like a little slut, pull his pants down and suck his cock until he came all in my mouth and throat but....... The way he looked at me before he spoke his first words to me made me change my mind. Something inside said "Luis don't try and fuck this one right off the bat". I wanted see how long I could go without completely giving my hole to this sexy cubano who looked like he could totally man handle my petite ass.

"So Luis, where are you from?" Emilio says. "I was born here in Miami but parents are from Punta Santiago in Puerto Rico, and yourself, where were you born?" In my mind I keep thinking of how nervous I am. My words come out before my mind finishes processing what I want to say. Those beautiful eyes put me in a trance.

"Havana, Cuba... am I making you nervous?" he says and without even thinking I blurt out

"YEAH YOU DO!.... I'm sorry" my heart is pumping so fast and my hands begin to shake. "You don't have to be nervous, I wont bite, unless you tell me to" as he winks at me.

I smile and say "I don't know why I feel this way, most guys don't make me like this but as soon as you spoke to me, you had this effect on me that I've never felt" looking down at my hands I realize I'm fidgeting with my fingers. We get to the coffee shop and he says "I don't think I've ever seen someone so nervous before"

As we stand in line to order our coffees he puts his hands on my shoulders and begins to slowly massage me, and whispers "take a deep breath and relax."

I inhale and exhale slowly and he repeats himself, the heat from his breath on my ear and my neck make my body tingle. The hairs on my neck rise, goose bumps form on my arms and I can feel my dick beginning to stand at attention. I quickly move forward just a bit to get my mind off of how horny he just made me. I clear my throat and the lady in front of me turns around. I'm afraid she'll see my bulge in my jeans so I kneel down pretending to tie my shoe hoping that my boner goes away. "Luis are you ok?" I turn around slowly with a seductive expression "I'm good." Emilio looks at me funny, giggles and says "are you sure? You look like you want to eat me."

Mumbling under my breath and say "you have no idea!" then turned around to order. We find a table to sit at. I'm thinking of things to say to him, then he says "how old are you if you don't mind me asking?" But I wanted to know his age first so I asked him "how about you tell me how old you are, then I'll tell you." He paused for a moment and looks out the window. Looks back at me "I'm 33". Now he has a look of worry on his face. "Are you ashamed of your age?" I asked him. "I'm not ashamed but you look very young and younger boys tend to run away once they find out my age. So if I'm too old for you, I'll understand." He looks very anxious to hear my response. "I'll be honest with you, I like an older man. Guys my age don't take things seriously in my opinion and a lot of them don't really know what they want." He smiles with a sense of relief "so how old are you?" I look at his hair and into his eyes. "I turned 25 today." His face lights up like he just had a great idea. " Really?" he says. "Why aren't you out partying for your birthday or spending it with friends?" I don't really have very many friends other than Christin. So I tell him "I was with my friend earlier. She took me out last night for my birthday, we went to the movies then went back to my place, watched movies then got up this morning to head to the parade where I met you." I never really did a lot for my birthdays in the past. My parents usually threw parties for my younger twin sisters, but not much for me. "I would like to take you out for your birthday" Emilio says. "If that's ok?" I didn't have anything to do but I decided to try and play hard to get. "I don't even know you, and you want to take someone out that you just met?" He looks at me confused and I say "how do I know you're not some kinda rapist or serial killer? What are you gonna do to me?" Looking even more confused he says "whoa whoa whoa, where did that come from? I'm just trying to be nice to a sexy little guy who has no friends to celebrate his birthday with". That response threw me off guard a little. I was joking with him and now I'm thinking I may have pushed a button. His confused expression turned to a serious one. So to break the ice I asked again, this time I grabbed his hand and said "what are you gonna do to me?" My tone changed to a sexual tone.

"Whatever you want" he responded. Instantly I could see in my mind what I would want him to do to me. "Well what ever you have in mind, don't expect anything today. I don't fuck guys I just met". He leans over the table and softly says " If I wanted to fuck you, you would have been fucked already, that 25 year old ass of yours would be begging for more. Just an FYI" I could do nothing but smile. He knew he had me. He had this ass hole type attitude about him..... and I loved it. The Calvin Klein underwear I had on were so wet with pre cum after I processed what he'd told me. "So I guess I'll ask you again, what do you want to do for your birthday?" he asked me. "I've lived here since I was born and never been on a fan boat in the Everglades, so how about that?" Not sure of what his answer would be, and I thought to myself, he won't want to pay that much to take me there. "Sounds like a plan. We should get going". I was surprised that he was so willing to go. I felt that he really did like me. There was a huge sexual attraction between the two of us and at the same time I felt more than just a physical thing with him. These feelings were weird because we had just met, and wasn't dying to have sex with him. Don't get me wrong, I did want him to completely dominate my ass and I was so curious to see how he looked naked. But something else inside wanted to know more about him.

We get to his car that's parked on Collins Ave. a red Audi RS4 with License plates that read "BMF". "Wow, nice car. What does bmf mean?" He smirks as he tells me "only people who matter to me can know what it stands for." So to not sound desperate to be one of the people who matter I said "oh ok". I look out the window of the car as we drive down the I-195 looking at the water in the bay. Then I look at Emilio as he drives. I look at every inch of him sitting and driving. His eyes, those perfect lips. "I wonder does he know how to use his lips" I think to myself. Then I think of how he would be licking his lips when he's enjoying my soft lips and tongue working around his balls and dick. I begin to get hard from my thoughts and he just happens to looks down at my crotch and see the lining of my dick against my leg. I look away pretending I didn't see him notice. "What's on your mind your mind?" He asks. Trying to play it off I say "huh... what was that?" My nerves kick in and I fold my hands over my bulge. "Why is your cock getting hard? What are you thinking about?" Why the hell is this happening to me? It's normally pretty easy for me to control my dick getting hard, but I look at him or even just think about him and I get hard. So I lie and say "I ate a lot of chocolate at the parade and sometimes it gets me aroused" He looks at me funny and says "that's the first time I've ever heard of someone getting a hard dick from chocolate, but if you say so". I didn't really know what else to say to him as he was driving so I stayed quiet. We arrive at an alligator farm in the Everglades and I can remember seeing a lot of trees and greenery around the farm. "Are u always this quiet?" he asks me. We start to board the fan boat and I say "well no not really, but you make me nervous, and I don't know why." With a smile on my face that wont go away. " My guess is one of two reasons why you'd be nervous" he tells me. Wondering what guesses he's come up with he says "it's either you don't like me, or I'm making you hot and bothered". My face turns as red as a tomato. Damn, am I that obvious? I don't respond and he says " so which is it" I wanted to keep him guessing so I tell him " I guess you'll have to find out". He gives me a look that says, ok I'll play his little game. I change the subject and ask him how long does he think the ride will be. In the back of my mind I really don't want to be here. All I'm thinking abut is how soon we can get out of here. I was more than anxious to know what he could do to me. But if I told him that I wanted to have sex with him, it would cancel out what I told him previously. That I don't sleep with guys I just met. So I say to him "do you gave a boyfriend or girlfriend? Tell me something about you." He looks at me, smiles and says "I'm single for the moment. I don't really have time for relationships because of my job". Judging by the car he drove, I knew he didn't work at a fast food place or anything like that. "What type of work do you do?" He sys " I own my own business, what about you? Where do you work?" I had just graduated from Florida University and was having trouble finding a job so I told him "I'm between jobs right now." But I wasn't really thinking about work. The only thing on my mind was him and the many ways he could hurt me. Finally I gave in to myself and said "can we get outa here?" Surprised he says "why do you want to leave? And where do you want to go." I wasn't sure if he wanted to go where I'd suggest. "Lets go to my place, I think I may have forgotten something there". He knew exactly why I wanted to leave but he played it off and said "ok". As we drove down the freeway he says "Ok, today is you birthday. So you must be a Gemini right?" "Yes" I told him. Then this look if content and curiosity came across his face. "What's that look for?" I asked him. He just shook his head and didn't say anything. We finally arrive to my house. "Do you live here alone?" he asks. "Yeah I do. It gets a little lonely but I deal with it." I got the feeling that he liked that I lived alone, just by his expression. "You'll have to excuse the mess in here. I haven't cleaned up yet." I go into my room pretending to look for something. With my back turned towards the bedroom door. Suddenly I have a feeling that he's standing behind me. I quickly turn around and there he is standing directly in front of me. Our chests practically touching. Nervously I ask him "do you need some help with something?" Those green eyes looking at me with such seduction. He takes my hands and wraps them around his neck. My Body is feeling week at this point. Then he leans in toward me and gently kisses me. His lips were so soft, and my body began to heat up. Slowly he puts his tongue in my mouth, grabs me softly by the face. I can feel his dick growing in his pants as it presses against my pelvis. I take one of my hand and grab his cock from outside his pants. It feels perfect. His hands move down from my face to the back of my neck. He works his way down my back to my ass as he caresses my backside. Still locked in a slow tongue fight. I begin to unbutton his jeans as he pulls my shirt up. Then he licks my neck. My body is shaking like a rattlesnake. Then he lays me on the bed. body feels so good on top of mine. The intoxicating smell of his cologne intrigues me. I let out a little moan. That must have turned him on even more because he rips off my pants and starts to softly bite my dick through my underwear. After about a minute he pulls those off. Then I feel the warmth of his tongue on the head of my dick as he plays with the foreskin. At this point I'm dripping with pre cum. "You have such a nick dick" he says. My body feels so numb. Then he stops but I keep my eyes closed. I can hear him taking off his jeans. He gets onto my bed and I feel pressure on the bed around each of my shoulders. With my eyes still closed he puts his cock on my lips and I open my mouth. The taste of his pre cum turns me on so much. I can feel his balls on my chin as he slowly fuck my mouth. "Oh fuck" he says "you really know how to suck a dick don't you?" Pleased with how he's enjoying what I'm doing, I grab his ass and pull him in shoving his dick further down my throat. Then all of a sudden I feel a rush of cum shoot into my mouth. I enjoy it but at the same time I'm thinking "aww shit he came already!" I couldn't help but to swallow, and there was so much cum. he says "I'm not done with you yet." He turns me onto my stomach and stars to lick my back. My ass is pointing up to the sky and he starts to growl softly. "Stay just like that" he tells me. Suddenly I feel his tongue moving down my back down to my ass. "Que rico papito" I yell out with my face in the pillow. His tongue begins to touch my hole and he spreads my cheeks. He buries his face into my ass and tongue fucks me. "Tu culo estan rico". He said. I feel like I'm in another world. Just waiting to see what he's gonna do to me next. Then I feel a finger slide inside me as I moan a little louder. "Es tuyo papi, Es tuyo!" I grab the back of his head while he's eating my ass like a vulture. The hairs from his goatee feel so good as he rubs his face on my ass. Then he slowly starts to tap my hole with the head of his cock. I'm so ready for him to penetrate me. He glides his dick into me ever so slowly. I can feel every detail of his anatomy. The way the veins from his dick feel to the pubic hair on the top of my hole, and his balls touching mine. "Ay papi, don't stop. Its all for you, do whatever u want" I moan to him. Then he begins to pound my ass like he wants to make it hurt. He grabs my shoulder and my neck and whispers "this culo is all mine". As his tongue slips into my ear. Sweating like pigs on a hot day, I say "I want you to stop and lay on your back". I guess he wasn't expecting me to take over because he fucking me so good. I make him lay down, get on top of him and place my eager hole around his shaft. " Now I want you to just let me ride for a moment, don't move." I told him. So as I'm riding his dick he starts to stroke my dick. It feels so good feeling him inside me. Pre cum is dripping all over his stomach as he strokes me. Then he takes over. Grabs my ass with his hands, holds me up just a little and thrusts himself into me. "If you keep that up I'm gonna cum" I yell out. But he keeps going even harder "OH FUCK IM GONNA CUM, YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM". I can feel my body tingle and he says "come on papi I want you to shoot that load all over me!" "AAHHH" I scream out as I shoot all over his chest and his face. I cant seem to control how much of these juices are flowing. He stops thrusting and says " I want you to lay down, I'm gonna cum all over that pretty face of yours". Without hesitation I lay down. He sits just over my chest stroking his dick and says "are you ready?" Hell yeah papi" I said. "Don't hold back." Then he busts his nut all over my face in my mouth and my neck. My body still trembling from the orgasm he gave me. "oh my God, that was fuckin ridiculous" I tell him. He says "I know we just met and we we just fucked, but I wanna keep seeing you. Aside from the passion between us, I don't want this to be just a hit and run." As I had said before, most of the guys I met in the past only wanted a one night stand. But I was happy that he wanted more than that. "That sounds good, I'll give you my number and we can keep in touch and see where this goes." I told him. A big smile appeared on his face. "I'd like that very much." He said. "But do you want me to leave already?" With a worried expression. "You can leave whenever you want......

That was the first day of meeting my boyfriend and its been good ever since.



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