From my early youth, I've wanted to be a fireman. I guess I was about seven when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said a fireman.

Then, during my sophomore year of high school, I realized I was gay. I found that during gym class, I loved seeing the other guys there nude in the showers. I loved looking at their cocks, wondering what they were like hard and what it would be like to have one in my mouth. Occasionally, I'd linger in the school gym long enough to see a couple of the coaches nude in the showers.

I knew that in our small town, where everyone knows everyone else and their business, if I was even suspected as being gay, word would quickly spread around town. However, in my junior year I got, what I considered 'lucky' when our football coach noticed me checking him out.

As he showered, I noticed his cock began to stiffen, as did mine. Looking at me he smiled. I left the showers and went to the locker room and dried off. As I dressed, he walked by me with a towel around him, clearly tented in front.

'Rex, come to my office when you finish dressing.'

I dreaded what might happen once there.

I knocked and went in, finding him still wearing just the towel.

'Rex, I saw you looking and it seemed you enjoyed what you were seeing. I know I liked what I saw.'

We talked and he asked if I was interested in sex with another male. I said yes but it would be my first time. Taking my hand, he placed it on his cock and grasped mine. Soon, he kissed me and before it was over he had sucked me off and swallowed.

I, in returned, sucked him and loved it. When he climaxed, I accepted what he offered and loved the salty-sweet taste. Once he was drained, I pulled off and swallowed his man nectar.

'Well, what did you think?'

'I loved it. It was better than I had imagined.'

'We can do this again if you want, but you have to keep it our secret.'

'I do and I will. When can we meet again?'

'I'll tell you what. I'll make you he equipment manager so you have a reason to stay late in the afternoon. After all the others leave we can come in here and do our thing.'

'Great,' I replied.

From that day forward, Coach and I had sex every afternoon after school and some on weekends. Since my dad had walked out on Mom and I when I was young, Mom was thrilled that I had a 'father figure' in my life.

After graduation, I'd go over to Coach's apartment several times a week for sex. By then, I was also into fucking and getting fucked. Our secret never got out.

Like most of the small communities in our area, we had a volunteer fire department. But unlike the others that let you volunteer at eighteen, our city government set the age at twenty-one and only after you had completed the training offered by the state fire training academy and you had to be twenty-one before graduation. I went to work at the feed store until time to attend the academy. When that time arrived, my boss assured me I'd have a job when I got back.

I went to the chief, who was a paid city employee, to discuss volunteering and what the course as like and it's cost. I had saved what I could but was still short. We talked and he said to pay for the first half of the course, and if my scores were high enough, he'd pay the other half and I could pay him back.

I went to the academy and found that there were only fifteen in the class, and was only one of six from out of town.

Those from out of town were housed in the dorm they had. There were ten rooms each set up to accommodate two students. Since there were only six of us needing housing, we each got a room to ourselves.

Before giving us our room assignments, we were told to mingle and get acquainted and to choose a training and study partner.

We did and I immediately was drawn to Clay Wilkins, a twenty-two year old guy from a mid-size town in the western part of the state.

Clay was six-one, about one ninety, muscular and good looking. He had brown hair and eyes, and his partially open shirt revealed and medium hairy chest.

As we talked, I was about ready to asked if he wanted to be my partner when he asked, 'Rex, how about you and I being partners?'

'Great. I as just about to ask you the same thing.'

Once partners were chosen, we were assigned our rooms with the partners rooming side by side with an empty room in between.

Things were going well and Clay and I became good friends, joking and making childish sexual innuendos from time to time.

We had training Monday through Friday and Saturday until one in the afternoon. About a month into our training, we had returned to the dorm one Saturday and as I showered in the common shower room, Clay came in. Damn, was he even more beautiful when nude. And well hung.

As we showered, I stole glances at his nice cock and noticed him doing the same to me. As we dried off he asked if I had plans for the evening. I said no and he suggested we have a beer together. Fortunately, in our state you could by beer at eighteen but had to be twenty-one to buy liquor or mixed drinks.

We grabbed some dinner and hen hit a small neighborhood bar. When e entered, he spotted an empty table off in a dark corner and headed to it. I followed and as we sat down, I asked why he chose that table. He said we could talk and not be disturbed by others.

We had several beers and as we talked, I noticed he moved his chair closer to mine. Then I felt him press his knee against mine and flexing his leg muscles. I didn't move my leg, but instead did the same. I saw a slight smile on his face as he did it again. I, in turn, did the same.

After ordering another beer, as we talked, he casually placed a handonmy thigh, slighty rubbing it. Wanting to know for sure if he was after I thought he was, I responded by spreading my legs slightly wider.

Almost immediately after I did that he slowly began to slide his hand higher. My cock immediately got rock hard and soon his hand was against the head.

Very casually, I lowered my hand to his. Thinking I was going to remove his hand he began to pull back. Then, with his hand in mine, I pulled it up and placed his hand squarely on my hard cock. After releasing his hand, I placed mine on his hard cock. He looked at me and smiled. We finished our beer while feeling each other up.

When we finished our beer,he said casually, 'You ready to go?'

'Yea,' I replied.

We left the bar as he drove, we were quiet. Suddenly, he pulled into an empty parking garage and after stoping, he turned to me, leaning toward me. I leaned toward him and we kissed passionately, exchanging tongues. When the kiss ended, he said, 'The walls at the dorm are thin. Shall we get a motel room?'

'We probably should.'

He pulled out and found a motel a couple of miles from the academy. After checkingin and geting in the room, we quickly stripped and after more kissing got into a sixty-nine, devouring each others cocks. After bringing each other to a roaring climax, we cuddled and talked.

We agreed that our sexual talk had given us both an idea about the other. Then in the showers, checking each other out made Clay make the first move. I told him I was glad he did.

Before the night was over we had fucked each other and again sucked each other, this time one at a time.

Sunday afternoon we returned to the dorm, withothers asking where we'd been. We simply said we'd been drinking and didn't feel we should be driving back so we got two rooms. They accepted it.

After that, we'd quietly have a sixty-nine in the dorm or go out to the training area to fuck each other.

Cheif Davis came to see me half way through training and after seeing my grades paid for the last half of my training.

'Rex, you can pay me back as you can. I personally think you will fit in great with our station.'

'Thanks, Chief,' I said.

Clay and I continued having sex throughout the remainder of the training. Upon graduation, we agreed to visit as often as possible.

I returned to my small town and my job at the feed store. I had my radio with me twenty-four/seven in case we got a fire call. When we did, my boss knew I needed to report.

We all had keys to the station and some of us would go up at night and engage in one of the many video games we had there.

About wo months after I began as a volunteer, I went to the station on a Saturday night. I saw three cars there, one belonging to the Chief. To my surprise, I found the door locked. Using my key, I let myself in.

As I neared the game room, I could hear strange sounds coming from it. I reached the door and froze a what I saw.

There in the game room was Cheif Davis, and two fire fighters, Matt Reynolds and Brad Toomey, all naked.

The chief was divorced, Matt was single, but Brad was married. They were all on the floor with the chief on hsi hands and knees in a sixy-nine with Brad while Matt fucked the chief in the ass.

Upon seeing me, the chief stopped sucking long enough to say, 'Come on in Rex and join us.'

I stood frozen, watching alhough my cock was hard and wanting to join in. All three climaxed and once they seperated, the chief looked at me and said, 'Why didn't you come oveer and let Matt take care of the big boner in your pants?'

'Fuck! I'm still not believing what I saw. Is the entire department into men?'

'No,' the chief replied, 'just six of us. You make seven.'

'And just how do you know I'm into men?'

'Your study partner at the academy is my nephew. I knew he was going to be in your class so I asked him to find out if you played. That's why he asked you to be his partner.'

'I'm not believing this,' I said.

'Why do you think I said I thought you'd fit in here so well?'

'Clay told me how nice your cock is. I want to see for myself. Why don't you get undressed and come over here.'

I did and all three took turns sucking my cock with the chief taking my load. I then sucked all three of them.

Afterward I asked what they would have done if it was someone else coming in.

'Let me show you so you will know what to do if your here.'

There was a secret beam at the front gate that could be turned on and off. Only he guys tha played knew about it. If anyone was there having sex it was turned on and signaled when someone drove in. You had time to look out and see who it was and get dressed if necessary. Otherwise the beam was kept turned off.

'So you'll know who is who, I'll have all the guys in our club here tomorrow night at nine. Be prepared to have some fun.'

Before we left I had fucked Brad while sucking the chief. Matt was fucking me at the same time.

The next night I arrived at nine and all the others were there and naked. I quickly stripped and the fun began. One other was married and the other two were single. None were over twenty-eight.

There was regular sex with the guys and it was awesome. Clay even visited a few times and enveyed me.

Things went on for over two years with Clay visiting more and more often.

Then, one evening I got a call from Clay. The fire department where he worked was hiring and he wanted me o come up and apply.

'I don't know, Clay. I've got a good thing going here, but it would be great to be with you more often.'

'Rex, you can live with me. I love you and want you to be my lover.'

'Oh, shit! I wasn' expecting you to say that,' I replied.

'Well, it's true. I've talked with my uncle and he knows how I feel and said he wouldn't try to stop you if you wanted to leave.'

'Can I have some time to consider it?'

'Sure. Give me a call.'

I hung up stunned. The more I thought about it the more I realized I loved Clay also. Two days later I called him, accepting his offer, pledging my love to him.

I told the chief my decision and took a few days off to go and apply. Three weeks later I received my acceptance letter.

The crew gave me a going away party and it was great. The next night our club gave me a private going away party. It was even better.

I packed up and headed out. Clay eagerly greeted me and luckily we ere assigned to the same station and shift. As far as the others knew, we were just room mates.

That was four years ago and we have found three other fire fighters that are gay. The five of us get together frequently.

Clay and I are still deeply in love. I still haven't forgiven him for spying on me for his uncle, or so he thinks.

Every night we have fun putting out each others fires.




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