Josh couldn't wait to turn eighteen to become a volunteer fireman in their local community. Once of age, he went through training and was accepted as part of the team.

Since all the firemen were volunteers, there was continued extensive training. However, someone had to man the station twenty-four hours a day to relay any calls to the rest of the team.

Being the new man, Josh was assigned to cover the late shift from midnight to eight the next morning. Since the phone ringer was extremely loud, Josh could sleep if he wanted but most of the time he played video games on the player that the firemen had bought to pass the time.

Also, being volunteers, other firemen would stop by during the earlier hours to visit and have competitions with the games. Josh did the same thing.

On one night when Josh was scheduled to begin his shift at midnight he decided to go in early. It was about nine-thirty when he arrived. He was releaving Brad, a twenty-two year old fireman that was recently married. When he arrived he say Brad's Jeep Wrangler as well as a blue pickup he knew belonged to Kyle, a thirty year old fireman. He killed his headlights as he pulled into the parking lot and parked next to Kyle's truck.

When he got out and began walking to the door he heard strange sounds coming from inside. He stepped up to the window and what he say made him freeze in his tracks.

Through the partially open blinds, he saw Kyle leaning against a desk, his shirt unbuttoned and off his shoulders revealing his muscular hairy chest and his pants down around his ankles. And there was Brad, his shirt off and his pants around his ankles and on his knees. Brad's hands were gripping Kyle's ass and his mouth was rapidly sucking Kyle's hard cock.

'What the fuck?' Josh thought as he watched Brad eagerly suck Kyle. After a moment Brad stopped and stood and they began kissing. Josh could see their tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths. Then Kyle squatted down and began sucking Brad. Josh continued to watch and realized that his own cock was rock hard. He had never seen or experienced sex between two men and couldn't figure out why it was exciting him.

Josh slowly took his hard eight inch cock out and began stroking it as he again watched them change positions. Brad had completely removed his pants and had sat on the desk and lay back raising his legs. Kyle picked up a small tube and squeezed some of the contents on his cock and on Brad's ass. Josh watched as Kyle slipped his cock into Brad's ass and began fucking him. As he did so he leaned forward and began sucking Brad's cock again. Josh could hear Brad clearly say 'Oh, yea, stud, fuck that hot ass. Damn that feels so fucking good.'

Kyle stopped sucking Brad and concentrated on his fucking. Josh heard Kyle tell Brad that he was cumming. Brad said he could feel the cum spraying in his ass. Suddenly, Brad climaxed out onto his stomach and chest. Josh watched as Kyle pulled his cock out of Brad's ass and leaned forward and began licking the cum off of Brad. When he had his mouth full he kissed Brad and could see the cum transfer from one mouth to the other. Both men swallowed as Josh's cock exploded, sending huge torrents of hot thich white cum out against the side of the building.

As they began to get dressed, Josh slipped back to his own truck and quietly slipped in. He waited a few minutes. As he saw Kyle exit the building he got out as if he had just arrived.

'Hey, Josh. You're early,' Kyle said in greeting him.

'Yea, I was bored at home,' Josh answered. 'Anything exciting going on here?'

'Naw, it's boring here also,' Kyule replied.

Josh headed inside and noticed that as Kyle got into his truck and turned on his headlights he was looking closely at the building where Josh had been standing.

Josh went inside and greeted Brad and asked if there was anything going on that he needed to be aware of for his shift. As Brad said no, the non-emergency line rang. Brad went to answer it and Josh headed to the kitchen for something to drink.

For some reason, Josh felt the urge to pick up the extension phone in the kitchen. He did so quietly and heard kyle asking, 'Does Josh seem nervous or anything?'

'Not that I've noticed. Why?'

'When I walked out, he was sitting in his truck and started getting out. He just seemed a little jittery to me. Then when I got into my truck, I noticed that the blinds were slightly open.'

'Oh, shit! You think he saw anything?'

'I'm not sure but he may have watched us. When I turned on my headlights, I could see something on the wall under the window. He may have seen us and jerked off but I'm not sure.'

'What are we going to do?' Brad asked.

'Nothing. Let's just wait and see if he says anything or acts funny. If he does say anything to anyone it will be his word against ours and that makes it two to one.'

'Got it,' Brad said and hung up. As soon as Josh heard Brad hang up so did he, and after grabbing a coke from the fridge he returned to the office area.

He and Brad played a video game and Brad lost. Josh could tell he was nervous but Josh acted as normal as possible, making jokes as he usually did.

When Brad left, Josh went out the back door and around the building and saw Brad inspecting the area when Josh had stroked off. He watched as Brad got into his Jeep and dialed a number on his cell phone.

Josh returned to the office and turned on the TV and found a movie to put into the DVD player. The movie started but Josh began to remember what he had seen and again his cock got hard. Again, he jerked it off, this time spraying his stomach and chest with his own cum.

Over the next few weeks, nothing was said, and Brad and Kyle began to relax. But Jopsh had become more and more curious about what it was like to do what he had seen them do. He even began tasting his own cum when he'd jerk off, and found that, surprisingly, he liked it.

Then one night he again went in early and when he arrived he again saw Kyle's truck and Brad's Jeep.

He went to the door and entered the pass code in the lock and eased in. He had noticed that the blinds were tightly closed.

When he entered the office area he noticed that Brad and kyle both seemed nervous and that Kyle's shirttail was out which was very unusual.

'Hey, Josh, how's it going?'

Josh had the opening he needed to tell the lie he had dreamed up.

'Not worth a shit. I was out with a girl I know and thought I was going to get lucky. Thought she was going to give me a blow job but she suddenly said that she had to get home. Bitch left me so horny. I was really looking forward to getting sucked off.'

'Man what a bummer,' Brad said.

'Tell me about it. Fuck, I wouldn't care who gave it to me as long as I could get off,' Josh said.

'Even a guy?' asked Kyle.

'Well, I've never had a guy do it, but yea, I'd probably let a guy do it as horny as I am. I've heard that guys are better at it then women.'

'They are,' replied Kyle.

'Have you had guys do you?' asked Josh.

'Fuck yea. Back in college in the dorm, guys would help out their buddys all the time.'

'You ever help out a buddy and suck him off?'

'I've been known to on occasion.'

Brad stood listening to the conversation, not knowing where it was going.

Kyle then said, 'I'll bet Brad has done it too.'

Josh looked at Brad who said, 'Yea, a few times.'

'Hey, would either of you be willing to help me out? I know I could trust you two. Hell, I wouldn't even mind if the other watched, just as long as I get some relief.'

Both Brad and Kyle noticed that Josh had a roaring hard on as dit they.

'Well, as long as it stays between just the three of us, I'll do it,' Kyle said.

'Really?' asked Josh.


'Hey man that's great. I appreciate it. What do I do?'

'Well, you start out by dropping your pants.'

Without hesaitation, Josh dropped his pants to his ankles with his hard eight inch cock sticking straight out.

Kyle moved in front of him and said 'Damn man, there's a lot to take care of there but I'll do it.'

'I feel strange being the only one exposed here. Why don't you two drop yours also.'

'Fuck, why don't you go set the gate alarm, Brad, so we'll know if anyone come through. Then we can all three get naked.'

'Good idea,' Brad said as he went and turned on the alarm that would signal them if another vehicle pulled through the gate. Little did Josh know that Brad and Kyle had both decided that they wanted to get Josh and had been trying to figure out a plan. As it turned out, Josh's plan gave them the opening.

Soon all three were totally naked. AS Kyle stood on Josh's right and began stroking his cock, Brad stood on the left and began massaging his balls. Josh lay his head back, totally enjoying the feeling. Then he felt it. Both Brad and Kyle had begun licking and sucking on a nipple. Josh never dreamed that they were so sensitive and moaned softly.

'Like that?' Kyle asked.

'Oh, fuck yea.'

Brad continued sucking on the nipples as Kyle slowly moved to Josh's mouth and without warning began kissing him. Josh was stunned but didn't stop him. When he felt Kyle's mouth open and his tongue seek entrance, Josh parted his lips and accepted it. As they kissed, Josh realized that he liked it and returned the kiss with passion.

Kyle stopped and squatted down and soon took Josh's leaking cock into his mouth and licked off the precum. Josh moaned again and as he did so, Brad went down and began sucking his balls. Josh felt as if he was floating through space. It wasn't long before his body tensed up and they heard him say, 'Oh fuck Kyle, don't stop. I'm about to cum. Oh fuck yea, suck me. Here it comes. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH.'

Kyle eagerly swallowed the teens huge hot thick load. When he had every drop, he looked at Josh and said, 'Man, that was fucking delicious.'

'I'm fucking jealous,' Brad said.

'Give me a little while and you can do it too.'

'Fuck yea,' said Brad.

When Josh had again began breathing normally, he said, 'Gusy, that was my first time and it was great. Thanks, and if either of you ever want to do it again, just let me know. Now, I want to see what it's like.'

Brad and Kyle looked at each other, wondering if he was serious. They soon found that he was when he dropped to his knees and began licking the head of eadch of their cocks. He then took Kyle's into his mouth and began sucking, doing it just as he remembered Kyle doing it. It wasn't long before Kyle warned him that he was close. Josh ignored the warning and continued sucking. Soon, Kyle screamed that he was cumming and filled Josh with his load. Josh quickly swallowed making room for more of Kyle's load which he also swallowed.

Once Kyle was empty, he turned his head and began sucking Brad. Watching Josh suck his first cock had Brad turned on and it didn't take him long to reach his climax. Josh eagerly accepted it and drained Brad's cock of every drop.

When he stood up, Brad asked, 'Josh, was that really your first time getting sucked and sucking?'

'Yea, it was.'

'Well, you're a natural. How did you like it?'

'I loved it. I hope we can get together again. Next time I want to try fucking and getting fucked.'

'Josh, if I may ask, what brought all this on?' Brad said.

Josh smiled and said, 'a few weeks ago I got here early and saw you tow sucking each other through the window. Then I watched Kyle fuck you Brad. I couldn't believe what I was seeing but it got me excited and I jerked off and shot my load on the wall outside. The more I thought about it the more curious I became. I made up that story about the girl to see if I could get either of you to suck me.'

'You sneak,' Kyle said. 'When I left, I thought I saw something on the wall and called Brad. When he left he checked closer and verified that it was cum. We figured that you had seen us and were trying to find a way ourselves to get you. Then when you came up with that tail of yours, you gave us an opening.'

They all began to laugh, and Josh looked at Brad and asked, 'If you still want it go for it.'

Brad quickly dropped to his knees and began sucking Josh's now hard cock as Kyle began kissing him. Soon, Josh was filling Brad's mouth with a load of hot cum. After Brad had it all, he stood and said, 'You're right kyle. It is fucking delicious.'

As they dressed, Kyle said, 'So next time you want to try fucking, huh?'

'Yea, I want to fuck you both and get both of you to fuck me.'

'It will be our pleasure,' said Brad.

'Brad, can I ask you a personal question?'

'Sure, Josh, what is it?'

'Well, you just got married a few months ago. What about your wife? Does she know anything?'

'No, she doesn't. I've been gay since my late teens but got married for appearances sake. A couple months ago, I caught her in bed with her ex-boyfriend. The divorce papers have been signed.'

'What about you Kyle? Anyone special in your life?' Josh asked.

'Well, yea. Brad doesn't even know yet so I'll tell you both. I'm seeing a Marine recruiter from over in the next town. We've been dating for about three months, but not often enough. He only has six months left before he gets out then he's moving here and in with me.'

'Does he know that you're doing me on the side?' Brad asked.

'Oh, yes. He's okay with it. He's seeing someone there in town but it's like it is with us; just sex.'

They all kissed and agreed that they would meet at nine the following thursday night.

Josh couldn't wait for thursday to arrive. When it did, he made sure he was cleaned out and ready.

He headed for the station and as he neared it he called and told Brad that he was almost there. When he arrived and went in both Brad and Kyle were naked and waiting.

As Josh stripped naked Kyle said, 'We've been talking and decided that you can fuck one of us then one of us will fuck you. By then, you'll be ready again and can fuck the other then you can get fucked again by the other one of us.'

'Sounds good to me. Who wants to be first?'

'Well, since I got your first load, why don't you and Brad fuck each other first then you and I will do the second round.'


They began kissing and making out, getting themselves worked up. After while, Brad said, 'I'm read to get fucked.'

He climbed up on the desk and raised his legs. Kyle handed Josh the lube and after Josh and Brad were lubed up, Josh placed his cock against Brad's hole and began pushing slowly. After some resistance his cock head slipped in. 'Oh, fuck, yea,' said Brad.

Josh slowly slid his cock deeper until he was in all the way. 'Man, that feels so fucking good. Your hole is hot as hell. So fucking warm and soft.'

'Quit talking and fuck me, baby.'

Josh began pumping in and sou slow and easy, totally enjoying his first man pussy. Before long, he began picking up speed and force,soon pounding Brad's ass hasrd and fast. Soon he climaxed and emptied into Brad's shit chute with a loud 'AAAGGGHHHHHHHHHH!'

As he slowly pulled out he looked at Brad and said, 'I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.'

'Baby, believe me, it was fantastic for me.'

They then began to prepare Josh for his first fuck. Brad loosened him up some with his fingers as Kyle warned him that it would hurt like hell for a minute or so but if he relaxed it wupld begin to feel better.

When ready, Brad began his insertion. As the head popped in, Josh let out a yell. 'Relax,' said Kyle. 'Try pussing out like you are going to shit.' Josh did and the pain eased a little.

Brad held still and after a few minutes, Josh said to continue. Brad took it slow and after a while was buried balls deep in Josh's ass.

'You've got it all baby,' Brad said.

'Damn, I never dreamed something that big up my ass could feel so good. Fuck me.'

Brad began pumping in and out as Josh moaned with pleasure. It didn't take long for Brad to near his climax seeing that he was fucking a virgin ass. His cock exploded and Josh said how great it felt feeling the cum spray up inside him.

Just as Brad pulled out of his ass the emergency phone rang. There was a grass fire just outside of town. They dressed quickly, and Brad notified the other volunteers via their emergency radios. They knew the others would be arriving soon.

They did and all left to take care of business. Three hours later they returned and after preparing the trucks for another run when needed, they all left and again it was just Brad, Kyle and Josh at the station.

Giving it some time to make sure none of the others returned, they all three stripped and Josh then fucked Kyle, who continually moaned with pleasure during the process, begging Josh to go deeper. Josh went as deep as possible and when he climaxed he slammed in hard and emptied his load inside Kyle.

'Fuck yea,' Kyle screamed with pleasure.

It wasn't long before Josh was in position to receive his second cock of the evening. After being lubed, Kyle positioned himself and shoved gently. The head slipped in and Josh moaned softly and said, 'It's not as bad this time.'

'If you get fucked enough, it gets so that there is practically no pain at all upon entry,' Brad said.

Kyle was a little rougher than Brad had been but Josh loved it. 'Oh, yea, fuck that hot ass,' Josh told him. Kyle did with gusto and soon filled Josh's ass with a huge load of cum. Josh told him how great it felt spraying up in him.

After the fucking, the three stayed nude and sat around talking.

Josh confessed that he loved sex with another man and that it had been a lot more satisfying and exciting than any sex he had had with women.

'Guys, I think from now on, I'm sticking strictly with men. I guess I'll have to admit it and say that I'm gay.'

'There's nothing wrong with that,' Kyle said.

Josh looked at them and asked, 'Is there anyone else in the department that's gay or bi?'

Brad and Kyle looked at each other as Kyle said, 'Shall we tell him?'

'Why not? I don't think they'll mind.'

Kyle looked at Josh and said, 'Joe's bi and is primarilly into sucking and getting sucked.'

'Captain Conner?' Josh asked.

'Yep. He gives one hell of a blow job and I know he'd love sucking that big tool of yours. The bigger the better for him. He loves to deep throat them.'

'Damn. And he's also married and so much a man's man,' Josh said.

'Also, the chief is totally gay.'

'Your shitting me.' Josh said.

'Nope. It's true.'

Man, I'd love to try it with both of them. How can I get them?'

'You'll be releiving Joe next week. Come in early and either just take it out and start stroking or walk up to him and grope him and tell him you want to suck it. That's what I did.' Brad said.

'What did he do?'

'Smiled and said okay but only if he could have mine.'

'What about the chief?'

'At our next meeting, stay after. We do as does the chief. When everyone is gone we have sex. Hang around and we'll work you into it.'

The others left and Josh began thinking about sex with Joe and the chief. His cock got hard again and as he sat at the desk, he jerked off, shooting his load out onto the desk top. He smiled at the load before him, leaned over and began licking it up.

When he releived Joe, he did what Brad had suggested. He arrived early and when Joe stood up to put away some papers, Josh was next to him and as he grabbed Joe's cock he said, 'I want to suck you.'

'Sure, but a hot sixty-nine would be better,' Joe said. 'I've been eyeing you. You must have talked to Brad. That's the same line Kyle told him to use.'

Josh smiled as Joe leaned forward and kissed him.

'I assume that they told you that I'm mainly oral.'

'Yep. That's fine with me.'

They stripped and began making out. Joe was trictly oral but he did get into rimming which Josh had never had done. It felt great and he loved the feeling. Soon they were into a sixty-nine and They were right. Joe loved to deep throat taking the cock all the way down his throat. Soon, both guys were feeding the other their man cream.

When it was over Joe looked at Josh and said, 'Stud, that was fantastic. Anytime you want to do it again, just let me know. I'll make time if I get to have that big piece of meat again.'

'Captain, it's all yours anytime you want it.'

Josh was looking forward to the next meeting. It finally arrived and when it was over it had been planned that Josh would disappear into the restroom for a while and let the action get started, then walk in on them.

He did just that. When he walked into the office, the three guys were totally naked and Kyle was fucking the chief while the chief sucked Brad. When Josh walked in the chief nearly shit but realized that there was no way he could hide what was going on.

Josh smiled and said, 'Can I join this party?' and began stripping. Kyle had continued fucking and as Brad slipped his cock back into the chiefs mouth, Josh slid under the chief who was on his hands and knees and began sucking him. When kyle was done, Josh took his place, fucking the chief hard fast and deep. the chief loved it.

Soon, they were making dates for the five of them to get together for sex parties. Joe would line them up and suck them all off then leave and let them do what ever they wanted.

After one such session, Brad caught Josh alone and said he wanted to talk with him. They went outside about to leave when Brad stopped him and said, 'Follow me.'

Josh did and soon they pulled into the driveway of a small home on the other side of town. Josh followed him in and once inside Brad said, 'Welcome to my humble abode.'

'It's nice, but if you wanted to get me here all you had to do was just invite me. You didn't have to be so mysteroius about it.'

'Josh, I'll get straight to the point. My divorce was final last week. I'm a free man. I'm like you a lot and I was wondering if you would like to move in here with me. I'm begining to have feelings for you. I don't know where they will lead, but I'd like to have you close to me and see.'

Brad, I like you a lot also and yes, I'll move in here with you. I finally came out to my parents and they accept me for who and what I am.'

They kissed and made plans to move Josh's things in.

After three months they went to have dinner with Josh's parents who had accepted Brad also, knowing that he was gay also. After dinner, they were all at the table talking when Josh said he had something to say.

'Mom, Dad, last night Brad and I talked for quite a while. When it was over, Brad asked me to be his life partner and I accepted.'

His mom and dad were happy and hugged them both and welcomed Brad into the family. Brad was so touched he began to cry.

They later broke the news to the chief, Joe and Kyle. A month later Kyle introduced them to his marine, now a former marine and announce dthat they too were life partners. Sean, the marine, got a job in town and also joined the volunteer fire department.

It wasn't long before the others figured it all out, but they guys were still accepted as if they were straight and treated with respect and dignity.

that was five years ago and both couples are still together and on the fire department. The two couples are invited to all the family gatherings and the wives all love them and even get them to baby sit with the kids when the parents want to go out. They are trusted completely.

There is still compassion, love and acceptance in this cruel old world.




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