I knew from the moment I saw the place that I had to live there. It was half a mile back in the woods, up a gravel driveway that twisted back and back until the coziest little cabin appeared before you. In every direction there was nothing but trees or rolling meadows and not a neighbors' house in sight. I felt like I was home again in Pennsylvania, back on the farm in the middle of nowhere.

After working out details with the landlord that lived on the front end of the driveway I was soon the king of my castle or at least the pioneer of my own cabin. It didn't take long for me to take full advantage of the isolation and frequent the great outdoors as naked as the day I was born.

I loved my week-ends when there was little to do but mow the lawn. I would strip down to just a pair of shorts and mow until I was glistening with sweat. Once I was finished I would slip off my shorts right there by the garden hose and shower the grime and sweat from my body, feeling the hot breezes of a perfect summer lap and tickle my naked skin. My body going pocked with goosbumps at the spray of the cold water. Once I was properly cleaned up I would work my way barefoot to the hammock and dive in on my back, spread eagle and drip dry in the sun and breeze. Many times I would fall asleep and wake up an hour later feeling sunned, rested and considerably horny.

It was so erotic to have this freedom to be naked and enjoy the outdoors. I would lay there wet in my hammock, after mowing, and watch the water bead up on my strong blonde chest and abs. There was nothing like the feeling of the sun beating into my skin and evaporating the water away. I loved the feel of the breeze gently flowing through my ample blonde bush of hair around my cock and on my balls. Just saying the word hammock would give me instant wood. My seven inch cut cock would pulse everytime my tight bubble ass would hit the crisscrossed mesh of the hammock and I would lay back to enjoy a good air dry.

The setting was beautiful. The only thing that irked me was the piles of dead trees that had been bulldozed into two or three very large piles further off near the pond. The landlord had promised that these would go away once he could find a good time to burn them down. I would sometimes imagine them gone and looked forward to their disappearance from an otherwise perfect place.

Just like outside, I was quite used to hanging on the porch and in the cabin naked as well. From time to time the landlord's wife would text me to let me know they would be up near the cabin on sultry evenings to go frog gigging in the pond. I had many a time scrambled into clothes when the familiar sound of the landlords golf cart would drone it's way up the long drive to let me know of repair people coming up to maintenance the cabin or him announcing he would be working on the surrounding property. It was one such scramble that I was in the midst of when the landlord knocked on the door to let me know that he had made arrangements with the local fire department to do a practice drill and burn down the large tree piles in the adjacent field.

It was to be a casual drill. The department would come in full garb and practice a run out to the cabin where they would then light the piles and then practice hosing techniques and whatever else they do to give the men more experience. I was beside myself with excitement. I found I was lingering near the front porch windows most of the early evening, watching the drive like a dog waiting for his master to come home as I waited for the firemen to show up.

When dusk finally came I could hear the familiar sound of tires on the gravel drive and soon two firetrucks were parked up near the cabin. I watched from the window as man after man piled out of the double cab to take in the task ahead. My mouth was agape as I looked from one hot man to another, dressed in their full firemen's garb and wishing I was the fire that needed putting out!

They went straight to their work and soon the piles were like funeral pires flaring up into the night and shimmering red and orange upon the profiles of a dozen young built firemen. I stepped out unto the deck in a pair of khaki shorts and an old T-shirt to get a closer look. I could see my land lord a bit further down the driveway watching as well. I could feel the heat from the huge billowing heaps and was thankful to have this sweaty dirty dozen protecting my home as well as me.

After a while the project grew quite boring. Things were under control and they began to relax a bit. Some began peeling off the heavy jackets and the helmets, revealing matted sweaty hair and chisled bodies in undershirts and suspenders. I could feel myself begin to stiffen immediately, thankful for the darkness to hide my growing erection. Some of them would look back at me from time to time. I reveled in just that little bit of acknowledgement and nodded from time to time in greeting.

One of the men broke from the team and began heading my way. As he approached I could see his damp auburn hair laying in short curly waves on his sweat soaked head. His body was short and muscular. His walking giving away his athletic ability as he grew ever closer. He greeted me with a masculine grunt of a hello and asked if he could come in and take a piss. 'Yeah man' I said, 'no problem.' I backed towards the door and went in and held it open for him. He stood on the deck and peeled off his boots and pants before tramping in and making his way to the bathroom. I pointed the way and he grinned and thanked me. As he passed by me, the heady scent of his worked up sweat and the visual sight of his dark blue T-shirt damp with perspiration put my head into a spin. He didn't even close the door when he found his way to the toilet and threw up the lid and began to piss. I could hear the torrent of his piss plunging deep into the toilet bowl as he spoke to me telling me that the other men may need to come in for a quick piss too. I agreed enthusiastically, happy to be a part of this practice drill even in a little way.

I was standing in the middle of the kitchen as he made his way back around the corner from the bathroom. He was still putting his cock back into his jeans as he continued to talk. 'Nice place you have here' he said sincerely. 'You lucked up on this one didn't you?' After catching myself in a locked down stare at his crotch I gathered myself back together and agreed with him. 'You need some water?' I stammered. 'Yeah, that would be cool' he responded. I got him a bottle from the fridge and he came up beside me with a big 'aaahhhh' as he tried to catch the cold escaping air from the open fridge door. He lifted his tshirt to let the cold air blow against his worked up abs and breeze through the dusting of exposed red hair on his abs that trailed down into his now zipped up jeans. I was speechless. He grinned up at me like a little kid in the middle of some mischief. 'Show me the rest of the place', he suggested. 'I love this cabin.'

I showed him the rest of the cabin, painfully aware of his padding socked feet following closely behind me. I climbed the stairs to the loft and soon we were standing side by side examining the upper portion of the cabin. 'Niiiiccce' he said as he looked around and took it all in. 'The landlord says that you just got divorced and moved in recently' he volunteered. 'Yes thats right' I responded. 'Must get lonely after being used to a busy family life' he said. 'It does' I replied, 'but I don't mind so much. The solitude is good for me right now.' We stood there for a moment in awkward silence. I steeled myself to look over at him and he was looking right back. He smiled a soft masculine grin at me and then as easy as a handshake leaned over and kissed me gently on the mouth.

I fell into it as easily as he initiated it and soon I found myself in the full strong embrace of this sweaty redheaded fireman with his mouth fully engaged on mine and our tongues playing tag. 'I need to get back' he whispered. 'Maybe I can come back later after my shift?' 'I would like that' I managed to say. 'Before I go, maybe you could give me a little taste of what we might get into?' With that he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his pants and boxers down midway down his strong hairy thighs to reveal a springboard of a cock that slapped out against my leg and a pair of hanging hairy balls churning below this drawbridge of a cock that now rested against my own thigh. I gulped and took in the beauty of his manhood nestled in a grove of dark red sweaty pubes. I looked up one more time at him and then relented to his his strong hand gently pushing me to my knees to face this crotch rocket.

A bead of precumb glistened at the tip of his bouncing cock. I opened my mouth and slowly made that cock disappear until my nose was deep into his red haired crotch. As I took a breath, the heady scent of his musky cock and balls filled my lungs. I picked up speed and stroked up and down on his fat cock, him grunting like a bull that had just mounted a young heifer to mate. I placed my hands on his tight sweaty ass and pushed him into my eager mouth. In the excitement and danger of the moment I could soon feel the shots of hot seed pouring into my mouth as he heaved a sigh of relief and emptied into me. When his last spasm cleaned out his cock he gently lifted me up to stand in front of him and kissed me again. 'Thanks bud' he said sincerely, I needed that'. I will send the other guys in one at a time to get a piss break'. With that he was down the stairs and back out unto the porch in a bound.

I stood there in the loft still not believing what had just happened. My own cock was fighting against my khaki shorts and my own body begged for sexual relief. I cold still smell his ball sweat on my face. Did this really just happen I thought? A knock on the back door jolted me awake and I tripped down the stairs to greet the second fireman of the night. He was taller than the first one with jet black straight hair, hanging almost in his eyes with sweat from his helmet. He had already stripped off his boots and overalls and was waiting only for me to show him to the bathroom. I headed through the kitchend ahead of him and stood by the bathroom door with my hands directing him to the light of the room ahead of me. 'I don't really have to piss' he said as he passed by me. He grabbed me by the scruff of my shirt and pulled me into the bathroom with him. He closed the door behind us and pressed his body into mine against the door and planted a furious kiss unto my face. While we were kissing he was fumbling urgently with his pants until he finally broke free from them and shoved them to his knees and me along with them. I no sooner hit my knees than his cock was probing my face as he held me by a patch of hair and shoved his cock into my mouth. A new and erotic scent of yet a different man's sweat hit my nostrils as I bounced back and forth at his direction on his throbbing black haired cock. With in a few minutes he yelped out in groans of exstacy and unleased his load into my mouth. The salty flavor jetting against my tonsils with tidal wave force and coating my mouth with his cream. 'Thanks man'. He said with finality and off he went back out the door leaving me on my knees right there to catch my breath.

One after another, the men came in for a piss. Some actually did piss and were gone with a thank you and a bottle of water to boot. Others, remained for more than a piss and a drink. It became obvious to me that The auburn haired fireman hunk and passed on in code to those of like mind that I was good for it and had just offered water and a piss to those who weren't. Either way I was grateful and waiting for my cue as each new fireman crossed over my threshold in sweaty buffed out glory.

About six men into this routine another dark haired fireman appeared for his turn. His grin was all that had to be said. I took him straight to the bathroom and didn't even bother to step aside. I just went right in and turned around. He was already peeling off his shirt to reveal a dampened hairy chest and abs and was peeling out of his pants shortly after. As soon as his hairy muscular body was free from clothes he turned his attention to undressing me. 'Sorry this has to be quick' he said. 'I usually like to take my time.' With that he turned my naked body over the top of the washer and dryer and within seconds, his spit soaked cock was probing for entry into my exposed ass. His cock felt like the end of a shovel as he pressed into me and drilled me like the screw I was. I could feel the torrents of his pent up cum spurting into my gut after only a few minutes of his wild animalistic thrusting. He pulled out and I slipped to the floor and turned to lick his cock clean and suck out of him any remaining man juice. His individual scent filling me with erotic lust. 'Better get dressed' he said, the next two in are not bent this way'. We both quickly dressed and true to his word the next two came in for a piss and I handed them a bottle of water on the way back out.

The third guy after him was a bald sexy stud of a man and he spoke to me through the open back door as he stipped out of his fire gear. 'Head up stairs and get naked' he whispered. I obeyed and was just slipping out of my shorts as he came up the stairs in bounds already half naked himself. He laid me back on the bed and pulled me up to the the edge. Smiling down at me he then removed his pants and positioned his big strong legs between me and forced them further apart with his big sweaty hands. Before I could even say 'ready' he was pounding my ass with a big nine inch uncut cock. His blond pubic hair and hanging balls slapping up against my bare spread ass. I reached towards him and ran my hands over his seaty chest and abs, then to his bubble ass, flexing with each manly thrust. This was a fucking evening to never forget! With one final thrust he shoved as deep into me as he could and soon I could feel the throbbing vein that lined the length of his cock, ebb and expand as he seeded me full of his cum. He pulled out with a pop and said a lusty thanks, pulled on his pants, grabbed his shirt halfway down the stairs where it landed and was gone like the rest of them.

Evidently I had reached the end of this dirty dozen firemen. I think at least half of them and gotten more than just a place to piss and get a drink. I could hear them load up the trucks, the smell of wood lingering in the air and the curl of smoke whisping to my senses. I could hear as the trucks made their way back down the drive. In exaustion I must had fallen asleep, the door to the deck wide open and me naked across the bed. I awoke to the gently warm kisses of lips upon mine and I knew my auburn haired fireman was off his shift and back for a good long evening together, just as he promised.


Matthew Barrett

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