I was 19 when I met him. We met at the end of a spring break party. Looking back on it, I realize I was close to making the wrong decision, but luckily I was saved by him.

It was 10 pm and dark out. I couldn't see my reflection in my car window, but I could see my silhouette. I knew who I would see anyway. Adam Wrenfell, the gay guy in the all male family. With his sexy build, and muscular arms. Biceps, abs, chest, legs, and not to mention ass. All of my friends told me I had the most amazing butt. However, I was single, due to the fact that I was kinsey 6 gay.

I was at the end of the beach, and the party was at the other, but it was nothing that a short jog or thirty minute walk couldn't fix. So, my legs put me in motion, and shortly after, I was trudging through the sand, nearing the middle of the beach, already exhausted.

This was an unfamiliar spot, so of course I didn't know that right when I plopped down on the sand for a rest, I was somewhere where I wasn't supposed to be. Ensuing the sight of a naked woman walking past, I felt disgusted and was just about to say something when I saw a group of men, also nude, coming my way.

'Oh shit,' I thought, 'I'm in the nudist section.'

The men must've been mid-20's and three of the four were absolutely gorgeous. The one in the front stopped next to be and dropped into a squat.

"You're wearing too many clothes, son," he told me. He was probably a few inches taller then my 5'10" and had a swimmer build. It's my guess that's why him and his buddies were there. His chest had a small layer of hair over it, and below his belly button he had a happy trail that lead to the capital of his manliness.

"Yeah sorry I didn't notice until now I was in the nudist section."

Let me get something straight: The only penises I ever saw were my family members (I had a dad and two brothers.) so when I saw the man's dick flop down, almost touching the sand, I started throwing wood.

"Well maybe you should take these off," one of the other men said.

The other man was just his height, without as many defined muscles, but still had them. He was cleanly shaved, and his cock was probably the width of a beer can and the length of a crayon while it was flaccid, but since his thick black hair was wet, I guessed he was just in cold water and let it slide, since that probably made it shorter. He introduced himself to me first.

"Scott," he said, and held out a hand in front of his pelvis.

I thrust my hand out to make a grab at his hand, but last minute he pulled his hand away, and I almost has my fingers around his penis.

"Too slow!" He exclaimed with a chuckle and squatted on my other side, his own dick and balls swaying between his legs.

I realize I wasn't talking, but I thought it was best not to. I also thought it was probably best to get to the spring break party since that's what I came for, but if I stood up, I'd only be exposing my boner.

I didn't know what to do, so finally I spoke. "Um is there a bathroom around here Scott?"

His friend, the first man, got up and walked over to the other two men. Scott just smiled at me and patted my back. "Yeah why don't I just accompany you there?"

"Oh no, really I can find it myself."

"Nonsense, I wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't," he told me, and waved the last attractive man over.

He introduced himself as Lenny. He was blonde, very tan, and very muscular, with a big, flopping, six inch flaccid dick in the center of his hips, with two lime-sized balls right under. He smiled and reached his hand forward to shake mine while he told me his name.

I reached out, "Adam," I told him.

He quickly pulled his hand back like Scott had, but this time he hopped forward and trapped my hand between his legs.

"Gotcha!" He yelled.

My eyes went wide, and Scott just laughed and said, "he's just saying hi."

I had barely gotten to know Lenny, but less than five seconds after I learned his name I had my left hands fingers squirming all over his taint, and his balls cupped in my actual palm.

"Lenny, would you come with me and Adam here to the bathroom?"

"Well sure," he said, and started turning, slowly rubbing my whole hand against the inside of his crotch and his testes and taint.

His legs slowly opened up so he could start walking back, and as soon as they did, I pulled my hand out and waved it off in the air. Scott just laughed and took my wrist, then he wiped my own hand all over his chest, as if getting The aura of Lenny's taint off my hand.

"Let's go," he said, and got up to follow Lenny.

I was surprised that Scott just wiped my hand all over his chest and Lenny tricked me into grabbing into his crotch. Don't get me wrong, since I'm gay, that was fucking amazing to have a mans privates all over my hand, but as it occurred, I didn't know where his privates had been.

I slowly got up, putting my right hand in my pocket to take the tent in my shorts down. Then, I followed behind Scott and Lenny, who left their friends waiting for them. As I focused my eyes on Lenny to see where he was going, I didn't notice Scott slowing down to behind me.

"Hey Adam," he murmured.


"You've gotta take those clothes off, bud. Not allowed."

I sighed angrily and in frustration, and pulls my black muscle v neck over my head and I stepped out of my cargo shorts as they fell to the ground. I was going commando, so of course, I was buck naked in front of Scott, luckily, I had my back facing him so he didn't see the partial that had been fading since it's full erectness when I got up and out my clothes under a bush with twisted roots.

I didn't hear another peep out of him until a few minutes later when we were on a sand path in between closely packed trees. I had caught up right behind Lenny. When I did catch up with him, I got distracted by his ass. It was a perfect combination of meat and muscle. Mostly meat. It bobbed when he walked, one cheek sliding above the other, and then the roles reversed. Suddenly, he bent all the way over, which spread his cheeks and showed a tight-looking perky asshole. I kept walking due to my trance, and ended up walking right into him, not noticing until last minute when my junk was rubbing against his ass. I guess the stop was too sudden, because before I knew it, Scott slammed into me, and I slammed into Lenny again. And we all toppled over.


I opened my eyes and looked up. It was a woman, glaring at the pile of nude men all on top of each other. My ears pounded with blood. And I clenched my teeth at her heterosexist remark.

"What's disgusting is your failed vasectomy you skitch. Get out," I hissed.

She gave me a look and walked away. I felt Lenny below my bare body and Scott on top.

"Whoa, where did that come from, you little stud?" Lenny blurted out.

I felt Scott shifting on top of me, aiming to get off, but only succeeding in sliding off from my head. His fat dick and balls dragging themselves slowly but unnecessarily down the back of my hair to the top and then they dropped off to his pelvis. I felt in the most awkward situation. I only wanted to pee. As it happened, my form was set in a way so my penis was nowhere near Lenny's skin.

I leaned my head up, and almost was hit in the face with 5 inches of raw beauty. Scott's dick was beautifully slung right in front of his balls, and as tempted as I was, I kept my tongue inside my mouth.

I hopped off Lenny quickly, not letting either of them catch a peek at my member. I had the feeling they were too open by now, and was walking in front of them to keep it that way, until we reached a small building with a men's restroom sign on it. The concrete floor was cold, but the air was steamy and thick.

As I walked in, I turned to the showers to my left, different men, all washing down. I looked down at myself, I was covered in sand from the fall. That wasn't my goal though. I walked over to the urinals, which had no buffer whatsoever, and took my member in between my thumb and forefinger. Suddenly someone grabbed it. It was Lenny.

"No way this is real!"

I looked down at his hand. "Yeah."

Scott came up next to him and let his jaw drop. "How big is that!" He almost yelled.

"Six and a half inches," I muttered.

"Huh?" Scott said, leaning his ear in.

"Six and a half inches," I repeated, a little louder.

"It's beautiful, for something that flaccid!" He exclaimed, and wrapped his fingers around it, pushing Lenny's hand away.

"Listen I really need to pee, and I should get to my party."

"Yeah no prob," he grunted, and slapped my ass with his other hand, as if he was proud of my dick. "Shoot anytime."

He stayed in his spot, one hand on my ass and the other slowly stroking up and down the veins of my cock, taking it between two fingers and wagging it around, and sometimes just full on jerking it off. I had to admit, it felt kinda good having two men admire you enough to touch your genitals. A small sigh escaped my lips as I let my stream flow.

He watched, his eyes magnetized to the event. In the moment my penis was glorified, and I felt kind of proud and confident in myself. I put my hands on my hips, my apparently huge dick being toyed with, and still streaming.

Scott grabbed my waist and turned me towards him. "This thing is huge," He said, I guess unaware that urine was being sprayed all over his chest and a little on his chin.

"Uh I'm still urinating," I blurted out.

"Yeah I know. I have boundary problems sometimes, sorry," he lifted up my member, inspecting the underside. His forehead and hair were getting soaked, and it dripped down his face. He slid his tongue over his upper lip and hummed, "yummy."

I turned around and looked at Lenny, who just smiled and gave me a thumbs up and a firm grab on the ass. I guess I was nervously smiling, because he have me a reassuring look. When I turned back around, I hadn't noticed Scott, who was now opening his mouth, letting all of the pee dripping down his face fall into his mouth. As the last few drops came out, he centered his mouth directly in front of my prick to catch them. I took my cock into my hands and started to turn so I could shake off, but he just kept me where I was and opened his mouth.

"Uh, I need to shake off."

He pointed to his mouth. I slowly took my member between my forefinger and my thumb again and start violently whipping my penis around. It was rubbing all over his face and slapping against his cheeks. He just chuckled and finally closed his lips around the tip.

It was a warm feeling, and as soon as I felt it, I wanted more, and stayed still as he slowly got down all eight inches of my hardening cock. We he got all the way down he gagged a little, and I couldn't help but moan as the vibration slowly went in waves through my hardon.

He slowly started bobbing his head up and down, and Lenny came up from behind and wrapped his arms around me from behind, pinching and twisting my nipples. I let out another cry and set one of my hands on Scott's head, my other on Lenny cheek. Lenny slowly started licking, sucking, and kissing at my neck, and one of his hands disappeared from one of my nipples. I felt it moments later, the middle finger pressing against my asshole.

"Unhh, Lenny. Scott. What if someone catches us.."

Lenny whispered into my ear, "They can fuck you while you have my cock all the way down your throat."

My eyes widened when I heard that. I suddenly became aware of the situation and I push Scott's head away and pulled out of Lenny's grip.

"Whoa wait, I just came to pee."

"And it evolved into something a bit more," Lenny said, and reached over to me.

I pushed his hand away and said, "I'd better go."

I quickly left the bathroom, hearing footsteps quickly behind me, but a slip and a thud afterward. I went back to the bush with the twisted roots and pulled my cargo shorts, black deep V, and beanie that was in my shorts back pocket on. I held my flip flops and went back to the shore, where the original naked man and his taller, less attractive but still pretty hot friend were standing talking.

They must've realized something was wrong when I came without the two nude men that were hungry for man meat, and they both started walking towards me. I turned and started sprinting towards the lights, listening to the quick footsteps behind me, and my pounding heart, and my deep breaths.

After a while I didn't hear them anymore, and I stopped running at the edge of the party, where the people parted for me as if I were to run into them. It just so happened that the space they provided was a full frontal view of five fire dancers spinning their torches.

All of them were men, and were in anklets, chokers, and bracelets all made out of leaves. And besides their loincloths, they seemed to be just as naked as the men I was with only a few moments ago. It must've been pretty apparent to them all that I parted the people, because they all looked at me. I looked at each one of their faces, and paused at the fourth one, next to the one in the middle.

He was beautiful. His chest was like two slabs of muscle right above his amazingly sculpted abs, which ended with a v line that had a set of muscular thighs and calves that would make a runner cry. The arms that held his batons were thick with muscle, and they held up proportional forearms. And his face. His lips were fine under his delicate nose and his light brown eyes were directed right in mine, and his short brown hair was put up into a faux hawk, with red dyed tips. He was smiling at me, showing off pearly white teeth.

I couldn't help but grin back as he twirled both of his double-ended-flaming batons around his body.

When they all finish their performance, they each picked up their own canteen from the ground, took a swig of what I assumed was some sort of fuel, and spit it out in front of them, making a mist. Just as they spit, they put one flaming end of their batons in front of their mouth, giving the illusion they were breathing fire.

Everyone clapped when they were finished, and they all put out their fires. The one boy who I was staring at began his way towards me, and smiled again.

"Quite an entrance," he said. His voice was smooth and clear.

"Thanks, but I think you were really the star of the show there," I joked, grinning.

"Should I have been though?" He looked directly into my eyes, biting his lower lip.

I only grinned back. "I'm Adam."

He broke back into a sexy grin. "I'm Nick."




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