When they brought up the kid, I knew my days were numbered. I'd owned left field for fifteen years to great success, but I'd made the mistake of aging along the way. At thirty-nine, my numbers had begun to slip, which rendered me expendable.

Forget about making the cover of Sport Illustrated three times. Forget the league naming me MVP two years running thanks to me nearly single-handedly winning our team the World Series during that same period of time. And believe me, that's not vanity talking. My coaches, fellow teammates and several influential sport articles written during that period all agreed with that assessment. During that period, and several years afterward, my abilities were untouchable.

Forget about a career in which I have a .298 average, a .352 on base percentage, 382 home runs, 1451 RBI, 1249 runs scored, 2452 base hits and 373 doubles. That I was selected for the All-Star Team seven times, positioned at left field in four of them. That I've won two Gold Gloves during my career as well as winning back-to-back Silver Slugging Awards in just the first two seasons I was with the team. Forget all what I'd contributed to the team. It was the beginning of the end. The kid was younger, faster, stronger...newer.

I was initially blindsided by the sense of loss he brought with him because I believed I could hold off the inevitable. When my production faltered I worked harder, took more batting practice, and honestly thought I had it beat. Then the kid arrived, was dropped into the lineup, and that was that. I was told nothing. These things weren't done with ease or consideration no matter how long you'd been with the team. Nobody sit you down to explain how it was. There's a reason why the word "professional" came before sports. This is business first and foremost, consideration be damned.

He was twenty-two. I tried to go back for my own twenty-two but all I got was a blur of minor league bus rides, nowhere ballparks, and an ache for the big leagues. Unlike the kid, I had to wait to the ripe old age of twenty-four to be called up, but once I arrived on the scene, I had blown them away.

Within a few short years several important sports writers and historians hailed me as the best left fielder since Ted Williams. My induction to Coopertown was long assured. None of that mattered now. He had left field and I had the bench.

His name is Gabe Wise, and I knew it was going to be a name to remember. By sheer coincidence he was born and raised in Wyoming like myself and therefore his upbringing taught him to be polite and respectful towards his elders, deferring to me in a way that only made things worse. I had to stop him calling me sir.

"Just Brad," I told him.

"Yes sir."

Sometimes it was like watching myself out there, and it stirred memories of years when everything was ahead of me and endings didn't exist. When the kid dove for a fly ball my muscles tensed. I felt my body parallel to the ground, airborne those few seconds, glove outstretched. I felt the ball hit the pocket, heard the crowd roar, and this always brought me back to the present. They weren't cheering for me. They were cheering for him.

I couldn't deny his talent however, and now an' then, I actually allowed myself to enjoy it as he leaped high against the wall to rob the opposition of a home run. His powerful arm cut triples to doubles, doubles to singles, singles to outs; his speed seemed effortless, his skills second nature, everything about him inborn. Concentrating on his talent helped me not think about my loss for a while and in looking at him I couldn't help but take note of his other attributes. At six-two and two hundred and ten pounds the kid is an amazingly musculature work of art. Michelangelo couldn't have craved it better from marble. Every aspect of his body was fabulously cut without an ounce of fat.

Superbly muscled with strong define features that was brilliantly well-proportion he was massive but giftedly streamline. Everything about his physique was raw iron molded to perfection. His sturdy shoulders were impressively wide which tapered down to a solid narrow waist. His ripped pecs were fantastically bloated. His arms possessed chiseled bulging biceps with huge forearms. Gabe's flat, hard stomach was shredded in a blanket of steel abs. His powerful legs were large and gave him the ability to run like a cheetah.

Dark haired, blue eyed and classically handsome with a solid square jaw, Gabe Wise was already developing a following among the female fans and who could blame them? With a chiseled body like his, he looked incredible in his extremely skin-tight uniform, and his movie star looks was undeniable. The amazing thing about Gabe's gorgeously athletic body was that it was still developing to even greater muscular perfection.

I have to admit I was envious of his body. Not jealous, just envious. Not to brag, despite my age, I'm pretty healthy in the fitness department myself. At six-three and two hundred and twenty-three pounds, my hard worked body is equally impressive if not more so. My body is terrifically well-chiseled and insanely well-design for a man my age.

Even after all these years I'm still amazing to look at in my own tight uniform and I still have a large fan base of female admirers. With my short shaven chestnut hair, matching brown eyes and ruggedly handsome square jaw looks, during my early and middle years at playing ball I was often called the sexiest man in major league baseball. I even made it inside the covers of People Magazine's annual Sexiest Men Alive issue four times.

Something told me that magazine will be taping on Gabe's shoulder before the year's out.

So I wasn't jealous over his Gabe's looks and athletic body, just envious over the fact he could still use that body of his at achieving greatness with his ball playing, while my days at being able to achieve that same goal, with my own hard body, was no longer possible.

In my off-balance state, I sometimes tried to hate him but found it beyond me to do such a thing because he was so good-natured, because he was so young, because I had once been like that, and because I was starting to lust after him despite my struggles against it.

Normally I enjoy spending time with men of my own age group. I've never been into that Daddy/boy combo. But there was something about this kid that really excited me. Sure he's seventeen years my junior and he certainly had the unmistakable mark of youth attached to him. But beyond that there was something wonderfully rugged and strong inside him that gave him the appearance of someone much older and wiser then he's actual age. He was a kid for sure, but there was no question, he was very much a man both physically as well as emotionally.

In the clubhouse, he happily went along with the pranks every rookie endures. Me, he avoided. I glanced his way in the showers. I did this with every attractive guy on the team. I had, over the years, become an expert at checking guys out without them noticing. I'd scooped countless dicks and tight butts, but this one got to me like no other.

His butt was a round, solid number. It was packed with muscles and I couldn't help but imagine how wonderful it would feel stuffing my cock inside it. I've fucked plenty of hot asses in my lifetime but I've never come across one so superbly chiseled. Hell I've even witness some of our straight teammates look at Gabe's ass in the showers and watch as their soft cocks harden a little just staring at it. But even with that it was the rope of cock he was carrying between his legs that turned more heads than would ever be admitted.

He was immediately nicknamed "jackhammer" by the team. He would have probably been given the nickname "bullrod" if that description wasn't already given to me. We were the most hung guys in the clubhouse, and like myself in years past, the kid put up with the playful "torments" about what he could do with that thing. This brought on a mock blush, that for me, heightened his appeal. He quickly became a popular member among our teammates. He was outwardly friendly, good-hearted, quick for a laugh and damn manly in attitude. He's the type of guy fellow dudes would enjoy sharing a beer with and the type parents would love to see their daughters come home with to marry.

But he was still awkward around me - even a little shy - which totally went against his naturally friendly attitude. Over the years I've developed this reputation as an intense loner who took the profession of our sport very seriously and wasn't up for goofing off and acting silly. Two things the kid clearly enjoyed doing while off the field. I took pride in my reputation and was glad to have it. Thanks to it, I was the most respected member on our team, indeed in the entire league, for my straight-forward professionalism and I wouldn't wish to have it any other way.

But with the kid's uncertainty around me, it brought out the daddy in me, something I had never before experienced, and which I did my level best to hold back. On one hand it felt natural, mentoring the kid and enjoying his presence. On the other it was encouraging the enemy, not to mention, officially showing off my age.

I resisted the attraction for as long as I could, and this was probably the easiest part, because I knew all about containment. Sex was not an option in the ball club and knowledge of outside activities could mean the end of one's career.

I'd had a few relationships - all outside the game - and frequented certain clubs in certain cities, but was careful with all of it. So now I did what I always did, simply enjoyed being around him. It confounded me like nothing has ever had before. This push and pull I was experiencing whenever I thought about the kid and the feelings he was drumming up in me was like nothing I've never experienced.

But then again I'd never been facing the end.

I got to know Gabe when the guys got him drunk one night while celebrating a 9-6 win in Chicago. Hearing a commotion in the hotel hallway I went out to see what was up and found the kid in bad shape. As the others weren't much better, I sent them off to their rooms, and took him into my room. He fell onto the bed and passed out.

Since he stank of booze I stripped him, and will confess, doing it slowly. I got in beside him, hoping he wouldn't freak in the morning, but hey, I'd rescued him and all I had was one king-size bed.

He woke before dawn, stumbled around trying to find the bathroom. "Shit," he cried when he bumped into the dresser. I turned on the light and he froze.

"You were drunk, ready to pass out, and your buddies were in no shape to get you to your room, so I took you in."

When he stared at me, I realized it was because he'd thrown back the covers and exposed my erect cock. His eyes fixed on it, then did a slow climb to my face.

"Yeah, okay, thanks," he said. "I need to dump a load."

He didn't shut the door, so I listened to his stream, the flush, then water at the sink. He emerged with a towel at his face.

"I shouldn't drink," he offered in that calming strong voice of his. "I'm no good at it. Don't even remember where they took me."

He came back to bed, hesitated, then lay down atop the covers. I feasted on the sight of that long prick lolling on his muscled thigh. It took great restraint not to make a move.

"So this is kinda awkward," he said looking up at the ceiling.

"In what way?" I managed, panic rising.

"Well, me in left field when you've sorta owned it for years and gotten famous for it."

Relief washed over me. He meant baseball. At that moment I would have given a lot more then left field for him to stay put.

"Things change," I offered. "I'll accept it."

"So will you stay with the team? There's talk you might retire."

"It's a big decision. I'll probably make it after the season ends."

"Must be tough."

"Yeah, it is." And it was. Baseball was my life; my reason for living. To leave it behind was like leaving half my heart and how can one survive with half a heart?

A long silence came up between us, and I could feel him working his way toward something, or maybe away from it.

"You could have put me in my room," he finally said.

"I thought you needed looking after."

More silence. We were going to take this in stages, and I left it to him because I was coming to realize we might, as I hoped, have more in common than left field.

"You're not married," he said after a time.

"Nope. Never had the desire."

"Why's that?"

"Just is," I replied.

He nodded. I noted his cock had stirred. He ran a hand down his thigh but left the blossoming boner alone.

"So what do you do?" he asked.

"About what?"

He looked at my cock which was growing harder by the minute, "About that."

"Same as most guys. If I find someone to fuck, great, if not, a hand job," I told him.

He smiled wrapping a hand around his prick. "Me too," he said, tugging on his thick cock squeezing it tight. "Back in Wyoming the livestock are always breeding. No matter where you turn there's one fucking another and you get to thinking why can't it be like that with humans? When your dick gets hard you just stick it in somebody close by, never mind all the rules, and just fuck. I'd watch a stallion fuck a filly once and it got me so hard I had to go out behind the barn and jerk off. The animals have it made, fuck any time they want, and they don't give a shit who's watching."

"Yeah but they'll never know the thrill of hitting the winning home run with three men on base," I offered.

Gabe laughed, "Guess not."

"You're right about the freedom, though. Hard dicks equals hard fucking," I said.

It would have been so easy to take him at that point. His dick was up, he was obviously horny, hadn't panicked about being in the room with my thick woody, and sounded like he was trying to talk himself into doing something but I held back. What I did was wrap a hand around my dick and worked it a bit. He watched before saying, "Are we talking horses?"

"We don't have to."

"No rules, then?" he asked.

"None in here," and with that I reached over and took his prick in hand. The flinch was obviously a pleasurable one.

"Oh God, yeah," he said as I worked him. I could feel the warmth and the heat of him as I stroked him firmly. He was wonderfully long and thick. Like myself, he truly was hung as a stallion. We were both carrying around a dick that was ten inches in length.

We were both cut with large mushroom heads and huge well-shaven nuts. Our respectful girth were enormously thick and wide. The only difference between us was that his shaft was smooth as marble and stood out straight like a flagpole while mines was peppered with huge veins with the tip end of my lance curving upward giving it a marvelous hook appearance.

From the happy, grateful men I've had sex with, over the years, that hook was the best thing about my cock outside of it's long length and terrific width. Apparently I was able to hit enjoyment areas inside their holes they didn't think was humanly possible.

Feeling his manhood in my rough hands was incredible. It felt just as wonderful as when he reached over and began stroking my cock with his own large, rough hand.

"Damn if you ain't thick as horse," Gabe groaned as he jerked, twisted my cock in his bare hand. He squeezed it hard as his stroked the full length. "Love the way it hooks up."

"Well your shit ain't no small fry," I replied as I tugged at his steely prick. "You probably could do some serious damage with this shit of yours."

"I was thinking the exact same thing about yours," Gabe grinned. "I mean damn I can barely get my hands around it! And I ain't lyin'...that hook is incredible looking!"

Pre-cum began oozing from his pee slit coating the head. The milky goo looked tasty as hell.

I couldn't help myself. Crawling over until I lying out in between his powerful thighs I bent my face downward and began licking the fat mushroom head of his cock. I eagerly slurped the fluid in my mouth. The taste was salty and delicious. I licked Gabe's entire length soaking it with heavy slobs of spit. His cock was so fantastically thick and iron hard and damn if it didn't juicy. From there I sucked in his nuts and gave them a thorough soaking. They were as big as baseballs. Wanting more I began sucking down on his shaft. I had to open my mouth up wide in order to consume him. But that only excited me more. I love sucking on big cocks and Gabe's proved to be one the biggest I've ever eaten.

"Ahh shit...that's it," Gabe moaned as his strong hands clasped around my head, softly yet firmly, pushing my face further down in his groin. His pelvis was moving upward forcing me to take more as he bent his legs wide resting the soles of his feet on the bed sandwiching my face between his muscled thighs. They were resting on my shoulders locking me in place. I roamed my palms over Gabe's muscled ripped stomach. His abs were contracting sharply with each intake of breath he took as I continued sucking him.

"Damn your mouth is a fuckin' vacuum," Gabe grunted out holding my face in a tighter grip as his thighs held stronger on my shoulders. "Woof my shit down...deeper...ugh yeaah...squeeze those jaws tighter around it! Fuckin' love it!"

It wasn't long before he had me nearly deep-throating him repeatedly. It was obvious he wanted me to swallow him whole but I didn't think I would be able to do it but damn it felt good as he forced me to try. Gabe was wonderfully aggressive at how he was using my gagging throat to roughly satisfy himself. The kid's young but damn if he didn't have the strength of a bull. I felt his long bloated cock making it's journey down my windpipes as I noisily slurped him up. Slobs and slobs of spit oozed outta the corners of my lips soaking my face up as he stabbed his hog deep in my throat.

"Urrgh yeah...eat it up man! Goddamn your mouth feels so fuckin' goood!!"

I ate at him long and hard, happily giving myself totally over him, as the pressure of his hands on top of my head and around my neck, became more insistence. From the sounds he was making it was obvious he was loving what I was doing with his cock. Gabe kept thrusting his pelvis upward, twisting it along the way, until he had me choking on his rod. My face was completely buried in his crotch. I had finally swallowed him up whole and he kept me there for long breathless moments. His grip was hard and intense and I was addicted to it.

I'm a firm believer when performing a blow-job, the one giving it is the servant, while the one receiving it, is the master, and believe me, Gabe was proving to be a brilliant master. The more forcefully he choked his cock down my throat the more passionate he became.

I wrapped my hand tightly around the solid base of his cock, sloppily licking the shaft with my tongue soaking it more heavily with saliva, before woofing it down my throat again. I felt as if I was swallowing an aluminum bat. The shit was that awesome.

"Uh damn...suck it harder," Gabe grunted. "Swallow up my shit!"

Suddenly I felt myself being flipped over on my back. Gabe's heavy cock was still lodged firmly in my throat as he sat himself on top of my chest. Bending over me he began squat thrusting his entire dick in and out of my mouth at ferocity speed. I wrapped my hands around his solid ass cheeks and held on as he repeatedly smashed his heavy nuts against my chin. With each plunge I ate him eagerly, sucking him in deeply, he was so juicy.

The pressure in which Gabe jammed his cock down my throat had me bouncing up and down off the bed. In between every third or fourth squat, Gabe would slam his full crotch in my face lodging his entire length in my throat. He would keep it there and grind it in choking me completely with my face locked between his thighs. Damnit it felt good!

"Can't get enough," he yelled repeatedly, "that mouth is fuckin' awesome!!"

I used the strength of my jaw muscles squeezing his length hard in my mouth. My other hand tugged roughly at his fat nuts while sucking his rod off which was full of cum just waiting to burst forward. Gabe's gasping moans were filling the room as I ate him. The shit was so hard. His dick began expanding and I knew it wasn't long before he would explode in my mouth.

"Wait-wait," I heard Gabe groaning. "Not yet!" With that Gabe pulled his soak-drenched rod away from my mouth and held it at it's base in order to prevent himself from coming as he flipped back over on his back.

"Shit Brad," he said breathlessly as I sat back against the headboard of the bed joining him, "who the fuck taught ya how to give head like that?"

"No one taught me. Just naturally gifted I guess." I didn't bother to hide the tone of pride in my voice when I said it.

Gabe chuckled. "I've been told, those who knows how to suck cock that good, are born sluts," he said raising his eyebrow in a mocking fashion.

"Fuck you." I jabbed his ribcage with my elbow as we laughed.

I could tell he managed to get his body back in control as he rubbed his side laughing.

Any pre-eruption on his part had now past. But I could see the darkness in his eyes and the sheen of sweat covering his handsomely ripped body. He was bone dry before I had swallowed him. I had excited him real good and it was a nice image to look at.

"Did you get to have fun down on the ranch?" I asked as the barriers crumbled.

"I got up to things back home," he said, "but mostly it was when I started in the minor leagues. I got together with this shortstop from Seattle. We clicked right off, not a word about it, you know how that is?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Anyway the heat between us was intense. As soon as we were alone we were all over each other. We couldn't get enough. I've been with women. But that ain't nothing when compared with being with men. Best shit ever."

"Sounds a lot like me when I was your age. Got greedy with it," I told him as I reached over stroking him again. His erection was even tighter then before. It felt like molten steel. "Still am."

"So how did you get started?"

I looked at him and smiled, "Really for a shock?"


"My uncle."

"Holy fuck." He sat up in bed releasing his hard cock from my hand, "You're lying."

"Nope." I rolled on my back stretching my body out on the bed with my hands wrapped around the back of my head. The look of eagerness in his eyes told me I had Gabe's full attention.

"He's my father's younger brother. Every summer I spent a month working on his ranch. It was after my parents had died and me and my sister and brother began living with my mother's sister who had us for the rest of the year."

"By the time I reached my late teens," I continued. "I couldn't help noticing the stares he would give me or perhaps I should say the way he stared at my big crotch licking his lips trying his best to be discreet and doing it unsuccessfully. That got me curious. I mean by then I knew where I floated in terms of my sexuality and my uncle never married which I always thought strange. He was good-looking as hell. Still is in fact. Has a great muscled body; board shoulders, slim waist. A real stud. And he was doing very well for himself and has a great personality. In women's eyes he's a serious catch."

"So he took advantage and seduce ya," Gabe said in a voice naked with excitement.

"More the other way around. Uncle Clay was a strong man with plenty of muscles but on the short size. About five-eight. He was thirty at the time and I was only seventeen. But I towered over him and was already built like a mountain. I had a good twenty pounds of muscles on him at the time."

"Yeah and what happen?" By now Gabe had his hands wrapped around his prick and nuts, squeezing and jerking them hard.

"One night I cornered him in the stables and fucked the living hell out of him."

"You got to be shittin' me. It couldn't have been that easy."

"It was. I toldja he would be looking at me with lust in his eyes."

"Damn that must've been hot...fuckin' you own uncle."

"You know it." I couldn't help smiling as I remembered that night. "He fought against it at first but I was determined and that friction only made it that much hotter for both of us. He's one of those real submissive types. A total bottom. The fact he was my uncle only made it that much more thrilling. He was scared as hell at first but it wasn't long before he was giving it up."

"The way you're describing it, he didn't have much of a choice."

"No I guess not," I grinned. "I hog-tied him across two sawhorse and banged the shit outta his ass throughout that night. I used him like a piece of shit. He loved it."

"It was that good," Gabe asked as he continued whacking himself.

"Fuck yeah! I didn't think it was humanly possible to feel that much excitement. I was on autopilot, my adrenaline was kickin', and I was kickin' it hard inside Uncle Clay. By morning light I had dumped three loads up his ass and two more down his throat. I even urinated in his mouth...but that's only because he begged for. Personally I'm not in for that type of shit but apparently he enjoys it."

"So it was just that one night?"

"Hell no! After that night we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We fucked like a bunch of horny jackrabbits for the rest of that summer. In fact by the end of that summer I called up my aunt and told her I wanted to stay and live with my uncle full time. Aunt Rebecca wasn't happy it first but she felt I was old enough to make up my own mind and gave her blessing. I stayed with Uncle Clay until I went to college. The year I lived there we were passionate lovers."

"Sounds like paradise on earth," Gabe said.

"It was," I agreed with him. "With me around, Uncle Clay was a greedy dog in heat. He had me fucking him all over the ranch seven days a week. He opened up a world of sex I didn't think was possible. The man taught me very well. He still lives on his ranch. He's older of course, but still hot looking, and that hard body of his is still muscled tight for a man of fifty-two. He lives with a partner and that dude loves him dearly. I will always be grateful to Uncle Clay. I love that man with all my heart."

"Damn I wish I had an uncle like that growing up," Gabe said as he reached out stroking my woody in his big hand. "Goddamn your big as hell," he said more to himself then to me. I nodded my head, agreeing with him, as I enjoyed the sensation of his rough palm squeezing and tugging on my hard-on yet again.

"You gonna let me fuck you?" I asked as I wrapped his cock in my hand.

"You let me do you first and you can fuck me 'til the cows come home," he replied.

I hadn't taken a cock up my ass in awhile. Never a priority but not out of the question. I'd always concentrated on getting into the other guy. When Gabe saw my hesitation, he grew concerned, "You won't let me?"

I looked down at the long prick in my hand, thought how it would feel going up my chute and then looked over at mine and realized if I'm asking him to take my super size cock up his ass, I could at least return the favor, at taking his extra large up mines as well.

"Do it," I said and I hopped out of bed to dig in my bag for a tube of lube. Crawling back to him, I took a glob of grease, then handed him the tube. As I greased up my tight hole, he slathered lube on his steel-like dick.

"Take it easy," I said to him, "it's been a long time for me."

"Don't worry," he grinned, "I'm gonna take good care of ya."

I lay on my stomach, knees tuck under me, and felt him get in behind. Hands on my butt cheeks, he pulled them open and paused. I had to wonder if he'd ever seen a hairy butt crack, but soon his cock head was poking around. And then he hit the center. As his knob popped in, I took a deep breath.

"Oh man," Gabe said, "your shit is super tight...feels good."

I tried to echo the sentiment, but he was pushing the whole piece of meat into me and speech became impossible. He was built like a brick house.

"Rick Bauer, he was the shortstop," Gabe said. I couldn't believe he was talking - and about some other guy - while climbing his hard dick into my ass. "First one to call me jackhammer. He's still down in Seattle. He got a great ass. Made for serious fucking. He's always begging for it! He's a good shortstop but he's a more talented slut."

I made no reply but made a mental note to tell the kid later that talking about fucking another guy while fucking someone else is just not done - unless of course he wish to have a fist jammed down his throat.

Sweat had broken out across my forehead, my breathing was labored all because I had a mile of cock up my ass. And then he started to thrust. I let out a groan, but he didn't stop, probably couldn't. No chatter now. He drove in and out for several long minutes. What his youth lacked in finesse, his powerful adrenaline more then made up for it. The kid definitely knew his business. Once the discomforted died down inside me and he began hitting that sweet hidden muscle inside me over and over again, the kid proved to be a fantastic fucker as he started to mount me good and hard.

"Ah fuck," I grunted out in a tight voice, "keep hitting it...yeah like that...ah fuck!!"

"Like it, huh," Gabe asked as his hands gripped tighter about my hips banging into me even harder. The smooth thickness of his cock was stuffing me up, stretching my chute wide, as the full power of his strength had me bouncing all over the bed. "Damn man, your ass is perfect for me," he growled loudly, "I'm gonna tear this shit up!"

He wasn't kidding. The incredible way his used that baseball bat between his legs as he plowed himself furiously into me had stars in my eyes. I had forgotten just how fantastic it felt at letting someone else be in charge while all I had to do was enjoy the ride. The slapping sounds of our skin hitting against one another echoed throughout the room. It wasn't long before he had me yelling out like a slut. The louder he made me scream the more passionate he attack me.

Apparently the thought of who I really was and what he was doing to me seeped up in Gabe's mind as he shouted repeatedly through clenched teeth, "Holy fuck I can't believe this shit...I'm fuckin' Brad Green...I'm fuckin' the holy hell out of him...aahh yeeah!!" Those thoughts only increased his rampage, hitting into me with even greater velocity.

At one point, he had hoisted himself up on his knees carrying me along with him as my sweaty back plastered itself against his equally sweaty torso. I could feel the hard muscles in his body as his arms held me tightly in his embrace as he had me bobbing on and off his cock like a puppet doll. The shit was killing me good and fine.


"Aah-urrh fuck boy," I bellowed. "That's it...cram it in hard...uhh fuck-fuucck!!"

"Yeah Brad Green...yell for my dick!! SCREAM FOR IT!!"

Yeah the kid was loving it. The idea of who I was clearly thrilling him and I must admit it fed happily into my own ego. He was a fan during my glory years. In his youth he must've been cheering me on while watching me on television or up in the stands at a ballpark wishing that he would someday master the art of ball playing as skillfully as I once was able to do. I was his role model; the player he had idealize beyond reason. And now he's ramming his rigid cock up his idol's ass making me his an eager bitch!

I reached my arms up and clasped my hands around the back of his head and brought our lips together. Our tongue action was sensually intense as Gabe kissed me with as much equal passion as he was fucking me. As he continued going after me I couldn't help but think about that filly he mentioned earlier and how that stallion had mounted her. I knew exactly how she must've felt like.

Gabe was all vigor and robust energy. His youthfulness and stamina was his advantage. He was firm throughout; unending and non-stopping. By now his was chewing hungrily on my neck; his hands was stroking my cock and heavy nuts feverishly as he continued having his way with me.

"Goddamn," Gabe hissed as he continued chewing on my neck while clocking his cock firmer up my ass, "your asshole is fuckin tight...feels so good! Ahh yeah that's it Brad! Squeeze that fuckin' hole tighter...c'mon man tighter!! That's it...uhhh!!"

Stars were peppering across my eyes and my weakened body was drowning in delirium as he had me thrashing and sighing all over before flattening me on the bed with his strong body directly on top me. He began popping into me like a sledgehammer. Over and over I felt the full weight and length of his ten inches banging into me with a merciless intensity.

He held onto me with a tight grip. I was spasming like mad and just at the moment when I knew I wouldn't be able to take it anymore, I felt Gabe's rod expanding. He gave me one more thunderous hammer as he began to finally unload.

Long grunts came with each squirt and when he was quieted, he stayed put, still relatively hard as he continued pumping himself in me with the soft rotation of his solid hips. Yes sir, this kid knows how to fuck. "I like it up in there," he whispered in my ear licking it, "but I know it's a butt full so..." He then pulled out.

He rolled onto his back as if we were done. I gave him a few minutes to recover - hell, I was giving myself a few minutes to recover from that fantastic pounding - then told him to go wash.

"Your turn," he said. I simply nodded. He smiled in a goofy way only a kid could before racing to the bathroom in order to clean up a little. When he returned to bed, he simply stood, long prick now at rest but still impressive.

"You gonna fuck me, right?" he said still wearing that goofy grin.

"Hell, yeah!" I said. "I'm gonna take care of you real good. C'mon down here."

Unlike his effort, my fucking was a more slow and thorough performance in which I devoured the whole of him. Years of experience made me an expert on what real fucking can be all about. I licked every inch of his muscular body with my tongue; put three finger up his butt and began fucking his hole while I sucked at his balls. All this lavish attention had him agonizing with wonder as his cock rose once again as hard as ever. He stroked it as I played with him, sucking at his tits until he was begging for me to fuck him hard.

I pushed his legs up around his ears and made him stay that way while I lathered my throbbing cock as well as his asshole. I had my cock aimed and I took a second to look at what he had to offer: a fine smooth pink pucker just waiting to be used. I put my cock head up to it and pushed in.

He took me without any indication of pain, and I wondered just how much he and that damn shortstop had gotten up to. My nickname "bullrod" wasn't an exaggeration. I had his chute spread full out. He held his cock as I fucked him stroking it passionately. I took my time enjoying how his ass muscles squeezed seductively around my swollen cock as I continued pounding it deep inside his welcoming chute.

The kid was proving to be an all-around fuck machine. He was as good at receiving as he was at taking as I set about devouring him with harden skill and finesse. As good as it was being taken by him, that sensation only increased by mounting him. His youth and strength was easily addictive as I gave him long and steady strokes.

"Oooh yeeaah...ahh fuck me...my God...that fuckin' hook!! Yeah hit me there...uhh yeess...hit me there...again-and-again...uhh fuuck that hook...fuck-fuuck...Brad Green is fuckin' me...ah yeeeah keep-keep it coming...that's it-that's it...aah that ho-hook!!"

The bliss in his handsome face and the sounds of pleasure I was eliciting from him as I took him, easily filled my ego with pride. The way this kid was pleading and begging was igniting a barn fire in me. Settling into an easy rhythm, I purposely called to mind the fact of us - two left fielders getting at on. I saw us out there together and wished it could be that way. I was twenty again and we were platooning in the outfield. I refused, at least while I had my dick in him, to address reality. Instead I simply enjoyed the enormous pleasure he was giving me.

When a climax beckoned, I picked up my speed, and was soon banging into him like a machine gun. His muscled limps were wrapped tight around me. I could feel his huge body tensing up with each lunge I gave him. By now I was fucking him super hard. My adrenaline was on autopilot as I crashed and plowed myself ever deeper inside Gabe. The kid's pussy hole was so moist, so fucking tender, I simply couldn't get enough. Gabe's lower back was arched up as his chute squeezed and clamped down harder on my thick pulsating prick. He was drowning helplessly in euphoria as his verbal screams began more haggard, more desperate as he begged and pleaded for more.

"Ah Brad...that's it man. Keep fuckin' me. So big...ahh shiitt...bang it...bang it!!"

Physically speaking, I maybe coming close to the end of my career, but when it came to sex, I was as powerfully aggressive as any twenty year old and I was determined to make sure the kid knew it. I thrust for all I was worth and as I began to shoot, he did the same. His hard cock was press between us coating our shredded abs with thick semen while I unloaded a huge amount of spunk inside him. There was so much it began seeping out from the edges of his hole. I've never exploded so hard in my life. Amazingly I was still hard as a brick and was still hungry for more. For a few glorious seconds, the world and all its complications disappeared.

Afterward, I told him he'd best get to his own room and to be careful about being seen.

"Can we get together again tonight?" he asked. "That was the best ass fucking I've ever experience and I've been fucked a lot. That hook is a lethal weapon. Gotta have more of that shit!"

I knew it wasn't a smart idea, in fact it went against my policy at keeping my sex life separate and hidden from my career. This could open up a door that I won't be able to close and God only knows who could come looking. Rationally I knew this was stupid. But at that moment I wasn't thinking with rational thoughts.

"We're gonna have to be real careful," I said to his eager, handsome face, "but yeah, we can definitely get together again. Maybe we can go somewhere else. Let me think on it."

"Okay," he said as jumped from the bed and quickly began dressing. He was beaming with unfiltered happiness like a kid on Christmas morning.

"Ain'tcha gonna wash up began leaving," I asked as I laid back in the bed.

"Fuck no!" Gabe had final dressing as he leaned over and gave me a hard kiss. "I like the idea of your stench still on me, not to mention all the spunk still rammed up my ass. Holy fuck I still can't get over it! I just had sex with Brad Green!! This shit is awesome!!" And with that he swaggered with confidence outta my hotel room leaving me there laughing.

I didn't play at all that day. Opportunities for a pinch hitter were limited so once again I rode the bench, restless as hell. Time weighed on me, innings ticking by. Concentrating on Gabe was all I had. So I pictured him in left field naked, on his back, legs up, taking my dick out there in the open field with the fans cheering me on like they did in the old days chanting, "Go Green, Go Green."

When he hit a home run with runners on second and third winning us the game, I was so well into my sexual fantasy where he bared his butt and gave me what I wanted with the announcer in my head giving a play by play account of my brilliant fucking skills over the loud system as I exploded inside him with my imagery crowd going berserk cheering me on, that I had missed the actual play.

He came into the dugout all hyped from the homer and after the high fives and hard butt slapping - for some time now I couldn't help but notice how some of my teammates seem to really enjoy slapping the kid's hard muscled butt even when there was no reason for it and how their hands seemed to linger on that ass a bit - I felt as if I was really on the verge of exploding.

All that energy coming from him, combine at not being able to touch him in a sexual way, thanks to our surrounding teammates, I couldn't stand to be near him. I so much wanted to rip his pants off and fuck him right there in the dugout. Instead while everyone else was congratulating him I headed for the clubhouse and jerked off in a bathroom stall.

That night Gabe begged off dinner with the teammates, saying he wanted to call home, and have a quiet night alone. Me, I had no problem with covering. Like I said I'm the independent of the team. I told Gabe where to meet me and then took him to a sleazy motel so we could fuck the night away.

He was animated thanks to us winning the game, talked about it excitedly on the way to our room and didn't stop until I rammed my cock up inside him. I did him rough the first time, partly to shut him up, partly because he begged for it, but mostly to erase the facts of us. I wanted no more then the here and now, screwing in a low rent room, which only added distance to our reality.

I wore myself out with him that night and realized there was some good in this situation. I didn't have to worry about being game ready the next day. I could use all that energy up in bed, then drag myself to the bench for a well-needed rest during the game.

Gabe however had to be game ready at all time. But he had youth in his corner. He'd be up for it with no problem, just as he was up for a night in the sack. I admit it was exciting watching the kid running and jumping around the field with easy confidence and grace in that tight fitting uniform that showed off his fine muscles to perfection fully knowing that the previous night I fucked him so relentlessly that I left him walking happily bowlegged.

Just thinking about it got my loins stirring, and in spite of myself, I couldn't help but form a cocky grin of self-satisfaction on my face as I watched him speed around the ball field.

Of course after winning the game by catching a fly ball, denying the opposite team a needed home run in order to win, the kid was so buffed up there was no question I was going to get my ass banged that night.

I freely admit I was beginning to enjoy having that jackhammer up my butt. That night he did me standing so he could watch himself fucking me in the mirror. The more he stared at our reflection in the mirror the more boisterous and animalistic he got at banging the hell out of me. Out bodies were drenched in sweat and the foul odor coming from us filled the hotel room with thick humidity.

He grabbed hold of the back of my neck with his hand, keeping my head stationary to the mirror, in order to see my sweaty agonizing face, as he continued fucking me like a mad dog. My eyes were bugged out and dilated, my nostrils were flared up and the screaming sounds coming from my gaping mouth filled the room. I was heaving so hard, barely able to catch my breath. My spine was arched to the extreme with my legs spread very wide in order to give Gabe greater assess to my asshole. The sensation at being plowed behind was releasing my inhibition as I sucked my sphincter tighter around Gabe's inflamed cock. With each ferocious onslaught he gave me my tightened, sweaty muscles would visibly vibrate.

I looked at myself in the mirror and all I could see was a desperate, horny piece of shit totally at Gabe's cocky mercy as he repeatedly stabbed his rod harder and firmer up my ass. It added to his excitement and I willingly admit I was turned on myself as I watched his thick cock nail me from behind before finally exploding a mammoth gusher up my chute. The view of us from that mirror was hot as shit. We would make great porn stars.

Never one to keep a scorecard, as our relationship developed over the weeks, I've come to realize how much enjoyment I got at allowing him to take the lead. I've heard about this reversal of pleasure. In your youth all you wanted was to dominate and prove your manhood. But as the years go by that need to always be in charge slows down inside ya. The desire at being the one taken care of becomes more paramount in your thoughts. Let someone else be in command; let someone else do all the work with you reaping the benefits for yourself. If I knew bottoming could be this good I probably would have allowed it more often then I did in my younger years.

But then again maybe I was just looking for the right top.

And with me showing the kid that sex doesn't have to be a slam-bam home run sporting event, that sex when treated with care, imagination and skill, can actually be a lot of fun, our fucking only increased in amazement. Attention to detail is very important I explained or perhaps more accurately showed him. I couldn't help thinking about Uncle Clay. I find myself using the exact words to Gabe that Uncle Clays gave to me when teaching me the fine art of sex. Now I was the teacher with Gabe under my training. Gabe proved to be a brilliant student and his already gifted abilities improved considerably. Although the kid still maintained that unpolished aggressiveness at quickly getting what he wanted when he wanted it. And I gladly admit I enjoyed that he kept that primal nature. God knows I still have it myself.

Our management was fortunately not into bed checks so there was no problem for us not getting to the team hotel until the wee hours. We had used each other so thoroughly and yet in the elevator I still wanted to get my hands on him. I held off though and, being the mature one, offered counsel instead.

"Getaway day," I said. "We can sit together on the plane if you want. It's okay for us to play out the rookie-veteran mentor scene, but be sure to kid around with the others - like you usually do. Just don't make out like I'm your favorite."

"When can we fuck?" he asked eagerly. Damn if this kid doesn't have a one-track mind. Not that I had a problem with it!

"We're going to have to hold off a bit before we head home, but once we're there we can pretty much do as we want. Where you staying?"

"At a hotel right now," he said. "I haven't had the chance to look for an apartment yet."

"You can come over to my place anytime. How about we connect after we land. It will be late, though," I said.

"Who cares," he said as we were reaching our floor. "I won't be able to sleep if I don't get any good fucking."

It was then that I did the unthinkable. I reached over pushing the button stopping the elevator. I moved in and planted one and he responded fully, tongue and all as I pinned him hard against the elevator wall. Feeling that kid's hard muscles wrapped in my arms, pressed against me, as I impaled my tongue deep inside his throat with his own tongue responding in kind was an incredible sensation. He was all vigor and powerfully sexy.

It was a hotly long and hard kiss. I had his lustrous lips all stretch out as large globs of saliva oozed outta the corners of his mouth. I was choking the shit out of him and he was obediently accepting it as his big arms and hands wrapped even tighter around my broad back. I was kissing my tongue so hard in his throat I had his neck twisting and jerking all over. I could feel him desperate for the air I was denying him as I fucked his mouth even harder with my tongue. Gabe's strong legs were spread wide as we grinded our heated clothed groins together. The friction was intense.

Thoughts of Uncle Clay and that first night in which I took him basically against his will began filtering my mind. I was relentless and completely merciless with him back then. It remains one of the hottest nights of sex I've ever experienced. I began to chancel those thoughts from that night upon Gabe. He and Uncle Clay began melting into one and it was irresistible in my mind.

Gabe was the perfect play toy for a older man like myself. I let that thought seep into me as I grabbed hold of his round muscled ass and squeezed it hard. At that moment I simply viewed him as a cum bucket to flush my seed into and that thought made me hot! Hell yeah I loved it when Gabe fucked me in the ass. But there were moments in which I wanted him to be fully aware of his true proper place in my life.

"Damnit your body feel so fuckin' good," I grunted spitting globs of spit in Gabe's mouth as I continued kissing it. "When I get ya back in your room I'm gonna fuck my dick so far up your ass I'm gonna slice it - and you - in half!"

"Whatever you want, Sir," Gabe throated out as he pressed my body closer to him with his firm muscled grip, "I'm all yours, Sir. Do to me whatever the fuck you want!"

Funny. When he first showed up I hated whenever Gabe referred to me as 'Sir' but at this moment in the elevator not only was I loving it, it only increase my views at thinking of him as my personal fuck toy.

I kissed him harder, more aggressively and more savagery as I held him even tighter in my he-man embrace. I could feel Gabe falling completely into submissive mode. Gabe seem to instinctively know that's exactly what I wanted from him at this moment and damn if he wasn't doing it perfectly.

I began eating hungrily at his neck, sucking and chewing large amounts of his flesh in my mouth. Hell at one point I was literally biting into him like a blood hunger vampire. The sounds of Gabe's hapless moaning as I clawed at his throat was amazing. I continued dry-humping our jean-clad crotches together. I was banging insistently and we both were hard as hell. We stood at the spot with me pinning him hard against that wall for a long time with me alternating from chewing on his neck or plunging my long wet tongue down his hot soaking throat. My hands remained attached to his rock-hard ass squeezing those hot globes mightily. They were so hard, so powerfully muscular...so fucking fuck-able!

"Aww Sir," Gabe murmured out in a shallow voice, "are you gonna fuck me right here in the elevator, Sir?"

Fuck - I thought to myself - why the hell not!!

It wasn't long before I had him turned around, his face smashed up against the elevator wall, his jeans torn down just enough to expose his muscled buttocks and I was taking him right there in the confines of the elevator nailing his brick ass hard with my fat ten inch cock.

"Holy fuck Sir," Gabe shouted with a mixture of started surprise and sluttish eagerness as I stabbed my cock, with the amazing hook, straight into him with one thrust slamming my fat nuts hard against the crack opening of his asshole, "your shit feels so fuckin' good!!"

It was meant to be a quick and intense fuck, and I freely admit I did it more for my own gratification then for his, and the moaning sounds of encouragement escaping his lungs as I mounted and pined him harder against the wall, only increased my heated banging. But it turned out to be a lot longer. I was tearing that pussy of his up! He felt so damn fucking good as he completely gave himself - without much of a choice - over to my rampage.

"Fuck-fuck," Gabe kept repeating, "plow my fuckin' ass...yeah that's it man...harder!"

I grabbed a fist of his hair and jerked his head back rewarding him a full blown, sloppy kiss full of tongue and spit and with a scalding touch of selfish violence. My passion for him was all-consuming. I stabbed my hog deep and hard inside his butt. He was so moist, so wonderfully tight, and God the skillful ways Gabe was using the walls of his sphincter to massage and pull my heavy iron dick further inside him, was blowing my mind.

"Ugh...Ugghhh shee-iittt!!! God-damn man...you're fu-fuckin' meee up!!"

Gabe's voice was becoming all haggard and brimming with desperation. I was gleefully overwhelming him while crushing him hard up against the wall pounding into him at a feverish pitch. Gabe was barely breathing and convulsing hard. His strong ripped muscles had become a livewire in my powerful grip. He was sounding and looking exactly like Uncle Clay that first night I had fucked him!

"I'm long dickin' ya bitch," I growled hotly in Gabe's gagging mouth. "Likin' this shit ain'tcha?"

"Ah Gawd, Brad," Gabe whispered alarmingly in my mouth, "keep it up...keep it up!"

So I did. I give him the fucking he needed and that I wanted. I could feel the strength of his strong athletic body weakening in my embrace. All that power inside him was happily giving itself completely over to me as I took it for my own pleasure was irresistible. The sweaty, smacking sounds of my hungry cock smashing heavily in the crevice of Gabe's warm, snug asshole echoed in the elevator.

By now I had ripped opened his shirt roaming my hands over his heaving ripped torso. His heart was pounding hard and his head was bouncing on and off my shoulder. With each fierce plug I gave him, he howled at the top of his lungs.

"Holy Sheeiitt," Gabe yelled out, "you really are trying to slice my ass in half!!"

"Damn fuckin' right," I shouted as I continued banging fiercely. "Your ass was fuckin' meant for this!"

"That hook...fuckin' hell...that fuckin' hook!! Can't get enough...want more-more!!!"

The spontaneous combustion of the attack had both of us spasming. I was gutting the hell out of his ass. I plowed and banged into him with the titanic force of a runaway battering ram. There was no escape for him. He simply had to endure it and it was thrilling on my part. By the time I had erupted deep inside him, I had stripped him completely outta his clothing, as I used his belt to tie his hands around his back, while still remaining fully dress with the exception of the open fly in my jeans.

There was something erotic about fucking him totally nude while remaining more or less fully dressed. In his nakedness he was completely exposed to me while my clothing kept me somewhat hidden from him. I liked that thought. My clothing kept me in charge. I was the dominated one. I was the master and he was the obedient slave to serve me as I saw fit.

With his hands hog-tied I piston-whipped him with aggressive abandonment. With each powerful thrust I gave him Gabe's strong body was literally banging against the elevator wall. The harder he hit that wall the harder I fucked him because I loved seeing it.

"Ah fuck...what the shit? Holy-Holy-FUCK!!" Gabe yelled out in an alarming, blood-curdling scream. "Brutal...fuckin' brutal!! Unngh...love-it...fuckin' love it, Sir!!!"

I didn't know what the fuck was coming over me. The more I stabbed and sliced myself into him the more heatedly boisterous I became. I wasn't so much fucking him as I was pleasurably raping him, and while it was obvious I was clearly overwhelming him, his cries and whimpering was that of a helpless child being punished, Gabe couldn't get enough of it! He was hungry for this brutality!

Some dudes may enjoy banging smaller guys or twinks. But for me there's nothing more arousing then slaughtering a big muscle bound stud. Having all that power at your mercy is thrilling! Gabe was such a man. Sure he was technically young enough to be my son - and I admit - I began loving that difference in our ages - but he was all man and he was taking my pounding like a man!

"C'mon man...ahhhh...keep it coming...KEEP IT COMING!!!"

"Yeah you like this don'tcha fucker," I growled out. "I'll give it to ya...give it ya hard!!"

I simply just couldn't get enough of this kid's hot muscled body. It was filled with power and strength. Feeling that naked hardened flesh of his in my hands while fucking the hell out of him enthralled me. I had fallen down upon my knees with him sitting on my lap as my inflamed cock remained solidly embedded inside him. My full muscled weight had him trapped up against the wall as I ferociously hammered into him.

"Unngh Brad...too much...too fuckin' much...ahhh don't stop-don't fuckin' stop!!"

I was eating and chewing at his flesh neck; his entire naked body was drenched in a heavy blanket of sweat. His bulging muscles were glistening all over. The inside of the elevator was thick with humidity and the raw stench odor of filthy sex. It was palpable. I enfolded my powerful muscular arms around his large pecs and granite abs keeping him stationary as I hammered my cock upward inside him with salacious intensity. Gabe's body shook and vibrated with each pounding like a feather blowing in a violent windstorm. I had him thrashing and throttling on my lap. I couldn't get enough...I simply couldn't!

"Ah God...oh boy," I grunted, "your ass is so good! The shit mines...all mines!!"

He was screaming as his cock exploded in my hands in the same moment when I blasted an avalanche of jism deep in the confines of his fuck hole. And yet I still wanted more.

I kept myself plugged into him and willed myself to remain hard. I jerked Gabe's head back and raped my tongue back into his mouth. I used that kiss to re-energize my engines and soon enough I was fucking him again with full powerful force. This time around it was a quickie but it lasted enough to blast yet another large amount of jism in his tight cum-filled fuck hole.

I humped into him until my cock had gone completely soft, popping itself out of his moist digging red asshole.

By the time I was finish with him, Gabe was a sweaty, delirious pile of muscle waste. His strong limps were weightless and jerking involuntarily. His breathing was listless and he was mumbling incoherently. His heavy eyes were beyond dilated and his wide shit hole was vomiting up the cum I had just implanted inside him. His body was num as he laid there in an exhausted, drowning fetal position. He was the perfect image of a man fucked beyond rational comprehension as he tried almost fruitlessly to gather his bearings. But in the glow of his handsome face shined pure bliss and contentment. At that moment Gabe Wilson never looked more beautiful in my eyes.

Yeah I still had some of that youthful dominance I displayed on Uncle Clay over twenty years ago. Watching Gabe's disheveled body lying on that elevator floor was proof of that.

When I pulled back, my arms still wrapped tightly around his waist, I leaned over and whispered in his ear that he was the best thing that had ever happened to me as I untied his hands before zipping my jeans up. Before he could reply, the doors opened, and with that, conversation ended. We hurried to our rooms, Gabe still naked with his clothes in his hands, nobody the wiser.

I entered my room, undressed, showered and hurried into bed butt naked. I was sleeping soundly for two hours dreaming happily about the fucking I had just given Gabe when I heard rough knocking at my door. Getting up I dragged myself to the door not giving a fuck I was answering it naked with a hard leaking boner between my legs.

Opening the door Gabe was standing there in just his jeans. They were hanging extra low off his powerful hips and his fly was slightly open. In both of his hands he holding onto leather belts. His left hand was holding two belts. His right hand was holding a belt and what seem to be a leather rubber ball with strings attached. What the fuck?

Before I could respond and ask him why he was here he shoved me hard back in my room slamming the door behind him.

With the strength of a thousand lions Gabe slammed me onto the edge of my king size bed. Before I knew it I was flipped over on my stomach with my thighs tucked under me, my ankles tied with a leather belt, my hands hog-tied behind my me with the second belt, and the third one was wrapped tightly around my neck with the tail of it resting alone the middle of my wide muscled back.

The leather ball was stuffed in my mouth, stretching my lips wide, as the strings was tied firmly around my head.

"Tables are turn," Gabe said confidently standing behind me his feet planted on the floor with his lubed coated iron thick ten inches aiming straight for my expose bunghole. "Now I'm the Master and you're gonna be my fuckin' slave!"

Gabe began fucking me like gangbusters. He was enthusiastically sadistic as he rode me like a defiant bronco he was determine to tame. He grabbed hold of the tail end of the belt wrapped tightly around my strong neck and began pulling it forcing my neck to jerk back against my hunched up shoulder blazes arching my back to the extreme.

Harder and harder Gabe pulled on it choking me good and keeping me stationary as he aggressively plowed my asshole with his ferocious jackhammer. He was banging all ape shit in me as his iron nuts continuously slammed hard against my crack opening as he impaled me with velocity. I felt the rough material of his jeans scraping up against my butt cheeks with each hammering. His attack was fantastically brutal.

"Yeah I'm here to tame ya bullstud," Gabe huffed loudly as he jerked roughly on the belt while giving my left ass cheek a powerful slap, "I'm gonna pound ya into obedience!"

Fuck if he wasn't overwhelming the holy shit out of me as I bit heavily onto the leather ball stuffed in my mouth. I was screaming out in large mumbled sounds of agony. Gabe was doing me good. Within moments my entire muscular frame was soaked in an ocean of sweat. Water was running from my forehead burning into my eyes. Instinctively I began fighting against Gabe's attack and as expected that only made Gabe go even more buck wild on me.

"Ah fuck that's it," He shouted in a heavy lust-filled grunt, "fight against me...that's it! Uhh damn...your shithole feels so good when you do it. C'mon now squeeze those pussy lips harder around my rod pony! That's it boy...harder!!"

As did as order and damn if it didn't feel tremendous. As that rough belt squeezed tighter around my neck arching my back to the extreme, with my hands and ankles tied behind roughly me, I was filled with ecstatic arousal. Thoughts of Uncle Clay once again began filtering in my thoughts. Back on the ranch he loved it whenever I tied him up like this and fucked him within an inch of his life. I never understood the fetish arousal he got from it. For my part it was just fun watching my own flesh and blood uncle allowing himself to be tied-up by his nephew and be use as a fuck toy.

Now that I was in this position thanks to Gabe I knew exactly the feelings that must've been coursing through Uncle Clay whenever I had him tied-up.

This shit was beyond simulating. Gabe was fucking the holy shit out me and thanks to the restrains there wasn't a damn thing I could do to stop him. I was completely trapped and instead of feeling humiliated it was exciting as hell, releasing an adrenaline inside me that was attacking my testosterone glands pushing them on high alert. Adding to the thrill was the fact Gabe was so much younger then me. The pecking order had been reverse and I was under his complete control, and fuck yeah, the shit was exciting. I was sure Uncle Clay had the same feelings I'm feeling now when I was seventeen and was plugging into his then thirty year old tied-up ass.

I wanted to scream out and beg Gabe to plummet me even more with his hard lance and to choke my strong neck more heavily. But he was doing a fucking fabulous job without my pleading encouragement.

"Uhh fu-uck old man," Gabe roared out through clench teeth, "damn if you don't look all good tied-up!!"

Over and over Gabe plowed heavily in my hole thrashing and throttling my tied-up body at the edge of my bed. His penetration was intense and full-out. He had me drowning in adrenaline and my drench soaked muscles were stretch and tighten to the utmost extreme. My fat ten inch cock was squeezing in between my thighs and it was bone hard. It was pure agony not being able to touch it. It was expanding and blossoming up and I knew I was on the verge of exploding.

Just then Gabe slammed hard into me and screamed out rapture as a torrid of searing jism erupted into my crack flooding my sphincter with the intense force of bullets shooting out of a semi automatic. At the same moment my cock exploded shooting out rivers of spunk.

I was completely wasted. I was spasming and convulsing; my entire muscular body was totally spent. My eyes were glassy and my breathing was so haggard I felt I was on the verge of a heart attack.

Gabe snapped and tugged the belt around my neck back until he had me resting upright on my tied ankles. He ripped the leather ball from my mouth. Grabbing a chuck of hair he jerked my face back and awarded me a scalding, nasty kiss as he kept humping his fiery hard leaking cock in my stretched out batter asshole.

"That shit felt good didn't it," Gabe asked in a self-satisfying growling voice. "It's the same feelings you give me when you fucked me back in the elevator!"

I couldn't answer. I simply gave myself meekly over to his sloppy hard kisses. But hell yeah he was right!

Gabe gingerly pulled himself outta me, untied my wrists and ankles, laid my weaken body in bed and covered me with a sheet in the way a loving father would tuck in his adoring boy.

"Now you get some sleep old man," he said with a boyish glee, "and I'll see ya in the morning." Kissing my cheek softly, Gabe left my room with a spring in his step.

I slept like a happy baby with a smile on my face for the rest of the night.

So that was the start, that fateful early season road trip, when he arrived to claim what had always been mine. On the plane home he did well, keeping things very vet-rookie-mentor while playing around with his friends as he normally does. I sat in a state of calm peace I would have never imagined possible for a guy who has met his fate. Of course fucking that fate did soften the blow a little and perhaps that's why I attacked him so fiercely in that elevator and perhaps in his own way Gabe returned that favor later that night in my hotel room. We would both trying to prove something to the other.

Our team manager, Skip Hendrickson, a man not yet fifty whose face and muscular body would make you think he was in his late thirties, sat down next to me and began a folksy sorta talk that was well meant and predictable. Skip's a good man and we've been friends for years. I've often wondered how my dick would feel rammed up his hot juicy looking ass. Believe me, despite his good-hearted nature and folksy matter, Skip is one seriously hot looking stud. If I didn't know he was 100% straight and happily married, I would have forgo my policy at mixing business with pleasure, and nailed him years ago.

"I see you and the kid are getting along great. We appreciate that, Brad, you being big enough to accept him the way you have. He's a fine person and a great ball player. Who knows how much he can do for the team. The boys upstairs have a lot riding on him. Your influence is important."

I took this in, while thinking back on fucking the kid, and the irony of the person who was bringing so much into my life, was the one who would eventually replace me on the team, if he hasn't already. And in the eyes of our management he already has.

"Have you given any thought to the future?" Skip asked with a somber tone appropriate to my waning career.

"I'll decide after the season. Right now I just want to help the team any way I can."

"That's good of you Brad," Skip said to me maintaining his somber voice. "and not at all surprising. What you've done for this team is immeasurable. You're one of the best ever and I've been around a long time. It really is fucked up how things are done around here."

"Yup," I answered looking out of the plane window as I reflected on many things running through my mind at once. "Real fucked up."

That night back in our hometown, I took Gabe home to my townhouse, covering our departure together by a last minute, "Need a lift?" We'd barely gotten out of the parking lot when he got out his dick.

"Christ, Gabe, we'll be at my place in no time," I said still amazed at this kid's powerful sex drive.

He didn't say anything, just tugged at his cock. As I pulled up to my house he said, "I had to jerk off in the airplane bathroom - twice. I was hard throughout half the flight, all I kept thinking about was my need to fuck."

"Well tuck it in, and we'll do something about that once we're inside."

Once inside, Gabe threw his bag down and began to undress.

"I need one of your prize blow-jobs," he said as I savored his urgency. "C'mon," he said, holding himself. "Get undress and get on your knees."

He fucked my mouth raw. He had a super tight grip on the back of my head and neck as he relentlessly fed his huge jackhammer down my gaping throat forcing me to repeatedly deep throat him. While doing this, for the first time the fact of us, the greater fact, began to intrude. He was fucking me over alright - in more ways than one.

When he came, which was quick even for him, he let out a deep grunt flushing a boat load of cum down my throat forcing me to swallow all of it as some of it oozed outta the corners of my mouth. He pulled out and gave a long satisfying sigh. Relieved, he settled while I simply stood and turned. My prick had responded to him initially, but that dose of reality had done me in, and I had gone all limp without releasing my own load.

Gabe ignored this, if he was aware of it at all, as he started looking around the place. My townhouse was spacious and comfortable. Originally built in the 1930's it was a firehouse station. It was made of red brick and black steel and had three levels. It was solidly built as things were back then. By the time I came across it, it had been shut down since the late 60's. It was on the verge of being torn down.

But I enjoyed the look of it and the building was located in a beautiful, peaceful section of the city.

I had my realtor look into the place and managed to buy it from the city. Hiring one of the best architectural firms in the state I had them convert the place into a living townhouse. You wouldn't even think it was once a firehouse if it wasn't for the fact I kept the sliding pole that ran the full length of the three floors in place. I had replace the old rotten one with a new one made of steel covered in smooth copper. It went perfectly with the rust, brown and black interior that made up the inside of my home. I had hired a decorator to furnish the place tastefully without exaggeration. It was modern and stylish but highly masculine and welcoming in appearance.

"Can you slide down on that pole or is it just for show?"

I could hear the child-like enthusiasm in Gabe's voice when he asked that question, and despite my present mood, I couldn't help imagining seeing Gabe sliding down that pole buck naked after being well-fucked. That thought briefly had me hard and smiling.

"Yeah it works," I told him while scooping up my clothes, "in fact I've slide down on it myself from time to time. When my sister comes to visit, my little nephews can't get enough of it."

"Your sister Rachel?" Gabe asked while looking up at pole still more interested in that then anything else. He was standing there stalk naked looking as delicious as ever. At the moment he had the aura of pure innocent wrapped in a body of manly sinfulness. I can't lie his buttocks were looking tasty. "You also got a brother, right? What's his name again?"

"Kenneth," I said approaching him as I held my clothes in my arms, joining him as we stared up the long pole which went through my living room, up through my bedroom and up higher still up to the personal gym I had built on the third floor.

"He lives in Denver with his wife and four daughters. He's an attorney, specializing in, well the hell if I know, but he makes serious money in whatever he specialize in. Rachel is a professor of literature at Stanford and her husband come from money. They have two boys and a girl. I guess you can say the Green siblings had done pretty well for ourselves despite growing up without a pot to piss in and losing our folks at such a young age."

"I bet they're looking down with pride on all three of ya." I was touched by the tone of compassion in Gabe's voice. I have often wondered what my parents would think at seeing how far their children have come in their respectful lives and careers and how generally happy we all were with our lives.

I shrugged shoulders. "I hope they're happy." I finally looked at Gabe. He sure was one handsome looking kid. "You're an only child, right?"

"Yup," Gabe turned to me and smile. "After giving birth to me, my mother said I was perfection and there was no need to try for another."

"Happy home, right?"

"As happy as one can expect, I guess," Gabe answered with a turn of his nose. "Didn't always get along with Dad but he can be easily ignored. Died two years ago of a heart attack. In fact had he lived he would only be eight years older then you."

"That's nice to hear," I replied rolling my eyes, "thanks for reminding me of my old age."

"You're welcome," Gabe chuckled at me.

"Was surprise how badly I took it when he past on," he continued speaking. "But I had to stay strong for Mom. Despite their huge differences there was deep love between them, although he was never fully capable at showing it, at least not in front of me. What goes on behind closed bedroom doors is anybody's guess."

"Must've been hard for her."

"It was. It took her awhile to get over it but she has. She's seeing someone now. Real nice guy. A ranch widower. Nice big spread. Does pretty well for himself." He then smirked at me. "And don't worry Brad, he's at least ten years older then you are."

I gave Gabe a hard shove which he took as a good-hearted jab. But in reality I was getting tired of his old man jokes. It reminded me how my career was coming closer to it's end with him eventually taking my place. I knew couldn't - nor shouldn't - blame him for that. Intellectually it wasn't his fault. It could've been anyone and no one could stop the passage of time. But the fact that it was him made it a harder pill to swallow.

I turned from him and grabbed my duffle bag off the floor and headed up the spiral stairs to my bedroom with Gabe following behind me with his things. Before I could get into the room, the kid raced past me, jumped onto the king size bed and lay smiling at me, cock in hand. "You gonna suck my dick again?" he asked through a toothy grin.

"Give me a minute, will ya?"

I unpacked for no reason, put stuff away, threw dirty clothes into the hamper, all the while something was building inside me until I was finally ready.

"All done," Gabe declared as I approached.

"Not quite," I said.

I wanted to do him in the worst way, to fuck him so hard it would permanently wipe away that toothy grin, kill off his aw shucks country boy front, reduce him to a piece of meat. I wanted to spear him, make him choke on my cock as I rammed it up his ass.

"Turn over," I commanded, my dick starting to fill up. "Spread 'em."

He fixed on my eyes for a second before doing what I asked him. Butt thrust up, he pulled open his cheeks. I stared at his pink little hole, thinking about getting into it and staying put, but instead I climbed onto the bed and got my nose down there, and then my mouth. As I licked him he moaned grabbing his cock. When I put my tongue into him, he began to work himself.

"Oh man," he squealed as I feast on him, eating his ass until I knew I'd cum in the sheets if I didn't fuck. So I pulled back, lubed myself and shoved my prick up inside him, and began to ride him full force.

This wasn't like the other times. We'd graduated to something else and I didn't know if it was more or less, if something had been gained or lost. I only knew I wanted a long, hard fuck, one that would leave him raw and spent. As I pounded his ass, he went silent.

Sweat rained down me and onto Gabe as I banged into him. It was searing and brutal with no real enjoyment at least not on my part. He moaned once and I didn't think it was with pleasure. Nothing mattered now but my dick. When the climax began, I slowed, thought about the game, batting averages, schedules, pumping easier until the climax retreated. I kept at him that way for a good long time.

"Please," he finally said.

It wasn't the same now, and I couldn't tell which one of us was feeling the difference. I only heard a kid sounding like he thought I'd never let go. Grinding my cock into him, I let him know I was in charge, and with this, I finally allowed myself to cum. Afterward, as we lay side by side, I didn't want to think about what was happening.

Gabe got up after a bit, went to the bathroom. The water ran for some time and when he returned he had a wet cloth in hand. "You fucked me raw," he said, rubbing his butt. "Got what you needed?"

"Sorry." There was a pause. "Look if I hurta ya..."

"Don't worry about it," Gabe said waving a hand at me. "It's not as if I haven't worked out my frustration on an guy's ass myself from time to time. I'll survive." He studied me, shook his head, "Something else going on or do I even haveta ask?"

For a kid he was pretty bright.

"Come here," I said. He crawled onto the bed and into my arms as I held him tight. I felt whatever it was that had gotten into me retreated for the moment. He nuzzled against me, which led me to kiss him. We spent a few blissful minutes doing nothing more than that.

"We're fine," I assured him when he looked into my eyes. "You're the best thing that ever happened to me."

"Or the worst," he said.

It was a surprisingly perceptive statement, dead on it turned out. He, in his youth, with everything ahead of him, could face facts while I wanted to fuck them away. Being in the winning spot in left field, he had no trouble maintaining a balance between us that left me to deal head on with the gain-loss scenario. A scenario in which he only gains...with me losing something that has been my life's blood for nearly two decades. I guess what they say is true: "Life isn't always fair...and there is always those more lucky then others."

As the season progressed, the team got stuck in second place, knowing a wild card slot was our best bet. A playoff spirit was with us and Gabe became the major key element. He gradually became a hero to the fans, and when a sportswriter dubbed him the kid from left field, everyone seized on it. He was batting, stealing bases and covering the outfield like nobody's business. Through it all he and I kept going strong.

Riding the bench became no easier for me however and there were times resentment surfaced. It was usually over something petty and it always at those moments when Sky would saunter over after the game to give me one of his casually supportive talks.

"The kid's doing it all, ain't he, and the fans love him. You're a big part of that, Brad. I know you and him have gotten close and a kid like that needs a veteran to help him along. You're much admired to not let your own situation get in the way."

I almost laughed because I'd just kicked the shit out of the water cooler when I couldn't find my favorite bat, not that there was any need for it. I just nodded and Skip moved on.

Gabe knew I was fighting a battle, but young as he was, I don't think he knew how to approach it any way but with his dick. So the sex kept on, and I tried to make it take away the pain, even though I knew it was a losing game. The season was getting away, we were into September, and my future was an unknown. I would not have a job in October, and regardless at how much I tried to ignore it, I couldn't help but seeing this as his fault.

When I sometimes begged off about meeting up, he didn't understand. He said he did but it was that little-kid look of disappointment, like he was being punished for something he didn't do, that I couldn't help noticing. I would assure him we were fine and then I'll hold up in my hotel room alone buried in a kind of anguish I'd never known before.

My life had always been the game. There had been no other plan, no consideration in the thought that one day it would be stolen from me. As I lay in my solitude, trying not to blame Gabe, I still wondered what would have happened if he hadn't come onto the scene. Maybe they would have kept me out there a few more years. Guys passed their forties were still playing the game, conditioning could do that, but the phenom had arrived and it was over.

Sometimes the solitude worked against me, become unbearable, and it was then I would call up the kid and have him come over. His dick would be hard when he arrived and there would be a quick and urgent fuck, followed by what I needed - the whole of him. It was on these nights that I allowed myself to play with the inner knowledge that I was falling hard for him and that I wanted him to be apart of my life.

He told me around this time that he had never kissed another man. "It was always just the sex, y'know? Even with that shortstop. We just did it. Nobody's ever done me like you."

I didn't comment. His presence eased my torment, and I kissed him again. He had such an untried quality, never mind his experience, and I couldn't get enough of it.

In time he grew confident enough to talk about our situation. It was a topic I avoided because there was no answer. He was in...I was out, end of story. But he went ahead, reverting to that aw shucks manner that would probably remain with him forever.

"How ya doin' on the bench?" he asked as he lay in my arms one night after giving me a fantastically intense deep-throated blow-job. We were home, having won that afternoon in a 7-6 cliffhanger. "I know it must be tough," he added.

"When I'm out there I'm thinking about you."

"I appreciate that and I'm doing fine on the bench. It's not where I want to be but hey, I've had my time. It's yours now." I told him not only trying to convince him but also myself.

"I want to say I'm sorry but that doesn't sound right," he said. "There's no good way to tell you how I feel, guilty, I guess. But even that doesn't seem right. I don't know what I'm supposed to feel. But I do wish we could play side by side."

"Never happen. The most they're going to let me do is pinch hit now and then. I think the writing is on the wall."

"You'll retire?" he asked.

"Not much else I can do," I said.

He went silent and I was glad because I didn't want to get started on what that would mean. He settled against me and I shut my eyes, forgetting everything but him.

"Are we in love?" he said after awhile.

"I can only speak for myself," I said.

"Okay, what do you say?" he asked.

"I've been feeling that way about you for sometime."

He rose up onto his elbows, looked down at me, grinning. "Well I'm sure as hell in love with you. I've never felt like this before - ever. I mean there's been crushes and stuff but never like this. You're so...much, I guess. You give me everything I could ever want," he said.

I was dumbstruck and speechless. I simply held onto him and we spent some time kissing in a non-sexual way that truly felt like we were sealing the bond.

"Love you," I whispered. "But don't get use to me saying it night and day," I told him with a slight smile and wink.

"And I love you," he smiled back kissing me softly.

I thought it would make things better but it turned out it got worse. Loving each other just deepened the pit inside me. I could barely eat and my stomach began to complain, but I wasn't about to tell the team doctor anything was wrong. I'd drop dead before that. I spent time in all kinds of pain and finally a kind of exhaustion set in. When we blew five games in a row, even with Gabe and all his talent, we dropped out of the wild card race. The season was nearly over.

The day we sank to third, everything changed. The loss was no longer just mine, the whole team was reeling, and I sat in a clubhouse where everyone's days were numbered. Nine games remained, but we had been mathematically eliminated. We would play the final dates, but none of it mattered. Ironically, I would now see some playing time.

Gabe was crushed by all of this. We were in San Diego, and he came to my room that night, breaking one of our rules. "I don't give a fuck who sees," he said when I opened the door. He was near tears and I took him into my arms.

"Goddamn fucking games," he cried angrily.

We sat for some time talking about baseball, and I heard myself playing mentor again, reminding him how many seasons lay ahead, that he had to learn to lose gracefully. All the clich├ęs I'd heard from the coaches my first year, I now trotted out for him and found, much to my surprise, that I liked sharing them. Gradually, he righted himself, allowing promise of the future to soften the immediate disappointment.

"You've got a long career ahead," I assured him. "Maybe twenty years. Look at the start you've gotten. Most guys never manage half that. I know it's a sad time, but you've got to look at the future positives and move on. Talk about next year. Always be upbeat in the clubhouse. Don't let it sink you."

The sex that night was a kind of consolation. Gabe wanted me to get inside him and stay there and I did just that. I ravished him slow and easily as I took him missionary style. His powerful biceps and thighs were wrapped tightly around me as I rotated my hips softly yet firmly drilling my thick ten inches repeatedly inside him seductively hitting up against his inflamed prostate over and over as Gabe cried and moaned tenderly in my mouth while kissing him wholeheartedly. It was intense lovemaking at it's fullest. It was one of the best ever. By morning light I had dumped three separate loads in him and I never felt more alive in my life. He returned the favor by passionately nailing me in the shower.

The next day I found myself in the starting lineup.

Nothing was said, but just before I took the field, Gabe slapped me hard on the butt.

"Beat the hell out of 'em, Green," he said winking his eye encouragingly.

I hit no home runs, made no spectacular plays. I played journeyman left field and hit a single that drove in a run. We won 4-3, and Skip Hendrickson slapped me on the back afterward.

"Hell of a good game, Brad."

I knew it was more solace than anything, but I was grateful. The ovation I received from the crowd was also gratifying. It was more about my entire career and less about the game I just played. They knew it was probably my final time out in the field as a player. I knew it also.

When we were down to a single remaining game, I found myself unable to bear the thought of the post-season because a decision would have to be made. It was a given that my contract wouldn't be renewed. I could try to get picked up by another team, but thirty-nine-year-olds on the way down aren't in much demand and there was no way I'd sign a minor league contract, embarrassing myself like that.

Thanks to a trusted investment broker and the millions I've made over the years thanks to my contract and endorsement deals, my finances were more then assured, so that wasn't a factor to my decision-making. But the Gabe Wise factor was a very different matter. He would continue with the team and the thought of this was more than I could handle. I had been spoiled by what the game had given us and had no idea how to let go.

And then an opportunity presented itself.

On the final day of the season after a 12-3 blowout that in truth meant nothing, Hitting Coach Dan Snyder unexpectedly announced his retirement. Gabe said he thought I'd be perfect for the job.

"I never considered coaching," I told him.

"But you're a natural. You're good at more than just hitting, you can talk to the fellas, get 'em to see the bigger game like you did with me. The guys respects the holy shit outta ya. Go ahead Brad, talk to Skip. Go on," Gabe said.

I hated the idea. I still wanted to be on the field, so I spoke to no one, but Gabe apparently did because Skip called me the next day asking me to see him when I came to the ballpark to clean out my locker.

"What's your plans for the future, Brad?" he asked when I sat across from his desk. "You know they're not going to offer you a new contract."

"Yeah, I kinda figured that out by now. I guess I'll just retire. There would be no point trying to get on another team."

"Have you considered maybe coaching? Dan is leaving and I think you'd be an asset to the team as hitting coach. You're a good presence here at the clubhouse. You've got lots of knowledge and skills and you're extremely respected. Just the person we need."

I shook my head, not in refusal of the job but in the frustration. Skip knew what I meant.

"I know, it's not what you want, but there comes a time for all of us when we have to face facts. I did it fourteen years ago when the Mets didn't want a thirty-six-year-old shortstop anymore. They had better fish to fry. Went into coaching and look where I am now. I'm still in the game, Brad...still in the game. Maybe not the way you want, but it's a good life and you can have a lot of impact on the team, perhaps even more then when you played. Give it some thought."

I didn't go home after that. I went down the street to a sports bar and got drunk. Gabe hadn't been in the clubhouse, had yet to clean out his locker, and it was just as well. He was the last person I wanted to see. It was time to have my cry if that's what this was, to grieve or mourn or whatever damn thing one does when they feel their life is over. Beer and whiskey and God knows what else until I didn't care anymore. I lay sprawled in a booth, with nobody bothering me because they all knew the reason for my drunkenness, which only made me feel worse. And then Gabe was there, pulling me up, helping me to his car.

I woke up in my bed the next morning sick as hell the kid snoring beside me with his body rolled up in ball. Sweet Jesus, the noise coming from that kid could wake up the dead. After heaving my guts out in the bathroom, I crawled back to him. He slid an arm around me.

"Welcome to the post season," he smiled happily.

"Fuck you," I grumped.

He laughed. "You sure tied one on. Skip says he offered you Snyder's job and that you said you'd think about it. That how you do your thinking?"

"I don't want to think. I don't want to do a goddamned thing but sleep. Let me along, Okay?" I said.

He got out of bed and I drifted back to sleep, waking up hours later with my stomach somewhere near calm. My head still ached but it was tolerable. A shower, medication, and I emerged at last.

Gabe was in the den with his body frame slouching on the couch watching cartoons. He was wearing nothing but jeans and they were hanging low and unbuttoned off his muscled hips. His iron legs were spread and the large bulge between them was very noticeable. His thick wavy dark hair was disheveled. His ripped muscles were glistening with sweat and he was breathing somewhat heavily. With each breath he took it highlighted the sharp definition of his incredibly chiseled upper body. His ripped, shredded abs were lethal. It was obvious he must've just finish working out in my gym.

He was unconsciously brimming with sexiness. It was oozing out of him from every pore. He truly is one gorgeously handsome looking stud. Unquestionably masculine he still had the boyish unspoiled look about him that I was certain would never leave him. Like fine wine Gabe Wilson will age more beautifully with time.

And I was right about People Magazine. They had connect him about their annual Sexiest Man Alive issue earlier in the summer and the issue was scheduled to hit the newsstands two weeks from now.

"Damn shame those photographers from People isn't here how." I said.

Gabe looked up at me and flashed me a grin of sparkling brilliance. "Why's that?"

"Cause if they take a photo of ya right now and print it in the magazine, women the world over would be havin' orgasms so hard they probably become impregnated just by your image."

That got a good hearty laugh out of him.

I fell onto the couch beside him catching the Coyote once again chasing after the Road Runner. It somehow seemed appropriate and I began to laugh which got Gabe into a playful mood.

"You over it now, Coach?" he said, tickling me.

"Stop it and don't call me coach."

"Okay. How about retiree? That's got a nice porch swing kinda sound."

"Don't make me laugh," I pleaded as I did just that. "My head is still pounding."

He snuggled up next to me, began to nuzzle. "How about Dr. Wise's miraculous cure all," he whispered.

"And what would that be?" I asked smirking a little without meaning to.

"Well, you have to undress and lay on your stomach and we run this huge jackhammer up your butt. Makes things happen, y'know?"

"I am too hung over to be fucked," I said.

"Well Dr. Wise has no problem at allowing his patient to fuck him," Gabe grinned.

"Ain't in the mood to do any fucking either."

"You expect me to buy that," Gabe countered laughing lightly. "There's no such man willing to turn down a fresh ass to fuck when it's being offered." He began opening my robe to get at my cock, which was, damnit, getting hard. "Looks like your rod knows what I'm talking about."

As he began to work me he attempted to soothe and that was a turning point of sorts. Holding my cock, gently stroking it, he told me how life would be.

"You'll be my coach, officially. You'll coach the others guys, too, but you'll really be teaching me, and I know I still have lots to learn. You won't have to retire and sit on the porch. You'll be with the team. You'll be with me and in the long run that's all what really matters."

"Coach," I said, trying it on for size.

"Coach Green," Gabe added, "Veteran slugger responsible for the amazing rise in team batting averages."

"Yeah, we'll see."

"I can't bear to lose you, Brad," he said, tugging at my now harden cock. "Let's get back to bed. I feel like flip-flopping tonight, with me going first."

"You're gonna go first, huh." I asked raising an eyebrow. "Y'know I figured out a while back why you enjoy going first."

"Yeah," Gabe asked with that devilish gleam in his eye. "Why's that?"

"By the time you finish fucking me I'm so revved up, I end up fucking you twice as long and twice as hard."

"Discovered the method to my madness, huh," Gabe gave me a sly smile as he pulled me off the couch with his hand wrapped tightly around my cock.

As we walked to the bedroom, my hand in his, I asked him if he'd tipped Skip off about me coaching.

"Nope. Didn't have a chance. It was his idea...and he told me along with the rest of the team, and all we agreed immediately. The team really does look up to you, Coach."

As I threw off my robe and settled into bed, Gabe stripped, and as he did so, I was silently beginning to enjoy being called coach, especially the way he says it to me, as he ordered me to stuff two huge pillows under my lower back and buttocks.

"I think Skip's got an idea about us," Gabe said as he stretch out my arms and tied my wrists tightly to the headboard of the bed with leather straps. He took two more long leather straps and wrapped them around the bent of my knees and tied the ends to the headboard pulling and spreading my legs all the way back until my crack hole was perfectly expose for plugging.

No question the kid had come to enjoy tying me up for sex. Funny, but with that one exception in the elevator, I haven't return the favor at tying him up in order to fuck him all strapped up. I guess it was selfishness on my part. I loved the stimulation at being fucked while tied-up and I didn't want to share that sensation.

"Whaddaya mean 'he has an idea about us'," I asked as Gabe wrapped a long leather strap around my neck, holding the end of it tightly in his fist. He tugged on it slightly choking my neck. "Ah damn that pressure on my neck feels good!"

"Like the feel of that, huh," Gabe grinned pulling slightly harder.

"Fuck yeah! The shit feels real good...ahh!" My fingers and toes were curling and my cock was rock hard laying across my contracted abs leaking fluids.

"Can't lie coach. You're very hot right now! Damn I love tying your old muscle ass up."

"Do you now," I sighed closing my eyes and allowing the sensation of that strap choking my throat wash all over me as I tugged at the restrains holding me tightly in place. "Why's that?"

"Cause I love seeing that huge muscle bound body of yours all tied-up with no escape. I know I could fuck ya any way I want and you can't stop me ...not that you would. And that I love the fact you're older then me and I'm in control. It makes me feel all sexy and powerful inside," Gabe tugged harder on the leather strap. "But more importantly I know how much you love it and I'm aim to please!"

He grabbed the strap violently pulling my face up as he leaned over me and gave me a seriously hot kiss that was literally taking my breath away.

"Whose your Master boy," Gabe said pulling away from the kiss staring down at me with a mischievous grin. "Answer me," he repeated as tugged on the strap.

"You-you are Sir," I choked out in a laugh, "that is until I start fuckin' my dick up your ass, Sir!"

"Damn right!" Gabe kissed me again this time more sensual but no less sloppy with his tongue licking over my full lips before plunging his throat down my throat.

"Back to Skip," I said after the kiss. "What did he say to you?"

"It's not so much what he said," Gabe said as he lifted himself off the bed walking into the bathroom in order to grab a tube of lube as he continued talking. "Skip was real soft spoken, like he's kinda going around the edges which I guess he'd has to, but I think he knows we're happy together. So this is his way..."

"You don't know that," I said.

"I suppose not...but I do pick up on things." He was back in the bedroom. He stopped and lean against the doorframe of the bathroom smiling. "Damn if you don't look fuckin' sexy all tied-up!"

Gabe quickly came over and sat the lube on the nightstand and grabbed his cellphone.

"What'cha doin'," I asked.

"What'cha think," he smiled as began taking snapshots of me a different angles. "The first thing I'm going to do tomorrow and buy some video equipment and install them here in the bedroom. I'm going me a porn star outta ya for my own private collection!"

"Is that a fact," I grinned liking the idea very much.

"Damn right."

"But you do know if we do this," I said redirecting our conversation back to baseball, "we are gonna have to keep this a secret. We can't parade around our relationship. It could became a big scandal and it could mess up your career before it even get started."

"Of course I know that," He answered as sat his phone down and began lubing his thick ten inches. He was hard as bricks and his fat mushroom head was seriously leaking with pre-cum. I couldn't wait to get that shit plugged deep inside me. "I've been told recently I have a career that could last twenty years. Have no intention at screwing that up. I'm not a dumb kid, y'know."

As he climbed on top of me, settling his body against mine, I had to agree.

"But are you willing to live in the shadows? It won't be easy," I asked reaching for a kiss.

"Coach as long you have me beside you," Gabe said kissing me deeply, "I'm more then happy to live in the shadows with the best thing that has every happened to me. Besides I don't think we'll be living in the shadows always. Things are changing and eventually someone will have to come out. After all we're not the only two."

"Yeah that's true." I sighed as I felt Gabe's mammoth tool slicing into me. I knew quite a few players from other teams who bats on the same team Gabe and I are hitting on. Had fucked with some of them over the years myself.

"It could be a hard battle to fight if it ever happens," I said as Gabe continued climbing deeper inside me while tugging tightly on the strap wrapped around my thick neck, "you-you think you-you got what-what it would take to fight that battle if - aahh God your fuckin' dick feels good - it ever comes about?"

Gabe smiled down at me with a confident grin as he grind and rotated his powerful hips sawing his dick further in me. "What do you think?"

Smiling up at him, "I-I think you'd do just fine, Wise." I moaned out in a panting voice.

I knew then Gabe would most likely be coming out within a few years and dragging me along with him. And that's exactly what he did just one year later. Their was a lot of press and media. It wasn't easy at first but it wasn't nearly as horrible either and sure enough Skip and the team along with the management supported us completely.

Gabe quickly became a role model, and his skills as a ballplayer, had only increase. The year he came out he had single handedly won our team the World Series and won the title MVP in our league. I stood proudly beside him as his acknowledge lover and companion.

As Doctor Wise began performing his miraculous cure on me with passionate intensity I sighed with pleasure knowing everything was going to be just fine. And to think I thought this kid was representing the end of my life...when in fact my real life had just begun.




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