Saturday night. I was just at home listening to music, playing video games, all that stuff. I was in the band and all honors classes and still in high school. Despite what you might think, I had connections. There was a party going on that night but I didn't go. I never do. But all the men I liked did.

Suddenly I get a phone call at about 11:30 at night. It was this guy Collin, whom I was pretty much in a relationship with. He was on the football team, so he had connections as well. But most importantly, he was hot and sensitive. His face was cut defined and so were his muscles. He was 17 and I was 16. Despite the age difference, we hung out a lot and knew we both had feelings for the other.

I never really considered myself gay. I had had girlfriends in the past but I just wanted to experiment with different lifestyles. That's what high school of for, right? And when this perfect male specimen approached me and told me we should start hanging out, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to examine the whole sex with men thing.

'Hey, man. What's up?' he says calmly on the other end of the phone.

'Eh not much. How's the party?' I asked.

'Boring. I didn't even feel like drinking tonight.' he said.

'Well that's a surprise!' I teased.

He laughed. 'Are you at your house?'

'Yeah. Why? What's up?'

'Just wondering if you wanted to do something. I'm bored as shit right now.'

'Sure. I've still got some energy left.'

His voice got shakier as if he was nervous. 'Um, how about you meet me at the park?' he proposed.

'Sounds like a plan.' I replied.

And with that said, I left. Truthfully, I didn't expect anything special to happen. He did this a lot, calling me up in the middle of the night wanting to 'do something.' I remember the first time he did I got all prepped for him to make a move. I put on a relatively tight, white undershirt and a pair of easily-removable mesh shorts. But alas, all was in vain.

It was good everyone else was in bed. Even though my parents wouldn't have minded me going out for a bit, I couldn't be too careful. My parents trusted me. I always did my homework, was at the top of my class, and never missed a varsity track, basketball, or band practice. So basically they knew I would make it home at a 'reasonable hour' and get to sleep.

I arrived at the park and waited by the swings, where we always met before going on a walk around town. I waited for a couple minutes when I heard heavy, masculine footsteps walking behind me. I turned around and there he was. His eyes looked intense and determined. His biceps and pecs were bulging in his shirt, begging to be free and by examining his shorts, he was pretty happy to see me.

But I thought nothing of it. When he was a reasonable distance away, I said 'Hey bro. Wanna-'

He stopped right in front of me and grabbed my shoulders as tight as he could. He looked me right in the eyes and kissed me. But it wasn't your average 'I love you' kind of kiss. It was more of an 'I want to fuck you all freaking night' kind of kiss. But whatever it was, it took me by surprise, but I got used to it.

After shoving our tongues down each other's throats for a few seconds he pulled away from my face. 'Ever had sex on gym equipment before?' he asked in a seductive whisper.

'No,' I replied. 'Have you?'

'Yes. And it's fucking awesome.'

'But how will we get into the field house? It gets locked every night.'

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a key ring riddles with keys of all different sizes. Without another word, we smiled excitedly and ran towards the field house which was used by the sports teams for storage and lifting. When we arrived at the door he was scrambling to find the right key; all the while I was erotically kissing his neck and rubbing my hands on his chest.

'Got it.' He said opening the door and holding me close to him and kissing me lustfully.

We didn't even have time to look for a bench or anything to have sex on before we both dropped to the floor rolling all over each other. His mouth fit so perfectly against mine and his huge arms surrounding felt like nothing I had ever felt before. His fingers combed and grabbed my medium-length hair pulling it a bit, but it was all in good fun. My hands jumped down to his waist and grabbed his tight red shirt. He took the hint instantly and took it off from the collar. His body was nothing short of glorious. His pecs looked like they were sculpted to mimic that of a Greek god. His washboard abs were as hard as rock, but smooth to the touch. There wasn't a single hair obstructing the beautiful vista that was Collin's chest.

I needed a moment to take it all in. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe that the hottest guy in the school was sitting on top of me without a shirt on. The whole thing was so hot that when he came down again and started making out with me I forgot to take off my own shirt; so he did it for me.

He just stared at my body, like I did to his. 'Wow...' he stammered in amazement. 'Just... Wow!'

I got a feeling the whole thing was unbelievable for him too. 'I have to say the same thing about you.' I replied reaching out to touch his torso, him doing the same.

Right as his head started making its way down to mine, we heard a door open from the locker room. The life and color fell from both our faces. What if we got caught? What if this was my only chance and it got blown in an instant? Would we ever try to have sex again? Collin turned his head behind him to see who it was.

'Oh my god! Coach Wilson!' he said in astonishment. 'W-Why are you here so late?'

Coach Wilson was the most attractive male teacher at our school. He taught history and coached the track team and the football team. All the girls swooned over him and all the guys were jealous of him. He was about 35. He was tall, lean, sexy, beautiful, and had a voice that could put a guy to sleep (in a good way).

He said nothing and walked towards us. I could feel my heart race. What's he going to do? Is he going to leave? Is he going to call the cops or the administration on us? Is he... Is he going to join us?

He leaned his head down right between Collin and my bodies. 'I only stay this late,' he began, unbuttoning his shirt. 'When I'm watching gay porn.' His voice was now an erotic whisper.

Collin and I exchanged awestruck looks. However, those awestruck looks turned to ones of sheer excitement in an instant. Coach Wilson got down on his knees and removed his burgundy shirt, revealing a trim, slightly hairy body. His body was glorious as well, but in a different respect than Collin's. He had the body of a king: not thick as a body builder, but not as thin as a twink; a layer of black chest hair think enough to still be hot; pecs and abs sculpted by years of hard-working athleticism.

'You two go on,' he said unzipping his khaki cargo shorts. 'I'll watch.'

The concept of seeing Coach Wilson half-naked on his knees was so inconceivable that Collin had to grab my jaw to face upwards again to kiss him. It all happened so fast. I wrapped my arms around Collin's bare torso and my hands slowly made their way down to his ass. I grabbed and squeezed it erotically while still ferociously and repeatedly kissing him. I was so absorbed in the ecstasy of it all that Collin had to pull of his pants himself. His hardon was at least seven inches. It was veiny, throbbing, uncut, and hairless. One could argue that it was the perfect penis.

'Yeah. That's nice.' Coach Wilson bellowed stroking his dick right next to us. 'Now let me see yours.'

Right then Collin slowly went down on me. His lips and tongue fondling my every feature: my chin, my neck, my shoulders, my pecs, my nipples, my abs, and eventually my crotch. He bit at my hardon through my shorts and ripped them off me with one swipe. He then put his hot, wet mouth onto my dick without hesitation. With my cock in his mouth, and a naked Coach Wilson right beside me, I thought I was going to cum right then and there. But with the help of continuous deep breaths, the only thing crawling out of my penis was precum, which Collin seemed to be enjoying.

'Alright. My turn.' Coach Wilson said crawling parallel to me.

His thin, kissable lips dove straight into my mouth. He reached down to my dick and started jerking it off. I couldn't help but let out moans of pleasure through his furious kisses.

'Oh god,' Collin let out beating off where Coach Wilson was a minute ago. 'I wanna cum so freaking bad right now.'

'What's stopping you?' Coach Wilson said shifting his focus from me to him.

He started kissing him and licking him and fondling him, doing everything he could to get the semen to shoot out of his penis.

Collin let out several gasps and heavy breaths and the usual 'Oh fuck!' as the semen shot out of his penis and all over Coach Wilson. After kissing Collin a few times, he turned to face me again and just fell right on top of me. His semen-soaked chest rubbed against mine. He sat back up and rubbed cum all over his chest erotically as if he was stripping for me. He grabbed his own cock with one hand and rubbed his pecs and torso with the other. The whole thing was so erotic. I just couldn't delay any longer. I jerked my own penis for not even 10 seconds and I shot my load all over my own chest, and Coach did the same. After we all experienced the greatest sex of our lives, I sat up and took some time to catch my breath.

'Collin?' I said panting heavily.

'Yeah?' he replied still as blown away as I was.

'We didn't even get to the gym equipment.' I said to lighten the mood.

He laughed. 'Well I think I can let this one slide.' he said shifting his glance from me to Coach Wilson.

Coach laughed as well. 'So? What did you guys think? Was I any good?' he asked.

'You were better than good, Coach.' I said.

'Yes,' Collin agreed. 'Fucking amazing.'

'So now what?' I asked. 'Is it time to go home?'

Coach stood up and stretched, which emphasized his arm muscles. Whether that was what he intended or not, it was still sexy. 'The night's only over if you guys want it to be. How about a nice group shower?'

We agreed readily and walked over to the showers slapping each other's asses and rubbing each other's bare backs and chests. The water turned on and slid of our bodies making the cum slowly fall off our chests.

'Coach,' I began. 'We should have sex more often. 'Cause that was fucking awesome.'

'Oh, I agree,' he said. 'Just hit me up whenever you feel like a nice dick during school.' He turned to face both Collin and me at the same time. 'You two have my number, right?'

We both said yes. 'Alright. Awesome. Just send me a text with the time and place and I'll be there.'

'Oh you can count on that.' Collin said.

Coach's wristwatch beeped indicating that it was midnight. 'Well, I'm afraid I have to leave you guys. It's getting kinda late. I mean, I would love to stay more than anything and go at it again with you two, but it's just too late.'

'I completely agree.' I yawned.

'Yeah. Same here.' Collin said rubbing his eyes.

We all left the shower, dried off, and put our clothes back on. Coach walked up to me with his shirt open revealing his mature, sexy chest.

'Remember, whenever you need any relief, just let me know.' He said passionately kissing me multiple times.

He turned towards Collin. 'You too, beautiful.' He told him passionately kissing him multiple times right after.

'Well, see you two on Monday.' He said with a wink walking out the door and his shirt still not buttoned.

Collin and I looked at each other and kissed. 'Next time,' he said. 'We're getting onto that gym equipment. I promise you it's the best sex you'll ever have.'

I chuckled. 'Ok, Collin. I'll take your word for it. And who knows? Maybe we'll run into another hot man on the way again.'



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