Hurricanes are a natural phenomenon that people from Key West, Florida to Cape Cod, Connecticut have, in general, become accustomed to as much as anyone can be accustomed to a hurricane. The South Atlantic States, Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas deal with these annual freaks of nature more than the Mid-Atlantic and North Eastern States. As a consequence, people living in south eastern Virginia would hit the panic button at the slightest hint that a monster storm would even give the coast a glancing blow, much less come inland over the Barrier Islands of North Carolina before sweeping north and then north east back out to see where it eventually dies due to the colder water.

In September 2003, hurricane Isabel followed such a course and ravaged the eastern seaboard. To say that my neighborhood suffered heavy damage what with huge trees toppled over on houses and various vehicles would have been an understatement. The neighborhood, for the most part, looked like a war zone; but, after doing a personal impromptu inspection of my neighbors properties, I considered myself luck to have only lost about seventy-five feet of a ten year old wooden privacy fence, a few shingles from the garage roof and one large tree that had partially toppled onto my neighbors property.

After waiting two weeks for an insurance estimator and then another ten days for the check, I made arrangements through our local home remodeling and lumber outlet for an actual fencing company to come to my property to give an estimate as to the actual cost of the replacement fence.

I didn't quite understand why my measurements weren't sufficient to procure an estimate of the cost; and, after a lengthy explanation by the sales associate that they only furnished the materials and not the labor, I was still not sure I understood. I realized that it would be a lot easier to use their service than trying to make the arrangements myself so, I made the required twenty-five dollar deposit and was told that within three to four days, I would receive a call from one of the fencing companies that they farmed their work out too.

Three days later, I was sitting in the den reading my newspaper wearing only my robe when the telephone rang. When, I answered the ring a soft youngish but firm southern sounding voice asked, 'Is this the Coleman residence?'

'Yes,' I answered cautiously, trying to visualize who was at the other end as I asked, 'Who's calling?'

'Earl Foxwell, I'm calling about the fence repair work that you called your insurance company about.' The voice answered, identifying its owner in a soft sexy southern twang.

'Oh, yes,' I said, lowering the footrest of the recliner as I sat up. 'Forgive me for being a little hesitant but, so many tele-marketers call it gets aggravating.'

'I can understand that, I hate 'em myself.' The he replied, chuckling melodiously as he asked, 'When would be a good time for me to visit and see what you need done?'

'When would be a good time, when would be a good time?' I rolled over in my mind, trying to think rationally but at the same time not get overly excited over a sexy sounding; maybe young man who very well may turn out to be a real dinosaur. I was trying to make up my mind when I heard a timid 'hello' in my ear, and I answered quickly.

'I'm sorry for the delay, Earl, I was trying to think, and since I'm off tomorrow, I was wondering if that would be okay? I know it's Friday and you probably try not to do very much on Friday's what with wanting to spend the weekends with your wife and family.' I answered nervously, hoping it didn't resonate with him but still trying to picture what my mystery fence technician looked like.

After a delay of a few seconds, I was about to repeat myself when he pre-empted my concern by saying, 'I'm not married, Aaron, and since I don't have a wife to worry about, would seven in the morning be all right?'

An inexplicable wave of excitement washed over me when I heard him use my given name, and from the lilting twang in his voice. 'Do you take cream and sugar in your coffee, Earl?' I asked almost dreamily, trying to convey a slightly salacious hint in an attempt to invoke a more erotic response.

'Dark blonde with a little sugar but not much, I like to taste the coffee.' He answered.

'I'll have it waiting and maybe some hot buns to go with it.' I said, enjoying the play with words.

'Sounds good to me, I like hot buns if its no trouble.' He answered softly with what I thought were sexual overtones.'

Before I could think of an appropriate response, the phone went dead, and I was left holding a dead receiver in one hand and a throbbing dick in the other.

Needless to say, I was so horny and excited from anticipation that I didn't sleep very much. My mind was busy conjuring up a multitude of faces in various combinations trying to match one with what I was hoping would be a healthy, vibrant, good looking, well hung stud that would be amiable to a sexual interlude with an equally healthy, vibrant, well hung, stud who was not that bad in the looks department or at least that is what several of my friends told me. I was twenty-seven, brown almost black hair, hazel eyes, five foot ten inches tall, and one hundred sixty pounds endowed with a lean muscled well built but not grossly muscular body. The piece de re'sis'tance, in my modest but very biased opinion, was a thick eight inches of beautifully tapered and circumcised cock surrounded by a thick luxuriantly dark brown forest of silky hair resting on walnut sized orbs.

I watched the sun creep across the deck off of my bedroom, and then flood the room with a blaze of sunlight as it rose above the thick pine trees just beyond where my now missing fence had been. Ignoring the fact that I was butt naked, I bounded out of bed, and raced to the kitchen my half-hard cock leading the way. As I was filling the water reservoir of the coffee pot, I glanced at the clock over the door that lead out onto a screened in deck. It was six-thirty o'clock, and while I was measuring the coffee and putting it into the pot, I prayed Earl would not be an early bird. Flipping the switch on for the coffee to start, I grabbed a tray of cheese Danish from the fridge and tearing off the cellophane wrapper; popped into the microwave and set the timer for two minutes.

'That is probably to damn long and they will be melted globs of cheese, dough and icing when there taken out,' I said out loud as I raced to the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower. While I was testing the water to be sure it was the right temperature, I suddenly realized that I was almost panting from racing around like an excited schoolboy. 'Easy, Aaron boy, he is just another man like any other, and make it with him or not, the sun will still rise tomorrow.' Following my own sage advice, I took several deep breaths to settle down before I took my shower. I heard the warning bell of the microwave sound just as I stepped under the water and a quick glance at my wristwatch told me that I still had almost twenty-five minutes.

Using a new bottle of Dial shampoo, I washed my hair before squeezing a liberal amount of Old Spice High Endurance body wash onto a natural sponge. A lingering shower was one of the simple pleasures that I enjoyed, and usually, I prolonged scrubbing myself, giving particular attention to my groin and crotch. This morning, I rushed a little but did manage to bring some life into my cock for it to be adequately presentable even in the loose shorts that I intended to wear barefooted but with a tight T-shirt. I had shaved before going to bed but, after drying off, I decided to quickly run the razor over my face to nip any stragglers that I might have missed.

The doorbell rang just as I finished combing and brushing my hair. Breathing in deeply and checking my reflection in the mirror, I want through the den, glancing out the window as I did, and since the blinds were halfway down all I could see was a nicely rounded ass clad in denim.

'Damn,' I thought as I unlocked and opened the door. 'I didn't check the coffee and Danish.'

All thoughts of coffee, Danish or any thoughts of anything other than what was standing framed in the glass of the storm door vanished.

His hair was a thick and obviously unruly but not unattractive mop of light brown hair sun bleached a golden bronze shade of blonde, and his eyes were a soft pearl gray that seemed to darken and lighten as he looked at you. After a quick glance, I figured we were probably close to being the same age, and he was almost the same height I was but probably ten or fifteen pounds heavier. He was wearing a work uniform with a short-sleeved gray work shirt that revealed the hard defined muscles of his upper body, and dark blue work pants with a black leather belt buckled over his flat stomach. The short sleeves of the shirt were stretched tight from full rounded biceps and there was a light sun bleached layer of golden silky hair on his forearms. His tight form fitting pants covered well-rounded hips, and a pair of heavy black work boots completed his work ensemble.

As I pushed the door open, he smiled, flashing brilliant evenly spaced teeth and asked a little hesitantly, 'Aaron, Aaron Coleman?'

'Yes... yes, come on in.' I croaked nervously, licking my dry lips and trying to moisten my suddenly dry mouth and throat with what saliva my tongue could gather from the recesses of my mouth. 'You must be Earl.' I said as he passed, the aroma of musk following him.

'That's right, Earl Foxwell.' He said as he extended his hand.

His grip was strong but not overpowering, and there was an aura of confidence in his manner and in the friendly glow of his pearl gray eyes; but, there seemed to be a hint of devilment in their depths.

'I hope you will forgive me for staring when I opened the door. I wasn't...well, I, I didn't,' I was stammering and trying to apologize when, laughing melodically and with a twinkle in his eyes, he interrupted me, saying.

'You were expecting someone unshaven and in a stained work shirt with the sleeves ripped off.' He said, grinning as he continued speaking, 'Probably wearing baggy overalls with dirty scuffed work boots and a dirty ball cap to boot, weren't you?'

'Well,' I said motioning for him to follow. 'You are dressed quite a bit better than some of the servicemen that I've seen, especially those in construction work.'

'I am but, I have always believed in the benefit of first impressions, especially when calling on potential clients.' He replied, grinning impishly, his eyes twinkling as he followed me to the sun porch off of the kitchen.

'That is a good philosophy in business, Earl,' I replied, waiving casually in the direction of the kitchen table and chairs for him to sit while I prepared the coffee and Danish that didn't seem to be as bad as I had thought it would be.

'I don't understand why some of the guys in this business have to go around looking like bums,' He responded as he sat down. 'I've been busy every since Isabel hit but, when I get a referral it doesn't take that much effort to clean up before visiting a potential clients home. I know that is the way that I would want someone to call on me if I needed some type of service.'

'That makes sense to me.' I said, wondering about his reference to 'service' as I placed the tray with the coffee and Danish on the table, letting my eyes drop to the tantalizing bulge in his crotch.

'Lots of guys don't see it that way.' He replied unconsciously or consciously moving his hand over his thigh while he was speaking. 'I was kind of glad to get your referral though, I've been needing a little time off and, I'm sure you know how it goes when you're working one job right after another, time flies by and before you know it, you're dragging ass, and your love life suffers. I decided to take the weekend off after I called you last night.' He said, glancing up at me with an impish glint in his eyes as I poured the coffee

A pang of electric shock centered in my groin from the look of lust in his eyes, and my cock stirred, pressing against the thin cloth of my shorts. A devilish grin played at the corners of his mouth, and he deliberately held my gaze for a moment before sweeping his eyes over me, hesitating at the aching bulge in my crotch. .

The conversation lulled for a moment while I filled our mugs with the pungent brew before sitting at an angle to where, Earl was sitting with his legs slightly akimbo. My mind was filled with lustful thoughts as I watched the way his thick arm muscles rippled as he stirred his coffee, allowing his other hand to seemingly innocently rest on his thigh with his fingers dangling mere millimeters from the family jewels that I desperately wanted to touch and squeeze. I was trying to think of a way to steer the conversation to a subtle but obviously sexual topic when Earl spoke.

'You live by yourself Aaron?' He asked, holding his mug with one hand while he obviously and deliberately moved his hand over the inside of his thigh, his fingers teasingly caressing the thick elongated bulge lying in the crevasse of his leg and hip joint before moving slowly over the hard, rope like muscles of his abdomen.

'Yeah, for now I live alone but, I've thought about advertising for a roomer.' I answered trying to avoid watching the seductive movement of his hand by acting as if I didn't notice by taking the opportunity to innocently but necessarily re-adjust my cock and balls.

'You gotta be careful when you do that.' He said, grinning and looking lecherously into my eyes as I moved my hand from between my legs.

'Careful about what?' I asked, catching my breath at the underlying innuendo in his comment and look, and breathing in deeply.

'Advertise for a roommate, it can bring out some pretty seedy characters, and you can never tell if one of them might want to take advantage of you.' He said softly, his eyes twinkling mischievously as he stood, turning and moving around the end of the table closer to where I was sitting.

The dark blue of his trousers outlined the thick bulge of his hard cock. I could hear his breathing become a little heavier as he saw where my eyes were directed. When I tore my eyes away from the huge bulge in his groin, and looked up, he grinned broadly, the dark gray of his eyes filled with a salacious gleam. I saw the flames of lust and desire burning in their depths; and, I shivered with excitement, my thin T-shirt sticking to my torso from the sweat oozing from every pour of my body. Sweat trickled down over my ribs from my armpits and down the length of my spine soaking the waistband of my shorts. His eyes gleamed knowingly as he looked at me intently, the ghost of a smile playing over his luscious lips, and the electrifying sensation of precum oozing from the urethral canal of my throbbing cock spread over my loins.

Holding my gaze, he placed his mug on the table, placing his hand over his still cloth-covered cock, and squeezing, he started to remove his shirt, teasingly, button by button. I sat transfixed, fires of desire burning in my loins, as he slowly, deliberately flicked each button open with his fingers revealing the broad expanse of his beautifully sculpted chest muscles. A large aureoles the color of mahogany surrounded the dark protruding nipples of each breast, and the steady beat of his heart was visible at the sternum where the breastbones joined with the ribs. An almost invisible growth of golden hair flowed down between the ridges of steel hard abdominal muscles, gathering in a small tuft at his navel before disappearing into the waistband of his trousers. Pulling his shirt out of his pants, he tossed it on a chair and flexing his muscles he twisted at the waist as if loosening up. I watched in fascination as his rippling muscles exuded an animal power.

Shuddering with excitement and desire, I broke his hypnotic gaze and breathing in deeply, pulled my T-shirt over my head tossing it on the chair with his shirt. I could see an appreciative glint in his eyes as gazed at the muscular definition of my torso and arms.

I started to lift my ass to push my shorts down when he thrust his groin toward my face, and taking my hand; placed it over the huge elongated ridge of his cock hidden by dark blue cloth. Softly, almost hypnotically he crooned, 'Caress it Aaron and feel how it throbs.'

His cock felt like a hot steel under my fingers, and feeling a steady pulsing throb and I knew Earl was as excited as I was from the precum stain that was spreading over his cloth covered hip. While I unbuckled his belt he reached under my hands and drew his zipper down while I fumbled nervously with the button holding his waistband shut. The flaps of his trousers fell aside as the button finally loosened revealing a thick silky mass of golden brown hair surrounding the thick base of his cock. Earl pushed downward on his trouser waistband releasing his massive uncircumcised cock from its cloth constraints. I sat riveted in my chair unable to move as I watched Earl's beautifully tapered cock spring free bouncing like a springboard only millimeters from my gaping mouth.

As his trousers fell around his ankles, I pushed my shorts down to my knees while he grabbed the base of his cock moaning softly. My cock was as hard as steel and I could feel the juices churning in my extended testicles, and Earl glanced down at me vigorously stroking my cock. His eyes twinkled as he placed both hands around his cock stroking slowly and whispering as he aimed its tapered length at my lips, 'Don't you want it Aaron?'

'Jesus, yes,' I groaned passionately, almost inaudibly. Saliva flowed filling my mouth in anticipation of sucking his cock or as much of it as I could. Leaning forward, I tentatively extended my tongue to lick the thick stream of precum flowing from its burgeoning length, and when my tongue touched the head of his blood engorged cockhead, he loudly moaned, 'Yeah, Baby, suck it, suck that cock.'

When I opened my mouth fully, he placed both hands on the back my head locking his fingers and shoved his cock into my mouth jamming the head against the entrance to my throat. My gag reflex kicked in and when he heard me gagging, he withdrew a little letting the pre-cum spewing head rest just inside my mouth before slowly penetrating again and again in strong even thrusts, the head barely caressing the back of my mouth. I tasted the bittersweet precum dripping down into my throat as he slowly brought himself to an explosive climax, and the sperm in my contracting balls was building to a volcanic explosion.

The intensity of his thrusts increased, and I felt the hardening of his cock just as it gushed thick streams of sperm. Volley after volley exploded from the pulsing urethral opening filling my mouth. Swallowing Earl's thick cream covered the moans of ecstasy that my exploding cock elicited. Bolts of fire gushed from my lions emptying my shriveling balls as I drank the elixir of life from Earl's slowly wilting cock. Pulling his still impressive organ from my mouth, he pulled my face into his thick bush and leaned over me.

The thick silky hair had the aroma of musk, and I felt his cock pulse softly as the remnants of his sperm dribbled down onto my chest. He held me with my face buried in his groin for several minutes as the afterglow of fulfillment slowly faded.

The only thoughts I had were of the pleasure having sated my desires with a magnificent stud, and I was enjoying his arms hold me close when I heard him say, 'My pants are a mess, Aaron, I should have removed them; but, looking at you, I got so fucking hot all I could think of was sex.'

'I think we both were hornier than we knew,' I said as he released his arms from around my head, and with his cum soaked pants around his ankles shuffled backward and sat in the chair where we had thrown our shirts.

'Probably, oh hell, I know I was horny but, seeing you and then watching you strip sure didn't help make it any easier.' I exclaimed while removing my shorts and standing naked before him.

Looking up at me as he tossed his shoes and pants to the side, his eye lit up, and he issued a low appreciative whistle. 'Man, Aaron, I had a hunch you were nice but, if I'd known just how nice, we wouldn't have wasted time beating around the bush.'

'That was only because I was not sure if you were gay or not.' I replied, seeing his cock swelling as he looked at me.

'You still don't, Aaron; but, if you aren't worried about fixing that fence, you're going to find out.' He said seductively as he pulled me into his arms and pressed his lips to mine.

All thoughts of a fence or anything else evaporated from my mind as our tongues fought a friendly searching duel. While we were kissing he slid his hand between us and arranged our hardening, lengthening cocks up over our abdomens. Precum supplied the lubricant as we ground our groins against each other, and our breathing was becoming more labored as the passion built between us.

Taking his wrist in my hand, I led Earl to the bedroom and crawling in bed, I anticipated he would lie with me and we would do a few minutes of passionate petting. He stood by the bed looking down at me with lust filled eyes, his burgeoning cock swinging like a pendulum, and he said, 'God, Aaron, how could anyone who looks as good as you do, live alone?'

'I never have met the right man,' I answered, breathing in deeply as I continued in a coquettish tone, 'At least not until now.'

The gray of his eyes deepened as he licked his lips and gazed down at me, and there was a feeling that vibrated between us that seemed to fill the room with testerone. Lifting one leg he sat down facing my feet, and without speaking, he ran his fingers lightly over my chest following the treasure trail that led to the silky bush of black/brown hair that surrounded the base of my throbbing eight-inch cock.

'Nice,' he said as he wrapped his fingers around its thick circumcised length. 'Very nice,' he repeated as, suddenly, he lowered his head engulfing my drooling cock with his hot mouth.

'Oh, God, Earl,' I screamed, slapping his back and gripping his flared back muscles as my cock slowly slid down into his throat. 'Jesus Christ,' I panted, arching my back as he manipulated the muscles of his throat drawing the life in my nuts to the boiling point. 'Keep it up and your going to get a belly full.' l gasped breathing in deeply and shivering as waves of ecstasy swept over me.

'Not yet, Aaron, not yet.' He replied as he withdrew from my cock, and kissed the slick blood engorged head. I just wanted to answer your earlier question.' He said as he twisted around and stretched out beside me, his eyes glistening with mirth.

'You did that with a vengeance, Earl but, I wish you had let me know so I could have reciprocated.'

'Do you want to try?' He asked teasing my hard nipples by pinching them and looking at me with an inquisitive almost challenging gaze. 'Not many have ever tried to take all ten inches.' He said softly, almost arrogantly as he lay back on the pillow with his arms under his head.

Sitting up, I drew one leg up under me before lying across his hard flat stomach. He moaned slightly when I touched his drooling cock. To intensify his feeling of desire, I ran my hand down over the huge balls hanging loosely in their sac before slipping my thumb and forefinger around his cock and standing it up like a throbbing javelin.

The blood engorged head slipped out from its protective cover glistening with the oozing precum, and when I stroked it as I was about to take it in my mouth, he growled, 'Stop playing with it and suck it, all of it.'

I almost expected to hear him say 'if you can' but his body jerked violently when I quaffed four inches while gripping the base tightly. Swallowing a couple of times, I pushed downward when I felt my throat open and his cock slowly descended into the hot quivering depths of my throat until I felt my nose pressing against the soft flesh of his scrotum; and, I detected an invigorating, musky male aroma.

I heard a long low sigh and breathing in deeply through my nose, I worked my lips around the base of his cock and using my tongue to increase the feelings of ecstasy that I sensed were surging through his tense muscles.

Earl ran his hands over my back and hips, and still holding his cock deep in my throat, I twisted around and stretched out beside him with my cock inches from his face.

His lips covered the head of my cock, and in the excitement of his cock being in my throat, and the sensation of his tongue licking the precum oozing from the urethral portal, I thrust my hips forward driving my cock between his lips, and down into his throat eliciting a soft grunt when his nose pressed against the soft flesh of my scrotum.

A surreal atmosphere of animal lust surrounded us as we sucked ravenously, our hips driving with piston power, attempting to draw forth the aphrodisiac that we both craved. Each time Earl's cock filled my throat, a wave of pride and ecstasy swept over me. What seemed like hours was only seconds before the hardening of our cocks and the tightening of muscles singled the eruption that would spew the elixir of life and the only reality I felt was giving pleasure to Earl as he gave it to me.

Volumes of thick bittersweet sperm flowed in what seemed to be perpetual spurts until spewing cock slowly started to wilt as the remaining driblets oozed onto waiting tongues as our cocks slipped from between gripping lips. A golden afterglow settled over us and we collapsed beside each other gasping and enjoying the feelings of ecstasy that filled us.

As I turned to lie beside Earl, he slid his arms under me, and pulled us closely together. His lips tasted of sperm as we kissed, and we swallowed the added mixture to what we had already swallowed. When our lips parted, we laid our heads on the pillow still close to each other, and holding hands. I was wondering where it would go from where we had already been but, instead of asking that question, I said almost triumphantly, 'I wasn't that bad was I, Earl, sucking all ten inches I mean?'

Earl turned on his side facing me, and pressing his flaccid cock against mine, he lifted up and supporting his head with his hand, he looked at me smiling with a twinkle in his eyes as he said, 'Eight inches or ten inches, it's only two inches but you can't tell how long a cock is when it's down in your throat. I could see your' was about eight inches but, both of us are about the same thickness.' He said hesitating for a moment before finishing. 'That is what makes it difficult, Aaron. Most of us can suck a long cock but, if it is to thick, your throat will only take so much.'

'I never thought of it that way as long as I've been sucking guys off.' I replied, snuggling closer enjoying the feeling of his cock pressed against mine. 'If they were to thick, I only did what I could but no one ever complained I gotta admit though, you are the biggest I've ever sucked but when you dared me, I was gonna do it just to show you I could.' I said chuckling loudly.

Gathering me closer he pushed the hair off of my forehead before gently kissing it and saying, 'You can practice all you want whenever you want, Aaron, and I wouldn't mind.'

His hands moving over my back and over the cheeks of my ass sent needle like sensations through me, and an overwhelming feeling of wanting to know more about Earl. I hadn't met many young men that had a softness in his eyes and voice he did, and I, I needed to learn more if I could.

'Earl,' I asked nervously, 'Is there anything else you would like to explore and practice with me?'

The gray in his eyes softened, and holding me with his gaze, searching the depths of my glowing hazel eyes, he replied slowly softly, almost whispering. 'Lots of things, Aaron but, let's take it one step at a time. Okay?'

The fence was repaired and the insurance paid for it but I don't think it would have made any difference if it had or not. In the ten years since I met Earl, we have learned the innermost feelings of each other, and we have built a life without fences. Maybe you will be lucky one day to meet a Hot Technician or perhaps a fence repairman....who knows, I didn't?


Lee Mariner

[email protected]


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