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Chapter 2

The weekend after I began my new job in Kentucky, JT, the boys and I were sitting at the Saturday morning breakfast table.  We were all still nude as we had just finished an early morning play session.

As we were drinking coffee there was suddenly the sound of an auto horn blaring from the road out front which set the dogs to baying.  We all walked over to see what the commotion was.

As I looked down at the road I saw Scott and Billy standing down below next to a tiny Fiat.  Scott was reaching into the window and pressing the horn.

I opened the screen door and stepped out onto the porch.

“Scott?  What are you doing here?  How did you find me?” I asked.

“I called your cousin in Nashville and he told me where you were.  I’ve come to take you home.”

I could hear JT and the boys murmuring behind me and I said, “I AM home, Scott.  This is my home now.”

“With a bunch of lowlife hillbillies?” he said and started up the hill toward the porch.

I heard the screen door open and JT and the boys stepped out on the porch still nude.

“I’ll allow we’re hillbillies,” JT said, “but I’d be careful about callin’ folks you don’t know lowlifes.”

Willy and Tate stepped in front of me.  I could see Scott appraising their nude bodies and dangling cocks, especially JT’s mule dick.

“You don’t belong down here.” he said.  “You’re coming back with me right now.”

He was now standing at the bottom of the porch steps.

“I believe the fella said he doesn’t feel like going.” Willy said.

“I wasn’t talking to you, peg-leg.” Scott replied.

Willy looked at me, then at Tate and his daddy.  He slowly walked down the steps so that he stood in front of Scott.  Using one hand, he pushed Scott in the center of the chest.  Scott fell backwards and rolled to the bottom of the hill, head over heels.  I heard JT go back indoors and then return and when I looked over at him he was holding a double barreled shotgun.

“I may be a peg-leg like you say,” Willy said, “but I can still kick your ass and shove my peg-leg up your butt to the knee.”

Billy by this time had gotten back into the car and started it.

Scott picked himself up from the ground and shouted, “You’re all nothing but a bunch of white trash hillbillies.  You all deserve each other.”

“You may be right.” I said.  “If these are white trash hillbillies then I’m right where I belong and I hope I deserve them.”

“I hope you need a colostomy after they get done wearing out your ass hole.”  He shouted back.

JT raised the shotgun and aimed it down the hill.

“I suggest you fellas get in your little toy car and head back up north before you wind up picking buckshot out of each other’s flabby behinds for the next week.” he said.

Scott ducked and ran to the car and jumped in and Billy floored the gas.  The last I saw of Scott, he was leaning out of the open window and giving us the finger.

Willy climbed back up the steps and we stood looking after them.

“Well, that was an exciting way to start the day.” Tate said.

I looked at JT and said, “Will you still love me when you all give me a colostomy?”

“Well, sure.” JT replied.  “That’ll be a brand new hole to fuck.”

Willy, Tate and I simultaneously said, “Ewwwwwwwwww!!!!” while JT grinned.

*          *          *          *          *          *

The following week I got off at noon on Wednesday because I had worked overtime the last two days.

When I got home, JT was busy with a project and Willy and Tate had taken the truck and gone into town.  With nothing else to do, I decided to take a trip to the swimming hole back in the woods that the boys had led me to.

It was unseasonably hot and the trees were in full leaf so the woods were 10 degrees cooler.

When I got to the pond, I stripped down and jumped in.  The water came from a small stream and it was clear and fresh.  I splashed around to my heart’s content and after a while I just floated on my back, eyes closed, listening to the sound of the forest.

I probably dozed off because I suddenly came awake, senses alert.

There were two young men standing on the edge of the pond watching me.

“We didn’t mean to scare you.” one of them said.  “We just came down to cool off, too.”

One of them, the taller, was around my age.  He had dark curly hair and a couple of day’s growth of scruffy beard.  The other was younger, probably closer to Tate’s age.  He had dark hair also but his was cut short, close to his head and he sported a thick brush mustache.

Both of them were shirtless and wearing old baggy jeans that sagged down on their waists almost to the pubic hair line.  They were built alike, thick shoulders and biceps, no fat on their torsos that could be seen.  There were even the faint lines of a six pack on the older one’s belly.  They had identical chest hair, too, a thick v-shaped patch that started high and trailed down between their hard pectoral muscles.


I knew that I’d been staring and I said, “Sorry, you woke me up.  I didn’t think anybody else ever came back here.”

“We don’t as a rule.” the older one said.  “We saw Tate and Willy go off down the road a while ago, so we decided to take a chance.”

I floated over to where they stood and I was aware that they were both checking out my body as avidly as I had stared at theirs.

“You don’t like Willy and Tate?” I asked.

“It ain’t that.” the younger one said.  “We’re the Browns.”

I must have looked as mystified as I felt.

“Our family and their family don’t get along.” the older said.  “Something happened between their grand daddy and our grand daddy and we been kind of enemies ever since.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“I never have heard tell.” he replied.  “Are you the city fella who’s been staying with them?”

“I am.” I said.  “My name is Ben.”

“I’m Cleo.” the older boy replied.  “This is my brother Harp.”

“Pleased to make your acquaintance.” I said.  “Are you coming in?”

“Would that be alright?  It sure is hot.” Harp said.

“As long as you don’t mind me skinny dipping.” I said.

“That’s how we swim, too.” Cleo replied.  

He and his brother both unbuttoned their waist band and let their jeans drop.

Cleo had the bigger dick, a thick meaty tube that hung down over a pair of low hanging balls.  He was uncircumcised and the loose foreskin hung at least an inch below his cock head’s bulge.

Harp, though smaller, was still well hung.  His cock was fat, thick meat from base to tip.  He was circumcised and his cock head was even fatter than his shaft, so big and round that it reminded me of a peach.


Both boys had tightly trimmed pubic patches.

They both waded in and soon the 3 of us were bobbing together in the middle of the pool.

“How do you know Willy and Tate?” Cleo asked me.

“I didn’t before a couple of weeks ago.  I got lost and needed a place to stay and they all kind of took me in.” I replied.  “Have you always lived near them?”

“We’ve all lived right here our whole lives.  We all went to school together, though we never hung out.  Willy was in the same grade as me so I used to see him every day.  We used to have gym together and he was always the best at every thing.” Willy said

“I bet you used to like it when it was shower time.” Harp told him.

“Shut up before I drown your ass.” Cleo replied.

“Tate was a year ahead of me.” Harp said.  “He was the best looking boy at the school.  Those little girls used to follow him around, just hoping he’d notice them.”

“Wasn’t just the little girls.” Cleo said and Harp splashed water at him.

“Funny that neither one of those boys have got married yet.” Harp said.

“Are you two married?” I asked.

“Uh, no.” Cleo replied.  “Neither one of us is the marrying sort.”

“Maybe they’re not, either.” I told him.

There was a big slab of flat rock on one side of the pond that Harp swam over to.

“I need to dry myself off.” he said and I watched as he climbed out of the pond.  He had a magnificent ass that looked like a piece of Greek sculpture; the melon shaped buns full and rounded.  I felt my cock starting to expand and I looked over at Cleo who was watching me watch Harp.

“Your brother is in really good shape.” I said, embarrassed.  “I think I’ll dry off, too.”

Cleo followed me over to the rock and both brothers watched me climb out, my half hard cock swinging free.  I lay down and Cleo climbed up and lay on his belly between me and Harp.

“How many bedrooms they got over at Willy’s?” he asked after he’d gotten comfortable.

“Well, JT has his room down of the first floor and Willy and Tate sleep in the big loft room upstairs.” I said.

“And where do you sleep?” he asked.

“I sleep up in the big room with the boys.” I replied.

Cleo squirmed, his hairy buns moving back and forth.

“I bet your dick is getting hard thinking about that.” Harp told Cleo.  

He grabbed his brother and the two wrestled, Harp trying to turn Cleo over onto his back.  When he finally succeeded, Cleo indeed had a full erection, 8 inches of hard thick meat.  Harp was sporting some wood of his own from the tussle and my cock had grown fully hard too from watching.

“Something tells me you two might be the kind of boys who like other boys.” I said.

“Yep.” Harp replied.  “Cleo says it ain’t right but I don’t see nothing wrong with it.”

“I’m that way, too.” I said.

“Our daddy tried to beat it out of us but it never did no good.” Cleo said.  “He prayed over us and whaled on us but nothing ever took it away.”

“Why should it?” I asked.  “Its natural and its just the way you are.”

“Yeah, I’ve come to think that, too.” Cleo said.  “This is just the way god made me.”

“Is that why you were asking all of those questions about Willy and Tate?” I asked.

“Cleo has been sweet on Willy his whole life, just about.” Harp said.

“Well, you been sweet on Tate.” Cleo replied.  He had one hand around his big hard dick.

“It’s true.” Harp said.  “I don’t know how many times I’ve pulled my pud thinking about him.”  He was stroking his own hard cock now.

“Did you ever tell them about it?” I asked.

“Are you crazy?  They’d of beat our asses and then told everybody in school that we were queer.” Cleo said.

“Maybe you ought to tell them now.” I said.  

I had started stroking my own hard cock and Cleo and Harp lost their shyness and started openly beating off while watching me.  Cleo’s cock was long and vein covered, a shade darker than the rest of his skin.  His loose long foreskin slid back and forth, covering and then exposing the plum colored head.  Crystal precum coated his cock head and dripped from the distended piss hole.  His big balls bounced up and down as he pumped.


Harp’s dick was fat enough that his hand could barely close around it.  The circumcised head looked like a peach, a deep groove dividing the under side up to his piss slit.  He was gripping his cock so hard that the head was almost purple and his balls were up tight against his body.


“I bet you’d be surprised at the reaction.” I said.  “Especially when they saw how hot you both are.”

“You really think I might have a chance at getting some of Willy’s dick?” Cleo asked, gasping.

By now, we were all three laying back and pumping at our hard meat while the others watched.  I climbed between the brothers and then reached over and felt Cleo’s heavy balls in their loose sack, massaging the big orbs.

“Oh, fuck, that makes me shoot.” he said just as the first big splash of cum squirted out of his piss slit and landed in his chest hair.  Two or three big spurt followed, coated his chest and belly.

“How about you?” I asked and bounced Harp’s big nut sack in my other hand.

“Damn, damn, I’m going to shoot my load.” Harp cried.  His hot sticky juice flooded out in a white stream, soaking his torso and running down his sides.

I went back to jerking my own dick, pulling down on my balls with one hand while stroking my cock with the other.  That always makes me cum and in just a few strokes I felt the juice blast out of my hole and land on my belly.

We all lay back to catch our breath and after a minute or two, Cleo turned on his side and propped his head on one hand.

“Were you really speaking true when you said that maybe Willy would be interested in hooking up with me?” he asked.

“I think both of those boys would be real interested in both of you.” I said.  “Remember, I share a room with them.  We don’t have many secrets.”

“I’d love to share a room with Tate.” Harp said.  “Even better, a bed.”

“I’ve got an idea.” I said.  “Today is Wednesday.  Why don’t the two of you come over for supper on Friday evening?  I’ll make spaghetti and meatballs and I’ll get JT to make biscuits.”

“They’d probably shoot us.” Cleo said.  “They don’t want us coming over there.”

“You just leave that to me.” I said.  “I’m expecting the both of you to show up around six or six-thirty.  And you’d better be there.”

“I’ll come over,” Harp said, “and I’ll drag lunkhead with me if I have to.  It’s time this feud shit was dead and buried.”

I looked at both boys, their muscular bodies stretched out on the rock and their spent dicks, still half swollen, lolling between their legs.  The smell of sperm was heavy in the air.

“If they could see the two of you like this, the feud would be over in a second.” I said.

*          *          *          *          *          *

Friday, I had some extra time to make up since I’d worked overtime again so I left work at around 2PM and went to the market and bought my supplies.

When I got home, Willy and Tate were sitting on the porch steps and JT was standing in the doorway.

“What’s all that stuff?” Tate asked.

“I’m cooking supper tonight.” I replied.  “I invited a couple of guests over.”

“Who’d you invite, somebody from work?” JT said.

“It’s a surprise.” I replied.  “You three just get yourselves spiffed up and be ready about 6 o’clock.”

“If it’s that crazy ex-boyfriend of yours I’m going to stomp his ass.” Willy said.

“If it was my crazy ex-boyfriend I’m the one whose ass should get stomped.  This is a couple of new friends I met so I guess I’m safe.”

“You might be but your ass ain’t.” JT said.

*          *          *          *          *          *

By the time 6 o’clock rolled round, I was a nervous wreck.  There was no guarantee that JT, Willy and Tate wouldn’t go postal and beat my guests to death and me too, into the bargain.

“What are you so nervous about?” JT stepped up beside me and asked as I stood at the sink.  I heard the dogs barking and then footsteps on the porch steps.

“You’re about to find out.” I replied.

I hurried over to the screen door and held it open.  Cleo and Harp walked in and stood looking at the floor.

I turned to where JT, Willy and Tate stood, looking shocked.

“Before you say anything, hear me out.” I began.

“You don’t understand.” JT said.

“Yeah, I do understand.” I replied.  “You all and the Brown boys think you’ve got some kind of Walmart Hatfields and McCoys feud going on over something somebody’s grand daddy did to somebody else’s grand daddy and its just stupid.  You live a mile away from each other over the ridge and you all should be friends”

“That’s the way it’s always been.” Willy said.

“Yeah, and I bet you don’t even know why.  Do you know what the feud was about?” I asked him.

“No.” he said, looking down.

“Tate, do you know what happened?”

“No, nobody ever said.” he replied.

“Do either of you boys know what it was all about?” I asked, turning to the Browns.

“They didn’t talk about it, they just told us what to do.” Cleo said.

“I think it was something about a cow.” JT said.

“And does any one of you own a cow?” I asked.

“No.” JT said, half smiling and looking at the floor.

“Okay, then.  The feud is over.  I made dinner and you all are, by god, going to eat it so get your asses in those chairs.”

“Yes, sir!” JT said, mock saluting.  “Bossy little thing, ain’t he?” he said to Cleo.

That seemed to loosen things up.  JT motioned for the Brown boys to come in and I placed them on opposite sides of the table, Cleo next to Willy and Harp next to Tate.  JT sat at one end and after I served them all, I sat at the other.

“There’s plenty, so dig in.“ I said.  

We were all sort of shy, the boys barely looking up from their plates and no one talking.

Finally I said, “JT made the biscuits.  I wish I could get them to turn out like this.”

“I think these are about the best things I ever ate.” Harp said.  “What’s your secret?”

“Now, if I told you that, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.” JT said.

“I was sorry when I heard that you got injured overseas.” Cleo said to Willy.

“Who needs two legs anyway?” Willy replied.

“You were always the best looking boy in school.” Cleo said.  “I remember how you always were tops in every sport in gym class.  I was so jealous of you.  I was afraid that they might have messed you up but you look just as good now as you did then.  Maybe even better.”

“A good looking man like you don’t never need to be jealous.” Willy replied.

JT cut his eyes to me with a questioning look and I just raised my eyebrows and looked innocent.

“Remember how all those little girls used to follow you around at school?” Harp asked Tate.  “I think they were all in love with you.  You could have broke every one of their hearts.”

“I never had much use for girls.” Tate said.

“Me, neither.” Harp replied.  “I guess we’re a lot alike that way.”

JT looked at me again, that sly shit eating grin on his face.

Everyone continued to eat and I noticed that all four boys would occasionally steal a shy glance at each other.  Finally, we all sat back, stuffed to the gills.

“So how do the two of you make a living?” I asked Cleo and Harp.

There was a heavy silence around the table and no one looked at me.

“You could say that they’re still farmers.” JT said.

“You know about that?” Cleo asked.

“There ain’t nothing that goes on in these hills that I don’t know about.” JT replied.

“So what do you grow?” I asked.

Cleo and Harp looked embarrassed and then Harp said, “We farm pot.”

“And you make enough to live on?” I asked.  “It’s probably going to be legal soon, what will you do then?”

“We make enough.  We just do the farming part.” Cleo said.  “It’s the biggest cash crop in Kentucky nowadays.”

“I’ve read that.” I replied.

I got up and began to gather the dirty dishes and Cleo asked, “Can I use your necessary, JT.  I have to piss like a Clydesdale.”

JT replied, “Since we have to tote in water, we keep the bathroom for more serious business.  Most times, we just take a leak off of the back porch.  Willy, you show him the way.”

Willy and Cleo got up and Willy led the way to the back of the house.  They were gone for a while, at least 5 minutes, and when they came back they were both grinning and I noticed that they both had a half hard on snaking down their trouser leg.

“Damn, I should have come along with you.” Harp said.

“I’ll show you where to go.” Tate said.  “Just follow me.”

JT sat on the rocker in the corner and smiled a private smile.

“I’m sorry; I forgot to make a dessert.” I told them.

“Shoot, and I forgot that I brought a gift along.” Cleo said.  He got up and walked to the screen door, bent down and retrieved a package.  When he opened the bag it contained a bottle of bourbon.

“I wasn’t sure if you all were teetotal, so I left it outside so I could find out first.” Cleo said.

“I think a nice glass or two would finish dinner off real good.” JT said.

Harp and Tate came back into the kitchen then.  I noticed that they were both blushing and trying not to look at each other.

“I’m sorry we don’t have any ice.” I said.

“All we need is a little slosh of branch water.  Ice just turns to water anyway.” JT said.

He went to the sink and got out glasses and fixed everyone a toddy.  The boys sat at the table sipping and JT sat in the corner rocker.  I started to do the dishes and monitored the conversation.

“You sure get around spry on that leg.” Harp said to Willy.  “You probably never met our Uncle Pete.  He got his leg shot off in Viet-Nam and he never did take to his artificial one.  He was a mean old bastard.  We used to go to stay with him in the summer and he wouldn’t wear his leg no matter what.  Half the time he wore shorts and just let it hang out.  If we’d go somewhere and a man would stare, he’d say, “If you were fighting over where I was, maybe you could have brought my leg back with you.”  If he saw a woman stare, he’d say, “Oh, sorry lady, I was born with just one leg.”  Then he’d look down at his stump poking out of his shorts and say, “Damn, I didn’t know my dick was hanging out like that.”

We all laughed, imagining the scene.

“Uncle Pete used to say, “I’m glad my leg got shot off.  All that meat I lost just kind of transferred over to my dick.” and I can tell you, cause it was my job to help him in and out of the tub, he was carrying around one giant sized tally whacker.”

“Maybe I’ll get lucky and that’ll happen to me.” Willy said.

“Looks like it might already started.” Cleo said, looking at the heavy meat straining against the crotch of Willy’s sweat pants.

“I think everybody needs a refill.” JT said.  

He freshened everyone’s drink and sat back down in the corner.  I had finished the dishes and I pulled a chair over beside him.  We sat watching the boys talk.  Cleo was leaning in, inches from Willy’s face while they talked and I noticed that one of his hands was resting on Willy’s thigh.  Harp and Tate had swiveled around and sat face to face, one of Tate’s legs between Harp’s and his knee resting against Harp’s swollen crotch.

“How did you know?” JT asked me in a low voice.

“I didn’t till the other day.  I met them back in the woods and got to talking and one thing led to another.  I finally asked them if they were gay and told them that I am and it all came out.  Apparently, they’ve been sweet on your boys since they were children.”

“I guess I don’t know everything that goes on up here.” JT replied.

JT sat and watched the four boys while he rocked.  Each pair was so absorbed in each other that we could have been invisible.  They talked and laughed like they had years to catch up on and I guess they did.

Finally, Cleo looked up and said, “It’s gotten real late.  We should probably go so that you all can get some sleep.”

He stood up, swayed and involuntarily sat back down, giggling.


“I’m not used to drinking.” he said.

“We can’t have you boys traipsing up over the ridge in the pitch black when you’re both half lit.” JT said.  “You all can spend the night and leave after sunrise.”

“We don’t have any extra beds, though.” I said, smiling at JT.

“That’s okay; I can bunk in with Willy.” Cleo said.

“And me and Tate are both skinny so we can share.” Harp said.

“Well, we’ve got kind of special sleeping arrangements.  Maybe you’d better check it out before you decide.” JT told them.

He got up and blew out all of the lamps except one and Tate and Harp, then Willy and Cleo started up the stairs.  Willy was feeling the whiskey, too, and he swayed as he climbed.


Cleo reached out and put a hand on each side of his waist and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.  I’m not going to let you fall.”

I saw JT smile.

At the top of the stairs JT turned up the wick to illuminate the big room.  The mattresses were lined up as we’d left them that morning and I watched as Cleo and Harp took the arrangement in and its implications.

“You all sleep in one big bed?” Cleo asked.

“Yep,” Tate said, looking at Harp.  “We just all pile in together.”

“I like the sound of that.” Harp replied.  “We ain’t shy.”

We all began to undress and even after JT was naked with his big mule dick hanging out, the boys only had eyes for each other.  I saw Willy and Cleo scan each other’s muscular bodies, half hard cock and floppy balls.

“You’re in even better shape than when we were young.” Cleo said to Willy.

“And I see you never did get that big length of skin trimmed back on your dick.” Willy replied.  “I’m glad you didn’t mess with it.”

Willy sat down on a mattress and began to remove his prosthesis.

“Let me help you with that.” Cleo said.  “It was always my job to wrestle Uncle Pete in and out of his leg Sunday mornings for church, I know all about it.”

He knelt nude between Willy’s wide spread leg and began unfastening the buckles and Velcro.  I noticed that his hand seemed to graze Willy’s big balls a lot more than was accidental and each time he’d glance up into Willy’s eyes.  When he had removed the prosthesis, he lifted Willy’s stump and rested it in his lap and examined it.

“They did a really good job on this leg.” he said.  He stroked the severed end and then said, “They left a good pad of flesh here over the bone.  But you still need to be careful, it can get sore.  I’ll show you in the morning how to pad it.”

Willy watched and listened and I saw something like love bloom in his eyes.

Tate and Harp, meanwhile, had also stripped.  Their bodies were amazingly alike, lanky but muscular.

 Tate’s skin was milky white and Harp’s was a dusky olive.  They looked like negative images of each other.  Harp lay down on the mattress with his luscious ass in the air and I saw Tate’s cock start to grow.

JT and I were on one side, Tate and Harp in the middle and Willy and Cleo on the other end.

We all lay there for a few minutes until finally JT said to me, “You know what would be the perfect capper for your dinner?”

“What?” I asked, though I already knew from looking at his enormous swollen cock.

“If you used that hot little mouth of yours to suck on my dick.” he replied.

With that, the dam broke.  

Cleo rose up and positioned himself between Willy’s wide spread legs and buried his face against Willy’s growing cock and soft ball sack.  Harp and Tate just rolled together, arms clasping each other’s body and their mouths glued together, kissing hungrily.  I climbed between JT’s legs and closed my lips around his giant cock head.  I licked and tongued the mouth filling flesh and trailed my tongue up and down his thick shaft.  The whole time, I watched the boys and their guests.

Cleo was burying his face in Willy’s hot ball sack, inhaling the delicious scent of clean sweaty man.  I saw his tongue dart out and start to lick the fat orbs, then take them each into his mouth and suck and tongue them.  Willy lay back and watched.  When Cleo had satisfied his hunger for balls, he grasped Willy’s thick cock and held it so that it stood straight up from his body.

“I’ve dreamed about this moment.” he said.

His tongue began to lick Willy’s cock head, flicking and swirling over the taut meat and digging into his gaping piss slit.  He sucked up the pre cum leaking out and pursed his lips over the hole to suck out more.  I could see that his cock had grown, too, and stood straight up in his groin, a good eight inches of fat meat topped by that loose foreskin.

“You taste even better than I thought you would.” he said, looking up into Willy’s eyes.

Harp was lying on his back with Tate’s body on top of him, his legs spread so that Tate’s hard cock prodded his ass hole.  They were still glued mouth to mouth and Harp’s hands ran over Tate’s body, exploring every inch.  He cupped Tate’s ass cheeks, one in each hand, and pressured his hips to get them even closer to his body.

I had been sucking JT’s monster cock and the action around us was getting us even more excited.

I looked up at him over the head of his cock and said, “I think I need this meat where it will do the most good.”

JT pushed my shoulder and turned me so that I was lying face down on the mattress.  He shoved a couple pillows under my hips and then spread my legs wide.  He climbed between my legs and I watched over my shoulder as he lubed up his enormous cock.

He used both hands to spread my cheeks and I felt his tennis ball sized cock head grazing my hole.  He positioned it against my puckered little hole and began to press himself inside.

Usually I’ve been fucked a few times before JT’s cock goes up my ass but that night I hadn’t had anything in me since the night before.  Even after I’ve been freshly fucked, taking the length and girth of JT’s meat usually hurts but that night it was like I was a virgin getting plugged for the first time.

My tight ass ring began to expand and open to his cock.  Before too long, my ring was stretched and burning and I was afraid my hole would split open.


“Just relax.” JT whispered in my ear.  “You’ve had my big dick up you plenty of times before.”

My ass was hungry for his dick and the difficulty he had squeezing it into seemed to turn him on even more.

“This ass loves my big meat.” he was whispering.  “You’re going to open up for me.  You want my cock fucking you even if it makes you bleed.”

He was right.  At that point I was so hot for his cock I didn’t care if I wound up in the hospital on life support.

“Give me that big cock.” I said.  “Destroy my little hole.  That little ass belongs to you, tear it up.  Make me cry from that monster tearing up my ass.  You can do anything you want to me.”

JT had been pressing himself into me the whole time and finally I felt my hole relax and the giant cock head pop through and enter my guts.

“We’re only part way there, baby.” JT whispered.  “You’ve got this long piece of meat to take up you besides.”

He pressed against my hips, his cock sliding into me and opening my fuck chute to its widest dimension.  Once or twice he paused and I thought he was entirely sunk in my ass but then he’d press again and more cock would start sliding in.   I felt the huge head banging against the second ring of muscle deep inside my ass and JT pressed harder, forcing it to open so that his cock head could plow through.  I was seeing stars.

“Your ass is so tight it’s like I’m fucking it for the first time.” JT whispered.

I was speechless.  Even though he’d fucked me before, I couldn’t believe how deep his cock felt inside me and how full my ass felt.  It was the most satisfying fuck I’d ever experienced and it was only just starting.

I felt his hips finally weighing against my ass cheeks and I knew that he’d hit bottom.  He wiggled his hips causing the long cock to slide from side to side, banging against the walls of my ass chute and I almost shot my load right then.

“Daddy’s going to satisfy your hungry ass pussy all by himself tonight.” he whispered in my ear.

It was as if my arms and legs had turned to rubber and the center of my consciousness was focused in my ass and on JT’s plunging dick.  I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to his lust.  

He began slowly, backing his long dick out of me and then smoothly sliding the full length back up my butt.  He didn’t rush, allowing me to savor every inch of meat as it moved inside me.  I was in total bliss.

Then, he began to speed up the tempo.  My ass had stretched and now was hungry for abuse.  I shifted my hips and lifted them under him to meet his cock as it thrust into my ass.  He set up a steady tempo, thrusting in and out of my guts so that his enormous cock head popped the ring in my guts open and closed.  I could hear the two of us panting.

I was raising my hips, slamming my ass against his hips each time he fucked my hole and he grabbed my hips and raised them.  He got me into doggy fuck position and then began to jack hammer his cock in and out of my hole.  The position we were in allowed his massive cock to sink even deeper into my ass and allowed him to withdraw more of his cock before he plunged it back into me.  My dick was hard as steel, upright and glued to my belly and each stroke of JT’s cock sent incredible sensations from my ass hole to my cock head.  Without even touching myself, I felt my balls suddenly retract and felt their juicy load spew out of my cock slit.  It was like having an orgasm in my cock and ass hole simultaneously and I was moaning with pleasure.

My supporting arms collapsed so that my head and upper chest were against the mattress and my ass was raised and spread to be taken full advantage of.  And JT did just that.

He was hammering his cock into my ass with such force that with each thrust I moved an inch forward on the bed.  Each time, he grasped my hips and pulled me back forcefully to him to skewer my body on his cock.  I was powerless to move, just a toy for him to use.

Even though I had cum just minutes ago and my cock had grown soft, I felt like another load of cum was trying to escape my balls and as he pounded in and out of my ass hole, another huge load of juice erupted from my soft cock and swinging balls.  If anything, this orgasm was even more intense than the first one and I think I actually passed out for a few moments.

JT had been thrusting his monster cock in and out of my ruined hole for what seemed like hours when his tempo and force suddenly increased.  After a thrust deep into my ass that I thought would bust my guts wide open he became perfectly still and I felt a veritable tidal wave of hot juice fill my ass deep inside.  My ass walls were so sensitive after their pounding and stretching that I could feel the juice squirt out of the massive head of his cock and splash into me as his beautiful cock throbbed with each shot.  It felt like there was enough of his cum inside me to fill a gallon bucket.

He maneuvered my thighs so that I fell flat onto belly, his hard body on top of me.  His hairy chest and stomach felt like Brillo pads on my sensitized back and ass.

“Is that little ass hole feeling happy right about now?” he whispered in my ear.

I brought my arms up and moved my head so that we were face to face and I kissed him as deeply and as hard as I could.

“You’re going to spoil me.” I replied.  “Nobody has ever fucked me like that in my life.”

“And just you don’t forget it.” he said.

I had been totally oblivious to what was going on around me while I was being royally fucked but now I looked over at the other two couples.


Willy was lying on his back with his legs resting on Cleo’s shoulders while Cleo took turns sucking on his swollen cock, sucking on his loose ball sack and tonguing his ass hole.   Each time Cleo’s tongue thrust into his hole, Willy let out a moan.

Tate and Harp were lying in a 69 position, hungrily sucking each other’s swollen meat.  They were each deep throating the other’s cock, the long dicks disappearing from sight in perfect synchronization.   They were grasping each other’s ass cheeks and fingering each other’s hole.

I must have dozed off (or passed out) because the next time I opened my eyes Willy was perched over Cleo, thrusting his cock in and out of Cleo’s sucking lips.

“I can’t cum this way, baby.” I heard him say.

Cleo grasped the base of the fat cock in his mouth and pulled him out so that he could reply.

“That’s fine by me.” he said.  “My ass hole is puckering just thinking about your big meat fucking my ass but I want to make this last as long as possible.  I’ve been waiting years to taste your cock and I want to enjoy it up here for as long as I can.  Then I want you to fuck me like a bitch and fill my ass with Willy juice.”

Tate and Harp had changed positions, too.  Harp was sitting on top of Tate, his ass covering his face and I could see Tate’s cheeks and throat move as he tongue fucked Harp’s ass hole.  Harp was bobbing his mouth up and down on Tate’s upright cock, taking the fat meat into his throat all the way down to his balls.

Again, I must have drifted off.  When I opened my eyes again, Cleo was on his back beneath Willy, his arms and legs twined around Willy’s sweating body.  Willy’s fat cock was sliding in and out of Cleo’s wide spread ass and I could see the reddened hole puckering around his shaft.  Their mouths were glued together, their cheeks moving as their tongues filled each other’s mouth.

Harp was sitting on top of Tate with Tate’s cock buried in his ass.  He was moving his hips from side to side and rocking back and forth, pleasuring Tate’s big dick with his tight hole.  Tate was lying flat on his back, his arms above his head and a look of bliss on his face.

JT’s giant cock was still firmly lodged up my ass hole and I looked over my shoulder at him.  He was avidly watching the fuck show going on in front of us and he smiled and made a shushing motion at his lips.

The next time I came awake, Willy was crouched between Cleo’s legs and was sucking his cock so intensely that Cleo was thrashing from side to side and moaning.  Harp was perched above Tate who was lying on his back and Harp’s cock was buried deep in Tate’s ass hole and his tongue was buried deep in Tate’s mouth.

I woke for the last time just after dawn.  JT had apparently already risen and gone downstairs.  Willy was lying on his side, mouth hanging open and Cleo was lying facing him upside down, his face buried against Willy’s cock and balls.  Tate and Harp were laying face to face, their arms around each other and their noses almost touching.

I got up silently and tiptoed to the stairs and descended.  I could smell fresh coffee and I found JT sitting on the back porch steps, nude with his enormous cock and balls hanging over the step and a mug in his hand.  With my own cup of coffee, I sat down beside him.

“Those boys sure carried on all night.” he said.

“It wasn’t just those boys.” I replied.  “I feel like you could turn a Mack truck around in my ass hole.”

“Is that a complaint?” JT asked, smiling.

“No, it’s a brag.” I replied.  

I grasped his fat cock in my hand and turned it up so that the broad head was uncovered by the foreskin.

“Its too bad ass fucking isn’t an Olympic event.” I said.  “You would have gotten multiple gold medals last night.”

“Shoot, flattery will get you anywhere.” JT replied.

We sat and watched the forest around us brighten as the sun rose, sitting side by side on the steps.

“I’ve been thinking.” JT said.  “If those Brown boys are going to be around here much, and I think they will be, maybe we ought to move my mattress back down to my bedroom.”

“And where would I sleep?” I asked.

“Right where you slept last night.” JT replied.  “Wrapped in my arms with my big dick nestled in your ass hole.”

“I couldn’t ask for anything better.” I said.

“Watching what those boys did last night got me to thinking.  I saw some new things I want to try and since we’ll be spending so much time together alone of a night………….”

“I just hope an old man like you can keep up with me.” I said.

“Ask your poor little stretched out ass hole what it thinks.” JT said.

We sat for a few minutes longer and became aware of thumps and creaking noises coming through the ceiling from the upstairs.

“I can’t believe those little fuckers are at it again, already. “ JT said.

“Should we start breakfast?” I asked.

“Hell, those horny bastards may be up there all day.  We’ll feed ourselves and they can do the same, they’re all grown men.”

We ate and then we dressed and JT and I drove into town to do some shopping.  We were gone a couple of hours and when we returned, the boys were sitting naked in the kitchen.  

Cleo was sitting on the floor, his curly head resting between Willy’s legs and Willy was using his spoon to feed him scrambled eggs.

Tate and Harp were sitting on the same chair, Harp perched between Tate’s legs and they were both eating from the same plate.  They hardly paid any attention to either of us.

*          *          *          *          *          *

After they had finished breakfast and dressed, JT sat the boys down in the kitchen.

“I need to say something.” he started.  “You Brown boys are welcome in my house any time you’re here.  And you’re welcome to stay for as long as you’re welcome, that’s up to my boys.  You’re even welcome to take meals here with us if you want to chip in on the groceries.  But, my boys will not be going over to spend time at your place.”

They all sat looking at him.

“I don’t care what you all do for money.  The thing is, though, that I will not have my boys looking to be mixed up in it.  If anything bad happens to my boys from being with the two of you, there will be hell to pay in these woods like you ain’t even imagined.”

“We’d never endanger your sons.” Cleo said.

“I’m not even implying you’d do it intentionally.” JT replied.  “I don’t want them caught up in any mess they’re not involved in, is all.  If you boys decide to go into some other line of work, we’ll talk about it then.  But for now, you all stay under my roof when you’re together or not at all.”

“I understand and respect that.” Harp said.  “Me and Cleo have been talking about getting real jobs before this.”

“I guess now we got what they call an incentive.” Cleo told them.

“Well, I’m making beef stew tonight.  If you boys are going to be here you’re welcome to add to the pot.”

“We’ve got a mess of vegetables you can use.” Cleo said.  “I’ll drop them off first thing.”

“And I’ll make us all some corn bread.” Harp said.  “It ain’t as good as your biscuits but you can eat it.”

“And I already bought us a couple of bottles of wine for supper.” I said.  “That way you all can get too drunk to climb back over the ridge in the dark.”

“They don’t need any excuse like that anymore.” Willy said and wrapped his arm around Cleo’s shoulder.


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