Chapter 1

"Max, wake up Max."

I slowly flicker my eyes open. I look around but my vision is blurry, I notice I'm laying on my bed. I was knocked out while walking through the house. It was nearly midnight. 

"What...who's...?"     Then I see him. A stranger standing near the edge of the bed. "Who are you?"

The man grins. "I'm Jacob, I'm here to test you out. See what you're worth."

Jacob stands in front of me. I get a better look at him as my vision focuses. He stands tall,  well built and full of muscles. He looks around 25  to me. He grins at me. "Nice to see you Max. Alone."

Something about his grin told me he wasn't just here to rob or murder me. 

 I quickly sit up and moves across the bed and gets off on the other side. I run towards the door and I start to go through it, escaping the bedroom but suddenly I'm shoved hard to the ground. Jacob gets on top of me and grabs my arms and handcuffs them behind my back. "No! Stop you fucking asshole!"

He only just laughs as he grabs my ankles and drags me into the bedroom once more. He tosses me onto the bed. He stops for a moment and quickly takes off his shirt and throws it in the corner.  He quickly takes off his jeans leaving him in his boxers. 

He gets on the bed and pins me down, he kisses me, letting his tongue into my mouth. He stops and sits up, he grins evilly down at me. He grabs the top of my pajama bottoms, I wasn't wearing a pj shirt.

"No!" I scream and squirm, trying to get him to go away. "Don't you dare you fucking cocksucker son of a bitch!"

He grin. He puts his hand over my mouth to silence me. "You've got a terrible mouth on you Max...that's alright though."

He smiles and grabs my bottoms again and tugs them down. He rips them off my legs and over my ankles, throwing them to the floor. 

I let out a scream. He stares down at my cock and smiles. "You certainly have a good package and you look nice and sturdy." He violently flips me onto my stomach. 

I feel him get off the bed and grab my ankles. I yell and kicks out but he's too strong. I feel my ankles be handcuffed quickly before he drags me to the edge of the bed and bends me over. 

I feel his dick touch my ass and I freak out. He holds me down and keeps me still. "No stop! I'm not into guys! Don't do it!"

He steps away for a second. Suddenly a cloth is wrapped around my mouth and tied tightly around my head. I let out a muffled scream. 

"Much better." I feel him grab my sides and I yell in protest. 

He quickly and violently shoves his dick into my ass and I let out another muffled scream. He stays there and laughs. "Oh, you're nice and tight."

He starts to move his hips making his dick go in and out. He grabs onto my shoulders as extra leverage. I groan and scream loudly as I close my eyes  tightly. It seemed to go on forever. Finally he pulls out his dick and I feel him shoot his cum out all over my back. 

He grabs me and makes me stand when he does. His arm wraps around my waist to keep me close. I feel his chest against my back and his dick rub against me, I squirm. "So far I think you're coming home." Jacob puts his chin on my shoulder and gently kisses my neck. "Let's see how big you can get, hmm?"

I jump in surprise when I feel his free hand go to my dick. I look down and watches as he starts giving me a handjob. I moan and squeezes my eyes shut, it felt...good, it was sick. 

I will myself to not get excited, if I got an erection because of him that would mean he won. I couldn't let him see that he's stronger than me. I let out another moan as he keeps going, I couldn't help it. 

"Look who's getting excited." Jacob kisses my neck again. I open my eyes and looks down. My dick was starting to get harder and bigger.

"Does it feel good?" He starts moving his hand faster along my dick. I shut my eyes and shakes my head.  "No? But that's not what your cock says. By the way it's growing it says it's having a hell of a good time." 

He sits on the bed, bringing me with him without stopping his hand. He makes me sit on his lap and his dick forces it's way into my ass. I let out a small yelp. 

This isn't right. He's a sick bastard who's raping me! I shouldn't get excited because of his fucking hand! He's hurting my ass! It's fucking sick what he's doing. A single tear of shame rolls down my cheek. 

 "Why are you crying Max?" He kisses my cheek where the  tear ran down from my eye. "Don't worry, it stops hurting after a few times being fucked."

A few times? How many times will I be fucking raped?

He takes his hand away from my dick and grabs my sides. He forces me up and down his cock. I whine and groan a little in pain. Suddenly he stops. He makes me stand and he gets up. He forces me to sit down on the bed. 

"I know, you want some of the action too right?" He bends down and I take in a sharp breath in surprise as he licks my dick.

"No no!" I try to say but it only comes out muffled by the gag. I gasp as he sticks the head of my cock in his mouth. 

I feel him swirl his tongue around it. I let out a moan and squeezes my eyes shut. He slides my dick deeper into his mouth I moan again as he sucks on it. It becomes fully erected in his mouth. 

Jacob stops and smiles up at me. "You certainly got a nice sized cock. What about your load."

He bends down again and sticks my dick back in his mouth. He slowly makes his head go up and down, then he starts going faster, moving his tongue just right. I can't lie, it felt amazing. 

I moan when he goes faster. I feel as if I'm going to finish. I try to hold it back. I can't let him win. I let out a long moan as I cum inside his mouth. I couldn't hold it any longer.

Jacob looks at me and grins. He gets up and nods his head."I knew you were a good choice. You're coming back to the farm." He grins. 

My eyes go wide and I start to panic. 

What? He was taking me? Where, why?

He grabs his clothes and gets dressed. I stay on my bed unable to move. He leaves and comes back with a cloth. He takes off my gag and puts the cloth up to my face.

 I try to move my head away but he holds it in place. The world around me starts to go black as I go unconscious.

Chapter 2

I open my eyes. I'm laying on a cold concrete floor. I look around as my eyes focus. It looks like I'm in a horse pen. A wire fence blocks any openings that are big enough for a person to fit through.  "Where am I?"

"The farm." I look up and sees Jacobs smiling face on the other side of the door. 

"What farm? What the fuck are you going to do to me?!" I sit up, I notice my wrists are taped together with duck tape behind my back. "Let me go you fucker!"

Jacob laughs. "You are a feisty one. A lot of people like that."  

He leaves and I scream in frustration. I look around and sees a bed in the corner. I get up and sits down on it. I look down and sees I'm totally naked. "What's going on here...?"

"You're in for the worst, new guy." Another mans voice comes from the wall on the left side of me. I get up and looks through a spot of wiring covering a large gap between the walls. 

"Who's there?" I ask. 

"My name is Sam. I've been here for around a year." I look in the pen beside me and sees another naked man in another horse pen. "We are here to be fucked. Most just fuck us here but others sometimes rent us for the day and takes us home."

"What? That's fucking insane. Why would anyone do this to another person?" I couldn't believe this. Why did I have to be chosen?

"I don't know. We shouldn't even be speaking. It's against the rules for us to talk to each other.  If we get caught we'll get punished."

"Then why are you talking to me?" I look around uneasily. 

"Because it's best to know these things and not to ask a lot of questions. Look besides Jacob there's 2 other guys. Damien is a nasty motherfucker, he goes both ways like Jacob. Then there's Chris...he only goes to girls but likes to watch. There's no possible way out of here. I watched many try but fail, if they lose their patients with're dead." Sam looks across the way. "It's worst than hell in here."

"No...I can't live this kind of life. I'm not staying in here do I can be some sex doll for freaks who get off on fucking people against their wills!" I slam the fencing in anger. 

"Shut up!" He backs away from the fence. "Someone is coming."

Chapter 3

I see 2 men walk up. One has black hair and the other one was Jacob. The black haired one speaks first. "So is this him?" He gestures towards me. 

Jacob nods. "Yes Jason, I find that he will provide a very fun time for you and your company. He's new and very full of life. His name is Max."

Jason nods. "Good. I'll take him." 

Jacob unlocks my door and grabs me I struggle but he is  too strong for me. He drags me out, my heels dragging on the ground. I see Sam looking back at me sadly as I'm dragged off. 

I'm taken to a large room. From what I saw while being dragged here I'd say this place was underground, like an abandoned basement. 

Jacob throws me to the ground. I look around the large room. The room was a raping chamber. 4 chains with handcuffs hang from the ceiling in one area of the room. In another area was a bed with metal posts at the corners. 

In the corner there was a chain with a hook on it. A small table is off to the side, I see a whip hang down from it. Many other instruments lay on it too. 

Jason walks in as Jacob leaves. He picks me up from the floor and grins. Another man comes in as Jason makes me kneel before him. "Take him from the back Dan." 

Jason takes off his pants and underwear in one shot. He starts masturbating, I watch in terror as his dick starts to become erected. Dan does the same and grins at me. "My pleasure."

"Hey no!" I yell as Dan goes behind me. "Get the fuck away from me." 

Jason slaps me hard on the jaw and I see stars. "Shut up and open your damn mouth Max." He demands. 

I shake my head. I shiver as I feel Dan rub his dick on my back. "No."

Jason grins and yanks open my mouth. "Yes!"

I force my mouth shut and shakes my head. Jason's eyes turn cold. "Someone needs to learn to obey." 

He grabs the whip and Dan lifts me up. I struggle as he hangs me off the hook. My feet hang an inch off the ground. I yell out as Jason whips my chest repeatedly. The whip bites into my skin with a sting but only cuts me a little. 

Finally he stops and I relax my hurting body. "Are you going to obey?" Jason asks. 

I nod shakily. Jason nods his head at Dan and he takes me down. Jason goes and sits on the bed, Dan brings me over. 

"Bend over and suck it boy!" Jason demands. An animal like quality shines in his eyes. 

I hesitate, bending down but not close enough yet. Jason suddenly grabs my head and forces me down the rest of the way. His dick gets shoved far into my mouth and I squeal. He moans and makes my head go up and down, making his dick go in and out. 

Oh god this is so fucked up. I think I might throw up. 

Suddenly I feel Dan grab my hips and I jump a little. I whimper as I feel his cock rub up against my ass. I yell when he violently shoved his dick all the way up my ass, letting Jason's dick out my mouth. 

"Hey!" Jason forces me back down again and they go in rhythm with each other. 

I groan as they start to go faster and quicker. 

Just make it end!  I'm going to choke on his dick. 

Dan moves his hips in a large circular motion, forcing his dick in and out with power. I whimper as he goes faster. 

Both men start breathing heavily. They moan in pleasure as they keep going. Jason tilts his head back after a few minutes go by. "Dan...I'm close to finishing." His voice is strained. 

"Me too! I-" He lets out a moan, his grip on me tightens as he climaxes. 

Jason finishes just as Dan does. I groan as both of them fill me with their cum. Both of them don't take out their dicks. I'm forced to swallow Jason's jizz, I shutter as it slides down my throat. 

The taste is unbearable! 

Dan finally takes his dick out and I feel his cum start to run down my thigh from out of my ass. 

"Oh that felt amazing." Jason lets me bring my head up. I kneel in front of him. "I feel kinda bad. We're having all the fun." 

Jason gets up he kneels behind me and kisses my neck. He reaches down and starts playing with my cock, moving his hand up and down it. I suppress a moan of pleasure. I can't let them have the satisfaction of making me excited! 

He starts to go faster as Dan walks around and kneels in front of me. He kisses my mouth, his tongue twists and swirls around mine. 

"Oh I think he's  ready." Jason says after a while. 

Dan stops and looks down at my fully erected penis and smiles. "Nice cock you got there." He sits down on the bed and smiles. "Bring him here."

Jason stands me up and brings me to the bed. He puts me on Dan and I try to move away but both of them position me. I cry out as I'm forced to sit down on his lap with my back to his chest, his dick finds its way inside me. 

Jason crawls up to me and grins. "Don't worry, this will feel nice." He takes my dick and helps it find its way into his ass. 

I gasp as Jason slides down my dick. He wraps his legs around me and Dan then his arms around my neck and starts moving his hips back and forth. 

Oh shit, why does it feel so good? This isn't fucking normal! He's a goddamned guy who's forcing me to fuck him!!

He starts slow and increases his speed as he goes. Soon he's going very fast, shoving my whole cock inside him. His dick rubs against my stomach and chest. Every thrust of his hips causes Dan's dick to go in and out of my ass. I groan. "S-stop please!"

"Oh don't worry. I'm gonna finish soon." Dan laughs and kisses the back of my neck. 

Jason grins. "But I won't stop until you cum." 

Oh no. 

"Oh Max. You feel so good." Dan pants heavily. He lets out a loud moan as he orgasms. "Oh Max! Fuck!" 

I groan as I feel his cum flow inside me. He gently slips it out and gets off the bed. I moan as Jason keeps going. "Please... stop!" 

"Not until you yell my name as you orgasm!" He pants. 


"Hey it's been fun but I gotta go Jason." Dan gets dressed. "I'm sure I'll see you later Max." He walks out. 

Jason smiles and pushed me down so I lay on the bed. He puts his hands on my chest as he moves his hips in a steady rhythm. "Just you and me now." 

I groan and looks away. I can't believe I'm excited because of him. It's sick. 

"Here. Maybe you like this better." He gets off me and sticks my dick in his mouth. I gasp. 

"No don't! Please!" I beg as he starts twirling his tongue around it. I moan at the feeling, I gasp as he fondles my balls. I moan. "No! Fuck no! Stop!" I yell. 

He doesn't stop, he keeps going, moving his head faster. I moan loudly as I climax. My cum shoots into Jason's mouth and I relax when he gets off me. I look away ashamed.

He just made me climax. A guy who's fucking RAPING me just made me fucking cum into his mouth! What the hell is wrong with him? What the fuck is wrong with me?!

"Mmm, you're delicious. I think you want more." He flips me and I feel his dick rub against me. 

I scream as he violently shoves it in. He starts off going quickly, moaning with pleasure. I let out grunts of uncomfortable pain as he humps me hard and deep, I lose my boner quickly. 

Finally after what seemed like forever he pulls out his dick and cums all over my back. He walks away and I lay limply on the bed exhausted.

"I'll make sure and tell Jacob to come get you." I hear him leave. 

Jacob comes in soon after and drags me back to my cage where I quickly pass out.

Chapter 4


I'm brought back into my cage, my back side is covered in cum and I'm worn out. I groan. 

The last 5 weeks have been hell, I'm constantly being fucked by strangers. I felt bad for everyone else who've been here longer than me. How the hell do they put up with it?

"Hey, you alright?" 

I jump at the voice. I quickly look over to see Sam's face close to the wired gap. "No. No I'm not okay!" I hiss, anger swells inside me. "I was just fucking raped. AGAIN!! It was horrible! I'm getting the fuck outta here!" 

"Shhh" Sam looks out his door and back at me. "They'll hear you!" 

"I don't give a flying FUCK if those assholes hear me!" My voice gets louder. "What the fuck can those pussys do to me that they already didn't do?! In fact I WANT them to come here so I can kick their asses!" I violently kick the door to my pen, making a loud noise. 

"HEY!" Jacob's voice travels here from the other side of the huge room. "Shut the fuck up!" 


Only Jacob's evil laugh echoes back at me. He strolls to my cage and leans on the wall, looking in at me with a evil grin. "What the fuck did you say to me bitch?"

Sam backs away from the gap and goes to the corner farthest from my pen. I glare at Jacob, anger and rage shows in my eyes. I lower my voice but the words come out harsh, almost challenging. "I said: Fuck you. You Motherfucking asshole." 

Jacob laughs at me. "Just shut up and sit down you fucking idiot." 

"No! I'm done taking orders! I don't give a fuck what you say!" I slam my fist into the wire fencing where he's leaning against. The fencing moves with my fist and I feel my fist hit his chest. The hit probably didn't even hurt. 

Jacob steps back and glares at me. "Looks like someone needs to learn their boundaries!" He snarls. "Damien! We've got a rebel!" 

Jacob opens the door and grabs me by my shoulders. I snarl at him and tries to fight back. I kick him in his balls, he groans and let's go of me and holds his groin. 

Ha, I hope your balls fucking explode. 

 He suddenly punches me in the face and the blow knocks me into the wall. He grabs my shoulders and throws me to the ground. He grabs my arms and forces them behind my back. 

"You'll regret that." He forces me to my feet and I struggle against him. 

He brings me out of my cage. I struggle violently against him but he has too much of good hold of me. He practically drags me to the middle of the room, where all who were stuck in the pens could see. 

Oh no..what the fuck did I get myself into? 

I see that another man was standing there waiting. A table with its front legs shorter than the back ones is next to him. 

Jacob leans his mouth closed to my ear. "Oh just you wait!" 

I scream in fury as Damien grins at me. I scream and yell out vulgar threats and names and struggle viciously against the Jacob but it was no use. 

They quickly lay me down on the table with my stomach down. They tie my hands and legs to the legs of the table. My legs were at the higher part of the table making my ass stick up in the air. 

Shit. Shit shit shit! I can't move. What are they gonna do? 

They both step away and smiles at me. My body stays put, I'm unable to move at all. I try to turn my head but can't since it's locked in place. 

"What the fuck is this you fucking bastards?!" I growl. 

"This is your punishment." Jacob grins. "I'm sure it'll teach you to stay in your place." 

Damien pulls down his pants and underwear in one shot. He grabs his dick and masturbates in front of me. I hide my horror when I see how big it gets. 

Oh shit! He's got a fucking huge cock! 

Now?" Damien asks. He grins at Jacob. Jacob nods his head and Damien disappears behind me, stepping out of his pants as he does. 

"What the fuck are you going to do that you haven't already?" I glare at Jacob as he walks closer to my face. 

"Oh, you'll see." He smiles and pulls down his pants and underwear, he begins to masturbate in front of my face. I watch as his dick begins to grow and harden. 

"Fuck you both! Go to fucking hell you bastards!" I yell out in anger. 

I suck in a sharp breath when I feel Damien spread my ass cheeks. I clench my jaw as I feel him rub his dick up and down slowly on my ass. "Oh we'll both gladly fuck you." 

I gasp when Damien suddenly and violently shoves his dick inside me. I clench my jaw tighter, forcing myself to make as little noise as possible. Jacob forces my mouth open and shoves his all the way inside, I feel it touch the back of my throat and gags. 

"Alright Damien. Time to show this fucker his place, fuck him up!" Jacob grabs the sides of the table and starts forcing his dick to move in and out of my mouth. 

No! No! Just stop already! Let me fucking go!

Damien goes at a slowish pace but he was violent. He slides his dick so its nearly all the way out and quickly and powerfully rams it back inside. I let out a weak moan every time he does do. They both go on forever with no stop.

Chapter 5

"You see this?!" Jacob yells, addressing all the others locked up. "You all better fucking watch. This is what happens when you don't obey or act out!" 

They both still haven't stopped yet and it's been at least 20 minutes. Damien has quickened his speed and so has Jacob. I let out a slight whimper. "Jacob. I like him, he feels nice on my dick...c-can he be mine?" He pants as he goes on. 

"Sure. He's..all yours." Jacob moans loudly. "I'm almost there." 

"Me too!" Damien lets out a groan. "I'm...gonna cum!" He practically screams in pleasure. "OH GOD. YES!" 

His grip tightens around me and he suddenly stops, his dick all the way inside me. I feel him cum as he orgasms, I moan. It was a big load. He stays inside me, breathing heavily. "Oh my god..." 

Oh! Fuck! It feels like he poured a gallon of it in my ass! 

"Hold on...I'm..." Jacob shoves his dick all the way into my throat and stops, he lets out a loud groan. 

I feel him fill my mouth and throat with his cum. He takes his dick out from my mouth and I spit it out at him. It drips down from my mouth and chin. I cough it out of my throat. 

Jacob grabs my jaw and makes me look at him. "Have you learned your lesson? You gonna listen to your masters?"

I spit a wad of saliva and his cum into his face. He back up and angrily slaps my face. He wipes his face clean with his hand and snarls. "Damien, is it nice and wet inside there? He still hasn't learned his lesson!" He walks behind me out of sight. 

"Sure is. Very wet." He moves his dick around in a circle inside me, I gasp.

"Good. Take out your dick." 

I sigh as Damien complies and slowly slides his dick out. "I...will never fucking listen to you or anyone in this fucking place!" 

"Oh..too bad" Jacob laughs. "Grab it Damien. I got his ass." 

I yell out in surprise as I feel Jacob stick the pointer and middle fingers of both his hands up my ass. He sticks both his ring fingers in and then his pinkies. I scream as he forces my asshole to open more. "What the fuck are you doing?!"

"We got to open you up to make sure it can fit inside." Jacob laughs. 

"Fit what?!" My whole body tenses up. 

"Just a toy." Damien quickly shows me the dildo in his hand, it was bigger and thicker than any dick I've ever seen, it was almost as thick as a 2 liter bottle of soda. He grins. 

"You are NOT shoving that thing in my ass!" I yell as he goes back behind me where I can't see him. 

"YES I am, because I'm your master and you have no choice." He laughs evilly again. 

I gasp as I feel him start to slide it in. I scream in pain. "STOP! Stop! You're going to tear my ass apart!" 

"Not until you submit yourself completely and learn your lesson!" Jacob snaps at me. Damien keeps on pushing it in. 

I scream again. "It hurts! Stop please!" Jacob lets go of my ass and laughs. Damien doesn't stop pushing it in slowly. 

"Come on, 3 inches hasn't even gone in yet." Jacob slaps my ass hard with his hand. 

Damien laughs. "I say we just give it all to him." 

"Now now Damien, don't be too harsh on him. After all he is new." Jacob walks over to where I can see him and grins. 

Damien keeps on sliding it in. I groan and gasp as I feel my ass contract and become tense. "Oh fuck! Just stop already! I beg you!"Damien slows down even more and laughs. 

"You beg? Well then have you learned your lesson?" Jacob smiles at me. 

"Yes! Yes I have!" I groan again.

"Damien, hold on." Jacob grabs my jaw. I feel Damien stop pushing the vile thing up my ass. "Who do you obey?"

"Everyone...who's my master." My breathing is slightly heavier. 

"Good. What am I?" 

"M-my master..." I look up at him defeated. 

"You always listen to us. And why is that?" He stares deep into my eyes. 

"Because...I'm the slave." 

Jacob lets go of my jaw. He frees my hands and ties them behind my back. 

I lay my head down on the table waiting for the thing to be taken out of my ass. I also wait for him to untie my legs and drag me back to my pen, but that doesn't happen.

"Just to make sure you really got it stuck in your head...." He looks at Damien and smiles."Would you do the honors Damien?" 

"It would be my pleasure." He answers. 

I scream as he starts pushing the fake dick into me again. This time he does it fast. "No! No! Please! Fuck Fuck FUCK!"

"Come on Damien. Only a little to go." Jacob laughs. 

"One nice push should do the trick..." Damien suddenly pushes down on it hard. 

I scream loudly. My back arches in pain and surprise, my eyes roll to the top of my head and I collapse onto the table. "Oh god." 

"Nice job Damien." I feel my legs get cut loose and I get pushed to the ground. "He's yours now Damien, so you can do whatever you want and you get to choose who gets to fuck him." 

I lay on my stomach sprawled out on the cold floor, I can't even move. 

"Good. I'll arrange a little play date later." Damien picks me up and brings me back into my pen. He lays me on my side, not bothering to take out the horrid thing in my ass. He leaves. 

I sigh tiredly and shifts uncomfortably around. The thing in my ass made it hard to get comfortable. I groan at it and lays still. I can barely keep my eyes open.

"I warned you." Sam's voice is the last thing I hear before I pass out.

Chapter 6

I wake up suddenly when I feel a sharp pain in my ass. I'm laying on a bed in one of the rape rooms. I look behind me and sees Jacob grinning. His dick inside my ass. "What the...?"

"Hey look who's up!" Damien sits in the corner, both men were completely naked. He smiles as he watches. "I'm letting Jacob in you, he's a very close friend and it would be greedy not to share what sweet ass I own." 

Jacob starts moving his dick in and out, I groan. I notice my hands aren't tied up. "Why...?"

"Why what Max?" Jacob keeps going harder and faster. 

"Do this?" I ask gasping as he quickens. 

"Human nature. Your ass is a dick magnet. Get used to it because Damien has some ideas for you." Jacob laughs. He keeps going and I groan. 

"How long has it been?" Jacob asks after what seems like forever. "I'm about to finish but his ass feels so good..."

"Around 10 minutes. But it's okay, just cum then keep going." Damien laughs. "Make it to an hour." 

Jacob does just that. He groans as he cums inside me and goes right back to fucking me. A few minutes later he cums again but still returns to doing his dirty deed. 

What the fuck is wrong with these people?!

I lay on the bed, my hands are tightly holding each side of the mattress. I groan as Jacob just keeps shooting his cum into me. Finally he stops after what I believe is an hour. He stays still with his dick still all the way inside me.     

Jacob laughs. "Well I could certainly use a piss bladder feels like it's about to burst!" 

Yeah? Well so does my ass.

Damien walks over pats my cheek and smiles at Jacob. "Good thing your dicks already in the toilet. Go ahead." 

"What? No! No! Don't you dare you fucking cocksucker!" I try to move but doesn't go far. Damien holds me down. 

"Oh sweet Damien." Jacob takes his dick halfway out of my ass. I groan as I feel him relieve himself inside of me. He shoves his dick back in all the way, pushing the mix of urine and cum farther in. 

"Oh god!" I gasp. "You sick bastard!" 

Damien grins. "Put him on the floor but don't take your dick out. I want the piss in him." 

Jacob carefully drags me to the floor with Damien's help. They position me so my legs are held in the air by Damien and I lay on my shoulder blades. Jacob takes out his dick. 

"I have to use the bathroom as well." He grins down at me as he sticks his dick into my ass. 

"No you motherfucker! Don't you dare-fuck!" I groan as Damien pisses in me. "You fucking piece of shit! I hope you fucking die!" 

Jacob grins down at me. "That's not very nice. We'll have to come up with a punishment for that mouth. But for now why don't you just enjoy yourself?"

I gasp when he takes a hold of my dick. He starts giving me a handjob. "Tell me when you are close alright?" He puts it in his mouth and I moan. 

Damien begins to slide in and out slowly. "My you have so much in you..." He starts going faster. 

Oh god. Jacobs mouth feels so good...he might make me cum again! Oh no. Please don't. 

I moan as Jacob goes faster. He twirls his tongue all around my dick. "Jacob what the hell are you doing to him? He sounds like he's having a blast!"  Damien laughs. 

I am! This feels amazing! Oh god. What am I saying? They're raping me! I don't care, it feels good. 

Damien moans and cums, he starts all over again. I moan too, I start to breath heavy. "J-Jacob. I-I'm gonna finish!" 

"Oh Max! I'm gonna finish too!" Damien says as he starts to slow down. 

Jacob takes my dick out of his mouth and returns to using his hand. "Come on Max." He grins. 

Damien yells out. "OH MAX! YES!" He orgasms while inside me. He takes himself out and sits on the bed sweaty and hot. Jacob keeps my legs in the air. 

"O-OH! FUCK!" I let out a long groan as I cum, Jacob points my dick at my face so I cum all over myself. 

Jacob lets me go and I lay on my side on the floor, I feel the contents of my ass start running out. I breath heavily. "Goddamn you bastards.."

"We really did a number on him." Damien laughs. 

"Yeah...but that dirty mouth.." He grins. "Let's make him the official boys urinal for to tonight. 

"Yes!" Damien laughs. "A great idea!"

I groan as I'm lifted up and taken away.

Chapter 7 

I grunt as I struggle against my restraints. I lay stomach down on the table again. Each of my arms and legs are tied down to every leg of the table. 

"Let me outta here!" I scream, I look Jacob who's smiling  at me from a distance, Damien next to him. 

"But you must learn your lesson Max! Besides, it's fun." He laughs as he walks away. 

Damien grins. "Tonight is an all free night. Just think of all the people who are gonna be here..." He laughs as he walks off as well. 

Oh god.... 

I groan and lays my head down. "Why me?" 

An hour later there's sound of screams coming from the rooms. The "company" has arrived and the all free night has started. 

Somewhere in all the noise I hear Sam yelling out. "Oh god...Sam" I close my eyes after a while. I sigh as sleep takes me. 

I let out a yell as I wake up. I turn my head and sees a young man behind me. He's totally naked. I feel his cock nudge my ass and I yell out again. 

"Man do I have to use it." He slides his dick in. I groan as I feel him urinate inside me. 

Jesus, how much piss can one person have?

  "While I'm here..." He starts moving in and out. I groan as he goes faster and faster. I wait for him to finish. He takes his dick out and shoots his cum onto my back then leaves. 

I groan and relaxes again. My peace doesn't last. About 5 other guys come over in a 30 minute period and uses me as their personal urinal. 

I moan as another man walks up from the front of me. He forces open my mouth and I pull my head away from him.  "Hey, no! No!"

"Come on kid. I gotta go!" He forces my mouth open again and quickly sticks his cock in. He moans, he pisses in my mouth and I gag. 

The man pulls out his dick and closes my mouth and blocks my nose before I have a chance to spit out the contents. I squeal, unable to breath. "Swallow!" The man commands. 

Unable to hold my breath much longer I obey and swallows. He immediately releases me and grins. I cough as he walks off. 

"Having a nice time Max." I yelp as someone shoves their dick inside my ass. "Sorry, never intended to have you drink piss, but hey, this is a punishment."

I turn my head and sees its Jacob. I return to looking ahead. He starts moving his cock back and forth. He laughs as he goes faster. 

"Just stop! I've had enough dicks in me today." 

Jacob violently slaps my ass hard. "Don't you give me commands. Remember you're nothing but property now. You belong to Damien and me." 

I growl. "You two don't own me." I mutter. 

Jacob snarls as he goes even faster and harder. He groans and takes out his cock, squirting his cum all over me and my face. "Yes we do. We own your ass and we'll do whatever we damn right like!"

"Screw you!" Too late, he's already walking off and another person is already inside my ass and pissing in it.

Chapter 8


I scream out as Damien strikes me with his whip again. "Will you never learn?" He laughs "I hope not." 

I lay on the bed and cringes each time the whip hits my skin. Damien grabs me and stands me up holding me close. He laughs evilly in my ear. "I know what we'll do."  

A twinge of excitement runs through me. 

What? What will you do to me? 

I shake my head. 

NO! I can't possible like this....can I? Do I want him to rape me? 

I feel Damien get excited. His erection rubs in between my legs. I gasp and clenches my jaw. 

Yes! Shove it in! Make me whole again! 

"What's with you Max? You seem...different lately." Damien guides the head of his dick to my asshole, he teases by rubbing it up and down. 

"I...don't know..." I groan. 

Hurry up and just shove it in!!

Damien laughs and slowly slides his dick inside. A moan escapes my lips. 


"Oh? What was that I heard?" Damien stops. "Was that...pleasure?" 

"N-no! Of course not! I fucking hate you." I snarl, trying to make myself more convincing. 

He starts thrusting his hips forward. I suppress my urge to moan and call out his name. I lean my head back on his shoulder and closes my eyes. 

I picture him sucking my dick, making love to me hard like he does..I gasp a little as he goes faster. This time I can't hold back my moan. 

Damien suddenly slows to a stop. "Woah! You're hard!" I open my eyes and looks down, sure enough my dick was fully erected. I curse at myself for letting it happen. 

He looks down and back at me. "Did I do that?" He grins. "I never got a slave to get a boner unless I was fondling him." 

I blush and turns away ashamed. Damien takes himself out of me and picks me up. He sits up in the bed and places me across his lap, cradling me close. 

"Nothing to be upset about Max." He smiles down at me. 

My head rests on his bare chest. I feel his boner on the side of my inner thigh. "Really? was bad.." I relax against his warmth. 

Damien smiles. "No, it just means you're feeling something for you feel this way with Jacob as well?" 

I hesitate then nods slightly. "I...just....don't know." 

Damien repositions me so his dick slides gently in to me and I gasp. "Mm...I know. You're filled with desire and lust aren't you? Your mind and heart are fighting with each other."

I nod again. "Yeah..." I look up at him and smiles slightly. "Exactly. I-I felt ashamed for having feelings...because of what you are doing." 

"Oh, poor baby." He kisses me. "Nothing to be ashamed of. Do you want me now?" 

"Yes." I look up at him. 

"Alright." He slides down the bed while still inside me. "Go on then"

I look at him in disbelief. "I...okay" I put my hands on his shoulders and I force myself up and down his dick. I hear him moan and goes faster. 

"Oh Max..." He closes his eyes and tilts his head back. 

I grunt as I go even faster, sweat begins to roll down my forehead and it covers my whole body. I look down at Damien's perfect body. 

He's a god like man...

"Max....I'm...almost there" he moans in pleasure.

"Let me take you there." I go even faster, he groans loudly. "Come on Damien." 

"I...oh...FUCK. YES! MAX!" He moans loudly as he orgasms. He goes limp and his dick starts to slowly go soft. 

I pant and gets off him. I curl up next to him, bringing my knee into his hip and letting my leg follow his down. My one arm goes under his neck and I sighs, relaxing next to him. 

I trace my fingernail delicately across his chest. "Tired?" He asks me. 

I nod and I lays my head down on his shoulder again. "Okay, wanna sleep? I'm tired too." He wraps an arm around me. 

"Yeah..sleep would be nice." I yawn and closes my eyes. 

How lovely he is...him and Jacob are perfect looking.

I feel him start to relax as he slowly falls asleep. I smile and joins him In slumber.



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