Summer 2008 (28 yrs. old) 

Ch. 1 - Walt's Family

It was late summer and Walt and I'd been married about 3 months. I was sunning topless by the pool and working on registering for the fall semester at the local college. I was wearing my tiniest bikini bottom, waiting for Walt to get home. I was as nearly naked as I could get!

"Can you tell me where we can find Angela?" I heard a woman ask.

I grabbed my towel to cover myself and rose to find an older couple looking at me, the man with undisguised lust and the slightly older woman staring with equally undisguised contempt.

I held out my hand. "I'm Angie. You must be Walt's parents!"

She gave me a look that said, "Ya think??"

They were a day early and I'd already made the wrong impression! I was off to a terrible start!

Marguerite was sixteen when she had Walt. His father left her to raise him by herself. Walt was ten when she met Henry. Henry was twenty. He adored them both and married her. They later had Patty. Marguerite was a very bitter woman, but she dearly loved Henry and her children.

We went inside and I grabbed a robe before offering them a drink. I slipped off to shower and change. I returned nicely, but conservatively, dressed. Walt had arrived with Patty, his sister, and was talking with his parents.

Walt wanted to take us out, but I wanted Marguerite to know I can cook! Henry would often 'accidentally' brush against me while I was cooking. I pretended not to notice, but I'm sure Walt did. I said nothing, not wanting to throw gas on an already tense situation. I wouldn't embarrass my husband.

I tried to engage Marguerite in conversation, but she wasn't going to talk to me if she could avoid it. Patty and I talked. Thankfully, Patty asked questions whose answers emphasized my accomplishments and character. She also mentioned my trust fund, showing I was wealthier than Walt and not after his money.

Henry obviously was interested in me, much to Walt's annoyance. He flirted, but pretended it was just innocent fun.

"Why did you have to marry this.......this.....thing?" Marguerite angrily asked. "Why couldn't you marry a real woman?"

"Mother!" "Mom!!" I heard Walt and Patty respond.

I decide to weigh in. After all it's something I have to deal with every day!

"Why do you think I'm not a real woman?" I quietly asked.

"You'''re," she sputtered, "you're .... a Trap!! You're just a boy pretending to be a woman!"

"I'm a transgendered woman," I replied. "I act like a woman, I think like a woman, I AM a woman. So what if I have a cock!"

Walt came up behind me and put his arms around me. "I love her very much. She's all the woman I need!"

"What makes her better than Victoria (his former wife)?" she demanded. I later found out she really loved Victoria and blamed Walt (wrongfully) for her leaving!

"I love Walt. I support him in whatever he does," I replied, then added, maybe a little too spitefully, "I don't have periods, and I love his huge cock in my ass!"

"Although......she can be a bitch at times, “Walt playfully said.

I elbowed his ribs, causing him, Patty, and Henry to chuckle.

"Only a woman would respond that way!" Patty chimed.

"Mrs. Schumann, I promise to be the best wife I can be for your son. And, someday, I hope you'll see it."

She only huffed.

I offered them the guestroom, but she refused to sleep in the same house as me. Especially in what used to be her house!

That night, I lay in Walt's arms, weeping quietly. Nothing I did pleased his mother. She hated me. Walt stroked my hair.

"Angie, I'm very proud of the way you handled things tonight," He whispered.

"But nothing went right!"

"The dinner was perfect. You were a gracious hostess. You didn't let my mother run roughshod over you," he said. "I couldn't ask any more from you!"

He kissed me, then said,” I don't care what my mother says. I love you very much!"

He frowned, slightly, "You forgot dessert, though."

Walt rolled me over, unfastened my teddy, and pulled my legs apart. He soon had his tongue probing my asshole. He kissed and nibbled my rim, lightly pushing his tongue inside me. I spend a lot of time each day making sure I'm clean for him, but I don't believe he really cares.

While he kissed and nibbled my bottom, he worked a lubed finger into my asshole. He massaged a particular spot along my ass wall. My little cock sprang to attention. He only had to play with me a minute or two before I creamed the sheets. (I wash a lot of sheets!)

He lined his long, thick cock against my asshole and eased into me. I gasped as the head pushed into me. He slowly slid in till he was balls deep. After a couple of years of practice, I can finally take all eleven-plus inches.

Walt kissed my neck and ears as he slowly slid in and out. I could feel the head as it traveled against my ass walls. While his fucking me is still painful, the wonderful sensations I feel as his cock works its way in and out more than make up for the pain.

He fucked me slowly about ten minutes when I begged him to fuck me harder. (I wanted his mother to hear my cries of pain and mistake them for cries of ecstasy!") He thrust hard and fast. I yelped as his head painfully hit the end of my chute. I squirmed beneath him. He reached around and cupped my breasts, tweaking my nipples.

My breathing got faster and shallower as I creamed again! He fucked me another ten minutes then groaned as he filled me with his hot load.

My sweet husband rolled me onto my back and took my cock into his mouth and gave me a slow blowjob. I ran my fingers through his hair as he bobbed up and down, running his tongue along the bottom of my shaft. He stuck his finger back into my ass, massaging me again.

He could tell I was nearing coming again. He removed his finger and stopped sucking. He kissed the inside of my thighs until I relaxed, then started sucking and fingering me again.

I didn't think I would come easily, but I filled his mouth with my cream. He let it dribble out of his mouth down around my cock, then slowly lapped it all up.

I felt happier as I fell asleep in his arms.

The next morning, I got up early and made coffee. I dressed in my jeans and a sweater, and sat on the patio drinking my coffee in the cold morning air. Henry joined me and sat a little too close to me. He placed his hand on my thigh as he told me how beautiful I was. He didn't notice Walt's arrival.

I smiled sweetly at my husband as he growled, "I'll thank you to keep your hands off my wife!"

Walt will get lucky tonight! (As if he wouldn't have anyways!)

Henry smiled and shrugged, removing his hand. He returned to the guest cottage. I sat on Walt’s lap as he drank his coffee. I could tell he was angry, but I knew he was angry with his parents.

I was supposed to drive his parents to the airport, but he decided to take them on his way to work. Patty stayed and helped me clean up the breakfast dishes then drove home.

Later that day, Walt sent flowers and a note. “Love you, Mrs. Schumann!”

Love you, too, Mr. Schumann!


CH. 2 - Henry 

About a month had passed since the disastrous meeting with Henry and Marguerite. Walt hadn’t heard from either, and didn’t really want to hear from them. He was still quite pissed at they way they treated me. I wasn’t too pleased, either.

The afternoon was unusually warm for this time of fall, so I used the opportunity to sun myself. Walt would be home soon and I wanted to be nearly naked for him when he arrived. (So, what else is new?) I was studying for an exam. I had my skimpiest bikini on. Beads of sweat collected on my skin.

I heard the patio door slide open and smiled knowing my husband was home. I felt a cold bottle run along my spine, giving me goosebumps all over. It came to rest at the beginning of my ass crack. I felt fingers untie one side of my bottoms and slid the fabric over. I felt a kiss on one ass cheek, but it felt very wrong! No beard!

I turned over and saw Henry leering at me lustfully. He grabbed me and kissed me forcefully. His other hand grabbed my throat.

“I could tell when we last saw each other you wanted me. I just had to come back for you.”

I hand both hands on the hand squeezing my throat. I couldn’t stop him from ripping off my top. He squeezed me enough to keep me passive. I could still breathe, but I couldn’t scream! Walt’s step-father was trying to rape me! I fought back, but Henry is nearly a strong as Walt!

I heard someone scream, ”Dad!! No!!” just as someone else pulled Henry off me. Walt and his sister, Patty, had arrived just in time.

Walt grabbed Henry and threw him into the pool while Patti tended to me. When they were sure I was okay, Walt let Henry out of the pool.

Henry just smiled contemptuously and shrugged. He obviously felt no remorse. Patti slapped him hard right before Walt punched him in the face. Walt dragged to sopping wet man to the curb, then booted him in the ass, sending him flying to land hard in the street. Henry got up and glared at Walt, but staggered down the street.

“If I ever see your face around here…..If you ever come near Angie again. I…will…fucking… kill…you!” Walt screamed at his father.

Henry blanched, then started running down the street to where he’d parked. A couple of our neighbors who’d come out to see the ruckus quickly ducked back inside.

“I called Mom. She now knows what a creep you are!” Patti hollered after him.

(I found out later that Marguerite divorced him, but blames me for leading him on!!)

Walt had me pack some clothes and said we were sleeping in town. In our motel room, he held me while I cried. He never said a word, but I could tell he was seething, his anger right under the surface.

The next morning, he gruffly ordered, “Get dressed, were leaving.”

At breakfast, he was still hot!! I began to wonder if he blamed me for the incident. I was nearly in tears, again.

“Walt, whatever you think I did….I’m sorry. Please, don’t be angry. I didn’t do anything!”

Walt looked at me strangely, then his features softened. He pulled me close and held me until I stopped crying.

Angie, I’m so sorry. I’m not angry with you. I’m just afraid of what nearly happened to you. I’m sorry I didn’t protect you better. I’ll do a better job, from now on!”

It was my turn to look confused.

We drove in silence to the hardware store. He had me pick out a new door for our bedroom and a new, tall gate for the patio. He had me help him pick out new locks for all the entry ways.

“I forgot my family still have keys. No more!”

“Patti can have a new key. I want her to be able to come over! She won’t give one to anyone else! I trust her!”

Walt looked like he might say he didn’t, but instead said, “You’re right.”

I watched as Walt spent the afternoon replacing all our locks and adding extra dead bolts. Our new bedroom door was solid wood with its own deadbolt key. The gate now required a hand print or combination to open it. I always felt safe in Walt’s arms. Now I could be safe when he wasn’t around!

When he finished, he sat by the pool, his legs over the side. I jumped in and stood in front of him.

“My Hero deserves a special reward!” I purred as I looked up into his tired eyes.

I freed his cock from his cargo shorts. Thankfully he wasn’t wearing any underwear. I began sucking as much of his huge cock as I could get into my mouth. On a good day, I can take about 2-1/2 inches. This evening, I was able to get nearly another in inside. I ran my hands along his thighs as I bobbed up and down on his cock. I made sure to swallow every last drop when he came.


I should have filed charges. And if I could live that day over, I would have But, sometimes, justice, finds a way to prevail.

Patti told me Marguerite met him at the door and clobbered Henry with a cast iron skillet. She then kicked him so hard in the groin, she tore his cock and nut sack. She filed divorce papers while he was in the hospital.

The last we heard of Henry was that he’d died while he was in prison for wire fraud. Seems one of his victims was a gang leader who was also serving time in the same prison. Henry hung himself after being repeatedly raped by a prison gang.


Angie K


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