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Chapter One

Toby walked down into the quad feeling great. He was everything that the guys wished they were and the girls wished they dated. Confidence was an aura that cloaked him, not that he need it, his looks and charm were more than enough to get him through life. He brushed a stray blond hair from his eyes as he swaggered to his next class.

He had no idea why he was still in school. He could get a job as a model anywhere. Toby lost count of the agents who tried to represent him. Unfortunately going to school was a term in his contract with the Hammer. As if he wasn't blessed enough with a kick ass body, fantastic looks, and charm that would turn any head, Toby also possessed super powers. His ability to run at supersonic speeds earned the attention from the most powerful heroes in the world. Technically he was still in training to become a full member of the superhero team, but it was a matter of time before he would impress his elders enough and be done with his training. Between school and his heroic deeds, he really did not have much time for a social life, but Toby wasn't like other guys. He always had enough time for the ladies and the college parties.

As he walked into the building where his next class was at, he bumped into the president of the Alpha Omega fraternity. Toby sneered and used his powers to grab the nerd by his throat and slam him against the locker. Alpha Omega was the nerdiest fraternity in the entire school. He had noticed Henry staring at him several times and it annoyed the hell out of him. And to top it all off, the scrawny little twerp had even tried making a pass at him at a bar last year!

"Listen, fag!" He growled loud enough for the students nearby to hear. "Touch me again and I will beat the shit out of you." He lifted the skinny boy up easily and threw him across the hall before he swaggered off towards his next class.

He was tired of faggots always staring and fantasizing about sleeping with him. Part of him couldn't blame them for being attracted to him as he was the hunkiest guy on campus, but he was no fag! His dick was reserved for the ladies and that's the way its going to be. Toby hopped the other fags would finally get the point and leave him alone.

Toby walked into the classroom and took his seat in the back of the room. He wished he could have slept in this morning and he would have if his contract did not have his GPA involved. Toby thought it was lame that the Hammer would insist on his education. Education was for losers who had no other options. He should be a hero full time living the life and fucking all the babes.

While he waited for the Professor to arrive, Toby tried to ignore the girls and some of the guys staring at him. It was nothing new for him and he was able to ignore it for the most part. These girls were not up to his standards. He only slept with the most beautiful girls in school and they were few and far between.

His eyes caught a young woman walking into the classroom. Toby sat straight up in his chair as his jaw dropped. This had to be the most beautiful woman he ever laid his eyes on. Her long slightly curly red hair fell down her back and framed a face that Jessica Rabbit would have been envious of. His eyes went from her face down to her tits which were barely covered by her t-shirt. Toby licked his lips as he started at the cleavage with open desire. She had an hourglass figure complete with the finest ass, he had ever seen. Who was this girl? He thought to himself. Surely he would have noticed a girl like this before.

Toby flashed his most irresistible smile and tried to get her attention. She definitely met all his standards! He could feel his cock start to harden in his designer jeans as he fantasized all the things he would do to her.

Unfortunately for him, she decided to sit in the front of the class. Before she sat down, she met his eyes with hers and gave a small smile. That sent Toby's senses reeling. She did notice him and by the looks of it she liked what she saw. He winked back flashing a dimpled smile. She could not resist the incredible face and body of the mighty Tornado!

Toby had a hard time concentrating on class as he stared at the back of the head of the new girl. It was rare for him to find a girl that not only matched his looks but by the looks of it his body as well. He imagined getting her alone and getting her into bed with him. It has been three days since he had sex and his balls needed to be emptied. Usually he would pick a girl from his rotation, but the prospect of a new gorgeous girl being added to his roster made his day become even more fantastic. In the realm of mating, he was a proud hunter and this new girl had now become his prey.

After the professor dismissed the class and Toby packed up his books, he kept his eye out for that flame red hair among the crowd pouring out of the lecture hall. He noticed a glint of red off to his right and followed the wave of students in that direction. He doubted that she would be able to notice him in the shuffle, but he wanted to get an idea of where she frequented so he could ask her out later.

After only a few minutes of following at a discrete distance, he noticed that she ducked into one of the nearby residence halls. Smiling that he now knew where to find his quarry later that evening, he continued on his way to his next class.

Rapture sat in her dorm room waiting to hear from the Collector. Part of her instructions were to infiltrate that university  disguised as a student. She wrinkled her nose at the drab surroundings of the room. Hopefully she would not have to be here long. She can accomplish her mission and be back in her own hideout.

The bracelet on her wrist began to vibrate and she touched the button hidden on the side. This had been a gift from the Collector to communicate with her. Rapture suspected that it was not only used for communication but to keep track of her. She was still shaken up over Blockade's death to try and resist the Collector's dominance over her. She would play this game until there was either an opening for fight or flight.

A hologram appeared above the bracelet and the shadowy form of the Collector was inside it. "Give me a status report!" Her new boss said crisply.

"I've infiltrated the university and have already made contact with the Tornado. From the looks he was giving me during the class and the way he followed me home like a puppy dog, I would say that he is hooked. It won't be long before he approaches me and I will be ready to initiate the next part of the plan."

"Good," The Collector said with his robotic voice. "Contact me immediately when you have him in your hands. Collector out!"

The hologram dissipated but it was hardly noticed by Rapture. This plan to capture Tornado was brilliant, and it galled her that she never thought of it herself. Using her magic, she transformed herself into the disguise as she thought about every part of the plan. The must be an opening to take advantage of the situation, and when she finds it not only will the Collector learn not to try to leash her, but the Hammer will finally be destroyed. Looking at herself in the mirror, she was ready to capture the heart of a young hero. Tornado won't know what hit him.

Chapter 2

Toby smiled at his reflection in the mirror and winked. He had rushed to his dorm room after his last class to prepare to ask the new girl on a date. After seeing her in his first class, there was nothing else on his mind. His heart raced at the thought of spending time with her. Toby never believed in love at first sight, but the thought of the gorgeous young woman sent chills of pleasure through his body.

The young hero had gotten dressed as soon as he got to his room. His outfit composed of a tight blue shirt that not only showed the muscles of his upper body, but made his eyes pop. His designer jeans were not too tight, but it still showed his muscular legs and bubble butt. Damn he look good, he thought happily.

Leaving his room, walked across campus to the residence hall that she had disappeared into after class that morning. Toby swaggered as he walked well aware that everyone watched him as he passed. A lot of the girls seemed to hold their breath wishing that he was coming to talk to them. He could have any girl that he wanted and Toby knew it.

He peeked in one of the common rooms and saw the new girl sitting in a chair reading a book. His heart started to race again at the sight of her. She had the looks of a movie star and everything about her was perfect. Running his fingers through his hair, he walked into the room and straight to where she sat.

"Hey," He said casually. "Reading anything good?"

The girl looked up from her book and smiled. That smile almost made his knees buckle. "I think so. I have always been fascinated by Greek myths and legends." She said softly.

Her voice was the most sensual and sexy voice Toby had ever heard. He wanted to kiss her full lips and take her back to his room and fuck the shit out of her! Forcing himself to slow down, he smiled back at her. "Sounds like a heavy read. How about I take you out to dinner and you can take a break with the best looking guy in the school? I'm Toby."

"Melissa, and I am a bit hungry." She said putting her book down. "Where do you want to go?"

Toby exulted silently.  "I know a little hole in the wall cafe that has fantastic food. Let's go there and see where the night takes us."

Melissa stood up and caressed his cheek. "That sounds great."

Toby grinned thinking how smooth he was. No girl stood a chance against his charm. They left the common room and Toby smirked at the hard looks the other girls were giving his date. No doubt there would be girls crying themselves to sleep tonight over him going out with another girl. Too bad they were all too plain to stand a chance with him.

As they walked to his car and drove to the cafe, Toby asked Melissa several questions to pretend to get to know her. The only thing that was really on his mind was to get her back to his room and fuck her, but he played the game so she thought that he was interested in her as a person. God women were idiots! The only thing they were good for were for sex.

When they arrived at the cafe, Toby made sure to hold the door open for her. Every action and movement oozed charm as he used every trick to seem romantic. He gave the hostess some money to get the best table in the house. He really wanted to impress Melissa so that he could get her in bed.

They talked some more over dinner while Toby pretended to be interested in her boring conversation. As drop dead gorgeous as she was, she actually seemed to have a brain. What a shame. Intelligent girls were some of the most boring girls to go on a date with. He grinned and beared it, knowing that she could not resist the combination of his looks and charm as they ate their dinner.

When he paid the bill, Toby looked slyly at her. "Would you like to come back to my room for dessert?"

Melissa raised an eyebrow. "I normally don't have dessert on the first date." She said a bit nervously.

"I promise you that it will not only be good but it will melt in your mouth." He said softly in his sexiest voice.

She smiled at him and looked at him softly. "Let's go back to my room and we'll see if we are hungry enough for dessert." She suggested coyly.

Toby winked at her and stood to his feet. "That sounds good to me. You can tutor me on some of the Greek mythology."

They left the cafe and drove back to the dorms. Toby made sure to engage her in pointless conversations to keep her interested in him. As they walked to her room, he took her hand and held it in his. "I'm really glad that I met you. I've never connected to a girl like this before. I think we may be soulmates." He said softly in her ear. That line always made the girls melt.

Melissa smiled at him and used her key to open the door to her room. They went inside and talked some more. Toby made sure he inched closer and closer slowly as they talked. He was impatient to sleep with her, but knew he had to play the game to get the sex he wanted.

They were talking about boring mythology when he got close enough and started kissed her. When she started kissing back, Toby knew that he had her where he wanted her. Finally getting what he wanted, he knew that tonight would be a night to remember.

Rapture kissed the clueless young hero ready to move on with her plan. This kid was an asshole of the finest kind. All night she wanted to beat the shit out of him, but she had her orders and the thought of him ensnared and defeated as The Collector planned encouraged her to play his game.

The villainess broke her kiss and pushed Tornado on her bed. "Let me change into something more comfortable," She said seductively internally laughing at the look of lust on his face. This was almost too easy.

Going to the bathroom, Rapture made a phone call to make sure everything was in place. then she changed into a leather skimpy outfit. It was time to get Tornado an experience he would never forget.

She emerged from the bathroom and let the hero drink in her sexy appearance. "Do you like what you see, stud?"

Toby's draw dropped at her body in leather. "Oh yeah! Come here and I'll show you how much I like it."

Rapture blew him a kiss and winked. She walked over and started kissing him while slowly undressing him. His body was everything his designer clothes hinted it would be. Muscular and lean, the villainess had to admit that he look good. Sliding off his boxers, his cock stood at attention and he grinded it against her.

"Oh god, I want you!" Toby said breathlessly now totally naked and ready to go.

Rapture pushed him on the bed and stood over him. "Tell me stud, he you have been tied up before?"

"Damn you are a kinky bitch!" The young man said with a smile.

She pulled some rope from under her bed and started to tie him up on the bed spread eagle. "You have no idea!" She said softly. "I love a good looking man naked and tied up."

Toby laughed nervously as his ankles and wrists were tied to the bedposts. The young hero really had no clue. His cock twitched every time she got close to him.

When he was completely tied up, Rapture crawled on the bed and layed on his body while kissing him. She reached under her pillows and pulled out a blindfold.

Slipping it on, Toby tried to resist. "What are you doing?"

Rapture leaned down and whispered in his ear as he slipped the blindfold on. "This will make the sex better, Toby."

The hero grinned and let himself be blindfolded. Raptured stood up and ran her fingers from his chest down to his hard cock. "I'll be right back," She said softly.

Toby groaned at her touch and not being able to fuck right away. She quietly went to the door and opened it. Harry, the president of the nerd fraternity, quietly walked in and stopped in amazement at Toby tied up spread eagle, naked, and blindfolded.

Rapture handed him a small packet with pink dust inside it and nodded at the gay nerd. They both walked over to the bed as she gave her accomplice the signal to begin.

Harry opened the packet and spread the dust liberally all over his hands. Taking Toby's cock and balls in his hands, he softly covered the dust over the hero's most sensitive areas.

"That feels so good!" Toby moaned as he lay helplessly in the bed.

Harry moved slowly up the studs body making sure the dust covered as much as his body as possible. Within seconds of contact, the dust dissolved into his skin.  When he was satisfied that he covered the enough dust on the tied up stud, Harry took a wet towel from Rapture and made sure his hands were wiped clean.

Looking down at the young man who he had lusted for and been tortured by continuously, Harry bent down and kissed the object of his desire. Rapture watched the skinny nerd make one of his fantasies come true as she cast a spell to make the hero think it was her making out with him.

The nerd quickly got undressed while he played with Toby's muscular body. His own cock was just as hard as the hero's but not as big or thick. Harry crawled on the bed and softly started to suck the young hero's throbbing cock. He had a hard time fitting his mouth over it, but he forced his jaw open as wide as he could to suck that huge cock.

Toby thrust his hips so that his cock could get deeper into Harry's mouth. "Oh my god! That feels so good!"

Rapture wanted to laugh as Tornado experienced his first blow job from another man. His lust will lead to his doom.

Harry sucked on his cock enjoying every second of this experience. Regretfully he let the cock out of his mouth to proceed with the plan. He straddled the hero and slowly sat on his erect cock. Feeling pain as the monster slowly entered his ass, the nerd grimaced and stifled a moan.

Toby on the other hand was in heaven. "Oh you like it in the ass, bitch!" He said through his moans as his cock throbbed in the very tight confines.

Harry slowly started to ride the hero as he got used to his ass being invaded like this. He slowly increased the speed as pleasure replaced the pain. After a few minutes, the nerd was riding the hero hard and fast, turned on by getting fucked by the best looking guy in school.

Rapture watched with an evil smile as the two young men were in the throes of passion. Everything was going perfectly as The Collector had planned. Tornado's doom was almost complete.

Toby's moans grew louder and louder as the amount of pleasure he felt eclipsed anything he ever felt before. He thrust his hips deeper into Harry's ass as the nerd bounced up and down riding his cock like a horse. The pleasure built up so quickly that he was practically screaming with passion.

Harry grabbed his own cock and started to stroke slowly. He made sure that when he got close to cumming that he stopped. If he wanted to be rewarded, he had to follow the plan exactly.

It didn't take too long for Toby to reach the point of no return as his cock started to explode his seed into the nerd's ass. Thrusting his cock deep into Harry's ass, his orgasm took over and his screams of pleasure filled the room.

Harry waited for the hero to stop cumming before he climbed off of him and kept stroking his cock. His ass hurt from the pounding, but this next part would make it all worth it. As he reached the edge of orgasming, he tore off Toby's blindfold revealing himself to the hero.

"What the fuck?!" Toby said confused still feeling an afterglow from such an intense orgasm.

Seeing Toby dazed and confused sent him over the edge and Harry started to cum. He aimed his cock so his explosion of cum hit the hero right on his pretty face. The stud's face covered with his cum looked so hot as the hero tried to move to avoid getting hit.

"What the hell is going on?" Toby yelled in confusion.

The nerd laughed and wiped some cum off his cock. He forced his cum covered finger into the stud's mouth. "Thanks for the sex, Toby." He said sweetly. "Give me a call if you ever want to hook up again."

Toby screamed with rage as Rapture watched the arrogant young man realize that he just had sex with another man. She barely notice Harry getting dressed and leaving as the hero struggled against his bonds.

"Why would you do this to me?" He accused her.

Rapture smirked as she stood over him. "I wouldn't tell anyone about this if I were you, Toby. Your reputation would be ruined if people found out that you were raped by a skinny nerd."

Toby paled at the thought of everyone finding out what happened tonight. "Please don't tell anyone!" he begged.

The villainess smiled a wicked smile as she untied him. "No one will ever know as long as you never pick on Harry again. Now get out of here, faggot! You smell like a cumrag!"

Raptured watched as the humiliated hero quickly got dressed and practically ran from the room. She contacted The Collector to let him know that her part of the plan was complete. She cast a spell creating a portal to her liar. Her work was done here.


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