It was another Sunday morning at the Lake. Bill, Ted, Chris and myself used to meet there every weekend to take a swim. We had found a very secluded spot and we had the whole place to ourselves.

As time passed, the temperature rose. We had now reached noon, the hottest part of the day. The heat made me want to fuck. Yet, I knew that it wasn't going to be easy. Nobody knew I was gay and, what is more, none of them was into buttfuck or so I thought. I realised that I had to come up with a plan. If I could somehow force them to strip, then maybe I would get lucky.

We were all sitting on the grass wearing our bathing suits. Suddenly, I turned to Bill and started staring at his crotch.

'What are you looking at?' Bill asked.

'I was wondering if your dick is bigger then Ted's,' I answered.

'Of course it is!' Bill exclaimed.

'You wish!' Ted said laughing.

'Mine's bigger!' Chris shouted.

'All right, all right! There's no need to argue. I know the perfect way to solve this. How about a little contest?' I asked.

'What kind of contest?' Bill asked eagerly.

'You'll strip and jerk off until you reach your full length. I'll decide whose tool is bigger,' I said playfully.

'Deal!' Bill said.

'I'm in!' Ted exclaimed.

'Me too!' Chris said.

'I'll dive into the lake so as to give you the time you need to prepare yourselves,' I said really excited.

'What about you, Doug?' Chris asked.

'I won't take part in the contest. It's the only way to be a fair judge. O.K. boys, show me what you got!' I said diving into the lake.

Instantly, my friends took off their bathing suits and started jerking off right in front of my eyes. It was a sight I could only dream of. While they were doing their best to impress me I pulled down my bathing suit. I wanted to get my ass wet for what I hoped would follow. A few minutes later, Bill told me to come out of the water. I pulled up my bathing suit and joined them. The three men were standing up and so were their cocks. I licked my lips as I carefully inspected each one. It was obvious that Chris was the biggest.

'Well, we have a winner and his name is Chris!' I said triumphantly.

'I guess you're right. But now I'm so horny I could fuck anything!' Bill said stroking his rod.

'Me too, man!' Ted exclaimed.

That was all I needed to hear. Right away, I turned my back on them, pulled down my bathing suit and bending over, I said:

'How about a tight, little asshole?'

Chris was shocked but Ted and Bill responded like I hoped they would. Bill approached me, slapped my butt and said:

'Looks like first class meat to me! What do you think, Ted?'

'I think we should screw his brains out!' he answered really excited.

'What about you, Chris?' Bill asked.

'No way, man! Only faggots do these things,' Chris said disgusted.

'A real man can fuck any hole that's offered to him!' Bill said groping my butt.

'Just sit here and watch, Chris. By the time I'm done with those two you'll be begging me to shove this big cock of yours in my asshole!' I said.

I wasn't planning to let him go without tasting his massive erection. After all, he was the winner of the contest. But now I had to service Bill and Ted.

Bill stretched himself out on the grass and ordered me to sit on his cock. I obeyed, taking off my bathing suit. His tool had no trouble piercing my dripping-wet asshole.

'Yeah, fuck my ass!' I howled.

Bill started fucking me mercilessly. He was intoxicated by the tight grip of my hole. He grabbed my waist with both hands, pulling my ass towards his shaft.

'Shake your ass, Doug! I'm gonna ruin your tight hole!' he said in a frenzy of lust.

Meanwhile, Ted was standing before me stroking his dick.

'Fuck my cock in your mouth, Doug!' he screamed at me.

Ted shoved his cock-head past my lips and then grabbed my head, pushing it towards his tool. His cock-head forced itself hard against the back of my throat. He thrust his shaft in and out of my mouth. Gradually, I got used to his rhythm. I grabbed his butt with both hands pulling him forward and making him fuck my face even harder.

'Yeah, suck that cock, Doug!' Ted moaned. I could feel his balls punching at my throat while I was bouncing on Bill's hard rod.

But the time had come to change positions. I was now lying on my back. Bill wanted some oral service and Ted longed for some back door action. Bill kneeled on the grass with his cock aiming at my mouth and his butt on top of my chest, while Ted grabbed my legs and placed them on his shoulders. Simultaneously, Bill buried his dick in my mouth and Ted slipped his tool into my asshole. I lifted up my head slightly and Bill started moving his pelvis back and forth fucking my mouth real hard. He would drive his cock deep into my mouth, pull it out completely and then push it back in. At the same time, Ted was pounding my hole, going faster and faster. With each powerful thrust, his tool reached the utter depths of my asshole. I moaned with pleasure having a hard rod in each hole. A few moments later, their thrusts became harder than before.

'I'm gonna cum!' Bill screamed.

'Me too!' Ted said.

'I want you both to cum on my face!' I shouted. I intended to let Chris cum in my asshole. It would be a special treat so as to convince him to take me.

I sat up on the grass. Bill and Ted stood in front of me jerking off. I licked their balls eagerly waiting for their climax.

'It's all yours!' Ted howled while his cock exploded spraying his white cream all over my face. It was Bill's turn now.

'Get ready, cumbucket!' Bill screamed aiming at my mouth. I opened wide and swallowed his pulsating rod. His hot fluid went right down my throat. Bill pulled out rubbing his shaft on my cheek.

Both men were exhausted and satisfied but I wasn't. I rushed to the lake and washed my face. All clean, I turned to Chris who had been watching us all the time. He was still wearing his bathing suit.

'Well, Chris, it's your turn now. I know you want to fuck me. Why don't you admit it?' I asked.

'Dream on!' he answered decisively.

'O.K. then. Let's see how determined you are!' I said. I turned my back on him giving him full view of my ass.

'Look at it, Chris! It's so round and tight, waiting for you to shove your massive tool inside it!' I said lustfully.

Then, I bent over and started rubbing my ass against his shaft. I could feel his dick grow and harden, so I made my final move. I turned around, kneeled down and pulled down his bathing suit. His cock was semi-hard. I groped his balls and sucked them one by one, jerking off his rod.

'Leave me alone!' he protested but he didn't pull back.

I licked his peehole with the tip of my tongue. Then, I flicked my tongue at his cock-head burying it in my mouth and sucking it hard.

'Stop or I'll punch you! I'm warning you, Doug!' he shouted but I wasn't planning to quit now. Instantly, I drove his tool into my mouth. I stretched my lips to accommodate his thick shaft. I moved my head up and down, taking his rod deeper and deeper. Then, I grabbed his butt and pulled him forward. He was fucking my mouth harder than before. A few moments later, I took his dick out of my mouth, rubbing it on my face. I didn't want him to cum yet.

'So, Chris, what's it gonna be? Are you gonna fuck me or not?' I asked impatiently.

Chris pushed me back and stood there silent. It was obvious that he couldn't resist any more; he just needed a little more encouragement. I dropped on all fours. My butt was facing him. I grabbed my ass with both hands, stretching it and showing off my asshole. I would make him an offer he couldn't turn down.

'Come on, Chris, I'll let you cum in my ass!' I said.

That was the last straw for him. Instantly, he took off his bathing suit and kneeled behind me jerking off.

'You won, Doug. But you'll regret it! I'm gonna fuck you until you scream!' Chris yelled.

With a violent movement his shaft penetrated my asshole. I was so excited I couldn't see straight.

'Yeah! Fuck me with your big, fat dick! Give it to me, Chris!' I screamed.

Chris began fucking me real hard, pushing in every inch of his sweet rod. He was so turned on that he was pounding my hole harder than any other man. His powerful thrusts and the size of his cock gave me so much pleasure that I couldn't get enough of him.

'Faster, Chris! Deeper!' I shouted.

'I'll show you what real men are made of!' Chris said.

He would pull out completely, slap my ass with his shaft and then push it back in with more vigour than before. Chris's massive tool was stretching me out. He was fucking me like a wild animal, going deeper and deeper.

'Fuck my ass, Chris! Yeah, yeah! Oh, your cock is so hard!' I moaned.

He was fucking my ass and slapping it hard. His balls punched loudly against my butt. That sound made me even hornier. He had given me all I wanted. It was now time to fulfil my promise.

'I'm gonna cum!' Chris grunted.

'Cum in my ass! Fill my hole with your cream!' I screamed.

Chris kept going. Suddenly, his cock erupted inside me. I felt his hot lava flooding my tight asshole. He pulled out and collapsed on the grass. Cum oozed out of my ass. My plan had worked out perfectly...




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